This is a Repost of a article written last year for a competition here , I did not have anything more to write on the politics in india so am Reposting it here Again 🙂 A lot has been written already on the politics-independance day and all in blogosphere 🙂  As such nothing much has changed from last year to today .. same thoughts still exist

Phatte: So, the monsoons are finally here huh? Don’t you just love the feel of the rains? The beautiful breeze that flows and how everything is green in Mumbai?

Vijay: You mean of what little green is left in the city? I’m not really enjoying the rains. My house is getting more unstable day by day. Imagine what a day of continuous rain will do to it.

Phatte: But didn’t your MLA start off some initiative to rebuild houses in the chawl? I noticed the posters plastered all over the place.

Vijay: Yes he did. Just like he promised electricity, subsidized food tickets for the needy and a school exclusively for the chawl kids. Somehow those “schemes” are yet to be started and it’s been couple of years already since the last elections.

Phatte: Well, I think you should talk to your MLA about this.

Vijay: That will take at least a few years. What to do about my house till then?

Phatte: Why a few years?

Vijay: Well, the MLA comes only a month before the elections and then leaves a month after. And even during the rallies and pre-election chaos, he only visits some chawls, picks up the weakest looking kids and talks to the women. We just wave at him from a distance.
Phatte: I know. That is the story everywhere. I don’t even remember the name of the MLA of my area. Why don’t you shift bases then? Go to Andheri or some other place?

Vijay: And wade through the floods? Are you nuts? We lost my sister-in-law in last year’s flashfloods. My wife would rather leave me than going to that part of Mumbai.

Phatte: I read in the paper that the Municipal Corporation is going to take appropriate steps to lessen the effect of floods in Mumbai this year.

Vijay: Why would they? Bollywood even made a movie on it and raked in good money. From what I hear, the people at the Municipal Corporation were thrilled that the floods were portrayed so beautifully in that movie.

Phatte: I remember that movie. I had gone to watch it, but unfortunately couldn’t reach the hall on time.

Vijay: Too much rush, eh?

Phatte: Oh no, apparently some minister sahib decided to take a ride around the city that particular day. The Police had blocked all the major roads for his cavalcade of vehicles to pass. And off course, once the roads were opened you know the maniacal traffic in Mumbai; where cows have the right of way.

Vijay: You are right off course. Hey what happened about your son’s admission to ITI?

Phatte: I’m glad you asked! I have good news on that front. My son got through.

Vijay: Congratulations! You were having a harrowing time about it.

Phatte: I know. I had been hopping from office to office trying to sort out our caste certificate. When I went to the ITI admission office, they just looked at me once and said there was no job there for me! Can you believe it? I explained to him, I wasn’t there for a job but to get my son into the institute. So he just asked me which OBC I belong to. I tell you Vijay, if there’s one good thing these politicians have done, it’s this reservation system. My son can attend college now.

Vijay: Brilliant! What was his rank by the way?

Phatte: Oh, he was ranked 1,75,000. What about your son? He has grown up to be a fine young man. What plans do you have for him?

Vijay: He is going to stay with my brother Raj. Raj is the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and he thinks my son has just the right attitude to be a part of MNS. Besides you don’t really need any educational qualifications to join Politics in India.

Phatte: MNS? Isn’t that the party routing for Marathi Manoos?

Vijay: Yes.

Phatte: Gandhiji must have turned in his grave the day MNS came into existence. I mean, he tried to spread the message of brotherhood, tolerance and secularism all his life. Now, some politicians are trying to break our unity on the terms of who is Marathi and who’s not. It is so sad.

Vijay: But I completely agree with their propaganda. Initially our politicians told us to be a secular nation and welcome outsiders to be a part of our society. I mean what a truck load of nonsense is that? This is our city. Why should we let others come here? I like that guy leading MNS.

Phatte: But doesn’t he have a few criminal cases against him for inciting riots in the city?

Vijay: Stop being a hypocrite Phatte. These days every other politician has a criminal record in his name. Does that stop people from contesting elections? Off course not! How does it matter if they have a criminal record, if now they are stepping into the most noble of all services: helping the common man?

Phatte: You seriously think politicians are doing things to help us? Have you seen the bungalow of that MLA from Juhu? It’s right next to Amitabh Bachchan’s house. If he thought of spending even 1% of what went into making that house, I think our whole slum can be rebuilt.

Vijay: Well all the corruption and black money has to be converted to white money in some way right? What better than to make a palatial house in the richest suburb of Mumbai. I bet they have some hi-fi cars too.

Phatte: Yes, bullet proof cars for the politicians, whereas people bleed on the streets everytime there is a terror attack.

Vijay: Seriously what is the world coming to Phatte? I feel disappointed living in this nation which is ruled by such characters.

Phatte: Well, maybe we should elect the other party in the next elections.

A sudden commotion erupts. A lot of people start running hither thither.

Vijay: What is happening? What the hell is going on? Why so much of rush?

Iqbal: (shouting from the crowd): Don’t you know? Vinod Kambli has decided to join politics. He has come to the slums to meet us. I am so excited! A cricketer in our area!

Phatte: This is great! After movie stars now cricketers are also getting into politics. Isn’t there any eligibility criterion for politicians?

Vijay: His earnings from ads and reality shows must have dried up Phatte. And isn’t entering into politics a sure shot ticket to lottery?

Phatte: Come Vijay, lets see how well this politician lies and what unique promises he makes to us.

PS:- Image courtsey a Lovely friend Manna.

PSS:- Where are all you lovely people from the Blue Ink society.. Been ages since we have talked to each other ..

PS:- Please also visit  an Interview by Elegant Chic.  I got interviewed and its been my honour once again for the same.

I have been bad not visited many blogs that I visit regularly , sorry about that will come soon to all the lovely people to have a read .. 🙂 take care all and keep smiling

  1. Having a stern eligibility criterion for politicians is a very good idea. What will a defense minister do, if he has no experience or exposure in the armed forces, navy etc? I think that’s one of the biggest problems with democracy – putting people who have no knowledge or experience into the top spot to manage all others who have knowledge & experience!!

    Maybe we should talk to Anna Hazareji and ask him to bring this bill next 🙂

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikram says:

      Criteria and AGE are two things that need to be thought .. Proper Education .. and starting from roots , they should have something to show what they have done , which shud promote them to get a ticket … NOt because they have money, or there Mothers brother is a minister already .. Or there Great grand father was a Freedom fighter .. These are not eligibility criterias or how many murders he has done etc etc …

      Anna Hazare ji has a lot of problems on his mind at the moment i doubt if he will have time for this, I gues sthe priority is to get this lok pal bill through and THEN make sure it is being used and working …

      As with everyother job the politcians at the age of 60 should retire .. Or they should be MADE to RETIRE …


  2. Well its all politics…I have to less to say on this!
    its been yrs we have been bearing and seeing all this…does it matter to the indian citizen now..??
    All is fair …in the game of making money …none can be blamed individually!
    “keep smiling…”HUM NAHI SUDHRENGE!”should be the logo of developing India!!


    • Bikram says:

      🙂 I know well I totally agree with you .. I jsut hope like every other politcian , the new avataar the new leader Anna Sahib doesnot do what others before have done .. I am more concerned abou that now , the trust of people will vanish completely if that happens …


  3. kavita says:

    Wo Subah Kabhi To Aaayegi .And i am sure zaroor aayegi .


    • Bikram says:

      sure to main bhi hoon ki woh zaroor ayegi .. magar as i said to Sandhya mere jeete ji aye to Maza aa jaye … its not about when it comes .. 🙂 its about it coming now … earlier


  4. Rain god is not obliging us, still!

    With all the drawbacks, we are still thriving, even though the politicians pull us back, Bikram!

    As Kavita says, voh subhha kabhie to aayegi…think postive!


    • Bikram says:

      hmmm well trust the rain gods they wont leave us wanting and will help us .. unlike the policticians who never willl ..
      You say that we are thriving but that is only for a few , majority of the country is still under poverty line , which is sad .. so how can we say we are thriving the difference and the gap is increasing day by day …

      Yes ji woh subah kabhi to ayegi I know.. but mere Jeete Ji aa jaye to zayada acha hoga .. main bhi to dekh loon ki woh subah kaisi hoti hai 🙂 thank you 🙂


  5. Yuvika says:

    and the stories remain unchanged, don’t they?


    • Bikram says:

      Yepp so true .. its hilarious to know that some of the politicians done even have the courtsey to change the promises they make the same year in year out …


  6. Urmi says:

    You have portrayed the actual fact of India. I feel that our country is great but getting corrupted only due to few people and also I feel that all the politicians are equal and they try to extract money from the people making false promises and then end up doing nothing.
    Wish you a very Happy Independence Day.


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you so much. We say its few people but its not few .. thats the problem everyone is at corruption either taking or doing or giving .. Yes all politicians are the same no doubts about that …


  7. b k chowla says:

    I am a very optimistic person.We are only 64 yrs old.We have grown on all sides like a hedge in a garden.All we need now is someone to trim the hedge and give it a shape.

    It has started and the destination is not far.


    • Bikram says:

      I am also very optimistic but over the years the optimism has been given a lot of blows that I dont trust anyone anymore when it comes to politics and corruption … Lets hope that the destination comes sooner than later … fingers crossed


  8. R's Mom says:

    I loved your take on the whole system…Wish some politician would read this, feel ashamed and improved …awesome write up Bikram

    and I so loved that interview on EC’s blog 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you R’ MOM 🙂 ashamed and THEM i doubt if thats evcer gonna happen , thjey will probably blame it on some external hand as they are doing now , saying there is some external hand behind ANNA 🙂

      Thank you for liking the interview tooo 🙂


  9. Novroz says:

    Love that conversation!! India politic is same with my country…exactly the same 😦


  10. Novroz says:

    Ow…forgot to say..Happy independence day 🙂


  11. i4deeps says:

    Politics ahha…haha…
    Well, I bet on monsoon.. that’s more regular and timely.. it s already hit hard on this part of the country


  12. R. Ramesh says:

    biks..thanks ya…what i think na..if v consider the movement in india is against corruption it is gr8…it should not be looked at as anti-PM…being a good guy, i wish mr singh took leadership of the movement itself as the country needs it badly..what say?


    • Bikram says:

      YEs thats what i think too .. movement against corruption and is this movement can get rid of it then its like WONDERFUL 🙂 YEah Me too I wish the same that Mr singh behaved like a King and not a mere puppet .. This is the last time he will be PM i doubt if he will come back again So might as well go out with a bang and do something for the good of the country. The country does need that and the country demands it tooo from HIM.

      Thank you sire.. How are you 🙂


  13. Punam says:

    That was engaging conversation, Bikram… tilll the end, twists and turns, it was interesting to read, althouugh expecting the whole system to change looks more like wishful thinking to me, because it is very difficult to uproot an evil like corruption that has made its way through each and every level of life in some way or the other.
    When we say corruption is there in the upper rungs of the system, it is also truthful to say that it is there at the most basic level – the peon in a small company, the clerk who gets divorce papers signed, the people who leak papers, the doctor who wants a lot from something that is not even a disease – it is everywhere.
    It is depressing.


  14. Anita Menon says:

    You covered the entire country’s grievances. This is creative writing with a message. Enjoyed it


  15. sm says:

    well written
    congrats for interview going to read it.
    one days India will improve and process has already begun but it will take many many years.


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you SM. Glad you read the interview..

      Lets hope that one day is not many many many years away … fingers crossed and the process that I keep hearing well HAS IT really .. all i see is One person fighting the Govt and the Govt doing anything to please the Public..

      I dont agree with the Fast though and that too if it has to be done why with so much publicity and demands .. We can do that inside our house in our own property tooo but then thats jsut my view the issues related to the fast have been made a BIG deal off already ..
      but lets hope Things do change and ANNA JI brings that change


  16. ZEAL says:

    Wonderfully defined the real picture of present India. I’m also optimistic but I don’t see any noticeable change in any sphere. People are committing suicide, fighting poverty, corruption , terrorism and all…


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you mam. Though i think I am not that good a writer as you are..
      I guess it will take a long long revolution for our great nation to actually change …


  17. Ashwathy says:

    Sigh…nothing has really changed, has it? Year after year after year…. 😐


  18. as always, well said.


  19. asha says:

    nothing has changed much… agree on that but hope the anna revolution has some effect and i read your interview too …. good one. … a celebrity already.. good good…:)


    • Bikram says:

      Yeah we can hope only.. lets see what becomes of this all ..

      Celebrity who me .. na .. I dont think so but yeah been blessed with lovely people like yourself who care .. thank you.


  20. mahlaqa says:

    doesnt sound like ur country alone Bikram sounds like mine too :/


  21. Chhavi says:

    Hilarious, Bikram!!! I had a good laugh reading this one. Things haven’t changed much. I am pretty sure you can publish the same post in the years to come. Sad state of affairs in our country but a brilliant post.


  22. “Politics”………………..

    Someone is Special


  23. suruchi says:

    and the political madness….is there/will there ever be an end?
    and to top it more the hype of Anna drive and the Lokpal Bill is flooding our nostrils…
    the circus never ends..sigh!


    • Bikram says:

      Well I doubt if it will end, I dont see much happening when the lok pal bill be passed since the people who will be taking care of it will still be politicians ..


  24. Chakoli says:

    Somehow I diagree that nothing has changed….
    many things have changed now in trains TC dont help even if u bribe them….

    some of the lanes are actually clean….
    some politicians really work 🙂

    For a big nation like India changes can’t be made overnight… but things are definitely improving 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Well This post was from last year.. and yeah there are changes but these changes are not that great as compared to rest of the world and if we look the changes are bringing more void between the poor and the rich…

      We have been a big nation for 64odd years now what we are seeing now shud have been 60 years ago …
      But yes changes are there so lets hope we see more changes in the times to be ..
      thank you.. 🙂


  25. Deboshree says:

    An ideal I-Day post this was. 😛
    Personally, I like to be optimistic about the scenario and would say that we are progressing… err…there is never a course that runs smooth. Sounds hollow? Politics! It taints everything a dark shade of grey.
    I loved the interview Bikram… was good to read about your love for cars. 😀


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you Deboshree… Yes we are progressing but i have my doubts if in the right way .. but fingers crossed with the current political scenario hopefully things will be better lets see ..

      Thank you for reading the interview .. Glad you liked it 🙂


  26. Shumaila says:

    Well written Bikram! Its sad that a nation of such talented individuals still can’t come up with decent and honest politicians. And the ones that are there can’t do much because the others bring them down.


    • Bikram says:

      Welcome to this blog.. thank you for visiting ..
      You are right our nation is not for the talented and decnet or honest.. its for the corrupt only.

      hope good sense prevails


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