College – part 2 (Ravjote)

Posted: October 2, 2010 in College, Feeling Funny, Friends, FriendShip, Love, Ravjote

Carrying on from the post College – Part 1 , Lately it has so happened that I am feeling a bit lonely and all, anyway what i have been thinking today is of my friend and everyone who mean a lot to me , and to whom I meant a lot toooo (well that’s the idea I live in )

I had just passed out of my 10th class, from a public school the idea of going to college was quiet exciting, all that independance , the thoughts or stories we had heard from our chacha’s and mama’s you don’t have to attend lectures , go in and out as you please and BEST NO HOMEWORK.. yayyyyyyyyy..

I still remember the first day walking into the college, I was nervous and Scared , I have not had a good school time anyway , I was scared and all. Since my schooling was from a different city, I had no friends or anyone I knew in the college, my admission was already done as my father had resources like every typical parent it was decided for me that I should get medical subjects, I had just come in to pay the fees.
I was standing in the Q to pay the fees which was quiet a long one,  when Two big Sardars came over pushing everyone away they paid there fees and walked away , I must say i was a scary cat at that time , I was bullied in my school time so I was very low in confidence.

Plus the thought of coming to college , the first day and the ragging, I was lucky or whatever it was No one stopped me or asked me , or ragged me. I stood in the Que paid my fee walked over to the cycle stand to get my bicycle.

There was this young guy , a Smart handsome sardar standing there , our eyes met , the usual hello and all that .. His name was Ravjote Singh, I am not sure if he will remember this we got talking normal chit chat, got to know that he was from the Same school I was but from the Chandigarh branch of it .. that’s the only thing I remember of the initial day in college.

As we started coming regularly, we met each other regularly slowly a friendship was developing , he was into body building, had a massive physique, It went on like that, We had a hostel (General hostel) outside the college campus  a few of my seniors from my school times were there, who were very good to me I found out that they were actually the Dada’s (no one took any panga with them) of the college, this actually made me bolder, I was slowly coming out of my shell.

Since i had myself been a hosteler i made friends with a few guys who were in hostel, so life was beginning to take shape, I met so many friends Happy, Purshotam (he is in thialand now), Nakai , Mandeep, they all were from Punjab sons of landlords and ANGRY YOUNG MEN…


The day slowly came when I walked into college, met a few guys at the gate, with Mandeep holding a guy from the neck, walking him out.. something had happened about which i have no clue even today, to cut the story short as we were walking out of college campus this guy swung around and hit me I don’t know what happened I went beserk (so i am told ) all those years of keeping quiet finally came out, the guy got a beating of his life time.. That was my first skirmish with a fight which I WON (sort of ) 🙂  That’s all I remember of 11th ..

12th class we got promoted to , Now this was the start of the exciting period, One day Ravjote came up to me, I was tall and big, big huge moustaches gave the impression that i was wickedddddddd, I was walking tall by then, broad shoulders rather then stooping, a bit bolder anyway he came up to me saying he has had a argument with someone , set up a time and we have to go to beat up this guy.. So we went to the ground behind the campus.. Me and Ravi… in a few minutes another guy came with a Short, stocky, Smart Sardar..who had a immaculate turban on..

Till today I have no idea why it happened or how it happened instead of a FIGHT it ended up by making a deal that instead of a big fight why not let Ravi and the guy settle there differences one to one.. Brilliant , me and the sardar shook hands and That day I met my best, my darling my sweety pie my cutie pie he he he he
Sukhvir Singh (alias babbar).. till date he is my best mate.. Thus started the days of glory, through him i met so many people rather all my mates now I met through him, oh boy but was he angry, he was short but his temper oh my god, no matter who was in front, he went for it.. But more on him next time

Ravi and me became very good mates, he was into body building and all, spent a lot of time in the gym.. I remember a few incidents we had , he once participated in a Bicycle race out of the blue, We went with him on our bikes for Moral support, though I was telling him to take a TOW but he would not …

In final year of exams time, It was economics exam and I did not have a clue about anything , I had someone else doing the paper for me oooops.. but the teacher sort of caught me and Ravi standing up in the middle of the exam “KAR LAIN DEO JI, TUHADA KI JANDA HAI”.. (let him do it , whats it to you) and the teacher OMG thinking what the heck is this going on …

Going to Ravi house after college to watch movies, I remember distinctively watching a move something ONE, where the hero was a super hero or something till a red object came and also watching all those martial arts movies…

Mr Gauba our chemistry teacher his bad luck we were in his class, we would burn crackers in his class, make so much noise we were so childish , he went nuts sometimes.. poor him

Mr. Aggarwal as i said in last post he would not do my lectures for roll number so Ravi going to him and threatening him to do it .. and then in front of all the girls in the class he slapped me telling me how bad i have been , i should not do it , i should have attended the lectures.. then turning back to the teacher telling him next year bikram will attend all the classes , put the shortage right… But Mr. Aggarwal was adamant..

Ohhh so many happy memories of college

I am so thankful ravi for being there all the times good and bad times, always standing by me right or wrong..
I guess that’s what friendship is to stand by your friends whatever the reason, good friends do that. Those 5 years of college were the best time I had ..

Ravi was a mad sardar, once he came to college on his scooter for some odd reason he had taken the KICK off the scooter and instead put a big Stick in its place so to start the vehicle instead of kicking he used his arms to push or pull like a autorickshaw…

We did some mad things, riding the scooter and then interchanging places on the busy highway , riding with sunglasses in middle of the night, going to shimla in middle of winters without a shirt on, jsut to prove a dare  I bet the people would have thought whats wrong with these sardars going barechest in such cold weather..
going on trips finding a waterfall and then trying to race on the wet boulders and stones …

My dad was very strict so late nights and nate outs were strictly no no, in summers we would sleep outside in the varandah and i had my bed in the lawn of the house, Ravi and another friend Chander would come slowly in middle of the night, and try to pick the bed along with me to take me away .. hilarious moments when dad would get up and shout KAUN HAI

We spent some night outs under the porch playing cards all night long , then one day we are sitting in college and a handsome guy walks in, RAVJOTE .. came WTF he got his hair cut… and i must say from a handsome sardar he went on to be equally handsome cut-sard… he had gone to jalandhar to see his sister , and from there he got his hair cut.. to put things in perspective to why i mentioned this because he was such a pro sikh  all the time. I remember in curfew days he went up to the roof of our college the day the two sikh guards were to be hanged who had killed the then PM indira gandhi, Ravi went to the roof and raised slogans in favour of the martyrs.

But for some reason he got his hair cut now….

Another funny incident which was not with me , it was curfew times and one of our mates pummy had some money to get from someone , so he and ravi decide to go together , they did that but then in there wicked mind they both decided since money was there might as we ll go to shimla for a outing, so much so that by the time there returned back to Chandigarh the curfew was back on .. I remember aunty ji so worried calling me trying to find out where Ravi had gone… and these guys were out there having fun BAD BOYS… though i will let out a secret he he he he I am sure he got a nice hiding from his mum when he came home he he he he

I wish I had some pics of us here to put up, they are all in india in my cupboard maybe next time when I go there I will get them all to put them here…  There are so many more memories that I could write a book on it…


  1. A says:

    Oh my god. Looks like you had lots of fun…where is Sukhvinder now>


  2. Bikramjit says:

    Sukhvinder Who 🙂


  3. Punam says:

    Bikram,First of all, I read every word.. second, I book my first copy of the book.. thirdly, you are lucky that you found friends who helped you come out of your shell. It's reeally strange to see how different the life of another individual can be.. My story would end up in a single page maybe. Nothing much. My school/college ki story.Heading over to your part-1 post.


  4. Harman says:

    Seems like had an awesome tyme!!..try writing abt ur gfs..tch tch tch..:)we wud love reading ..I would throw some good hefty comments too..:D


  5. dr.antony says:

    Keats the sunshine girl says" Friends are like bras,they give lots pf support"


  6. NRIGirl says:

    Wow! It was like watching a movie -closely resembling '3 "Friends"'. Thanks for sharingWhen I get few more minutes I will have to "watch" Part I of it. Can't wait!~ NRIGirl


  7. pallavi says:

    What interesting days you've spent with your friends, Bikram!! lucky guy!!!! The biggest adventure I ever had in college was bunking lecture one day, to watch a movie, and the entire gang of us being caught and scolded at by the HOD. How uninteresting compared to all that you;ve done 🙂 Here's to friends 🙂


  8. Renu says:

    and I thought that all this happens in books or movies only:)….


  9. Babli says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you have prepared chicken egg roll for your guest.Very nice and interesting post. I am sure you have enjoyed very much and had wonderful time with your friends. I was remembering my college days while reading your post. You are welcome in my new posts-http://urmi-z-unique.blogspot.com


  10. Those were some of the most glorious moments of my life and the memory of them make me feel whole again full or energy, especially when during the day to day rigours of our day to day present life. Just tonight i was feling a bit too tired and low, and on reading this, it took me to the times when i hung out with my brothers Bittu, Handle,Chander,Babbar, Mahipaal, Sood, Vikram, Cherry, and all the others i remember vividly as yesterday. Bittu and you remember the friend organization which started with the letters i wrote behind my jacket and then we taped it on our scooters – and then years later its still going on in Chandigarh – ha haBittu you will be our historian for sure – love you man – keep up the good job of keeping us all alive – love you and all the guys i spent some best moements growing up – burrrrraaa !!!


  11. Tomz says:

    I am thankful to you for letting me to read your interesting college affairs. Such a nice read it was..Though the post was a long long one, I never came to think about its length at least once while reading the post..


  12. DiDo says:

    Loll coll life is fun na?? 🙂 reminded me of coll daysss


  13. Rachna says:

    College days — so nostalgic!


  14. BK Chowla, says:

    Though, for me it has been quite some time, but having read this post did remind me of olden days.Very nice and frank post


  15. Nice memories Bikram, such memories can be cherished for life :)) Great post!


  16. Ria says:

    So good to read this post. 🙂 Oh miss the days at college with my friends. Nice to know tht u had a good time. 🙂


  17. Madhu says:

    how sweet…u always make me feel like crying every time u write somethin as beautiful as this..DAMN*


  18. Liked your entire blog. Keep writing for yourself and for people like me.Shail


  19. Bikramjit says:

    A Yeah we had lots of fun Thanks Punam Thank you so much for reading it all up.. No need to book.. You will be the first to get it if i write one he hehe moreover the tales will be here on the blog 🙂 I ma not a writer Yes indeed lucky to have such good friends though i have had bad times in the recent months where people have back stabbed and left me for ___ and the so called friends also anyway this post is of good times so to hell with these lot… My mates and friends are there who know it all and have been there with me for me and only if they know the whole story they would have sorted these people for sure and might do tooo.. Life has been beautiful until… and now i hope it takes a turn for good tooo… I indeed have had a good time in college and been blessed …. Thanks you how did you like the part 1 🙂


  20. Bikramjit says:

    Harman Oh yes promise posts on the GF's too now that you have promised to throw some hefty comments I shall hold you to that … Indeed a awesome time of my life with so much happeneing each day I am what i am good or bad because of those days and thanks to the friends … and GF's coming up you want the colelge ones or the more recent ones I got lots of stories he he he hehe 🙂


  21. Bikramjit says:

    Dr. Antony Oh yes Though i wud not EXACTLY know that kears meants mentioned what you said .. maybe ask someone he hehe 🙂 thank you sir ji for reading my article… NRIGirl Thanks it means a lot saying that .. No thanks to you for reading this taking your time and then commenting tooo …


  22. Bikramjit says:

    Pallavi Yes indeed interesting days , Indeed god has been kind to me for giving me such good friends .. though in the recent months it seems God is not looking as kindly as he use to 🙂 wonder what bad i have done .. i hope prayers get answered and good old days do come back… I am sure thats not all fun you have had , what about the rest of the things you did together with the girls … and yes HERES TO FRIENDS God bless them all… and Thank God for bringing them into our lives … I have been lucky and see since i have started blogging I have made such lovely friends like yourself over here tooo.. so heres to all Friends again.. Then – now-future 🙂


  23. Bikramjit says:

    Renu Thanks you so much, for saying that its indeed been a good roller coaster ride , out of which i wud not change anything till 2007.. have had a blast… Thank you. Babli Thank you. Yes we made and they say thanks to you tooo…


  24. Bikramjit says:

    Ravjote YEs same here those were the days brother, remember we are the PAGWAT brothers 🙂 yes nostalgic days pity life has take us so far away from each other but i am glad that we mean so much to each other , this means a lot because of the daily hardships, heart burns I know that When i need someone You will be there for sure … I Rememebr the ABNM and yes last visit to chandigarh i saw some kids having it on there vehicle .. What we started 🙂 Love you tooo and burrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and fingers crossed will meet you in india in november


  25. Bikramjit says:

    Tomz No no THANKS to you for reading this article it means a lot to me .. thats someone wud take time out of there busy schedule to read this adn then putting a comment too.. I feel happy DiDo yes it is fun , for me it was the best time of my life .. good to see the smile glad it reminded of u so good days 🙂 Thank You Rachna Yes indeed very very nostalgic.. Thank you so much


  26. Bikramjit says:

    BK Chowla sir I am glad it reminded you for the olden days.. Thank you.It means a lot to recieve such good comments from you. A new Beginning Thank you yes they are something i cherish all the time, my life is the way it is because of the days i had then … so no complains just a big broad smile thinking of them … Ria thank you. yes I had a lovely time the best days of my life…


  27. Bikramjit says:

    Madhu Oh ho.. i hope those tears are good and remmebering the godo days 🙂 thank you so much for the comment it means a lot… Shail Raghuvanshi Thanks for visitng my blog, Please keep visiting I got so may stories you will get bored.. 🙂 Thanks


  28. Ravi Singh says:

    So what's up dude – – how about the time when you came to see me cycling the 20 k bike race to kasoli – which reminds me of the time we went to solan to your grand dads place – and the best where you and I went to solan univeresity for the declamations competition and we sang put jattan de all night with our new found friend in the halls of the university – ended up actually geting prize for he man – more ? – we all including went to kasolli where we sood mahipal and I went up the mountain against the water falls while you cheered and guided where to climb the rapids from – then not to forget you remember that kid who came to college with his dads guard and took u and me to Puniv and I had th piece in my belt then gave to u in front of all so u put in your belt – we were crazy for doing that in those times……….


  29. Ravi Singh says:

    Remember that time when chander took a crazy panga with some folks from 48 and we waited with him so many times – chander was a dare devil of his own kindAnd remember the biggest blow up in the canteen in history of gcm with just a hand full of us against the whole burail and all – were u in it – must be cause I vuagely remember you and I sitting there when out friend I forget his name he came to uk to see u too I think – came to me – that ws dangerous – baki later


  30. Cherry says:

    Ravjot…U r right…that canteen fight…even i was there…that frens name was…"Bedi"…Balli was also there…Ravi…Chander ohri was indeed dare devil…BUT…BUT…3 yrs back Chander Expired…I hope u know that…He is no more..


  31. Bikramjit says:

    I remember the time ravi when we had the revolver or pistol .. and exchangin it at student centre in PU.. fuck man people were looking at us.. now thinking if police saw us we would have been arressted with a GUN… ha hahaha2. Do you remember that guy we beat up well You and pummy in UNI.. me and kala (ravinder ) had scooter ready the dash after beating him up…3. Oh and when we went to YPS to beat that guy 4, Saturnalia patial you rmemeber .. when trrorist killed all those students we were right there REMEMBER …..


  32. Ravi Singh says:

    haha yes indeed how could i forget those times – its the times spent together that have made us who we are – my love – i may be alone here but knowing everyone knows my heart beats in london – and no one dares take panga still – :)) love always – hahahahaha we d best – hahahahah – and the others whom we left back in india, canada, iran, australia- we shall all unite one day again to shake the grounds again – hahahaha


  33. Bikramjit says:

    ABNM burrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Raviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  34. Ravi singh says:

    Yo yo Honey Singh – yo yo Bikman Singh!! Cherry yes my bro – I am aware of the tragic loss which we all faced with the loss of Chander.Sad and hard fact to take. 😦 Chery, so are u still the cool bug with that radio station of yours ?


  35. Ravi singh says:

    hai bai ji – it will be about all the times i spent with you my man – where to begin from (the first day when i met you as fresh men outside the pool house) or the days when we did interchanged our possitions on the madhya marg on our scooter running at 40 km an hour – but there were other times too 🙂 – baki kaam after i read your original msg so i can read what you were talking my sweat heart 🙂


  36. Bikramjit says:

    🙂 aye haye you rememebr it all wowo man .. do you remember the HANDLE to your scooter Kick… All things you remmeber I want ot know ALLLLLLLLLLLLL and TAKE ur time out for it…


  37. Ravi Singh says:

    haha yes and remember that stary night when we stayed up all night playing cards outside your grand pa's house – lets see if you remember that one 🙂


  38. A says:

    Bik,I meant Sukhvir…Sukhvinder is my favorite singer…I have a feeling you know Sukhvinder too…just like that TV star you know.


  39. Superb post man!excellent! I remember my best friends now!!


  40. sm says:

    like the narration


  41. UmaS says:

    LOL @ my darling my sweety pie my cutie pie he he he he Sukhvir Singh (alias babbar) !!!! OMG !! U called ur frnd that !!! Is he here commenting ???? 😉 ;)Such lovely college days…I love the way you want to tell so much in one post…the bonding and the discovery of ppl's soft inner hearts which they hide with the tough look outward…Lovely nostalgic post. 🙂


  42. Bikramjit says:

    Ravi I remember everything, Hopefully november I will be in india and catch you there and the rest … hey hey hey Maybe take do one of those things once again.. Take the FIAT for a GEDI… or U remember Sood's Ambassador he he hehe It wont climb parwanoo 🙂 ha ha ha ha ha Next post is on BABBAR have a read, you dont know a few things we did ha ha haha Take care Cherry paaaji woooo hooooo


  43. Bikramjit says:

    A Sukhvir is fine , next post on him soon.. and Nope i dont know sukhwinder .. he is a good singer though but i think money and fame has gone to his head … he seems aloof in interviews nowadays


  44. Bikramjit says:

    Raj Thanks man.. glad it reminded you of your mates … SM thank you so much… Cant beat yours though .. you still much much better then me 🙂 UmaS haanji they are my sweety pies and cutie piessss and We love each other.. seems odd doesnot sound manly he he he he he YEah We called him that, no he is not commenting but Ravi is.I am sure he will comment in the next post on him he he he ehe YEs i had lovely college days , Thank you thank you for writing such lovely words .. yeah i know especially Men do that 🙂 Thank you so much


  45. chitra says:

    School, college, friends, how it moulds us, what difference it brings in our life , it is all fun to think later.Nostalgia is thy name.


  46. rohini says: love time …first got nostalgic ads…nostalgic love..and now nostalgic frndship….grt….i love this..this nostalgic tiem are the best..i often like to be in this state..thinking the good moments of my life …u seem to have got grt frnds in ur life…all the best for ur beautiful journey…and in one comment i too read about ur gf's post…eagerly waiting for that…current past ,..watever…so write soon…k..hey but gar mein thoda kaam chal raha hai so i will be late in commenting..:)


  47. R. Ramesh says:

    hahah i liked Keats the sunshine girl comment: " Friends are like bras,they give lots of support"


  48. Tara says:

    Oh I am so late to be in here at your space. whichever blogs i visited ur name was there in the comment form so just thought of popping in and it was worth it !!


  49. Harman says:

    @Bikram..anything very interesting which hit you hard!!tch tch…:)hurry up!!!


  50. Bikramjit says:

    Chitrayes ji, they do that dont they.. so much in our life..yes nostalgia is THY name 🙂 Rohini Ji Thank you so much, they were the best time indeed, yes i have some very good friends , they are far but they are gooooood.. Thanks for the wishes, do need them a lottttt, My gf's post it seems to be a popular demand theek hai i shall put it along with pictures and all WILL THAT DO he he he ehehe But i did not have a good experince there 😦 and all the best with the ghar ka kaam, i know how long it takes , I am in middle of finalising some extension work in my house and its taking so long and it has not started yet.. so i know 🙂


  51. Bikramjit says:

    RameshYEs but its true what he says they indeed are 🙂 he he he he TaraDont worry about being late, i write too much it seems 🙂 Thnaks so much for coming to my blog, please keep visiting 🙂 Harman🙂 I bet it will be interensting , and the hit me hard I am sure you alreayd know about it.. and ok ok hurrryinggggggggggggggggg


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  54. […] smilingly stand shoulder to shoulder with me were introduced to me in this city, Babbar, Cherry,Ravi,vikram,Sood All of us became such good friends, I am so full of gratitude to the City Chandigarh […]


  55. […] Mann. My life is definitely a better one as he was part of it for as long as he way. I have so many beautiful friends all over the world. It was so lovely to have met many of them recently a month back. Life is […]


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