Musical Monday (10) :- Ik baba Nanak si

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Dhongi.., Musical Monday, Revenge, Riots, Shameless
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(This is the original song… )

But if you have time Listen to this Young Boy Please

Ik baba nanak si bai jihne turke duniya gaah ti
Ik baba nanak si bai jihne turke duniya gaah ti
Ik ajj kal babey ne batti lal gaddi te la ti
Ik baba nanak si bai jihne turke duniya gaa ti

                       Guru Baba Nanak walked and went all over the world walking
                      But the modern Babas can’t go anywhere without their car,
                      Have a RED LIGHT atop their cars

Kaar seva de naate mangde rasad nota di thaili
Main sunia babey ne ajj kal Gadi Kimti lai li

                      In the name of KAR seva they want bundles of notes
                      Have heard that Modern baba has bought a Brand new Expensive car

Ihna unpad bibiyan ne
Bande gal rab di takhti paati

                     These uneducated Women have put, a slate of GOD around there neck

Ik ajj kal babey ne batti lal gaddi te la ti
Ik baba nanak si jeenay bai tur ke duniya gaa ti

Chothi ji gal utte ho jaande dangey lagdiyan aggan
Koi banda safe nahi –  hai raah-jandian lathan pagan

                      On a small little thing there are riots and fires are lit
                      No one is safe, Walking by people get there turbans taken off

eh EGO dharaman di
kise di baj ke tur je Gaati
                      This Ego of Religion doesn’t care whose Neck they chop off

Ik ajj kal babey ne batti lal gaddi te la ti
Ik baba nanak si bai Jihne jeenay tur ke duniya gaa ti

Kanu tappey stagean te rakh ke baja tu vi Gaa lai
Tere baag pal gaya hai ja center vich Kuli pa lai

                        Why are you jumping on stages, jsut keep a harmonium and start singing
                       Your lands will be taken care of go and make a house in Centre (Delhi)

Reelan hun vikan giyan nahin
Shuru kar Kheti gayak saathi

                       Your cassettes and Cds no one is going to buy Start mowing the land my singer friends

(This Last pragraph is there in some videos)

Lai lai do char dholkiyan panj satt chimte rakh naale
Bibian te VIP ghumange chito peher duale
                       Get 2 -3 drummers , or one’s who know how to play a instrument
                       Women and Ministers and VIPs will roam around on all hours of the day

Asin bade Mahan haan
Kise ne Jhoothi phook chukaati

                       I am very Big and Renowned, important someone has given them a False impression

Ik baba nanak si bai jihne turke duniya gaa ti
Ik ajj kal babey ne batti lal gaddi te la ti
Ik baba nanak si bai jihne turke duniya gaa ti

  1. sm says:

    nice song and thanks for translation


  2. Bikram says:

    Thanks SM, glad you liked this song, so true the song is … modern day BABA’s


  3. B K CHOWLA says:

    Bikram, it is the small pleasures of life which I value the most. This post and the song has made me so happy.


  4. IRFANUDDIN says:

    some how it gives a true picture of today…as i understood through translation.


    • Bikram says:

      It does give the true picture thats what happens … and we can look at a lot of baba’s these days they are interested in Themselves and making money for themselves otherwise if they are God’s men then why do they need all that money and roam around in AC cars whereas the people are sufferring.. makes one think … and why do they need so many security guards and all that plathora …


  5. The song is nice, and the voice is quite different! Wonder how these modern baba’s are still existent .

    Destination Infinity


  6. V Rakesh says:

    Good post Bikram!


  7. dr.antony says:

    The song sounds good. Times have changed.So why not?
    They can fly too in own jets!


    • Bikram says:

      Yes they probably have there own jets.. who knows .. but makes you wonder why does a man of god want all that when the people who is taking care of are not doing all that goood .. this is a very good businesss


  8. Very nice! Thanks for the translation! 🙂


  9. raji says:

    That boy is so lovely !He sings so nice at this young age.He is so cute…Very nice voice too .what is his name?


  10. raji says:

    The message the song gave was also nice .So true!coincidently one of the spiritual gurus also passed away.nice translation


  11. Very nice post Bikram !


  12. shilpa says:

    Its a good song. Babbu Maan is good. Its strange I never heard this song before. And about this little boy, he’s just so cute.


  13. Alka says:

    Love the liveliness and the bubbling spirit of Punjab!
    Great translation, though having lived in Delhi for 20 yrs I do understand a lot.


  14. Chhavi says:

    Super Like!!!!! Bikram…. This is one of the best songs you have shared with us….. It has very catchy beats and delivers a very serious message …. And what can I say about the little one…. he made me smile….. Both the versions complement each other… the first one makes you curse our corrupt netas… But the second one makes you go awww 🙂 😀


  15. NRIGirl says:

    Thank you for the translation Bikramjit! If not for that I wouldn’t have been able to make out much of it.


  16. Punam J R says:

    The songs fit ur current frame of mind very well. And they contain a lot of truth in them. The kid’s song was good too.

    (Here I am, now this is correct comment on correct post.. phewww!)


  17. Ria says:

    lovely song…thnx for the translation.


  18. Tomz says:

    very touching songs..


  19. harman says:

    very nice!I like the little boy version so much!
    ……dats a true scene….Babbu mann has described..But did ya listen wht Baba said in reply to this song!
    he used such abusive language …shows the dirty mind of this baba!


    • Bikram says:

      Haanji Harman it is so true. Yes i listening to the reply given by the baba, it is so shameful its on you tube and so many people have listened to it YET millions go and touch his feet and take his blessing and treat him as god whereas in Sikhism that was one thing which was abolished after the 10th guru, and we say we are true sikhs.


  20. deepa says:

    hey …

    long time … sorry, am too busy with work to comment … however, just wanted to say “nice” 🙂


  21. Kame says:

    Thanks for the translation..that is one strong lyric.


  22. UmaS says:

    Oh yeah…these modern day Babas are the new trend of entrepreneurs…. 😉 Making money is their goal.

    Thanks for the translation – quite intense words, I must say.


  23. Dee says:

    Thanks for translating!!! And the child is so cute!!


  24. Rajlakshmi says:

    wowwww Amazing!!!!
    I read the translation as I listened… must say powerful song…
    thanks for sharing


  25. Titaxy says:

    wht is comments closed on the spring post?

    wanted to say that the pics are lovely! i can’t wait for spring to start here…trees still show no sign of flowers 😦


  26. Bikram says:

    Sorry I dont know how that happened .. but they are open now …

    SO please do visit again 🙂
    YEs spring is here and its getting warm .. soon it will all blooom


  27. raji says:

    nice to know about rajan.At 4 years he has amazing talent


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