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Posted: August 6, 2011 in Adrenalin, Answer, Tags, Thoughts
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Took this tag up from Nu  and Elegant chic and Tgnd

– Available: Always Available.. Bulao to .. anyone calling .. Call call .. 

– Age: Still Young.. and raring to go .. Age main kya rakha hai Dil dekho. (whats in  the age , look for my heart)

– Animals: Babbar Sher.. LION … cause where lions go no one dares ..


– Beer: aaan deo.. aane do.. cheers.. (water scarcity – Save Water Drink Beer) Pint of black-Tan to start with Please ..

– Birthday:11th November (its in BOLD remember everyone, email me for my choice of gift 🙂 )

– Best friend: Lots, Anupinder, Babbar, Ravjote, Rintu (my cousin darling) , Cherry , Ajay , Vikram, Sood,  Ashwani  the list goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Each friend is a best friend, all you lovely people reading this  🙂

– Body Part on opposite sex: REALLY , this is a question I don’t beleive it , Not replying my blog is for all– don’t want it adult rated 🙂

– Best feeling in the world: Jumping from 14000 feet from a plane .. Racing towards earth

– Best weather: Spring (india) – Summer(uk)

– Been in Love: Yes

– Been on stage: Yes

– Believe in Magic: No

– Believe in Santa: No

– Brand: Maruti.. he he he he he

– Candy: Strawberry

– Color: Bright, Red, blue

– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate with a scoop of vanilla 🙂

– Chinese/Indian/Italian: Again how can u choose , I want all three  and that too at the same time 🙂

– Cake or pie: Cake

– Cheese:Already too FAT!!!!

– Day or Night: Night

– Dancing in the rain: oooooh La la 🙂

– Eyes: Black

– Ever failed a class?: Yes

– Enemies: That is a long list tooo, but who cares, to them Anytime-Anyday-Anywhere  let’s get it over with … COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

– Exercise: Passionately

– First thoughts waking up: Christ.. 6:15 AGAIN .. late again ..missed that sexy girl running early morning 🙂

– Food: Anytime-Anyday-Anywhere

– Greatest Fear: Dieing a slow death.. want to go like Go went gone …

– Goals: Being Happy

– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color: Black

– Happy: Yes

– Holiday: Amrikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

– Ice Cream: not a fan .. but if it’s there then wont leave it 🙂

– Jewelry: Ear pierced..

– Job:  Love it

– Kids: Love the

– Kickboxing or karate: Karate A la Bruce leee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaa

– Keep a journal?: Yes in my Diary

– Love: What is Love.. need to know that first

– Laughed so hard you cried: Oh Yesssssssssss


– Milk flavor: aingg I thought Milk flavour is the Milk flavour

– Movies: Action- Psychological thrillers

– Motion sickness: Nope..

– McD’s or BK:    None.. Daal roti khao prabhu ke gun gao..

– Number: 11 and that by the way is TWO number ONE’s   ( sorry stolen from Nu) he he he Now beat that TWO number ONESSSSSSSSSSS a bigger MUUUU HA HA HA HAAHAH ..

– One wish:  wish all my friends have a happy life and the enemies well WHo cares !!

– Perfect Pizza: Thin and Crispy.. with a lot of stuffing Chicken-Ham-Bacon-sausages-Mixed peppers-Jalapenos and Pineapple

– Pepsi/Coke: Neither (Santre ka juice milega kya ) Orange juice please 🙂

– Perfume/Cologne: Who needs one When I smell amazing… 🙂

– Quail: never Tasted it :O

– Reason to cry: I am stupid sentimental dumb emotional Idiot .. I guess, you get the hint to the reply to this question..

– Reality T.V : Not interested .. got enough reality in my life why watch others

– Radio Station: don’t listen

– Song: A lot of favourites. Gurdas Mann’s MASTI MANA MEHKHANAYA..

– Shoe size: 10

– Salad Dressing: Not that hi fi.. Salad is good enough Naked Why Dress it ..

– Skinny dip: Whats that !!!!!!!!!!!

– Strawberries/Blueberries : Strawberries

– Sport:  Anytime… Hockey/cricket will PS3 and Xbox games count 🙂

– Tattoos?: No
– Thunderstorms: Lightening

– Unpredictable: sometimes, especially when i am angry ..

– Vacation spot(s): got a lot to see yet will tell later .

– Weakness: Bad Temper, Patience (got none), too emotional , Idiot blah blah blah

– Who makes you laugh the most: Life

– Worst Weather?: Winters in UK

– X-Rays: Would be fun to see at airport security oooooooh what did I say he he he

-Year it is now: 2011

-Yellow: visit here to see… Yellow

– Zoo animal: Dare humans to leave them open and then go near them, We are hypocrites and the worst animals ..

Finished .. Do take it up please would be fun reading what everyone has to say 🙂  Happy Weekend People…

PS:- I know a lot of friends have tagged me , I will take all the tags one by one and thanks for the aways given by all you lovely people Will publish them too very soon My oscars 🙂

  1. Shobha says:

    Witty answers…


  2. manchitra says:

    It was interesting and funny to read. B brought laugh . Good one ,enjoy your holiday.


  3. I agree to the part about zoo animals. These days, everyone can see all the animals in so many channels. What’s the point of even having a zoo? All your replies are Direct Dil Se. Enjoyed reading.

    Destination Infinity


  4. Swaram says:

    Really, what did u say for X-rays 😯 😆

    Who makes you laugh the most: Life – Good one!



  5. Chatterbox says:

    Very interesting and witty replies 😆
    Tag wonderfully done 😀


  6. 😀 Life is so interesting around you Sire


  7. interesting…I will try that pizza sometime! sounds yummy!
    …very witty!


  8. arooj.rehman says:

    “Dare humans to leave them open and then go near them, We are hypocrites and the worst animals”

    yai to hay


  9. bhargavi says:

    ha ha ha.. that was a fun tag.


  10. NRIGirl says:

    One of the best tags ever! Loved it.

    Now, when is your USA trip planned for? Has it come and gone already? Did we miss it? Hope not…

    Will you be visiting the East Coast. If you do, please stop by to say hello.

    ~ NRIGirl


    • Bikram says:

      yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Thank you so much for saying that …
      No it is still to come.. and when i come will definitely let you know …

      i have no idea about east or west coast .. i will be going ot LA – chicago– Seattle – washington you there near by


  11. irfan says:

    hahaaaa…..interesting 🙂
    enjoy ur weekend….!!!


  12. kavita says:

    Milk flavor is milk flavor (lol) .And NRI is right ,it is one of the most interesting tag .


  13. interesting Bikram.. ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

    Someone is Special


  14. Gaurav says:

    ha ha.. nice one 🙂
    Happy Friendship Day Bikram!


  15. Jabeen says:

    I love psychological movies too.. I am so glad I found someone with same interest.. reassures me that I am not crazy.. 🙂
    cool answers bro !


    • Bikram says:

      goooooood.. yes at least that has a good story and something to think about … No you are not crazy alone .. you found someone as CRAzy he he hehe ..

      Thank you ji a lottttt 🙂


  16. pramoda says:

    Interesting one..


  17. Rachna says:

    Really enjoyed reading them all. And, you really did write sincerely.


  18. R's Mom says:

    I loved reading about you…Food – all types huh…you n me should meet up 🙂


  19. Ashwini says:

    Wow thats an amazing straight forward read.. Loved it ! Dancing in the rain …am crazzy of it..


  20. b k chowla says:

    Its very funny, very intelligent


  21. Pepper says:

    Your weakness is that you are an idiot eh? 😛


  22. love your sense of humour… but was heart broken you don’t believe in santa 😦


  23. Purbaray says:

    Emotional yes but why add slob?


  24. santre ka jiuce! isi se body banaya kya? 🙂
    no santa ? ohhhhh 😦
    reality: enuf of my own hahahha
    this was a fun post


  25. Punam J R says:

    very interesting answers…
    Are we not all stupid emotional fools?
    I liked the zoo answer the best… man certainly can be the woorst animal.

    And hey hey – every time i see you asking for gifts (november 11th??) … I see the glimpse of a child in you. 🙂

    I jussst drenched in the rain, so it really felt ooh la la.. 🙂


  26. Haha! I love all your tags! 😀


  27. A says:

    Funny intelligent answers :)))

    Hey what is going on in London?


    • Bikram says:

      Well people trying ot make a quick buck, getting the latest items free the easier way LOOT .. thats all .. Punjab Police is needed and DO gooders shud be shot and human rights made to ask NOW WHAT…


  28. Ria says:

    Nice, interesting and witty! 🙂


  29. sm says:

    nice tag
    B for Bikram


  30. Urmi says:

    Very nice, funny and interesting. Liked it very much.


  31. radha says:

    Hi, hope things are ok in Birmingham. Thought of you when I read the news about violence and looting there


  32. Chhavi says:

    Ha ha …. Brand .. Maruti! Badhiya hai! Nice and witty replies. I had fun reading them 🙂


  33. renu says:

    hey Birmingham is having it around your place too?


  34. Rakesh says:

    Hey Bikram

    Hope everything is good with you dude.

    Take care and stay safe.


  35. 😀
    Enjoy reading this post! 🙂


  36. Deboshree says:

    You do not believe in Santa? Really? 😛
    And oh, the description of the perfect pizza sounds divine. 😀


  37. Rajani says:

    awesome replies…. laughed a lot…. 🙂


  38. Rosy says:

    One thing confused me. In the Q been in Love Answer is yes
    But Q LOVE : u have written what is that.need to know first. hmmmmm. A little contradiction. Isnt it???


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