Love and Hurt .. (I read somewhere … )

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Hurt, Love, My Thoughts., Soch, Sorry, Thinking

I have often felt or heard people say that Love hurts.. Well what i think is that love doesn’t hurt. On the other hand Love is amazing, What hurts is the absence of mutual love, the feeling of not being loved or not getting what you think you should be getting.

Love is a bond between two people that goes beyond the boundaries of reason, the sensations overwhelms the mind and senses enough to do things that are adorable.

But when only one person out of these two has this emotion they might not realize that the other might not reciprocate and it is this naivety that blinds them from the plain and simple truth that they might get hurt as if they were in a relationship that doesn’t mean anything what so ever! When OR if they do get hurt then they can’t understand why this person, who apparently loved them, did what they did. The answer is quite simple: Either that other person doesn’t reciprocate or they need reminding that what they are doing to those that they love the most is in fact hurting them! If they change their ways, at least enough to show that they desperately want to try, then they love you back. If they don’t then they don’t love you back.. and Then that is the time to give it a hard thought…

Unfortunately the word love is used far too often or perhaps the bond associated with that word is perceived to be far stronger then it actually is. Real love requires self-sacrifice and that generally is something that is very painful, even if the feeling is mutual. I think love is far more than positive feelings and something that can even seem cruel at times.

If the other person doesn’t love you then it is not your love that is causing the pain it is their lack of love.

So what do you think people..

You Got to be LOVABLE to be LOVED

till next time …

The title of the blog says Me and my random thoughts This was one of those Thoughts 🙂

  1. knot2share says:

    I am still trying to understand what love really is!!

    I just stopped by to have a peek. I have ‘seen’ you posting comments on the blogs I visit. It was good to read your random thoughts. Will stop by every now and then for sure. These challenges that you run on your blog – wordless wednesdays and things like that, are they set by yourself? A good thought to keep it interesting. I am still learning and am trying to seek inspiration from around by visiting new blogs at random. Good to see you. Take care.


  2. gurpreet says:

    u have written so much about love, I wonder where to start and what to say. U must have loved somenone deep enough to know all that . U r right abt real love that it requires self sacrifice but sometimes people love someone deep but still future, career and so many other things become much more important so that love seems small and though can be easily sacrificed.


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