Archive for October 25, 2010

Sochda haan aj baitha ik gal
Sat samundar door baitha
Puchda haan apne dil ton aj ik gal
Puchda haan apne AAP ton aj ik gal

                                          I am Thinking one thing
                                          Sitting seven seas away
                                         Am asking from my heart

                                         Am asking myself something

Kyun vichad gaye
meri duniya nu chaar chand laun waale
Kithe chale gaye ne oh Jehde kehende si
Chuk laange modhe te mere modhe da bhaar

                                        Why have they departed
                                         those who added stars to my world
                                        Where they gone who said
                                        they will pick my weight on there Shouders

Meri arthi nu modha den waale
Mere dil ke kol baithan waale
Ki oh sochde honge eho gal

                                       Ones who will pick my coffin on shoulders
                                       ones who sit in my heart

                                       Do they think sometimes likewise

Jadon Meri Arthi nu lai ke jaange makaan
Ki Honge uthe ronde yaad karde mainu mere yaar

                                       Who will be there
                                       when they take me for my last rites
                                       will my friends my loved ones be there
                                       thinking of Me remembering me

Sochda haan aj baitha Eho Gal
                                        I am thinking today this VERY THING!!!