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It started as a constant pestering from someone , why i write in a diary , why not make a blog, So one fine day I opened a account to start with it … 16th october 2009 … and from then on it has been a roller coster ride The very post i wrote was Life is all about ass

Blogging has been very kind to me a bit rude too as I found out initially when I started writing .. but i guess thats part and parcel of life. Have made some lovely friends over time, Some hate me , some love me .. What i have found is its true things change.. Change in Inevitable , Some have stood by me in my hour of need  while some just brushed past, Some have called me a nice person , Some think otherwise .. Some who stood by me THEN have turned there back now… hence my writing that it has been a roller coaster ride.

I have written on everything my personal experiences, my random thoughts , my childhood memories, my college days , my friends , my family elders… a lot of my best friends read what i write though they dont comment i usually get a email from them … I wish that I could meet all my blogger freinds ..

So this post is dedicated to All the people who read what I write, The ones who are younger then me let me say I love you all , All who are elder to me I respect you all.

Over the time I am sure i have offended a lot of you out there

I am sorry

Please let By gones be By-gones and lets be friends again, life is too short to hold grudges of any kind.  I am sorry VERY SORRY.

Chaman main ikhtilat rangon boo se baat banti hai
hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain
tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho

I tell everyone to think from there mind rather then there heart, whereas I myself am a very emotional person as all know by now , So I would like to Extend my hand of friendship to all those who are there..  God bless you all, have a good day and Thanks for reading this.