Thursday Challenge(16):- Green

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Thursday Challenge
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  Thursday Challenge :-  “GREEN” (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,…)
My dear darling bestest friend Ravi sent me these picture so I could participate in the Thursday Challenge .. The river was coloured Green for St. Patrick’s Day.. I was told the irish had a lovely day in chicago that day here are some of the picture ..
Thank you Ravi 🙂

Chicago river

:)Good Way to watch the proceedings

My Man.. Dressed in Green tooo

wish I was there

  1. Hmmmm that lookes strange….. but if the fish did’nt die from it or get ill, its fine by me 😉

  2. Swaram says:

    Interesting 🙂

  3. UmaS says:

    OOOH !!!! Never knew that they color a river in green color….looks weird, becos we always think of blue water….but interesting…. 🙂

  4. Is this green colour agent eco friendly? If it is, then it looks cool 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  5. Rang says:

    Hey! The entire river is colored green, amazing! only hope that it does not causes any damage to the water life inside, chemicals you know 🙂 Otherwise it looks really amazing. And so nice of your friend Ravi 🙂 lucky you, aren’t you?
    Nice one Bikram.

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 well i am sure it would not have harmed any of the waterlife.
      YEs I am very lucky , God has been kind to have given such lovely friends to me 🙂 THank you .. so much

  6. IRFANUDDIN says:

    it really looks great….
    how it has been done…??? i mean the process to make the whole river Green ??? if ur friend have given you some idea of that, plz let me no that…. its interesting…..


  7. Chatterbox says:

    Very different and something I saw for the first time 😀

  8. Ashwathy says:

    The river was coloured Green for St. Patrick’s Day..

  9. Obsessivemom says:

    O My God that’s the craziest thing I heard… colouring up a river.. wow.. U really must ask your friend how they did it. I mean standing water is a possibility but a river… tough task. What enthu!

  10. Madhu says:

    Looks Awesome…I had some Guinness 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      yayyyyyyy cheers to that.. one of the best beers ever one can have .. Guinness .. its actually good and my favourite when i go to pub its always Guinness…

  11. aneeta says:

    Looks like a covering of algae!

  12. Chhavi says:

    I have never seen a green river Bikram…. Thanks for sharing these pictures 🙂

  13. sangeeta says:

    This is interesting…i was wondering what colors they use for coloring the whole river. Is there some ‘ safe ‘ coloring agent?

    • Bikram says:

      Well it has to be safe else imagine how many people would have SUED the organisers for putting water wild life to risk..

      • Bikram says:

        Sangeeta It is supposedly some vegetable dye that is used to colour this river every year and the tradition is more than forty years old…

        @Sapna a fellow blogger told me ..

  14. Deboshree says:

    Wow. What a green green river. It makes me feel rather weird actually.
    A very interesting take on the theme though, I must say. 😀

  15. Ria says:

    interesting n different.

  16. Loved your pics!!! But how did they change the colour of the river?

    • Bikram says:

      I have no idea IHM, I have emailed my friend hope he comes back with a answer and then i can let all know.. but this is what has happened..
      Thank you.

      • Bikram says:

        IHM It is supposedly some vegetable dye that is used to colour this river every year and the tradition is more than forty years old…

        @Sapna a fellow blogger told me ..

  17. Nethra says:

    They colored the water. Is it safe? Water animals won’t die, right?

    • Bikram says:

      hey hey hey Good to see you here 🙂 well I am sure its safe otherwise they would not do it, America is so very conscious of all this political correctness and human rights blah blah blah..

  18. Seena says:

    waw this pic is amazing..

  19. Rajlakshmi says:

    woww is the water this green!!!!
    interesting … wonderful captures

  20. Tanishka says:

    Strange and unique… I have never seen this before…

  21. harman says:

    yaa… its very popular..I had green polish for that!St Patrick Day is considered to be a green Day and Chicago Down town is one of the best down towns in USA…it is jus out of the world..
    simply amazing!
    thanks for sharing!

    • Bikram says:

      Hey Harman maybe you can reply to some of the questions asked here , do you know how they colored the river green..

      I have to see it myself hopefully one day make it there 🙂

  22. sm says:

    green color river
    beautiful pics

  23. Wow! How did they do it?

  24. V Rakesh says:

    What did they colour it with?

  25. B K CHOWLA says:

    Pehli Vaar hara paani Vekhya Hai

  26. Shobha says:

    Green river looks amazing.

  27. Enigma says:

    Wow! Nice.
    Never seen a ‘Green’ river before. 🙂

  28. Renu says:

    I have only seen that if reflection is of trees water looks green and if it is of sky .its blue..but here verything is artificial:) made ..interesting.

  29. Comfy says:

    I have heard about this so much. Thanks for the pics.

  30. Dee says:

    Whoa! I have never seen anything like this! Very nice shots!

  31. Petty Witter says:

    Wow, that really is such a wonderfully vibrant green, thanks for sharing.

  32. A_W says:

    Great pictures.

  33. Sapna says:

    Green is the way to go. Now I am green with envy that I couldn’t witness this…

    Lovely pics… It is supposedly some vegetable dye that is used to colour this river every year and the tradition is more than forty years old…

    Thanks for sharing the pics 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      oooh yes green is the way to go 🙂
      THanks yeh probably what u say a vegetable dye of some sort.. ah ha good you told now other can know tooo 🙂

  34. manchitra says:

    A colored river , seeing for first time, How they do it, by adding chemicals? Will it spoil the water? But the pictures are awesome.

    • Bikram says:

      I also saw for first time in pics,, hopefully might get the oppurtunity to see it live one day.

      I dont know the answer to ur question but hopefully it wont.

  35. Punam says:

    Do u know something.. green is considered the colour of prosperity, continuity and life. So, hail green .. the pics are lovely and good to see ur friends.. u have written posts about them previously, right? You should connect them to this post.
    My blog supports a Green Earth, so green is the way to go.. 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Nope I did not know that about green.

      jsut friend not friendssss unless u can see someone i cant 🙂

      yeah GO GREEEENNNNNNNNNNN is the slogan these days with everything energy,earth alll .. Both my cars are GREEN color 🙂

  36. Saritha says:

    Wow beautiful colour….

  37. Shilpa Garg says:

    Very interesting… a green coloured river!! 🙂

  38. Anu says:

    colored water!!
    But still it looks great…

  39. Rachna says:

    Wow, that looks good but looks like there is a lot of moss on the water. Generally, green water is associated with being grimy, but this seems to be a play of light while clicking :).

  40. Down south, here- in India– I ve seen green ponds… but never a river! ponds — due to the moss n everything… but to color a river green—- seems strange! 🙂

    good pics but! 🙂

  41. Simran says:

    Loved that green river , looks wierd but still eye catching 🙂
    Take care!

  42. raji says:

    nice one’s greeeeen…

  43. Kame says:

    i love it!It looks so beautiful. i just hope they use a environmental friendly dye

  44. Chakoli says:

    heye thats amazing whole river looks green but isit coz of algae….

  45. Manna says:

    Looks beautiful but then I am not sure about the life inside. Is it really safe to have it colored this way? And did it again change back to normal? 😛

    • Bikram says:

      Haanji it does look lovely. WEll I dont think any damage was done and as such it was only for sometime for That particular day. Though i am not sure about the safety. Yes it did change back to normal…

  46. Manna says:

    Oh I see.. 🙂

  47. This is a really great blog. Thx to the auther

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