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This one comes form Shas its the Beautiful Blogger Award, Thank you so much.


This Week for the first time probably I won Something Yayyyyyy it was the caption contest that lazypineapple holds on Wednesdays and Lucky me I was that last entry and i won too… How lucky can one be WOWOWOW .. If you dont believe check this out… caption contest.
Tain tain tainnn.. clappps drum rollls and everything cumm onnn
I have been Inundated with so many awards by Someone Is Special and here they are all of them
The above came with some rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.

Thank you Someone Is Special.. Seven things about me Well please click on the link to see them (saves on cut and past 🙂 )  7 Things about me.


Next Tag comes from Deepak  I’ve to disclose 3 things in each of the sections mentioned in the tag. So, here goes my take on it.
3 places I would pack my travel bag for:
– India
– Africa
– Australia (walkabout)

3 on screen characters I love to watch:
This is a tough one

-Robert Di Nero
-Al Pacino
-Sunny Deol

3 moods that describe me the best:
– Quiet
– Emotional fool
– Angry
3 things I always think of doing on a weekend but never did:

– Solo Jump from 18000 ft.
– Taking my car to 150MPH +
– Practise for the London marathon :O … (no harm in thinking)

3 things from my childhood that I can’t forget:

– Cricket (tennis racket and ball, Hockey Goal post as the Wickets) in the School fields
– Volleyball with the Tennis ball
– Lawn tennis with hand and tennis ball, in the hostel corridor
3 things I would never say no to:

– Having a pint with a friend.
– Go to a movie with friends
– Friendship

3 things I can’t live without:
– Family
– Friends
– Money


Then come some Friendship Awards.. I am really grateful to have gained another friend via blogging , as most of the people reading this would know , I am sucker for friendship and I bestow it the highest place in my life. To me life is nothing without Friends… I have written a lot about friendship.. So Thank you so much for these awards…

These Awards I want to pass on to few people and some who I have met over blog, who stood by me listening to my RANTS , and whines , my tantrums , my bad moments , sad moments .. They might have stopped thinking of me as a friend , Stopped visting me , Stopped talking to me for whatever reason (maybe I have hurt them, Maybe I no longer deserve there friendship, Or maybe they have found better people in there life then I have been)  but they and each one of you will always be there in my heart and my wishes , my best wishes for you all always .. God bless you all, If I have hurt you then I am sorry I hope you can forgive me.
You all are beautiful human beings and have a heart of gold never ever change anything about yourself.. I am thankful to god the almighty to have given me this blessing of having Known you . I love you all, always will, If ever a time comes that I can do something for you guys and Gals 🙂 .. I would think of that as my luck and I hope I don’t disappoint you all.
I pass these to
Anupinder(My school friend, the one with whom i grew up with, May you rest in peace ) 
Sukhvir (my darling , who was always there ready to take on anyone who wanted to beat me up)
Ravjote(my friend , he is in states, but as he says in his words his heart beats in Birmingham Uk, SO DOES MINE)
Cherry(We had our ups and downs, did not meet eye to eye sometimes, but always there when it came ot the crunch, the lovely days spent in NCC camps)
Handle(Bhupinder)(I dont remember lot of things, but remember he and his Kawasaki Bike, all the way to Patiala to beat some guys .. )
Chander(Our friend, he is no more with us , But he and his Enfield bike, wow, Crazy,Hyper,Enthusiastic ALL THE TIME, ready to use his fists anytime, if someone took a panga with us, May you rest in peace)
Vikram(The times we spent in front of your shop, almost every Evening of my life)
Ajay(The darling.. my younger brother, the Orion days, Kasauli nights, the Mr. SHARMA Days)
Sunil Sood, Parveen Singla, Jas, Munish, Dugalla, Onkar, Vikky Walia, Ashwani, Sandy,
Simmy(The chandigarh visit the Uphill trip, Luckhnow camp ncc, Amritsar ) ,
My blogger friends
Insignia ( I can never forget how much patience she has, listening to my tantrums, rants. I have fought with her so many times, but never has she retaliated. Thank you , I am a better human being because of you. )
Neha (She has listened to my rants and sometimes also advised me over a few things,  doesn’t visit my blog and i pester her to leave a comment 🙂 , sorry about that  he he he )
Ritu (Thank you, for everything , for supporting and helping me with everything the BPL days )
Megz ( I am giving her because she will fight with me otherwise , why i did not give it to her HA HA HA ha… just kidding, and finding mistakes with my vocabulary , spellings 🙂 )UPDATE:- she found a mistake in this also ahhhhhh

Sandhya , Deepak , Gaurav , A (who promised to meet me when he is flying around uk), Shahid  (for treating me like a brother) , Deepak (MagicEye) , Sangeeta , Harman (For the respect she has shown towards me everytime and laughing at my stupid jokes) ,Raj , Kavita , The Holy Lama (for saying my blog was good and reading me always Thanks you), Gayathri Vishwanathan (For accepting all my silly little jokes ) , Madhu (for always visitng me and appreciating what ever i write and als oshe was the first one to award me ever.. and laughing at my silly jokes ) , Rohini Ji , Shas , Wise Donkey (Who writes wonderful satires and I have learnt the art of writing from WD for sure , Thanks for the lovely comments you leave telling me right or wrong THANKS) , Chandrika Shubham ,Pallavi , Nu , The New Beginning , Ria , Punam (for sharing and boosting my ego), UmaS , SM , NRI Girl , Shilpa , HaRy (for understanding my stupid jokes), RGB , Suruchi (for thinking i am super cool ha. ), Dr. Chandana Shekar (For sharing views with me) , BK Chowla sir (always appreciating and boosting my ego with lovely comments), Jeet , Ananya, Vibhzz (She asked me write for her blog and the help I got for the BPL, amazing ) and to Manna (the beautiful sketches she made for BPL, and found so many spelling mistakes etc helping me every time )  and last but not the least Karthik (I use to think he is quite old but i found he is a kid , he writes so beautifully, the stories he has come out with .. )

Each One of you has effected me in some way or the other , I have learnt a lot from everyone of you , the jokes the argument or discussions we have had , each has made me a better person. I have met some new people in the last few weeks, Thanks to all of you .. Please accept these awards as my token of appreciation Thank you all
I hope and Pray I have not missed anyone out, This is the reason why i don’t forward the awards cause I don’t want to leave out anyone, Everyone who has visited my blog has been so Kind to me , You all deserve to be awarded, and I will always be deeply indebted to you all, If I have not mentioned you Please Please let me know …

Thank you all for making this world a better place to live in and bearing with me Everytime.

Please accept the friendship awards Because you all are Amazing Friends, and all my wishes for you, For being my friend and a BIG HUG for all…