Tag time again… “If…..then” Tag !!

Posted: January 6, 2011 in emails, Feeling Funny, Laugh it off, More Tags, Tags
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I was tagged by  Renu, and harshad so here I am…

If I were a month…..Then It has to be November , I was born in the month 11/11 what a coincidence and looking forward to this year 11/11/11.

If I were a day of the week….Then I would pick a Friday.. Well after Friday I have Two days off and its time to sleep in late, no rush rush… So friday is always welcome as It has a wonderful feeling that tomorrow is a holiday and I just Love it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

If I were a time of day….  Then -When i was in india i loved the morning time , since i use to go for a run upto the sukhna lake and it use to be so pleasant , the early morning birds singing, people on walks all cheerful .. that was the best time cause as the day proceeds eahc one has a frown on the face .. Now also i guess its still morning

If I were a season….Then I have to be wrong here, I would want to be all the seasons cause each season has a beauty in itself, the autumn has all that beautiful foliage , lovely colours, Winters has its snow I love snow.. Summer offcourse has its heat which is quiet bearable here and offcourse i can show off my perfect ONE PACK..  and Spring too the seeds germinating it has a new life all over

If I were a planet…Then I  would like to be Earth for sure one must love what one has

If I were a sea animal… Then I would be a big Blue whale.. So big and huge yet such a docile creature.. keeps one its own, doesnot do any harm to anyone

If I were a direction….Then I would be northWest … Cause thats the direction to my home.. Chandigarh-India from where i am now …

Update to above answer:- “A” a good fellow blogger jsut informed that its not northwest its SouthEast .. so the answer is SouthEast cause even that taken me to Chandigarh , India HOME sweet HOME 🙂 Thanks “A”.

If I were a piece of furniture…. ThenI will definitely the BED.. imagine all that you can do on there, or even Under there 🙂 he he eheh

If I were a liquid…..Then I would be Alcohol Royal challenge (dont know why but i love that Daru ki bottle .. no hangovers after i have had that )

If I were a tree….Then I would be Mangoe tree I love that fruit its my favourite… and Leechy too Can i be Two and oh oh Cheeku tooo please please .. well my blog , my question so my rule i can be all three 🙂 We have two of each back home in india yummmyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

If I were a tool…. Then I would be a Pen for sure , they say a pen is stronger than a sword… though i dont know what i would write .. but then ooops thats upto the person who hold me 🙂

If I were an element….Then I would be Titanium.. very difficutl to Break 🙂 SOLID ME 🙂

If I were a gemstone……Then I would be Pukhraj, i wear it for something my Mum keeps moaning about

If I were a musical instrument….Then it would be Definitely a DHOL…. OYE CHAKK DE DHOLIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa .. cum on lets have some dhol dhamaka .. lets have some raunak shaunak …

If I were a color…..Then it has to be my favourite  Blue.. But at moment i thing RED the color of blood need to kill someone , hence it looks quiet inviting the color ……

If I were a emotion…..Then i would be Laughter… as its the best medicine and I love to laugh anyway all the time …

If I were a fruit…Then It would be mangoe for sure the king of the fruits .. I love it .. imagine sunny day , a big Drum of cold water filled with mangoes and you sitting around it … go on Beat that 🙂

If I were a sound…I will go with what Renu and say a Flute its so soothing and serene.. Back home in india there use to be Pinjore gardens where an old guy , a chain smoker would dit in a dry bed of fountain and he would play the flute it was mesmerising.. can still remember him WOWOWOW

If I were a car…..again I will go with Renu’s reply a Tata safari , loved the car now have it imported in uk 🙂 yepp .. and there is a punjabi song .. 

Neela Ford rakhiya Zameen Wahun nu — Rakhi hai Safari Ghuman ghumaun nu

(meaning i got a Ford tractor blue colour for tilling the land , and the safari for roaming around )…

If I were food…….Punabi food Sarson da Saag with Makki di roti.. yummmmy.

If I were a scent….The fresh smell of the first few drops of first rain on the parched earth…

If I were a pair of shoes…..definitely the Big high legged ones , cowboy types .. I remember again back home we used to get the shoes hand made , there is a shop in Sector 8 chandigarh that guy has made so many shoes for me 🙂

If I were a bird….It would be an eagle.

I would like to tag all those lovely people who come and read this .. go on give it a go it shud be fun 🙂

  1. Phoenixritu says:

    Kya baat hai, lovely tag … you’ve done it so well


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you ritu bhen.. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh…….


      • harman says:

        this was fun…I thought I missed the post ..but found the “click”
        Good one buddy DESI..”RC”..and Safari..
        shows “dil hai Punjabistani”
        YO..keep up the punjabi flag!!


        • Bikram says:

          🙂 thanks harman…
          yes Desi people remain desi all the time .. and it feels goood toooo

          thank you s omuch …

          and RC in the SAFARI is also mouthwatering especially on the open motorways and snow around hmmmmmmmmmmmm
          offcourse not driving he hehe he


  2. Arooj Rehman says:

    Imnagination is the greatest power of humans.You just proved it.:-)


  3. Tanishka says:

    You are really good at doing tags…. Loved all your answers… 🙂


  4. cooltwins says:

    nice replies 😀
    and it is so cool that your birthday falls on 11/11/11 🙂


  5. DI says:

    Nice tag! 😀 And same pinch on the November born bit, we do rock eh? 😉
    I did the tag some time back, here it is!


  6. chitra says:

    I have to do this tag also. from our dear friend Renu, it is almost ready ,so shall be posting soon. These tags are fun, helps us to know each other better.


  7. Always Happy says:

    cool! If I were an emotion, I would be ‘laughter’ too.


  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    Interesting tag! And cool answers! 🙂


  9. Swaram says:

    11/11/11 – Wow! Thatz something for u this year 🙂
    I luvvv flute too 😀


  10. A says:

    Haha. Liquid has to be alcohol.

    Hey, I thought you live in the UK and Chandigarh (India) is South East of the UK (not North West)…unless you fly through the USA, go to Australia, Singapore and then India….


    • Bikram says:

      yes jatt risky after whisky as they say .. so y break the tradition even on foreign shores 🙂

      ok sir ji south east then 🙂 i shall modify the answer i just dont know what i was thinking 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Have updated my reply now 🙂 it wud be good reaching via what u say see all these lovely countries also on the way 🙂


  11. poonam says:

    nice answers….now i am taking ur tag…vl be fun i guess….


  12. Blogger Girl says:

    Nicely done… I loved your answers!!


  13. bhagyareema says:

    Interesting and very nicely done


  14. Punam says:

    Good one, Bikram, well done!!
    1. Who u wanna kill right now? Hmm? Hmm? Bolo Bolo, mujhe laga red for the colour of love.. nahin kya?
    2. Anddd… seasons.. saare ke saare.. all fruits in one basket? What if u had to choose one?
    3. I agree with u about Friday being the bessst day… yes, NOW I realize the value of Friday and the true meaning of the phrase TGIF. 🙂 I’ve joined the gang!!
    4. Besst time of the day would be jussst before going to sleep.. ahhh bliss!!
    5. Oye, you chose the Big Blue Whale… aapki Dolphins ko bura lag jayega.
    6. Your bestest answer was about the tool.. the ending note. 🙂
    7. Eagle.. why?
    8. Scent… again, best answer.. that smell of rain on dry earth is heavenly and intoxicating.
    9. This year.. u have a special birthday lined up. So u start planning from now what u’ll do.. so that u can have a BIG bash on 11-11-11. 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you Punam … You should also take the tag up.. I tag you to do it …

      1. Well yeah there is someone .. red is color of love but some people have destroyed it beyond repair … and hence i will stick to my colour BLUE.. abd hey beating someone and brusies is also BLUE 🙂

      2. If i had to choose one then winters snuggle up with someone , in front of a fire hmmmm ..

      3. yesss enjoy fridaysssssssssssss

      4. na i ma too tired just before going to sleep .. so i will stick to morning

      5. dolphins i already got in the bag na .. thats y the whale .. 🙂

      6. Thank u

      7, it soars so high and is so magnificient and when it kills .. its DONE

      8. thanks

      9. yessss well why shud iplan those who love me and care for me shud be planning ahead to make it more special .. its on there shoulders not mine …



  15. Enigma says:

    Nice replies!

    Well, you switched to wordpress and now the blog smiles! (I mean, graphical smileys show up) and the new profile pic is good too.. 😀


  16. Madhu says:

    I like all your answers.


  17. Mangoe and Sarsoin ka saag.. I am so with you.. love them both like nothing else 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you thank you.. yessssssssss one is the king of fruits and the other is almost a king of foood in vegetables i guess , if only in punjab he he hee 🙂


  18. NRIGirl says:

    Quite an interesting tag… more interesting answers…


  19. V Rakesh says:

    Ah! Super cool! Talk about conveniences in life and envisioning them!


  20. Geeta says:

    11/11/11 – WOW!!! can’t beat that.


  21. Rachna says:

    Cool. Enjoyed reading them. I would be November, Friday, pen and blue too for the same reasons :).


  22. Pepper says:

    What a fun tag! Reading about the food you’d be got me hungry.. 😀


  23. From UK, north west is Chandigarh India? Are you sure you are not going around the world 😉 😛

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikram says:

      well I stand corrected here , you can see why my geography teacher had such a hard time in teaching me something … my sense of direction is gone apposite
      yes it is southEast rather then NorthWest…

      but around the wrold to reach home would be good tooo 🙂 he heh eh


  24. Ria says:

    Cool answers…i remember having done this tag quite a while back. 🙂


  25. Shobha says:

    quite interesting……


  26. blommer22 says:

    a big blue whale..hmm..interesting. 😀


  27. UmaS says:

    Done this tag long time bk !!! 🙂

    11/11/11, Flute, Dhol, Sarson da saag + makki ki roti, the scent of earth during rains – hhhmmmm interesting answers there…. 🙂 🙂


  28. B K CHOWLA says:

    Makki Di Roti and Saag says it all.


  29. Nrupen says:

    I already completed this tag, by the way nice answers.

    I can’t keep eye on your blog from blogspot now, so give me e-mail subscription.

    Why People May Stop Visiting Your Blog


    • Bikram says:

      I hope you got my email i jsut sent you one.. I will see how this subsciption thing works out.. i am new here so dont know many thingsmyself …

      I have a subsctiption button here on the left bottom 🙂

      thanks for reading and commenting ..


  30. Rek says:

    well…quite a few people I follow seem to follow you….thought I’ll peep into your world….liked quite a bit of your posts….will be here more often that’s for sure…Happy New Year..


  31. sm says:

    like your answers
    If I were a piece of furniture…. ThenI will definitely the BED..


  32. Tanvi says:

    Hey Bikram,
    Most of the answers were funny 😛 Anyways wish you a very happy new year.. 🙂



    • Bikram says:

      Thanks Tanvi,
      wishing a very happy new year tooo.. Have a great one ..

      You going to take up this tag.. come out with some nice funny answers of ur own ..

      cheers 🙂


  33. Anu says:

    Interesting Tag Bikram!
    wow @ 11/11/11…
    Sarson da Saag with Makki di roti..now that makes me drool!!


  34. Purbaray says:

    Very interesting tag. I love Fridays too-holds out so much promise.


  35. Sandhya says:

    This page of your is different and nice! I am seeing this type for the first time!

    I love sarason da saag and makki ki roti…I had tasted it in Rajpura for the first time and loved it!

    It was fun reading more about you, Bikram!


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you so much, ANd i am glad you liked it… 🙂

      I remeber the Rajpura ka phatak.. while going to school at patiala… then they made the bypass,, but earlier we had to go right through the city itself , i had a few friends from rajpura …

      One of my very dear friends , was from there , he joined indian air force but sadly he is not anymore … He was from Rajpura … too crowded a city though …

      Thank you Sandhya bhen, do keep coming 🙂 always a pleasure to read your comments


  36. deepikavasudeva says:

    great one!
    even i go to sukhna lake but for walk, jogging ka stamina ni hai.


  37. Dido says:

    lol at furniture haha

    and blue whale wow… thts interesting….


  38. rohini says:

    hey i commented here too …
    anyways…nice tag and good answers…most of the answers are quite similar to my answers incase i would have done this…
    like november..i love this month..u kn whenever i find a calender i always look for nov mth and declare that this is the most beautiful page of calender..and trust me it is always:))


    • Bikram says:

      yes i can see ur comment 🙂

      thank you so much rohini ji… yesssssssss november is the best month for sure and i beleive you that it has the most beautiful page in the calendar 🙂


  39. daniel says:

    Lol this made my day xd



  40. raji says:

    Hi Bikram.so you had a leap! cool..if you are here ,then .iam here too check me out at http://www.raji1082.wordpress.com nice ones..it was fun reading.:)


  41. raji says:

    Hi Bikram.so you had a leap! cool..if you are here ,then .iam here too check me out at http://www.raji1082.wordpress.com nice ones..it was fun reading.:)


  42. raji says:

    Hi Bikram.so you had a leap! cool. nice ones..it was fun reading.:)


  43. daniel says:

    Nice, nice blog, i really ( especially) liked this article very much. It was fun as hell to read and it was so fucking godamn fun i just laugh my ass out.



  44. interesting answers bikram 😀


  45. Neeha says:

    Nice tag!!
    I will surely try it some time.


  46. Tag me ! If you can


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