Wordless Wednesday :- Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Cold, Dead, Fish Pond, Fountain, Garden, Ice, Wednesday, Wordless

  1. Seena says:

    Is this the fish pong you mentioned..How do fishes lives here, I mean its all frozen. Or can they really live in so icy water? I want to see your fishes too..you have a pic?


    • Bikram says:

      Haanji this is the one that I mentioned. Now sun is out and my garden will be on the bloom again will put some more pics. Yes its frozen but only on the top. There is still water and ye fish can survive the cold. I will put some pics I am sure there are some on blog will put new ones pakka.


  2. Seena says:

    You are lucky to have a backyard with Pond and all 🙂


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