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Dosta Tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
Dosta eh Dosti rishta hai bahut hi ajeeb  
                                                            (Friend you are strange,
                                                              Friendship is a relation  which is
                                                             quiet strange)

Khad-jana mere modhe nal modha Jod
Bina mere hungara bhariya
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You stand by me shoulder to shoulder ,
                                                              without asking
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Mere te kita waar laina hai tu apne wal Mod
Bina mere naal kitiyan salah
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You change the direction of any
                                                              attack on me towards
                                                              Yourself, without discussing with me ..
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Muh modan lagiyan KYUN nahin si tun khyal kita
Bina tera ton kaun banoo mera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                             (When you turned your face from me ,
                                                              WHY did you not think then
                                                               Without you who will be my friend
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Inna v kyun karda hai gussa
Badalan to pehlan das taan dena si YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                              (Why are you so angry,
                                                               Before changing yourself you should
                                                               have at least TOLD ME
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Dostaan bina ki zindagi ,
Gham ghat jaande Tainu vekhke..
Gham de ke , Muh mod ke kithe hain YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                                (No life without friends
                                                                  Pain goes away seeing you
                                                                 You have given me PAIN now,
                                                                  turned your face
                                                                 Where are you …
                                                                 Friend you are Strange)

Bahaan da zor hain tun
Modhe te chukan da Mainu Wada se tera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                               (You are the strength of my arms
                                                                 You had promised to pick me on
                                                                 your shoulders when the time comes
                                                                  Friend you are strange)

Chal Rab Rakha, Jis which teri khushi hove
Use which hai meri manjoori
Tun khush rahen
Abaad rahen mere yaar
                                                      (God bless you, and you live in hapiness
                                                        thats what i want
                                                        live you life fully God bless you )

Gurdas Mann a famous punjabi singer says

Yarri Wich Nafe Nuksan Nahio Vekhide
Manzila De Samne Tuffan Nahio Vekhide
Yaaran De Gunnaha Da Hisaab Nahio Jorrida
Apne Pyarriya Da Dil Nahio Todi da …
                                             ( We should not see any profit/loss in friendship
                                                In front of destination dont see the storms
                                               Shud not keep a record of friends GUNAH/ JURM
                                               Should never  break the heart of your friends)

Saw at a Friends Profile :-

Wishwas ban k log zindgi me aate hain…….
wo khwab banke aankhon main samaa jaate hain…….
wo pahle to yakin dilaate hain ki wo hamaare hain………
fir na jaane kyun tanha bana jate hain………….  (thanks to Dinesh Sahib for such lovely lines )

Thursday Challenge –  “MUSIC” (Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts,…)

Jahaan chaar yaar mil jayen wahin raat ho gulzaar …
jahaan chaar yaar …………

Daur chale dhoom mache ……… jahaan chaar yaaar ……..

Carrying on from the post College – Part 1 , Lately it has so happened that I am feeling a bit lonely and all, anyway what i have been thinking today is of my friend and everyone who mean a lot to me , and to whom I meant a lot toooo (well that’s the idea I live in )

I had just passed out of my 10th class, from a public school the idea of going to college was quiet exciting, all that independance , the thoughts or stories we had heard from our chacha’s and mama’s you don’t have to attend lectures , go in and out as you please and BEST NO HOMEWORK.. yayyyyyyyyy..

I still remember the first day walking into the college, I was nervous and Scared , I have not had a good school time anyway , I was scared and all. Since my schooling was from a different city, I had no friends or anyone I knew in the college, my admission was already done as my father had resources like every typical parent it was decided for me that I should get medical subjects, I had just come in to pay the fees.
I was standing in the Q to pay the fees which was quiet a long one,  when Two big Sardars came over pushing everyone away they paid there fees and walked away , I must say i was a scary cat at that time , I was bullied in my school time so I was very low in confidence.

Plus the thought of coming to college , the first day and the ragging, I was lucky or whatever it was No one stopped me or asked me , or ragged me. I stood in the Que paid my fee walked over to the cycle stand to get my bicycle.

There was this young guy , a Smart handsome sardar standing there , our eyes met , the usual hello and all that .. His name was Ravjote Singh, I am not sure if he will remember this we got talking normal chit chat, got to know that he was from the Same school I was but from the Chandigarh branch of it .. that’s the only thing I remember of the initial day in college.

As we started coming regularly, we met each other regularly slowly a friendship was developing , he was into body building, had a massive physique, It went on like that, We had a hostel (General hostel) outside the college campus  a few of my seniors from my school times were there, who were very good to me I found out that they were actually the Dada’s (no one took any panga with them) of the college, this actually made me bolder, I was slowly coming out of my shell.

Since i had myself been a hosteler i made friends with a few guys who were in hostel, so life was beginning to take shape, I met so many friends Happy, Purshotam (he is in thialand now), Nakai , Mandeep, they all were from Punjab sons of landlords and ANGRY YOUNG MEN…


The day slowly came when I walked into college, met a few guys at the gate, with Mandeep holding a guy from the neck, walking him out.. something had happened about which i have no clue even today, to cut the story short as we were walking out of college campus this guy swung around and hit me I don’t know what happened I went beserk (so i am told ) all those years of keeping quiet finally came out, the guy got a beating of his life time.. That was my first skirmish with a fight which I WON (sort of ) 🙂  That’s all I remember of 11th ..

12th class we got promoted to , Now this was the start of the exciting period, One day Ravjote came up to me, I was tall and big, big huge moustaches gave the impression that i was wickedddddddd, I was walking tall by then, broad shoulders rather then stooping, a bit bolder anyway he came up to me saying he has had a argument with someone , set up a time and we have to go to beat up this guy.. So we went to the ground behind the campus.. Me and Ravi… in a few minutes another guy came with a Short, stocky, Smart Sardar..who had a immaculate turban on..

Till today I have no idea why it happened or how it happened instead of a FIGHT it ended up by making a deal that instead of a big fight why not let Ravi and the guy settle there differences one to one.. Brilliant , me and the sardar shook hands and That day I met my best, my darling my sweety pie my cutie pie he he he he
Sukhvir Singh (alias babbar).. till date he is my best mate.. Thus started the days of glory, through him i met so many people rather all my mates now I met through him, oh boy but was he angry, he was short but his temper oh my god, no matter who was in front, he went for it.. But more on him next time

Ravi and me became very good mates, he was into body building and all, spent a lot of time in the gym.. I remember a few incidents we had , he once participated in a Bicycle race out of the blue, We went with him on our bikes for Moral support, though I was telling him to take a TOW but he would not …

In final year of exams time, It was economics exam and I did not have a clue about anything , I had someone else doing the paper for me oooops.. but the teacher sort of caught me and Ravi standing up in the middle of the exam “KAR LAIN DEO JI, TUHADA KI JANDA HAI”.. (let him do it , whats it to you) and the teacher OMG thinking what the heck is this going on …

Going to Ravi house after college to watch movies, I remember distinctively watching a move something ONE, where the hero was a super hero or something till a red object came and also watching all those martial arts movies…

Mr Gauba our chemistry teacher his bad luck we were in his class, we would burn crackers in his class, make so much noise we were so childish , he went nuts sometimes.. poor him

Mr. Aggarwal as i said in last post he would not do my lectures for roll number so Ravi going to him and threatening him to do it .. and then in front of all the girls in the class he slapped me telling me how bad i have been , i should not do it , i should have attended the lectures.. then turning back to the teacher telling him next year bikram will attend all the classes , put the shortage right… But Mr. Aggarwal was adamant..

Ohhh so many happy memories of college

I am so thankful ravi for being there all the times good and bad times, always standing by me right or wrong..
I guess that’s what friendship is to stand by your friends whatever the reason, good friends do that. Those 5 years of college were the best time I had ..

Ravi was a mad sardar, once he came to college on his scooter for some odd reason he had taken the KICK off the scooter and instead put a big Stick in its place so to start the vehicle instead of kicking he used his arms to push or pull like a autorickshaw…

We did some mad things, riding the scooter and then interchanging places on the busy highway , riding with sunglasses in middle of the night, going to shimla in middle of winters without a shirt on, jsut to prove a dare  I bet the people would have thought whats wrong with these sardars going barechest in such cold weather..
going on trips finding a waterfall and then trying to race on the wet boulders and stones …

My dad was very strict so late nights and nate outs were strictly no no, in summers we would sleep outside in the varandah and i had my bed in the lawn of the house, Ravi and another friend Chander would come slowly in middle of the night, and try to pick the bed along with me to take me away .. hilarious moments when dad would get up and shout KAUN HAI

We spent some night outs under the porch playing cards all night long , then one day we are sitting in college and a handsome guy walks in, RAVJOTE .. came WTF he got his hair cut… and i must say from a handsome sardar he went on to be equally handsome cut-sard… he had gone to jalandhar to see his sister , and from there he got his hair cut.. to put things in perspective to why i mentioned this because he was such a pro sikh  all the time. I remember in curfew days he went up to the roof of our college the day the two sikh guards were to be hanged who had killed the then PM indira gandhi, Ravi went to the roof and raised slogans in favour of the martyrs.

But for some reason he got his hair cut now….

Another funny incident which was not with me , it was curfew times and one of our mates pummy had some money to get from someone , so he and ravi decide to go together , they did that but then in there wicked mind they both decided since money was there might as we ll go to shimla for a outing, so much so that by the time there returned back to Chandigarh the curfew was back on .. I remember aunty ji so worried calling me trying to find out where Ravi had gone… and these guys were out there having fun BAD BOYS… though i will let out a secret he he he he I am sure he got a nice hiding from his mum when he came home he he he he

I wish I had some pics of us here to put up, they are all in india in my cupboard maybe next time when I go there I will get them all to put them here…  There are so many more memories that I could write a book on it…