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Iqbal Khan September 8 at 9:07am Hindustan times:- Iqbal Khan (Rudra of Sanjog se Bani Sangini): I’d like to talk not about one but many teachers who influenced me during my growing years. Mr & Mrs Solomon, Mrs Samiksha, Mr Bickram ; Mr Mohit Khanna who are all from different fields in the two schools I studied in Himachal Pradesh – LAWRENCE SCHOOL , PINEGROVE SCHOOL in Sanawar. Mr Bickram & Mohit were my fitness teachers. Mohit is now a cop in Australia and he’s my hero. I attended Mr & Mrs Solomon marriage  they’re like family to me. Samiksha & I share our birthdays on the same day  she would always get a huge cake to school with only ‘ Happy Birthday Iqbal’ written on it. I call her maa bahen as she’s just 15 years older than me but would look after me like a mother. She recently helped me shoot my short film at Pinegrove School. I love them all. Happy Teacher’s Day to all!

I know its wordless but Indeed this is wordless WHAT DOES ONE SAY … Indeed wordless … God bless all Good people and Iqbal was the best student I ever had .. isssh this is wordless so wil ltalk about it later sometime 🙂