Mirza – Sahiba

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Love, Loyalty
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Mirza-Sahiba is another treasure of Punjabi literature.

 It is a romantic tragedy. Mirza and Sahiba were childhood playmates,. They fell in love with each other, but when this beauty is about to be wedded forcibly she sends a message to Mirza

 Mirza Khan on reading the letter doesn’t think twice and rides to get his love , inspite of  his sister’s request, His whole family warned him that the “Sials” (Sahiba’s brothers) were not the type of people he’d want to mess around with as they were hot-headed and aggressive. Mirza didn’t care about a word they said, all he knew was that he loved Sahiba and they had to be together.

 Mirza arrived  during Sahiba’s mehndi ceremony and carried her away. Sahiba’s brothers got to know about this and decided to follow them.

 On the way, as Mirza lies under the shade of a tree to rest for a few moments, that’s the time when Sahiba’s brothers catch up with them.

 Sahiba on seeing her brothers, sided with them and broke the arrows in Mirza’s quiver knowing very well that Mirza was a very good marksman and would have killed a few of her brothers.. Hence the famous phrase that arose in Punjab at that time “Sahiba Bani Bharavaan di .. Bhaiyaan ton Yaar Marwata!.” .. Meaning Sahiba took her brother’s side and helped in getting her lover murdered by the brothers …

NOW this is where my thought comes..

First  Mirza when he knew he is being followed .. Why did he have to rest, He should have carried on he reached his village where his brothers would have helped him …

Why did his brothers not follow him to help him

Secondly WHY did Sahiba break his arrows..  My reasons to ask

1. She knows she was being forced into a marriage cause the family did not accept her relation with Mirza…

2. She had called Mirza to come and get her.

3. When Mirza took her away she knew that her brothers would not take this easily and going by Punjab’s standards they would be ready to do anything to avenge this insult.

4. Why did she break the arrows… If Mirza had his arms who knows it might have been a different Folk lore ..

In the end she could not bear the death of her beloved and kills herself.. but if we stop the story and think of it just before she kills herself then she was wrong 🙂

So what are your opinions of this .. if this was todays story who would be at fault or the Wrong one here .. She should have stuck with the love of her life no matter what..  Mirza did his job to perfection when the Love of his life called him, he did not bother about his own life but went to get it ..

Dont you think such stories happen a lot in our society a lot these days, people spend years promising the world, Talking of the Undieing love for each other..

I will do this for you, do that for you.. if we separate i will kill myself and all that bollocks but majority of the time when the Fun of love goes away its time to go into the arms of another man/woman. So common these days dont you think..

PS:- Legend has it that Mirza and Sahiba will keep reincarnating until they don’t finally get together.

PSS:-Out of all the legendary stories originating from Punjab, Mirza Sahiba’s story is the only story where the male’s name comes first and then the female’s

  1. Thanks for sharing this story.

    PSS is interesting!

  2. Simran says:

    Hmm…interesting one 🙂
    Liked the way you represented the whole ..
    First time at your blog .Nice blog indeed . Thank You so much for such a encouraging comments on my blog 🙂 . I am your new follower now ..
    Cheers ,

    • Bikram says:

      Hey Simran, Welcome to this blog.. Thank you for visiting .. Please do keep visiting ..

      Well you too got a lovely blog and your poems are really nice especially that BLack heart one i liked and the latest one Thank you for following me Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

      take care

  3. Ashwathy says:

    Good one…. 🙂 wholesome perspective I say…

  4. I think what she did was right – if there was a fight, he along with some of her brothers would have been killed.

    Destination Infinity

    • Bikram says:

      Hmmm well i agree but then she made her lover a sitting duck and her brothers just came and killed him .. he did not even have a chance to defend himslef..

  5. scorpria says:

    Oooh…I never knew this story!
    I like the way you analysed the story 😀
    And yes, there quite a few mirzas and sahibas today. I know some of them personally. Bah!

    “keep reincarnating until they don’t finally get together”. Until they “dont”!?? They never did, did they? she cheated him, got him killed and killed herself!

    • Bikram says:

      Well now you know 🙂 ..

      yeah loads of them today out there .. he he he you know some personally 🙂 ooops i guesss a mistake until they DO MEET 🙂 yeah i know she was a bad girl … who did not know what to do

  6. Chhavi says:

    As far as Sahiba is concerned…. well as you know in olden days the women of our country had difficulty making a choice between their lovers and families…… The most convenient option was to kill themselves……… Nice story…. However I prefer love stories that end on a happy note…. why do lovers have to die in the end

    • Bikram says:

      Well but this was not the case she sent for mirza to take her away as she was being forced into a wedding, then she broke his arrows and got him killed .. later when she realised what she has done she killed herself…

      I too prefer love stories with happy endings but but buttttttttttttttt a big question people nowqdays are selfish they ahve there fun with one and then move on for another

  7. Jyothi says:

    This is the first time I am hearing this story. This is why woman never take initiative to run away! She is always tied up between family and love! Who would she like to see killed? Is that a fair choice to make? She should have kept quiet, got married and lived a lie, and be called bewafa then too! Sigh!

    The PSS is really interesting ! 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 oh my dilemna and now we know why women dont take the initiative ot run away … yeah but isn’t it the same for a man even he has emotions he is tied between love for the woman and family .. but he is jsut more assertive to decide what he wants ..

      No not a fair choice who she wants to get killed but in this case she gave her love no chance at all… he was left unarmed high and dry dont know about bewafa or anything in my little life i met more people who r selfish and think of themselves only ..

  8. Tanishka says:

    I had come to know this story just recently from some movie …. 🙂
    I too think sahiba was wrong… If she loved her family she should have just married the guy her brothers had chosen without calling Mirza and if she loved mirza then she should have stuck to her choice…..

    • Bikram says:

      YEssssssssss now that answer i like .. if she took the step to call her lover then she should side with me no matter what .. probably the brthers would have killed both but at least she wud not have betrayed her love ..

      I like this 🙂

  9. Phoenixritu says:

    I think Sahiba was one hell of a confused bimbette. She first calls Mirza to help her escape, and then sabotages him and kills herself. What a mess!

  10. Ria says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this…very interesting story.

  11. sm says:

    nice story,
    good questions, Today also this can happen same way, or girl will also kill the brothers
    today anything is possible.

  12. Enigma says:

    Hmm.. I am not that much into love stories.

    But the story you mentioned, Sahiba was definitely in the wrong. She was retarded to first call Mirza and then side with her brothers to get him killed. Makes no sense.

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 well i wont go the level of calling her retarded maybe the love of her brother was more then the love she had for her lover .. but she did get him killed which is SAD…

  13. Neeha says:

    Hey,I know this story..
    We a movie which is dubbed from Tamil to telugu with the same plot(Ofcoure slight modifications).
    Unfortunately the movie is a super-duper hit.
    I couldn’t judge it,coz she proved that she too loved him by killing herself.
    But don’t you think it would be better if she killed herself first,so that his brother upon her sister’s request never hurts the HERO.
    Who upon loss of his beloved love would become a Devdas or kill himself.
    *I am a worst story-writer,the credit goes to Ekta Kapoor*

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 really i did not know that ..

      thats not proof thats the aftermath.. the only thing proven is Mirza’s love he left everything to get his beloved .. but i like ur version .. she shud have killed herself and Mirza a devdas 🙂

      Though it is said she did pleade for the life of Mirza the borthers did not listen to her and killed him anyway … but maybe jsut maybe had she not broken the arrows there was a outside chance he might have survived cause Mirza was a Crack shot and well trained 🙂

      and who is this ekta kapoor now ..

  14. Tomz says:

    I feel, there are a lot modenr Mirzas and Sahibas in our society

  15. harman says:

    well..Bikram… to start with …. Sahiba..killed herself too..not that she lived and enjoyed after having killed Mirza!
    its a sad story…..Sahiba’s part..love falters and never sees a rising sun!
    My Nani (lol) always said…”these love stories are eternal Cuz..they died…if they were alive…nobody wud have even bother to give dhem shit!
    so buddy…dont feel bad…
    Modern mirza and sahiba ..believes in movin …and not even leaving any clue for passing judgements.

    • Bikram says:

      Yeah she did But Later on.. it was too late by then and it may be said it was the aftermath.. I dont beleive that .. she was responsible for his death and she had to pay.

      yeah sad story but why is it that in most love stories its the Lady who falters mostly .. just a general question

      and agree with you on modern mirza’s and sahiba’s .. have seen a few sahiba’s myself 🙂 he he eheheh funny world now .. modern log modern ways .. modern styles ..

      Thanks harman and your nani ji said the right thing.. but how many sahiba’s would kill themselves today .. a lot will get the mirza murdered but will they kill themselves I dount it ..

  16. NRIGirl says:

    Didn’t quite expect the ending. Doesn’t love always win? Probably not.

  17. raji says:

    Interesting story bikram!Thanks for introducing us all nonpunjabis to this one.I had only heard of heer ranjha .I liked the saying in bw.I think the author was very confused ;wanted some tragedy at the end..so created this one!LOL.

    • Bikram says:

      Hmm thank you. It is true that saying so many folk songs have been written on that ..

      this is a true story

      but yeha had it been fictin i would have said you are right he was confused .. he he he

  18. Writerzblock says:

    Oh I’ve never heard of this story before. I wonder why all our stories are all so sad. I think everybody here is crazy!! People should start a relationship ONLY if they have the conviction and courage to see it through, to a logical ending!! otherwise why bear so much heartache!!!

    • Bikram says:

      Well Said.. exaclty they shud only start IF and ONLY if they are ready to take it to the end and stand by there decisions these days people split over a minor argument.. or break relations of years within one second ..

      at least Sahiba had the courage to kill herself when she knew she had done wrong and mirza is dead , today a sahiba woul probably say THANK GOD.. it was time to change the MAN as such good riddance 🙂

      Thanks Pal

  19. My response is here https://mannbikram.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/heer-ranjha/#comment-6582

    The most interesting part is Sahibaan is like an object that her brothers are willing to give away to a person of their choice but they definitely have a problem with she making the choice who she wants to be with.

    If you are quoting Manak “Sahiba Bani Bharavaan di .. Bhaiyaan ton Yaar Marwata!.”

    It is “Sahibaab bani bharavaan di, Bhaiyaan ton yaar marwaya…

    Manak aslo sang Sahibaan da Khayal, he defintely agrees Sahibaan was not happy with what she was doing, disarming Mirza. She knew there will be lot of bloodshed and everyone will die.

    You asked about modern day lovers, yeah they do get married and then they start missing mommy dear and this happens


    or they beat their wives to make them worthy of their mothers you have read at GGTS or @ IHM’s.

    Oh, did we forget those 1970s and 1980s movies man abandoning the village belle in the big bad city or selling her off.

    Bravo girl Sahibaan, you for one time did something for the womankind or else they are just blamed for every thing that goes wrong in man’s family or his home.

    Desi Girl

    • Bikram says:

      All i will say is Read the comments of majority..
      Hope you get your answer

      I dont go about writing about MAN – WOMAN as who is wrong or bad and this post was nothing to do with it ..
      and what happens in movies if you read the disclaimers it says this is work of fiction and bears no resemblance to anyone ..

      It not good ot look at one side of the coin always, If i dig or google I can find similar amount of articles or news where a girl does the same to a man.. But as i said ON my blog I dont talk about MAN-WOMAN… what you to do at GGTS is upto you .. ON My blog I have not condemned women or men

      This Post had nothing to do with a any of the things you mentioned it was about the way things happened .. and if the modern day people get married and start to missing Mummy dear then SORRY the same is true the other side too..

      you know it would be good if you take up stories of all the silly mistakes or wrong doings WOMEN do toooo…

      and as far as bravo to Sahiba then YEAh bravo to her for getting a person murdered by other person.. who happened to be MALES..

      Maybe all the girls and women should stop marrying men, that way there will be no one to blame for anything going wrong in a man’s house ..

  20. Rama says:

    Anything is possible these days. But what she did was not correct, not after asking him to come and take her away. it shows what big loser she was, and she also had him killed for no valid reason at all. True love was never like that nor will it be.
    I somehow can’t relate to this story.
    Ok , one more thing why do we have to give so many details before we post a comment to your blog, can’t you make it simpler ?

    • Bikram says:

      Welcome ot this blog, thats you for visitng please do keep visiting ..

      Yeah well i dont know about true love or not thats between them to decide.. but as yo uread i do beleive she did wrong in being part of his death..

      Why you need to give so many details I think this is wordpress, How do i make it simpler please do let me know .. I am not very good with wordpress at the moment I have my own Wordress guru friend who helps me all the time .. I will ask tooo

  21. Dee says:

    I’m really annoyed with Sahiba! Why did she have to break the arrows, then WHY did she even call Mirza in the first place? And Mirza should not have taken rest! Does this happen a lot nowadays? Ohhh that is sad! Interesting to learn tht this is the only Punjab legend with the male name leading! Hey I wish there was a love story that lasted and lasted, and showed how they lived happily ever after, having kids, grand kids , and how life works out et al, and them passing on the secret of a happy family life! Someone ought to write that kind of story !!!

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 yes me tooo , I am also annoyed..
      had she not done what she did for whatever reason maybe the story would have been different ..

      I know i would also like ot know a love story but i guess these days both boys and girls hae other agendas in there hearts and boys looking to bed a girl and a girl is probbly looking for pampering and money Thats what i hear most of the times

      yes wish what you say happenes more often.. 🙂 yeah i will write a post on this i have a perfect story in our family 🙂 and thankfully it is a good one

  22. Sapna says:

    Interesting story Bikram! Not heard this before but I am sure there is more to this story than just “Sahiba on seeing her brothers, sided with them and broke the arrows in Mirza’s quiver”. Anyway love stories are that way, aren’t they? you never know what happens in the end but people fall in love anyway, some succeed, some get hurt, some betray, some are betrayed nevertheless people do fall in love…..

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 yeah love stories usually end the sad way so it seems …

      Yes people still fall in love as they say dil to pagal hai .. pata nahin kab kahan kispe aa jaye ..

      succeed dont know who only some i guess ..
      and yeah lots of betrayals especially in the modern day and time ..

      but love is goood a warm feeling 🙂 and yes one does need Love to live through the life toooo

  23. IRFANUDDIN says:

    well…. i think what ever Sahiba did must have been spontaneous, bcoz who ever at this stage is, don’t have much to do with logics or reasons…. it just happens……

  24. Shahid says:

    I think they talked about this story in the movie Yamla Pagla Deewana. I wonder why this story goes against the norm of girl first?…ny reason?

    • Bikram says:

      Look who is here after ages 🙂 how you doing shahid ..
      i have not seen the movie you mentioned ..

      dont know why girls name is not in front maybe it did not rhyme
      sahib – mirza 🙂 he he he Mirza-sahiba sounds better … and I could guess the man’s name first because here it was felt the lady love betrayed
      I dont know just my thoughts … Who knows why

  25. Very interesting story! Never knew this one!

  26. B K CHOWLA says:

    Wonder how could I have missed this story.
    Very well written

  27. Deboshree says:

    Thanks for sharing this Bikram. Very interesting story.
    It seems the girl was in some mental dilemma. She couldn’t bear the sight of her brothers being killed and thus broke her lover’s arrows. Maybe she thought he would escape with her despite his weapons being spoiled. That way, she would be with her love but her brothers would also be alive. If only the guy wasn’t alone…

    • Bikram says:

      thank you so much for liking the story..
      Hmmm could be , I guess it was all panic stations seeing the brothers she probaly could not decide what to do at the spur of the moment ..

      Maybe she thought what you said who knows .. YEah if he ws not alone but then it could have resulted in more blood shed .. Love is funny

  28. Rang says:

    Hmm Bikram, I cannot really comment, there must be some inside details, I am sure. Like when we read a Novel or Upanyas in Hindi, each and every character is described well with minute of the details and that helps us to form an image of the person and their action.
    So cannot really comment until I read the story myself.

    And hey, lol on the first doubt, why did he take rest when he knew there is danger ahead :), it’s funny. Take care 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Hmmm maybe I dont know abou that but this is part of literature and literature is usually true to the facts .. but you never know ..

      But as the story has been told through songs, books, essays , movies , word of mouth This is what happened .. Yeah you go and read the story in full and then maybe you can come and comment on this one ..

      Yeah i know If i am running with someone i would not stop .. till i reach a safe place 🙂

      thank you so much

  29. Swaram says:

    Woww! Interesting PSS and I luv that pic 🙂
    I just feel bad for the two 😦 No more opinions 😦 Just wish and pray, like always that the society remains more open to love!

    • Bikram says:

      Haanji Pic is coutsey google 🙂 and the PSS is courtsey wikipedia 🙂 he hehe I dont have that much sense to have found it out myself ….

      Thank you swaram for such agood thought .. yeah wish the same people keep there promises, people are good to ech other , people speread love and care to everyone .. fora good nicer better society AMEN to that ..

  30. vinithasaira says:

    hey! this is such a nice post!my first time here 🙂 n woah i didn knw of this story.. well I guess these days there is equal no of both mirza’s and sahiba’s 🙂 just that some stories have a sad ending and some jus move disappointed with themselves and their fate! 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Welcome to this blog , thank you for visiting me and reading the article .. please do keep visitng …

      Thank you for liking the post.. oh yes these days almsot every college boy is a mirza and a girl a sahiba .. but majority of them are like time pass and fall in love for the sake of falling in love …

      Yeah thats what stories are but love stories seem to end up sad … Fate too has a lot of influence on everything …

  31. Jzt4me says:

    Goshhhh…Bikram…cant u stop thinking reasons for things happened in past or in stories…Better, think f smthing that is happening today…hahah!!! Anyways, being me, I always have a word in eevrything na…so i have copied ur questions below along with my responses typed in…

    First Mirza when he knew he is being followed .. Why did he have to rest, He should have carried on he reached his village where his brothers would have helped him … – Maybe he was too over confident that he could face any problems and had the trust in Sahiba that she would keep an alert…(hehe, frankly, the first response that came in my mouth was “HE WAS STUPID”)

    Why did his brothers not follow him to help him – – They never wanted to get in trouble themselves…They might have felt that warning Mirza was their only duty… (Frank response – The Bhabhi’s didnt allow them to go…lol!!!)

    Secondly WHY did Sahiba break his arrows.. My reasons to ask (Only FRANK ANSWER – IDIOT & Blood is thicker than water)

    1. She knows she was being forced into a marriage cause the family did not accept her relation with Mirza… (Still, her family was what she knew more than Mirza…)

    2. She had called Mirza to come and get her. (She did…bcoz her love for Mirza made her do that…In Love u r blind and stupid…I believe)

    3. When Mirza took her away she knew that her brothers would not take this easily and going by Punjab’s standards they would be ready to do anything to avenge this insult… (She might have thought they would be able to find some safety b4 her brothers could reach her…)

    4. Why did she break the arrows… If Mirza had his arms who knows it might have been a different Folk lore .. (Naturally, her love for her brother’s life…Maybe she might have thought..she might have foolishly thought that she could stand in front of Mirza and save him…or it could be that, she believed that her brother’s love for her might stop them from doing any danger to Mirza…)

    • Bikram says:

      thinking of today well the same happens today too 🙂 and i am glad you have a word for everything , Me too I usually have to say somehing on everything .. and why not One shud always spek there mind.. no harm in that ..

      YEah he seems to be over confident and went all guns blazing .. and offcoure the trust he had in his love.. But i like your first response .. usually FIRST responses are the RIGHT responses …

      he he he YEah i did not think of the BHABHI angle , they did not want there husbands to be in trouble hmmm good thinking there …

      Oh yes blood thicker so True always works 🙂

      offcourse we do silly things in love for sure ..

      excellent replies and i found myself nodding to all your replies … Thank you so much for taking the time and effort reading and then replying so nicely …

      Thank you

  32. Pixie says:

    I don’t get the story! Sorry… 😀
    I had the same questions you have asked and it doesn’t make any sense to me!!
    And I really want to know whether there are any happy endings’ story? All the famous ones seem tragic and there’s death and separation involved! Hopeless!! 😀

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 ok what do you want to know about the story ask i will try to tell what i know 🙂 Love stories seldom end happily.. and most love stories are hopeless… what to say

  33. UmaS says:

    Interesting story….never heard of it before.

    Only one answer to the mystery behind many stories – Love is blind…. 😉

  34. asha says:

    I hope this is a piece of literature and not a real story. It must have been written to please the audience when tragic ends were very famous and popular. I’m guessing.

    See all the famous love stories like heer- ranjha, sohni-mahiwal, ambikapati-amaravati( southern folk lore) are all tragic not to mention the romeo juliet.

    • Bikram says:

      It is a Real Story ..

      YEah most love stories are tragic as they are in REAL life too.. sometimes guy betrays sometimes the girl.. but whe nwe know we are going ot have all that then why have the sharade of love 🙂

  35. suruchi says:

    wow..we are onto telling all romantic lores here, eh Biky?
    and also enlightening poor souls like me who don’t know much beyond Romeo-Juliet, thanks to studying that at school…
    waise on that note, another point:why aren’t the Indian love stories also taken up by our schools instead of the Shakespearean ones?

    anyways…ab bechara thak gaya hoga to rest to karna he pada na…
    and why she messed with the arrows….maybe she was just another messed up love struck girl like every other girl in love is Biky.
    love stories mein logic nahi hota…warna woh love stories na hote:-)

    • Bikram says:

      he he he he 🙂 haanji
      you see you learn something new everyday he heh you learnt this story today.
      and a very Good point there Why do we not have indian folklore in our curriculum I guess english and as such we indians are always running after Foreign stuff rather then be happy with our own so maybe thats the reason …

      haanji Thak gaya tha .. Ghode pe tha na .. Gaadi hoti air conditioned wagerah to shayad na thakta .. hana

      he he he yeah right ab ladki ki baari ayi to Love struck girl.. you know its the same for guys too 🙂 he he he he
      yes madam point noted love story main no logic..

      Thank you ji

  36. Madhu says:

    I would dump Sahiba in a heartbeat if I were her boyfriend. First of all, she encouraged Mirza knowing very well her brothers would kill him. If she really wanted Mirza and his brothers “both” safe, she should have accepted the arranged marriage or eloped and get married to Mirza ASAP or killed herself. But neither happened. She eloped but when push comes to shove, she betrayed her boy friend which has cost him his life. To hell with her own life but she had absolutely no right to take her boy friends life in this manner. She didn’t deserve Mirza who had risked his life for her.

    • Bikram says:

      he he he Alas mirza got befooled by the beauty then .. he shud have dumped her.. in modern days it would have happened by now and also I doubt if the guy would have the courage to come all alone t otake his love away … Eloping could have worked for sure Mirza would have done that too if he could come charging then he could have come earlier tooo…

      yeah thats what the sad part if she did not have the guts to stand by of what ever happened .. she took a decision to go with the Guy she shud have stuck ot it .. rest who know what wud have happened.. As you say no right to get a young guy killed just beacause he loved her and did what she wanted him to do .. SAD

  37. This is modern day Mirza


  38. Sandhya says:

    I have heard about this story, but not in such detail!

    You are an emotional person, Bikram! Nice to know you!

  39. Moral of the story:

    1. Think before you leap
    2. Don’t fall in love over a confused one.
    3. Don’t rest till your goal is reached


    • Bikram says:

      EXACTLY… Think what you are doing cause all actions have a responsibilities and especially in relationsships wrong decision often end us hurting a lot of people … Dont fall in love full stop.

      YES dont rest .. when you know why take a chance ..

  40. Rekha says:

    Maybe she felt it would be seen as truce and her brothers would allow them go scotfree….doubt if she wanted his death…she could have as well killed herself back home to avoid the alliance at all costs…who knows if she really broke his arrows…Mirza could have done it too to show his love was more important than his own life….folk tales get distorted with time and people…and indian somehow love honour killings for all they say we are a country which taught the world love and peace…

    • Bikram says:

      Maybe but why would the brothers do a truce when they were forcing her intoa marriage once they learnt abut her affair .. well i know it folk lore but usually when there is a doubt people have two types of stories in this case all stories go the same way that she broke the arrows , yeah she might have thought she could plead to her brothers and hope the love for there sister might just work ..

      Mirza was a very good aim he was running for his life why would he break the arrows… Yes folk tales get distorted but not this much .. yeah i know all about the honour killing this would have been one had she not killed herself.. OH yes totally agree with you the country that taught the world lvoe has all this happened BUT then its out old values and old thoughts which are still taking us there we refuse to grow up …

      Thank you

  41. deeps says:

    the love story continues to be the same in all ages i guess…
    individuals change and therefore way of expression but not love 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Hmm agreee with you ut love these days comes with othr problems and thoughts and ideas and WHAT NOT’s different kind of betrayals and heart breaks some things dont change people who have a black heart and BAD in there heart will always do such things

  42. Shail says:

    I ask all the same questions that you have asked. I agree with Ritu, Sahiba seems one confused bimbette!

  43. Her breaking Mirza’s arms makes no sense. I wonder if Sahiba was kidnapped against her wishes and was glad to be rescued?

    About killing herself, in those days (and even today) a girl who was once kidnapped or involved with another man could only die, if she hadn’t killed herself, her brothers would have ‘honor killed’ her anyway and then glorified it as an ‘honor suicide’.

    All these stories change over the years, what we know today is not necessarily what happened.

    • Bikram says:

      I understand what you say .. But this is a true story an part of punjab literature so I doubt if this has changed over the time .. She was being forced into a marriage by the family .. hence she sent for her love to come and resuce her.. I think she was under the impression that the brothrs might forgive her if she requested them enough.. but the brothers did not and killed ..

      Seeing all lost she then killed herself..

      Thank you IHM,

  44. dr.antony says:

    I hadnt heard about this story before.Interesting.
    it is the typical feminine attitude.They take unexpected turns
    when facing adversities.

  45. Rachna says:

    I had not heard this story till now. But, Sahiba was treacherous. Why would she call her lover to get her and then break his arrows and cause his death? Then she killed herself? This is ridiculous, she was a poor lover and definitely a mentally-unsound woman. Your questions are all valid. I feel sorry for her lover who trusted her love and her sanity. This must not be treated as a legendary love story, surely.

    • Bikram says:

      Yeah so it turned out to be .. she did betray I totally agree with you on what you said .. I feel sorry too for the guy .. I guess its is thought to be legendary for the reason that she killed herself later on .. the remorse got to her .. and also she was very beautiful …

  46. Shail says:

    i didn’t know the complete story. It’s an interesting and informative post…
    My Take…Sahiba broke Mirza’s arrows and in a way helped her brothers to kill him…but she preferred to die along with Mirza…so we can’t doubt her love……..

    • Bikram says:

      agreed but she did not dies with Mirza .. thats was a after math of the event.. when she was asked to occumpany her brothers back home .. thats when she killed herself .. But to betray your love how can that be love 🙂 but yes i like your reply Thank you

  47. @Bikram, @Shail, I found this on Wikipedia, the story makes sense when you see it this way.

    “Sahiba was a virtuous and a beautiful soul who did not desire any bloodshed to mar the one she loved. She did not want her hands drenched in blood instead of henna. She knew Mirza was a great archer and he will not miss his target, and if he strikes, her brothers would surely die. Before waking up Mirza, Sahiba breaks his arrows so he can’t use them. She presumes on seeing her; her brothers would feel sorry and forgive Mirza and take him in their arms. She thought that they’d understand the love Mirza and Sahiba have for each other, but her brothers and chanders attacked Mirza. He fought with all his might, single handedly to protect his relationship but he was no match for so many people. He was killed by someone from the back as they hit his head with a sword. It is believed that as he was dying, he asked Sahiba why she broke his arrows. He told her that if she hadn’t snapped them, he would have just fired them in the air as a warning- he never meant to kill her brothers. Sahiba could not live now that Mirza had died- she picked up the sword that he was killed with and stabbed it into herself, thus bidding farewell to the world.”

    The story of Helen of Troy has a similar explanation, take a look here,

    • Bikram says:

      thank you IHM all the more reason for my beleif that sahiba acted in haste … she should not have broken his arrows ..

      she was unfair to him.. if she wanted to take her brothers side then she should have jsut married to the man whome the brothers found… and not called Mirza to save her .. The guy gave his life to protect the relationship .. and did what any man would do or a man with values would do ..

      if only .. but then who knows what the story would have been if the arrows were not broken

      thanks IHM for finiding this Info and all … but If look from a third persons view Sahiba was still wrong in breaking the arrows …

  48. Rajlakshmi says:

    now i am wondering why she broke the arrows… ahhh will we ever find the answer coz curiosity is killing me.
    thanks for sharing the story

    • Bikram says:

      Nope we will never find out the true answer.. we can only assume and ask everyone an come to a common reason …

      🙂 thank you for reading it

  49. Punam says:

    Good questions, Bikram.
    I agree, Sahiba was wrong, and she of course is responsible for Mirza’s death.
    I am sure that at the time this legend took place, there must have been a parallelly opposite story of a love that ended in ‘happily ever after’, but this one, being tragic, probably gained popularity and became a legend….

    Happily ever after is normal… nothing new… tragic is wave-creating.. hence the popularity. 🙂 My thoughts.

    Anddd, yes, love in those days, was taboo. So saheba was probably deciding between family and love… I guess her love was NOT strong enough. Pity.

    • Bikram says:

      Thank you Punam for liking the post.

      Hmm but what parallel story can it be , she caled her love, her love answered adn then she betrayed him .. and since this is a true story i doubt about parallel story.

      Happily every after is NOT Normal.. if it was then we would have more TRUE stories on that I think.

      I do agree that love was a taboo in those days but then she shud not called mirza to get her out …

      thank you 🙂

      • Punam says:

        Now, Bikram, pleeeeease dig all your punjabi folk lores and tell all of us a story that ended happily ever after… please? pleeease? 🙂

        Mirza Sahibaa.. Heer Ranjhaa.. they all cried at the end. I feel like seeing someone smile. So, time for a story that made every one smile.


        • Bikram says:

          Yes doing that now .. googling it and checking it out.. the problem with lov stories is majority are sad and end in a sad way …

          Lets see what i find and hope u dont have to wait too long …

  50. Sakshi says:

    You know bikram,
    I heard this story for the first time in the movie YPD, and trust me I had similar questions. I feel, that for the girl in these kind of situations it becomes very hard for her to pick and choose between the people she loves. One being the family and the other being her lover!!! I always wish that love stories have a happy ending! 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Ok I ave not seen that movie.. Glad you had the same questions . I am not alone then he he hehe or wierd it shows 🙂

      yeh it guess it does become hard

      yeah me too wishing love stories end in a happy ending but lets see …

  51. Ruchira says:

    Do you know that there is a ballad in Punjabi (a very sad one) that describes what Mirza says to sahiban as he lies dying, I think he asks her why she ditched him. Its so sad and its sung in such a melancholic tune that it always moves me to tears !
    My frist time on yru blog though we keep bumping into each other at other blogs ! 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Welcome tothis blog, thank you for visiting …

      Oh you saw it I have yet to see a ballad .. YEs he says he would not have killed her brothers but then we are not sure cause there were no witnesses and yeah she did ditch him or rather betrayed him .. a very sad story indeed .. I have heard the songs sung by folk singers and they touch your heart each time you listen to them …

      Thank you again for visiting and please dont make this visit your last … 🙂 do keep visiting

  52. Anu says:

    Interesting take on the story!
    I ofcourse did not like Sahiba’s character…poor mirza!!!
    Had he known that this would have happened, he would have let Sahiba got married to another guy!
    But in the literature perspective..it’s a nice one!!

    • Bikram says:

      Yeah she did bad with the guy .. But as you say this is punjabi literature and written very nicely especially the songs and folk songs. Thank you.

  53. sangeeta says:

    I feel Sahiba is really a confused girl and impulsive too . She calls Mirza to take her first and then acts in haste when she breaks those arrows …. there are so many Sahibas in the modern world too but at the same time not all the guys are like Mirza 🙂
    A confused person is a pain always 🙂
    and for everybody around…

    • Bikram says:

      True so very true they are a pain for sure …
      YEah in todays modern day not maky mirza’s or sahiba’s… Exactly my thoughts that she was confused soul and impulsive ..

      Thank you sangeeta

  54. Meera says:

    Well, this is the first time I have heard this story. Sounds like Lochinvar though his lady love Ellen did not do something like this …! But then most stories are passed down over generations through oral folklore traditions and it all depends on how people interpret it. Like you say why should Sahiba do something like this – break his arrows when he came at her request and she eloped with him?

    • Bikram says:

      Oh i remember Lochinvar the knight or the round table in 10th class we had this poem THE PASSING OF KING ARTHUR and he is the one who is trusted to get rid of the excalibur by arthur.. 🙂

      maybe it is the interpretation who knows .. but if we take the story as it is then what is it you think 🙂

  55. Nimue says:

    I came to know of this story when Harbhajan Mann sang about it. My mom watched the song and narrated the whole story in detail. I remember asking her if Sahiba was right. she took no time to think and asked , Will you let your brother die for your love ? I did not say anything but she understood the answer was No. The answer still is same but with the difference that I will also not invite my lover to come for me if I know its dangerous. Sahiba acted foolish both by inviting him and then by meddling in the fight even before the fight began.

    but I still love the song !
    Thanks for reminding about it 🙂

    • ladynimue says:

      here’s another interesting song i found on the story – a unique take ..

      • Bikram says:

        THats a good song.. But for some reason i dont like harbhanjan mann, he is not that great a actor .. but his folk songs are good not the new ones that he has modernised all …

        • ladynimue says:

          I agree .. He is not that good in the albums he sang .. I was actually amazed to her his folk songs .. and yes , this was way better than Harbhajan’s song 🙂

          Made mom listen to both the songs again over the weekend [i wanted her to translate them completely to me] and she too liked this one better ..

    • Bikram says:

      Hmmm yeah agreed that she wanted to sav her brothers but then she shud not have called for him and married where her brothers wanted her to marry … and now that she had taken the step she shhould have sided with her love who gave up everything and came for her…

      Glad you likes it and Thanks for visitng 🙂

  56. Give it a break people. 🙂 It is a story penned by a man carving a poor image of a woman.

    If a woman had written this story we could have had a happily ever after…


  57. monu says:

    Before talking bullshit about one of the greatest lovers you must read the real story so that you may come to know that Sahiba broke the arrows coz she thought that her brothers wont kill Mirza seeing him unarmed and in this way she wanted to avoid bloodshed. If you cant read plz atleast respect Sahiba

    • Bikram says:

      I would suggest read the post again and Read the following lines very slowly word by word ” *So what are your opinions of this .. if this was todays story who would be at fault or the Wrong one here .. She should have stuck with the love of her life no matter what.. * *Mirza did his job to perfection when the Love of his life called him, he did not bother about his own life but went to get it ..* *Dont you think such stories happen a lot in our society a lot these days, people spend years promising the world, Talking of the Undieing love for each other..”…*

      The post was a question to everyone.. with some facts .. and If I am not mistaken a lot of Punjabi FOLK sings AGAINST Sahiba.. and this is not me but the great artists in Punjabi folk…

      It is the truth that she broke thinking her brothers will leave mirza alone .. Please kindly Read the post and read what is ASKED in the post.. also this was in comparison to the new age love ..

      THANKS YOU FOR YOUR LOVELY WORDS .. PLEASE DO KEEP VISITNG …. and kindly dont use words like B_____ , If you dont like the post fair enough but please dont use such words especially when you dont know me .. Kindly to reply back Thank you.

  58. monu says:

    Kindly read the story from a reliable book instead of those songs and internet. She did so coz she wanted to avoid bloodshed from both sides. And plz stop saying that she got him murdered coz it wasn’t intentional. She wanted her brothers not to attack Mirza and accept their love seeing him unarmed. But opposite results were not bearable for her so she went away with her Mirza. Their love cant be compared with today’s society. Their love was divine. And sorry for that wordKindly read the story from a reliable book instead of those songs and internet. She did so coz she wanted to avoid bloodshed from both sides. And plz stop saying that she got him murdered coz it wasn’t intentional. She wanted her brothers not to attack Mirza and accept their love seeing him unarmed. But opposite results were not bearable for her so she went away with her Mirza. Their love cant be compared with today’s society. Their love was divine. And sorry for that word

    • Bikram says:

      ok. again if you read thats what i have written .. I said in todays time how will it be ..

      anyway these are my thoughts and as individuals we all have our own views.

  59. monu says:

    Yeah you are right but frankly speaking it feels really bad that somebody can say that Sahiba, one of the greatest lovers was bad just by reading articles on internet. We have our own perception about everything but that doesn’t make things right or wrong. Closing your eyes doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t rise. I am sorry but those are my views

    • Bikram says:

      Fair enough, I dont have any qualms. It is good to get into a discussion like this as it shows someone did read what i wrote and has a view on that.

      I know closing eyes doesnot mean sun doesnot rise, But whats right for you doesnot have to right for me , what is right for me doesnot have to be Right for you.. thats why we are two individual people…

      I made my views on the way I have experienced things , you have your views according to your experience 🙂

      many thanks for coming please do keep visiting … Thanks

  60. monu says:

    You are welcome. It was really nice discussing about my favourite love story. I will keep visiting. Bye

  61. sherdeep says:

    how many brothers of sahiba?

  62. Harjot Singh says:

    Sahiba broke Mirza’s arrows because she knew that Mirza can kill her brothers…….
    She wanted to be with Mirza but not at the cost of her brothers’ lives……

  63. Harjot Singh says:

    Sahiba broke Mirza’s arrows because she knew dat Mirza was capable of killing her brother……
    She wanted to be with Mirza but not at the cost of her brothers’ lives……
    She also tried to stop her brothers from killing Mirza……but You knw wat happened next….

    • Bikram says:

      YEah I know what you mean but the question is Why ask Mirza to come for her when she knew her brothers will never allow .. And also mirza shud have come with his brothers and not alone , he had five brothers …

      also in todays modern world we get to hear such things very often now …

  64. sam says:

    did they have sex?

  65. amita says:

    I just read your post and I have often thought about this story. I really don’t know what Sahiba should have done. She probably thought she would be able to stop her brothers from killing Mirza. Its not like she lived to enjoy her life later. She too died then and there.

    • Bikramjit says:

      yeah she died for sure But I think if she had not broken the arrows both might have survived … but then who knows

      Welcome here to this blog that you so much for bvisiting please do keep coming.

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