Vote for me , Vote for me:- Hold on Do I know you

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Indiblogger, Indivine, Rant, Vote

Recently There is new thing that has started on called  indivine, where you can submit your posts and readers vote for you.

As far as my knowledge says or what i can gather, its upto the readers to read the article and then Vote or Not vote for it. I am a member of this site, I also post my articles for this.

What is irritating now is all these emails that i am getting from people to come and vote for them.

Hello Why should I vote ? I will read the article and Then VOTE if I like the article.

Its becoming like politicians in Indian politics , the moment we post a article start sending emails to ask for Vote, I dont mind getting a email from people introducing there article or blog to me, But Yeah I do mind being asked for Votes.

If your article is good it will get Votes.

Another Thing I will mention is when you come to my blog , and go to comment Please make sure you read the article, So you can comment on that whatever it is good or bad, I dont mind.. but Please dont ask for my Vote as a comment on my article.

I find it rude that you want my vote when you dont have the decency of saying anything about what I have written.

Is there again a RAT RACE to see who has most votes , irrespective of wether its a good article or a crap one.

I thought I was the only one greedy about comments etc but my god. I dont think i have emailed anyone for votes , and if they have not voted you ask them again to vote for you, I got a few emails for the same, NO PROBLEM, But then today I got three emails within 2-3 hours telling me I havenot voted.. Well the Reason why i have not voted is quiet simple.. I did not like your article do you get the message..

To top it up if I have said I will vote then I WILL, give me a chance before you email again saying you cant see the vote. I know you get 2 points for my vote, But please I will vote after reading the article not for the sake of it.  If you dont have my Vote then it means I did not like your article SIMPLE. No hard feelings you can come and put a comment on my articles saying you dont like them, I dont mind.

PS:- Update :- Hi all I am not against Promoting your ARTICLe , yes please do , send a email to me that you have written a article, I will VISIT it and read it and If i like I will VOTE.. DONT PRESSURISE ME TO VOTE FOR YOU.. I will just vote if thats what you want carry on asking then…

Send emails to everyone, paste it on facebook, put posters around , do anything I dont care BUT ONLY to say you have written a article its at this page THATS IT.. Rest leave to the reader to vote or not to VOTE .. Thats all i ask

  1. Jaspreet says:

    LOL…a bit rude but very true. the voting system becomes too unfair sometimes-infact I am not sure if you read what I had written a few days back, on my blog.I wont comment any further for what I wanna say is clearly written in this blog post:


  2. Sourav says:

    Okay! No comments! :p


  3. Titaxy says:

    🙂 I didn't know people were that desperate to get votes for their posts. Is this a contest or something? (i will go look into that indivine page right after I finish writing this comment here)Anyway, don't get too bothered, just ignore those emails…


  4. Babli says:

    Very nice and well written post. Great.


  5. Shilpa Garg says:

    Couldn't agree more!! My sentiments exactly!Actually I find the system to select a writing as a winner on the basis of votes, a bit odd. I mean, a writing should be judged on the basis of its content/style/impact while in this system, the person who is good in networking gets the maximum votes and for all we know a good post may be the last and with least votes!


  6. A says:

    Bik,Please do NOT vote for me on INDIBLOGGER.IN — you know why…Simple..I am not a member and did not submit.But because I always write wondeful comments on your blog and I am an awesome blogger (I still have to find a second person other than me to say that though), you can send me Blog Prizes that you got recently. HAHAHA


  7. Tomz says:

    Bikramjit, I understand your feelings..some months before, I too was a candidate of an Indiblogger contest..I sent requests to all my gmail contacts seeking votes..I asked some intimate friends in person the reason for not voting me..Some one like my sister said, they tried to vote, but at that time they couldn't have created a new login id as they were new to the site..Anyway the number of votes I got was zero..:)


  8. Ananya says:

    EXACTLY! It's irritating as hell!


  9. Enigma says:

    Very true! It's very irritating when people do not read your complete article and message you just for the sake of getting votes. I always believe that what matters is the quality, not the quantity.


  10. AS says:

    hiiyes I agree with you, pple asking for votes is like some political rally going on in blogosphere."I did not like your article do you get the message.. " … cool! sometimes taking a firm stand becomes a necessity..


  11. Agreed, word to word no questions. If it is worth it I'll vote or else just buzz off. At indiblogger networking does pay. I have seen hopeless writings winning contests. Peace,Desi Girl


  12. Bikramjit says:

    Everyone :- Hi all i will reply individually to all later, I am not against Promoting your ARTICLe , yes please do , send a email to me that you have written a article, I will VISIT it and read it and If i like I will VOTE.. DONT PRESSURISE ME TO VOTE FOR YOU.. I will jsut vote if thats what you want carry on asking then… Send emails to everyone, paste it on facebook, put posters around , do anything I dont care BUT ONLY to say you have written a article its at this page THATS IT.. Rest leave to the reader to vote or not to VOTE .. Thats all i ask


  13. pallavi says:

    Hmmm… understand the irritation caused by 'pressurising' a reader to vote for one's article/self!! But that's how it is in Blogworld. Unfortunately, most contests are adjudged on the basis of VOTES and NOT MERIT. And I hate this situation, where people who are GOOD WRITERS are easily toppled over in the race simply because they don't network enough!! It is unfair. I yearn for the day this will change, to merit based voting/winning!


  14. A very interesting, current affair post.I feel Shilpa and Pallavi voiced my views wonderfully.Pushing people to vote for you does no justice as far selecting the winner on the basis of quality and the merit of the content goes.


  15. BK Chowla, says:

    Absolutely,trust me, that was one reason that I stopped posting my blog there and started to avoid the email requests.I just ignored them and gradually it all stopped.


  16. Phoenixritu says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Yeah, its more a M.A.S. (Mutual Admiration Society) and I feel like a politician asking for votes. I do put posts on indivine …. but unless its a contest, I don't ask for votes. Ignore the notification emails – they arent worth getting upset about


  17. Actually they want to say Please spare ur precious time to read our post and then do not forgot to vote. 😀


  18. sm says:

    i am member their but i rarely submit my articles yes this happens people do mail asking votes.


  19. Punam says:

    Hmm, Rantings!! Yeah, definitely a putoff. And well said too with straightforward honesty. We have this voting system even on and sometimes we vote a recommendation when we are in too much of a hurry to comment or when we have liked an article but don't want to comment. But yeah, no requesting for votes there so it's cleaner and healthier.


  20. Bedlam says:

    Lol People are going very crazy even 15 year old ones.. In that case, even I am new and elder to this chap.. I think if I can wait then should he..Everyone votes for the ones they think deserves.. I received plenty emails and comments on my blog and You know what I did. I wanted to stop the emails and so VOTED him.. Lol.. I did not even read his words..And a new guy on fb, messages me on fb seeing me online.. Hi mam how are you. This is my blog link. Please follow me.. WTH yaar..I will follow only if I think I like your blog and want updates of it..I am tired of all this.. 😥


  21. Madhu says:

    he he Someone's having the cake of getting irritated uh?? LOLIt is seriously GROSSLY Arrggghhatic[that word does not exist! So stop scratching ur head for its meaning :P] to get people begging for attention..Votes to top it alll seriously i tell u!


  22. NRIGirl says:

    Bikramjit! I understand the frustrations with such irritations. But it not worth loosing your cool.Cheers!Your Friend,~ NRIGirl


  23. Madhav says:

    Very True Bikram.. i am agree with you.


  24. Ria says:

    Aah yes i cant tell u how often i have seen this happening n it is irritating as hell!!


  25. Harman says:

    Well..I am surprised ..what is all this ?I jus believed in writing and reading…the best I find ..for Votes..BIKRAMu r a celb NOW…see how they wanna get your votes lol..Dont loose temper..your Blog is the ANSWER..


  26. Renu says:

    I dont like this promoting and voting etc, I nevr vote for the sake of friends veeven, I vote only if I feel strongly about any issue.Even on my blog I like true comments, even if they are criticism, because then they make me think.


  27. rohini says:

    hihii…very straight….i can understnd the volcano of frustration inside u…i even think …if u still get these emails…you r going to errupt …shant bikram shant..:)and moreover….how do i reach ur posts there to vote:)))


  28. Haddock says:

    Yep, very true.Its Vote for my article, or Vote for my picture.No one says "have a look and decide which is the best and then vote"


  29. saritha says:

    I get emails from my fellow food bloggers to vote for their recipes,sometimes i vote without going through the recipe because that food blogger is a friend of mine.I hate to receive mails from the people whom i don't know and they just mail asking to vote them.Few of them i respond by asking them do i know u,some i just ignore.


  30. Perfect. :p#spamming #beggers #nomorevotes


  31. Babli says:

    Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to you and your family. Hope Lord Ganesha brings happiness and peace in your life.


  32. Rachna says:

    Ok man, you are pissed. Thank God, I've been spared this menace so far. I guess in this crazy world of n number of competitions, people are just running after votes and recognition. I hope the idiots who are pestering you get the message, loud and clear :).


  33. DiDo says:

    Loll…I like it..!Go bikram Go 😛


  34. UmaS says:

    Echoed my thots….votes are based on me liking the article, not me being friends with the author….


  35. chitra says:

    I also get mails asking for votes. I do not like that system. The more contacts one has, he gets more votes irrespective of the quality,.hence do not participate in such contests.


  36. Bikramjit says:

    Jaspreet:- Sorry about the rude, but i was getting fed up of it. I did check the article nicely written. MagicEye:- 🙂 Thanks I wish I can use the word BINGO when i win the jackpot he heh ee 🙂 Saurav:- 🙂 he he he he THanks anyway 🙂 Titaxy:- Oh yes , they will even tell you how young they are and blah blah.. and then also say HEY DUDE.. DO i look like a DUDE I am not your DUDe he hehehe YEs will take your advice and just ignore, how many can they send or best is take my account off from that place 🙂 Babli :-THanks for the appreciation.Shilpa :-Thank you. Its indeed a crap system, voting, I mean I dont consider myself so good that i can decide on who writes good or bad, and majority of the people are like me , NO MATTER what they say .. Waht we think good is according to our knowledge or understanding which may not be that great to judge others. I agree with you 100%. I am going to write a lousy article then make sure all my follwoers and all on facebook VOTE for me 🙂 he hehehe


  37. Bikramjit says:

    A :-he he he OK I wont, happy 🙂 you are indeed area Awesome blogger I know that.. there you go you found someone else also who says that … and yes will do that sooon 🙂 he he hehe heThanks my friend … Tomz :-YEs I dont mind that at all, sending emails to tell people to read the article. Its not a issue at all, the problem is AFTERWARDS saying why have u not voted, Still not voted, still waiting , Hurry up, blah blah lbah… Make sure you send me a email about your article 🙂 Ananya:-YEs it is , Isn't it.. by the way how do you know its as HELL.. ever been there.. I could not go as HELL was too scared that I would have TAKEN OVER 🙂 he heheheEnigma :-Indeed it is, yeah and most of them just copy an alreayd written comment as there comment, they cant even write a unique comment.. how sad can it be … YES QUALITY is the way 🙂 Thanks.AS:- Hey he heh e yeah a politicla rally.. "HAmen dekhna hai .. ki blah blah blah" Thanks for saying that and understanding what i meant.. THANK YOU… Jeet :-Thank you, I am gettign sick and tired of these emails coming, … yeah me too there are some silly articles who have got silly votes…


  38. Bikramjit says:

    Pallavi :-Yeah , indiblogger should look into the matter, it is indeed unfair and they call it democracy… Yes I am with you waiting for that day to come where merit will win, Like everything in india in our society truth,merit doesnot have a place… basically its who you know.. and in this case HOW MANY YOU KNOW 🙂 Makes me sad I dont have that many friends I will never win Ohhh i did not think of this point, I am a sad man, dont have enough friends to win a contest EVEN… dialogueWithyou:- Thanks. YEsh they both said what was right, yep merit has not place… Thank you.BK Chowla sir:- I guess i will have to do that myself , put them all into deleted folder 🙂 its really sad .. How they got my email I dont know that also…


  39. Bikramjit says:

    Ritu :-Thank you Thank you, I did , did i not he he he .. Yeah like i mentioned i dont mind being asked for a Vote, No problem as me .. but then if u dont get it shud get the message not tell me i shud go and vote or why have i not done it .. I have no qualms in recieving emails telling me about some article thats fair enough 🙂 Chandrika Shubham:- he hehe e YEah indeed , thats what they want, you are sitting idle, nothing to do , so read there silly article and waste more time and then VOTE too and SMILE WHILE VOTINGgggg 🙂 SM :-they do DONT they… 🙂 thanks Punam :- Yes they are. i guess we see television so much and listen to all these political people asking for votes that we have brought it in this also for article toooo… he he heh eh THanks a lot punam.


  40. Bikramjit says:

    Manna :-I got it tooo the same one, and then i also got a email and then another one saying "heyy there…dint get ur votes…plz do that! "and also fromn someone saying Thanks DUDE.. 🙂 at least I am a DUDE now for the vote yayyyyyyyyyyyy one good thing:)yeah indeed all are tired of this what to do 🙂 Madhu :-I will take your word on that, that , THAT WORD does exist.. will use it regularly.. 🙂 glad you told me otherwise i wud have scratched all the hair that i have left as such only a few left now 🙂 THanks Madhu.NRIGirl :-YEs thank you, i will not loose my cool.. long deep breaths 1 – 2 1 -2 🙂 ok i am fine now he heheheMadhav:- THanks for agreeing my friend. Ria :-YEs it is irritating, maybe there shud be a negative points VOTE also, so people who irritate we can give NEGATIVE VOTE to them 🙂


  41. HaRy!! says:

    well gt it mate… but one of my blogger pals buzzes me to do so… but then because I love his blogposts and also read em all the time, I definitely vote for him! sry But I didnt take that to be rude because he is a kool blog buddy of mine :)! Well he is in yur list of commentors :)!


  42. Bikramjit says:

    Harman :-YEah I am a celeb Really.. thank you thank you.. KISSI ne to DEKHA … PEOPLE take harmans word for it I AM A CELEB.. so are you going to email everyone telling them , what a celeb I am please please please Tell tell:)Temper he hehe now thats asking a lot … THanks a lot harman 🙂 Renu :- YEah I know. Good oen shud vote if the article is good thats the whole idea of th contest… Same here Good or bad both comments are welcome .. thats how one learns… Rohini Ji :-YEah i was thinking of writing it for ages, and finally when the whole emails etc got too much i had to publish this. Haanji shaant ho gaya hoon ab.. havnot checked my email for a few days now he hehe 🙂 what posts are you talking of , and where.. Vote karna nahin to main bhi email pe email karne lag jaunga 🙂 he heheehHaddock :-.. Welcome to my blog, yes thats the whole idea of contest read the article if you like vote if not then go to next one ..


  43. Bikramjit says:

    Saritha :- Thanks for the comment, I can understand the frustration and the irritation .. AJit Srivastava:- Yeah beggers indeed Thank you so muchDr. Chandana Shekar:- Thank you so much.Babli:- Happy ganesha Chaturthi to you and family tooo.. and may all your wishes come true.. Thanks a lot. GOd bless Rachna :- You think so , really he he he he . I hope os too they get the message lets hope so fingers crossed … THank youDido :- I am going , Bikram is going .. he he he ehe THank you…


  44. Bikramjit says:

    UmaS :- THanks, i am sure these are thoughts of a lot of us.. so true what you said votes are for ARTICLE not for the face who wrote it 🙂 Chitra :- YEah thats why I have planned to write a stupid article and email and force all my followers, all my friends , everyone to vote for me I WILL WIN.. all my work mates send a group email to them to make sure they vote 🙂HaRy!!:- Hey which one is that, tell me , YEah thats the idea IF you liek the article SURE you should vote, not saying anything abotut it .. Neither am i against emailing telling about the Article What i am agaisnt is ASKING why i di not vote, or being pressured by 2 -3 -4 emails to VOTE, and then say I am waiting for your vote, You still have not voted, Hurry can you vote.. and then to cheese it off being told THANKS DUDE … he he eh well at least it makes me a DUDE.. No arms advertising your article but forcing someone to VOTE thats BAD.. Thanks Hary


  45. Ananya says:

    Oh, I've been to hell a lot of times! 😀


  46. Bikramjit says:

    Ananya :- next time take me with you, I too would liek to give it a visit.. 🙂


  47. Nisha says:

    ha ha…I agree with you on every single word. Though I have become a member of indiblogger, I don't submit my blogs regularly, neither I am interested in that rat race. So many of them vote w/o reading the post. What are they gaining I don't know.


  48. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    Some time back I had suggested on Forum that when a person reads the blog and posts his comment of like or dislike than only the post should be treated as promoted.


  49. wise donkey says:

    bikram is it the system sending out the messages?i am part of indibloggerand i get irritated when people vote for me but don't read my post (hey comment instead of voting). and now the description of all my posts just say don't vote without reading.but is it possible that the system sent out those messages and those people voted because they got the email from "me".have you received any email on my behalf?but then i have not received any email about ur posts. so its individuals emailing.but really do people email you to vote???? (i can understand people emailing people to read. i occassionally pester people to read and comment but voting!!!blogging was supposed to be just for expressing. now like lkg marks of kids they are becoming another symbol of insecure people who crave something. Gods knows what. in a way we have to feel sorry for them.


  50. Bikramjit says:

    WD :- Yes its the individuals asking, really i got or get emails , and some have left it as COmments on my article , if you go to a few previous articles i wrote.. They have not mentioned anything on the article i have written but instead asked to go and vote.. I mean is that RUDE or IS THAT RUDE… I also am not in the rat race of votes but if you are voting then at least READ and yes i am greedy on comments and i do ask people.. yes indeed sorry for them … How have you been you been away for ages now 🙂 Nisha :- THank you for agreeing and for the visit to my blog, please keep visiting … I have no idea what they gain , u guess self appreciation.S.R.Ayyangar:- YEah thats a good idea too… Thanks for visitng my blog, please do come again


  51. wise donkey says:

    thats pathetic! i think u should treat those comments as spam.


  52. shail says:

    Hear hear! I agree with you absolutely.


  53. Kaddu says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to this old post again on FB, Bikram. I wasn't acquainted with you when you originally posted it in your blog. You know what, I took a sabbatical from FB & blogging for a complete 1.5 months earlier this year, during which period my blog was set to private access. In other words, nobody could read any of my posts without invitation. And even during that time, I received notifications from indiblogger that people had voted for a couple of my old posts on indivine! Votes on private posts?


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