Road Trip (part 1)

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Cousins, Funny Life, Memories
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Jab main chotha bacha tha badi sharaarat karta tha.. He he he

This is a story. A Story of Two cousins let’s call them B and R. I was in second year of my college. My cousin had come over to Chandigarh to study and along came his bike: a beautiful Yamaha Rx 100 Silver. THOSE WERE THE DAYS… Are they still around? The bikes? No idea. Anyway not deviating…

Well, it so happened that this cousin later went back to Gujarat for pursuing his education, but he left his bike back. Fun time for me, I had the choice of changing my vehicle to go to college. Then came the news that the bike needs to be sent back. Another cousin of mine had come to pick it up and book it on a cargo train to be sent.

But the DEVIL MIND woke up… Noooooooooooo!! 

 Cargo? Book on a train? WHAT’S THAT? Never heard of it…

So the scheming began on how to make sure that we don’t have to book the bike but instead drive it all the way. CAN YOU IMAGINE the thrill of it?? Well the first things we did was (we were intelligent after all) got the bike checked; oil, tyres etc. We went to Chandigarh railway station (well that’s what we told my dad). While we were supposed to be at railways station, we were sitting in Hot millions II.

As we came out, my grand-dad was coming down from a showroom, he asked what we were doing. I replied “Daddy we just came to get the bike checked so it was fine when it reached.” An hour later came home to announce, “CHANDIGARH DOES NOT DO BOOKING OF CARGO. The Guy at the ticket office said it will have to be done from DELHI.”

Parents they are so nice and good. Their kids won’t lie to them. I was the good child. 🙂 So, it was decided that we will ride the bike to Delhi, book it on a train and take a train ourselves for Gujarat.

We were so bad, Parents were good. So, we left. So let’s assume its Friday afternoon. We left for Delhi Railway station to get the bike booked. Me and my cousin, with a haversack and lots of money. What a ride it was! I guess at that time you don’t mind all that pollution and rubbish that flies at you, the truckers not giving you a damn. We had a few scares on way. Stopped at Panipat had some food by a dhaba, conserve money was the idea long way to Gujarat. At Dhaula kuan, someone told us to take a right and just keep driving. Well we reached Delhi around evening.

Then for some ODD REASON, wonder what it was , we had this IDEA to go to CP to Naruala’s for a burger since we had heard a lot about it. We did not have a clue where we were, the route but I guess that’s the fun of it. We were asking every other person, “Bhai sahib? CP?” and they would just point a direction towards which we sped. Finally reached Narula’s and had our fill. Now, this is the time we were supposed to get the bike on the train and call up parents telling them what train etc. So we called.

tring tring

A loud hoarse voice said, “Hello?”

“Haanji Papa, we have reached. The Train will not accept the bike. They said they can book it day after. So, what should we do?”

My father, OH bless him, with a worried voice, “Beta, you do that. Then go to Sidhu Uncle’s house. I will ring him. Paise hain? Do you have enough money?”

“No, Papa its fine. We have met up with one of my friends. We will stay in their house, get the bike on train and then take the next one ourselves.”

“Ok son. If you need money, go to Mr. Sidhu, and take care don’t do this .. that .. and call back.” (Thinking of it now , It makes me feel so bad.. Bad US)

Well now we had till Sunday evening to do whatever we wanted (read drive). So what did we decide (and this is my cousin he is a devil too)? He comes with this brilliant idea “Brother, its night time. Less traffic let’s go now only and sleep on way somewhere.”

So we left.


It was unbelievable driving at night; trucks at high speed, half the drivers high on some intoxicant, full beams and us on our little MR YAMAHA RX100. Anyway we went on and on… Sometime during the night we got really tired so we decided to rest and picked up a roadside dhaba. The guy was so nice; he greeted us and made tea for us.

The Tea was so lovely I had to ask for another cup, what with the whole day’s worth of Tea Leaves, Cardamoms and Laungs, Saunf in it. It was yummy. Anyone reading this should try it out, the Roadside dhaba tea is always so tasty. The guy was smiling, grinning all the time, he later told us we were looking like Batman. The only difference was our face was BLACK with the white of the eyes shining.

I wish we had the fancy mobile phones then get some pictures or even a camera. Had a wash with my cousin doing the honours of pumping the Hand pump, then I did till he washed. We were shattered so we lay on those roadside beds made of jute and within seconds, I bet we were snoring. We had told the dhabawalla to wake us at 4 in morning. Early morning we woke up, got ourselves ready. Kick started the bike, Put it in gear let the clutch go (we had parked on the right hand of the road).


A few choice abuses “TUHADI &%&%& and %^$£%$^%!!!” 

I guess we were still asleep because we did not see the big truck coming. Hahaha.

 Phewwwwwwwwwwww SAVED.

Gods were looking down on us. or were they ..

We had just gone 100 yards THUDDD: there was a Speed breaker. Did not see that either. The bike went flying. If you know the bike the key used to be on top along the speedometer. We thumped so bad the key flew away. God knows why we did not fall or anything. We stopped and parked to look for the key 🙂 It was still dark and could not see a thing.

IDEA!!! We started waving to passers by, and after a couple of cars gave two hoots to us, one Sikh gentleman in his Ambassador stopped.

“KI gal hai kaka?” So, we asked him if he could stop his car for a second so we could look for our key with the car’s Headlights. I tell you, Sikhs are great! Not only did he stop, he got down himself looking for the key. It was he who found it. He asked us what we were doing at that time.

We told him with pride and our chests puffed up, “Gujarat nu challe haan (going to Gujarat)”

He exclaimed, “MOTORCYLE te? Kamle hon? Ma-Pio ne kidaan jaan deta(on the bike? Are you mad? How did your Parents let you go”)?”

I so wanted to say parents don’t know he he he, but at that moment I let parents take the blame. Again BAD ME, I know. Well, we found the key and started off towards our destination. Some time later, Sun was rising. OH MAN it was AMAZING!! We were nearing Jaipur I think. India is so pristine, pity we don’t see it that way sometimes. If only administration did what it’s supposed to.

India is really beautiful (I MUST APOLOGISE TO MY READERS THAT THIS MAY BE HAPHAZARD, COURSE I HAVE FORGOTTEN A FEW DETAILS and NAMES). I remember there was this place a valley sorts, huge boulders, stone mountains a tiny road passing through and from far off you could see a truck meandering its way slowly. Sun rays falling, different colours; yellow, orange, red WOW. I don’t remember the name of the place but it was beautiful.

We reached Jaipur. One of my friends was doing hotel management there, so we  knocked at her door. I think she looked through a window and probably thought she should call the police, with two ruffians, black faces standing at her door, ringing the bell.

I had to speak “Its Bikram.” She opened the door, the usual hello hi, ages since we met, how is this/that, the usual rigmarole, I was too tired to carry on making small talk, She did not look happy as she had to make something to eat.. But friends are angel’s, I could see she hated going to the kitchen but God bless her she made some toasts , eggs I think (been a long time ) dont remember that far back) .

We ate,  went to sleep for sometime, rested a bit, washed yet again, started off again with promises made that if she talks to someone in chandigarh she better not tell we were there and that too on a bike .

My cousin was riding the bike while I held on to my dear life sitting behind him, telling him to change the gear, Slow down, break, car- truck and he would constantly say “SHUT UP! I know what I am doing.” It’s amazing how you are always a better driver then the other. How you instruct others saying they are doing wrong. It was early evening when we hit the outskirts of Ajmer. The drive was amazing, for a change there was not that much traffic. We did stop a couple of times for a cup of chai. I remember just before entering the city we got some petrol and went inside.

Ajmer is another beautiful place. I had a friend in Meo College, and I had already called him to say we were coming. So, met up with him. Talked about long lost childhood, I bet my cousin was bored to death at that time. In Ajmer we had a hearty meal, some mutton biryani along with some kebabs. We decided to stay the night there so that we could have a decent rest. We still had till Sunday evening to call parents and it was only Saturday evening/night yet, so, long time to go. It’s amazing in college days you always had so much time.

Nothing else happened (I am trying to remember what happened almost 11-12 years ago. Hence, the big holes in the story). The next morning, we set off. We asked for directions we were advised to go to Udaipur and then to GandhiNagar,  for some reason another direction came,  lets go to Mount Abu! It’s a hill resort in the desert. My cousin had heard how one his friends’ family had gone there for an outing and enjoyed it. I must say by this time we were not worried about parents finding cause there was nothing they could do now; they would do their shouting once we reached. Till then there were no worries.

… To be Continued ..

  1. Sandhya says:

    Will be back in the morning and be fresh to read this post, Bikram…

    Shall I be happy to be the first, to comment(!)?


  2. Chatterbox says:

    Wow! that was sure adventurous and you guys got lucky that your parents trusted all your excuses 😀 😀 😀
    Waiting for the next part 😛


    • Bikram says:

      CB. yeah i know , they trusted and we broke that trust BAD BAD we were 🙂 . next part on very soon.. I am still trying to rectify the spelling mistakes that i make 🙂


  3. raji says:

    Nice remember vaguely,still tried writing.It was fun reading all your heroic acts.I can imagine how the bikes went flying..


    • Bikram says:

      YEah this was almsot a decade back, there are some things that we dont forget this trip was one of those .

      yeah thank god we did not die in that trip almost did 🙂


  4. A_W says:

    Cool. I want to know what happens when you reach back home


  5. stranger says:

    lol…are not you gutsy…buddy. I am waiting for the rest…


  6. ladynimue says:

    I so so badly wanna do one such crazy unplanned journey into the heart of India .. or better to the eastern states !!

    One day when I learn driving , i will do this with my bro !!


    • Bikram says:

      🙂 wlecome to the club, maybe next time i decide that i will put it on the blog and all can join and do something like this 🙂

      well learn driving then its not difficult a couple of times falling down and you are an ace sooon 🙂


      • ladynimue says:

        My mom wont let girls ride a bike ! So I will learn to drive a car and hen go on searching my muse some where … And yes , will put out the invite to all on blog !


        • Bikram says:

          hmmm yessssssssss thats a good idea going on a CAR and less risky tooo… DO put the invite I wont mind tagging along he he heh e While you look for your MUSE I can do some site seeing 🙂


  7. Pepper says:

    Totally enjoyed this post. Waiting for the next 🙂


  8. Neeha says:

    Nostalgic movements,huh??
    Lucky you enjoyed the days…Even I have the habit of giving directions to the person driving the vehicle:(
    Waiting for the second part…..


    • Bikram says:

      Oh yes definitely nostalgic.. the good old days 🙂 he he he I dont do it anymore giving directions .. been shouted at a lot of times ..

      second part very soooon


  9. V Rakesh says:

    One of my greatest regrets in life is that I’ve not been open to riding! I miss it, I want to be able to do it, much later though!


  10. Hahaaa! Man, that must have been fun! I have never been on a road trip! 😦
    Waiting for the next part!


  11. aneeta says:

    You were really a BAD GUY!! Poor parents, so simple and trusting….Wish i had been that adventurous in my days!


  12. UmaS says:

    Very adventurous guys !!! 🙂 🙂 But thats what that young age does to u right ???? And u feel urself grow out of that phase, slowly….

    Mount Abu is sure beautiful, right ??? How I wish u had camera during that trip !!!! 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Yes young and foolish.. don think about the next hurdle i have done so many silly things in life I cant tell you, I wonder how I am alive …

      No me not grown out of it I am waiting for the next Bike desert trip this year ion india , am doing that tooo 🙂 he he heehhe

      Yes i wish i had a camera but in those days mobile fones were unheard and it was not a planned trip


  13. insignia says:

    Adventurous… You can do such gutsy things only once in life 🙂 The impulsive decision would seem foolish later.


    • Bikram says:

      YEs I know .. and you are right they look foolish now but knowing me i will carry on doing such foolish things all my life .. been doing thenm quiet often now …


  14. Jzt4me says:

    I envy u for having all those adventure…i have always wished to explore places with all independences…forget places, I wouldnt be even allowed to explore my own house without mouthful warnings and scoldings…haa…

    Good old days..I am sure, u would be really missing crossing those days…


  15. suruchi says:

    my god…aap to shuro se he itne adventurous nikle…
    mujhe laga yeh recent development hain;-)
    and never mind the “bad us”…sab hote hain:-)


    • Bikram says:

      Haanji main to shuru se aisa hi tha.. Tabhi i said na Let me meet Seeya I will teach her all i know .. yayyyyyyy Haanji i know I guess parents also know that the kid is bluffing but they are so good they play along with it 🙂


  16. Chakoli says:


    but yeah bad you 🙂 liars! 😛

    waiting fr part 2 🙂
    bt u gyuys had enuff money or nt?


    • Bikram says:

      I know big fat liars ME !!!! money was enough for petrol as we stopped at places with friends and all and in next part you will see what happened we did not need money 🙂


  17. shilpa says:

    Ha ha ha! Must have been a great trip,I can feel the enthusiasm through your words. 😛


  18. NRIGirl says:

    Wow! How exciting… Enjoyed it thru’ and thru’; can’t wait for Part II

    ~ NRIGirl


  19. Dido says:

    nice post birkam 🙂 Reminded me of my road trips….miss them…..


  20. Sandhya says:

    The page looks like papers torn from old diary…very apt for this nostalgic old memories!

    I love dhaba chai! Once we had it in Rajpura dhaba! Lovely! I thought the story will go as ‘we were stolen’, but thank god, it is not like that! Photos would have been more fun!

    Myl husband does back seat driving when my son drives and he gets irritated!

    Mt.Abu? Thank god, you are not my son! Poor parents!

    Will wait for the next part!Carryon!


    • Sandhya says:

      ‘Thank god, you are not my son! Poor parents!’ Sorry, this line sounds bad, Bikram! When I came to know that my son had gone bungy jumping (spelling?!), I didn’t sleep for many days.

      Sorry, OK?


      • Bikram says:

        Cum on Sandhya bhen please dont say that what is the sorry for .. I dont mind anything you say come on …

        you said the right thing even my parents would have said the same thing if i was not there son …

        I dont like bungee jumping myself , I have tried it once..

        I remember in AUstralia my mum heard me book my sky dive and she went on about it the whole night Why do i have to do it, why cant i do something else .. I know mothers they are always worried … and I could see how relieved she was when my legs touched earth…. and i took the parachute off…

        I bet she did not sleep either


    • Bikram says:

      THank you so much. for saying such lovely words .. yes memories old ones are like that .. pages from a old diary .. I need to remind myself that when i visit india next time i should get my diary so much is in that..

      Photos wud have been nice but did not have a camera or the modern mobile phone ..

      yes poor paretns I totally know now we been bad


  21. bhagyareema says:

    Nostalgia time Bikram?
    But seriously everyone should do such wild things, you don’t get time to do so later on


    • Bikram says:

      Indeed Nostalgic time very.. Since i am in UK all alone these are the incidents and other things that keep me going … for i know when i go back to india i will do all this once again ..


  22. Rachna says:

    Wow, you were naughty as most young men are, I am sure! But, it really is risking riding bikes at night. Seems like a fun journey, and I can sort of imagine the fun experiences you must have had on the road. I can vouch for the dhaba food and the roadside tea. It is the best! Let’s see what other adventures you had in your next post. I have been to Ajmer and Jaipur, Delhi and Chandigarh and lived in Ahmedabad and was hoping that you might say more about the sights and sounds of these wonderful cities.


    • Bikram says:

      YEs i was naughty and bad you can say.. young blood and all that I know it is a risk at night but at that age we are SIKANDER’s can take on the world .. yeah dhaba food is yummy. you have been to a lot of places like me , what have i missed remind me ..

      the thing is we were not site seeing as such it was a mad rush to reach ahmedabad in 2 and half days before parents realise what we have done


  23. Pixie says:

    Whew!! What an adventure!!
    When you think back – it scare you na?! 😛

    The road trip sounds amazing and thank God nothing bad or untold happened!! 🙂 🙂

    You painted quite a nice picture 🙂 🙂


  24. Swaram says:

    Woww! That sounds awesome 🙂
    Mom has visited Mount Abu and she ws telling me it’s a beyoootifull place too 🙂

    LOL Pillion riders and non-drivers are always better at it no 😉 My mother keeps applying brakes when Dad is driving too 😛 😛 😛 and hates it when someone does it while she is driving he he 😉


    • Bikram says:

      YEs I have heard too mount abu is beautiful , wait till you read the next part you will know what happened on way there 🙂 he he ehhe 🙂 Mum applying brakes he hehehe I like that


  25. Smita says:

    Oh my god!! U guys were a riot! But I must say it must have been great fun no??

    Waiting for part 2!


  26. Renu says:

    what an adeveturous trip!!!!!


  27. bedazzled says:

    wow what fun times!! crazy !


  28. Chhavi says:

    Bikram…… well one thing’s for sure…. All of you had done a crazy thing… But I am sure It must have been very exciting….. The thrill of riding a bike at night when all the heavy weight vehicles are zooming past you 😀 😀 By the way… do your parents know about this incident now ????


  29. manchitra says:

    Ithni sharart? You had so uch guts o venture for this. Hope everything ended well ,waiting for the next part


  30. Shail says:

    Enjoyed reading it….waiting for next part !!


  31. Rang says:

    Waah, lovely and thrilling description. Kya josho junoon hai ji, just loved it. Keep it up and do not miss the real person in you, even today. Live like there is no tomorrow. What adventure! Hey I just remembered one see from a movie called Jab we met, in that how Kareena Kapoor meets with so many adventures in one day, then when it goes out of control for some time, then she says ” Ab is raat ko boring bana do, baba ji, aur excitement nahi” how cute was that 🙂

    Nice Bikram, and super cool. Take care.


    • Bikram says:

      Haanji when u are young you are Hercules no one or nothing can touch you..

      I try to be the real me always ..
      I remember that scene…
      thanks Rang. 🙂


  32. Rang says:

    spelling check – one see* = one scene


  33. Rekha says:

    Totally enjoyed the post…so much fun….risky but all is well that ends well….looking forward to read the next one… 🙂


  34. deeps says:

    Not really gone are those days ha?
    Maybe gone are the days for Yamaha rx 100 …


  35. Alka says:

    Jab mein chotta baccha tha………………….lekin chori pakdi jati thi ki nahi? I feel for ur dad… I am sure he knew what his naughty baccha was up to…


  36. Anil says:

    Quite a trip.

    The RX100 was quite the legend.


  37. Ria says:

    That was an interesting read for sure. 🙂


  38. asha says:

    intersting and exciting read!!!


  39. sm says:

    beautiful narration
    once again read it.


  40. Sapna says:

    Wow!!! This is like motorcycle diaries… Must have been great fun. Waiting to read Part II


  41. sangeeta says:

    Wow…kamle tan ho hi tussi …
    Waiting for the next part…


  42. Prateek says:

    Epic. I must not allow my Dad to read this post.


    • Bikram says:

      Welcome to my blog, thank you for tking ur time reading and commenting.. please do keep visiting.

      🙂 he he he YEah but i am sure Dad’s are clever they already know cause they were young once tooo 🙂


  43. Punam J R says:

    Quite a daredevil you have been in ur younger days, hmm? Not good for the peace of mind of ur parents, certainly. Annd did they give you a PIECE of their mind AFTER you reached home? Part II whennn??


    • Bikram says:

      yes we were not just me the whole group did some silly things .. i know parents had a lot of sleepless nights thanks to me ..

      well for some reason nothing of that sort happened which we were releived though ..

      part II will be up by today end.


  44. Anu says:

    that must be one helluva adventure!!!!


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