Musical Mondays:- Mera PIND (my village)

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Family, Farmers, London Dreams, Memories, Mera Punjab, Musical Monday, Nostalgic, Songs, Thoughts, Village
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I decided to do this on mondays been very inspired by fellow bloggers especially NU, since she comes out with some beautiful hindi songs.. I am going to do these with Punjabi songs, since not many blogs are catering for this, although the whole of india listens to the punjabi bhangra numbers especially on occasions .. I have been to a lot of places and its funny watching people dance to the songs.. especially down south 🙂 But out country is so diverse KUDOS to the great nation..

Most of you if you listen to the song carefully, you will understand

A guy reminiscing his Village, how the days were …

Pind diyan Galiyan :- the streets of my village

Have fun people .. Hope you all understand.. I have put the lyrics too

Bachpan Chala Gaya, Jawani Chale Gayi                           (Childhood has gone .. Youth has gone too)
Zindagi Di Keemti Nishani Chale Gayi                                (The most precious moments have gone )
Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di             (again and again the memories of my village torture me )
Hoka Dindi Phirdi Bibi Thaliya Di                                        (the lady selling stuff in the village )
Sasti Lai Lao Darjan Kele Faliya Di                                     (cheap good she is selling bananas etc… )
Gurhti Kaun Duawe Gurh Diyan Dallian Di                     

 (Gurhti = The first grain given to a child is called GURHTI.. it is said that   one  who gives the child will grow up like them, hence a elder intelligent person is asked and in those days on in villages it was usually  GUD.. unpurified sugar.. )

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

Maa Di Halla Sheri Sher Bana Dindi                                           (mothers words can turn a you into a lion)
Te Adh Rirhke Da Chanha Mooh Nu Laa Dindi                      (she would put the whole bowl of milk to ur mouth)
Hun Vi Haasi Aundi Vaghdiya Nalliyan Di                             (still laugh at silly things runny Nose)

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

Majha Diyan Poocha Farh Ke Taari Laun Diya                         (the bathing in river hold a cows tail)
Kaun Bhulayu Galla Yaari Laun Diya                                           (who can forget the friendship of those days)
Kad Rut Aa Ke Tur Gi Kachiya Kalliyan Di                                 (when did the season change of childhood)

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

Do Manjeya No Jorh Speaker Laggne Nahi                                  (put two old BEd together to put the SPEAKERS of old gramophones)
Jehre Vaaje Vajj Gaye Murh Ke Vajjne Ni                                   (The songs that were sung wont be SUNG AGAIN)
Manak Hadh Muka Gaya Naviyan Kalliyan Di                           (Kuldeep MANAK is a old singer who sang when insturments were not                                                                                                                         there)

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

Je Gurdas Nu Tu Marjaane Kehndi Na, Oh Ni Maaye Meriye        (if my mother had not loved me)
Marjaane Di Pora Keemat Paindi Naa                                                     (No one would have know who i was)
Rarhak Maarni Paindi Surme Dalliyan Di                                             (before we put SURMA in our eyes we have to grind it fine)

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

  1. V Rakesh says:

    Very interesting for a Monday morning! I can understand the home calling

  2. IRFANUDDIN says:

    hhmmm… missing ur native….
    and thnx for giving lyrics, it does help on concentrating the song….

  3. Sushma says:

    Very nice song Bikram.

  4. aneeta says:

    Hey, looking fwd to punjabi songs. Your post reminded me of my trips to my village Raikot every winter when i was a kid!

  5. Tanishka says:

    Post some latest bollywood numbers also sometimes…. Please….

    • Bikram says:

      Bollywood songs so many people put them and these days there are not that great songs its all music the lyrics dont mean anything ..

      Ok will try to put some decent songs but these punjabi songs are quiet nice and have a meaning …

  6. ghar aja pardesi tera desh and so on 🙂

  7. Swaram says:

    Wow! Nice idea 🙂
    Vande Mataram 🙂

  8. Saritha says:

    Nice song with nice beat 🙂

  9. Scribby says:

    finally Bik 🙂 YAY

  10. Shilpa says:

    Gurdas Mann is the king. That’s it.Have you heard that song, lakh pardesi hoiye? that song is also very beautiful. Love Gurdas Mann 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      HE is after all the king of punjabi music and sings so well, been there for so long , so many singers have come and gone , he is stil lthere and still THE BEST…

      yes Lakh pardesi is next on the list 🙂 and some other good ones too from other singers tooo

  11. rekha says:

    nice song..I grew up in Mumbai and Gurdas Mann..was one of my fav, he had a deep voice…i have listened to a lot of punjabi pop/bhangra too…Jazzy B/harbhajan mann/ Hans Raj Hans/sukhbir not to forget daler paaji …though I couldn’t understand the songs fully…but its quite easy to guess the gist…this one is easier as you have provided the lyrics…put me in nostalgic mood…I wish I was back there

  12. scorpria says:

    Didn’t understand a thing, but the lyrics did make it all the more nostalgic and meaningful 🙂

  13. Nice song, the singer has a solid voice! Do continue with these musical mondays, I love good songs…

    Destination Infinity

  14. bhagyareema says:

    Brought tears to my eyes and so many memories……………
    Not fair Bikram to make me cry 😉
    and then Gurdas mann is an absolute favorite

  15. Ajay says:

    GUrdass mann is the king of punjabi music .. tusin v Mann hi hon mann paaji

    bahut hi ghaint gana hai .. swaad aa gaya sun ke .. Thank JU

  16. Tulika says:

    Veer ji .. Sooooooper doooooper song.. We went to the pind this time did i tell you..
    Very good song

    • Bikram says:

      BHabhijaaan akele akele ghum aye .. mainu laike nahin gaye koi na .. BAD very bad ..
      yes u did tell me about your trip 🙂

      How are you guys doing long time no hear

  17. Tomz says:

    Nice song and nice video. Thanks for translating it for us..

  18. bloggergirl12 says:

    Nice song… Gurdas Mann is a legend…

    I am going to sooo look forward to musical mondays… since I love punjabi songs!! and I guess you would accept readers’ requests!!

    Mannat’s World…

    • Bikram says:

      Yes Mannat thank you for liking this .. and yes what song do you want i will put it there not a problem .. but i dont like many of modern ones which dont have any meaning …

  19. A says:

    Good idea and good song.

  20. Madhu says:

    Thanks to you, now i would also listen to Punjabi songs 🙂

  21. Shahid says:

    You know paaji I had heard this song before but I always missed out on a few words. But I always found the song beautiful…..

    • Bikram says:

      Shahid How are you matey.. Glad to see you hear ..
      Glad you liked this song .. I have come to your blog every time but for some reason i can never comment there … 😦

  22. NRIGirl says:

    I am not getting any audio. I have made sure the control is all cranked up but still no audio. It is not fair 😦

  23. Rachna says:

    Thank you for the translation. My Punjabi is not very strong :). The song sounds good too, robust like most Punjabi songs are. My father-in-law was Punjabi and mom-in-law a South Indian. I have always admired Punjabis for a zest for life and a wonderful spirit. And, when I visited Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar a few years back, I just loved interacting with the down-to-earth people there. Your song brought all those memories back for me. Thank you!

    • Bikram says:

      Thank you so much. You dont have ot be strong in punjabi , I gues sthe music tells it all ..

      Glad it borught back memories India is sucha beautoful country each state has its own charm …

  24. Smitha says:

    Nice Song. Bikram.. Songs that evoke such strong emotions are always wonderful.

  25. suranga says:

    Isnt it strange that in this wonderful country we have diverse music that speaks of the various “earths” of the country, and so many dedicated singers who continue to delight us singing and connecting us to these “earths”. I feel that when I listen to the typical rural music of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa etc , and this one made me think of sarson ke fields, harvests, lassi, an old grandma sitting on a charpoy waiting for the puttars to return from the fields, cows coming home at dusk, and youngsters bending down to touch feet of patriarch sardarjis…and so many things I visualize about Punjab….

    I’ve passed through Punjab, never really stopped there . This makes me want to visit.

    Thank you for posting this and the translation too….

    • Bikram says:

      Yes Ji, It is strange we have this wonderful country full of so much culture and Diversity… and listen to any fold song in any language you can understand what it means even if the words are something you dont know …

      Well next time I am in india and You pass through MAKE SURE YOU DROP BY …

  26. harman says:

    ..very nice song..I never heard this..its awesome..the singer itself is a great legend…
    you have actually translated very well..Good job!!

  27. A good sentimental song to share. liked it.

  28. Kavya says:

    Awesome song, just loved it 🙂

    This idea is good. I think I will take your idea and post some kannada, tamil or telegu songs 😛

    • Bikram says:

      Thanks a Lot for liking the song. Yed do start there are some very good songs and music is WORLDWIDE everyone understands that way of the music.. and words can be explained 🙂
      Thanks a lot

  29. Purbaray says:

    Homesick 😦 Could just get the gist of the song.

  30. dr.antony says:

    Nice song. The translation helped.Music has no language.

  31. […] the Musical Monday Tradition, you can see old entries here (1 ,2,3..,9,10… 18,19,20 ) .. 26th January today .. so happy republic day to all […]

  32. Sanj says:

    I don’t know whether you will see this or not but if you do, please try and clear this doubt I have. In the line ‘Hoka dendi phirdi bibi thaliya di’, what exactly is the meaning of the word ”thaliya’. I am Panjabi and I get the song, but I haven’t heard that word before, so I am in the dark here. Thanks for your help.

    • Bikramjit says:

      SOrry for such a late reply .. 🙂 I think it is not THALIYAN.. it is FALIYAN.. (vegetables).. the lady is going around in the village because the next line says

      “Sasti le lo darjan Kele Faliyaan di” again .. 🙂

      thats what i think

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