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I was reading a article on Nu’s Blog, on the good old DD (doordarshan days).. I had these few pics to remind of the good old nostalgic days

here are a few that go WAY back…  Now make sure you comment about how many of these you remember .. lets see how far you can go .. I feel so old I remember all I guess …

1. Gabbar ki asli pasand Glucose-D

2. Wills peene wallon ki baat hi kuch aur hai 🙂  (look at kabir bedi so young)…

3. Rangeen tv and the front loading VHS players … and the ones which opened up..
4. Brylcreem Kishore Da…

5. Mere matlab ke Ad.. BAGPIPER hic hic hic

6. Campa Cola

7. Cinthol nahane ka sabun …

and so many moreeeeeeeeeeee  maybe next time…

I am sure most of my article are RANTS on stuff , I was wanting to write these few line since last night when I entered my house and switched on the TELE for the news, The first news on a BBC1, and ITV1.. the headlines was Common Wealth games, along with the pictures of what had happened, Other channels are showing how dirty places are, the threat of Dengue fever.. The pictures are splashed all over

The bridge collapsed

The Village in which the Athletes were to stay… (with a picture of the model room SUPPOSED to be for ready)

The Stadiums

The interview with people who have been shifted and removed

All in all, it was shameful , what India has done has bring SHAME to our great country.. Will someone answer or be held accountable.. 3 years we had known about the games , work did not start till last year… How much or how long will we carry on living the shameless life that we are living…

I am glad the English athletes have pulled out, and the Scottish team has postponed leaving for India. I really wish these games get cancelled… Even if Delhi put up a great show the best show ever in the games Will it be WORTH it after all the Sleaze that has befallen OUR country.

Even if the games go on, what good will it be if the Athletes pull out, the ones whom people would have come to watch …

I have already cancelled my tickets to come, not worth spending so much money when anybody who is into sports here asks me , how much money will be enough for the politicians… I had no answer…

The Sports village is a embarrassment so much so that athletes interviewed from around the world are saying they don’t want to go and sleep in such accommodations.. Look at South Africa or any other 4th 5th 6th world country they would do a proper job.

Is there no limit to our shamelessness, My question to all who reading this ,



are you still wanting for the games to go on … The countries or the athletes who have pulled out of the even did they do the right thing… ?


All these officials, Can i please ask them HOW MUCH MONEY will be enough to stop them taking more,


SM sums it quiet nicely… I would also like all those people who have been telling me or emailing me about how I am looser-traitor , living in Uk, etc all the ones who are ready to give there lives for the country , what are they going to do about this.. are they still going to just say the same stuff they have been saying all along which is one line “I love my country ” .. also… How much more can we take

I was talking to my brother in Delhi a few hours ago, his words are that majority of the SANE people wish the games get cancelled, The educated people understand this They dont want it to happen, the Common man on the streets Dont want it.. So much money has been wasted… Yet again and the DELHI DARBAR has no answers.


I was watching a movie where there was a dialogue, that got me thinking.. Which category do we fall in, been reading a lot of blogs by the Patriotic INDIANS, wrote some details on my blog too got a few comments some with me some against me .. which is good, reading all those has made we write the following as to what i think or feel..

We the citizens fall into two categories Indians or Bharatiya.. the reason why I say this is because of the growing gap between the rich and poor. Also, the agenda of DELHI DARBAR is so what questionable,

Do we think the common man is on the agenda of INDIA ? Hence my feelings on Two


Many people have said that India  is going leaps and bounds , the astonishing success India has had , all the progress we have made but have we brought the BHARAT with us Or in the zeal to progress and make waves we have forgotten the BHARAT that we started with.

It seems that like the british ruled us and the famous Dialogue that was used so much then “Muthi Bhar Gore, lakhon croron Bhartiyon pe raaj kar rahe the”.. (A handful of britishers are ruling crores of bhartiye) Well

Will I be wrong that today the same dialogue is true too, since a hand ful of families are ruling the billion strong citizens.

I don’t have too much knowledge of other states but look in Punjab the RULING family, why is it that this family is become richer and richer while the whole of punjab is becoming poorer.

There is no water in the state, no electricity, what are the farmers to do, the farmers represent the BHARAT still oppressed by the rich and powerful the people who are now Indians.

There is this beautiful song by a punjabi singer I will put the lyrics and then translate as best in English it sums up everything about the state the difference between India and BHARAT…

Main mitti de naal mitti hona chhunda haan
tainu mitti naalon allergy hai mutiyare             (I want to return to dust,                                                                      but you are allergic to mud my love)

Tuhade karma ch shayad pakke vehde ne
inne maade v nahin saade Dhema Ghare     
                                        (You have Solid houses with courtyards 
                                         but ours made of mud are still very strong)

Tuhadi rakhi kardi POLICE gypsiyaan la la ke
saade munde pehre launde ne aap vichare  
                                           (For your protection Police roams around in gypsies ,
                                            But our own poor youngsters protect us )

Tuhadi billiyan tv ac de which vekhdiyaan
saade dhupan de which marde BALAD vichare 
                                                (The cats in your house watch TV in a AC Room
                                                 Our OX die in merciless Sun)

Saadi hik ton jehdiyaan nehraan langh ke aundiyaan ne
Tuhade lawn nu paani taan lagda hai naare     
                                               (We allow The Rivers to flow on our land ,
                                                Hence you  can water your lawns )

Je kite muh Modte Jattan Ne Ehna Nehraan de
Body ho joogy smelly sun lishkdiye naare     
                                            (If the farmer decided to change the river flows,
                                             your souls and body will start to SMELL)
So what category do you fall in Are you Indian or from Bharat………?

What has all this success done to us , The India that has gone so far the people or the so called Indians in my view have lost all there values.. lets take the example of RELATIONS..

Look at what is happening to Relations.. A boy and girl fall in love, stay together for 2 – 3 -4 years and then decide to move away, what the hell is that , In the BHARAT days hardly this happened Love was so pure and people were committed , they did not have plans to fall in love use someone and then carry on.. Love has become a charade now.. We fool ourselves to think that it exists WHERE IS IT SHOW ME.. the first thing that comes to a Boys mind is how to bed the girl and the same for the girl.. Look around yourselves how many examples can you find of such relations

Families:- The bharat days had joint families , so many people living under the same roof, true there were arguments fights and all sorts of things but the love , respect was there , My cousins Call me VEERJI and whatever the situation I can say this with pride that they still don’t speak in front of me, I may be wrong or whatever they still don’t say anything, I am so confident that I can go and slap them even , they wont say a word this doesn’t mean they are weak or what , this is called Respect Or as in Hindi NAJAR KI SHARAM.. where the hell is that now, with the so called India, People are moving out, so many fights over properties, land disputes, The young people don’t bother about the elders there own parents ..
We hear stories all around us how the kids have come and settled in western countries and then asked there parents to come over to BABY SIT. How they are treated like servants here …

I dared not think like that about my parents , My dad would have come and Slapped and beaten the shite out of me if i had done that, that does not mean he did not love me

Honesty is another thing, People were honest in the Bharat days, but look now where has all that honesty gone , being honest in today’s day is a crime, I have had so many examples to prove it,

If you are honest you are thought to be a fool.
You love someone with honesty you are a fool
you care for someone with honesty you are a fool
you do anything with honesty you are a fool

What has all this success brought for us other then misery, if and only IF we had moved together taking along everyone with us , along with our ethics and morals we would have been really successful in calling ourself INDIA… Now we live in a era where there are MORE Bharatiyas then Indians.. and believe me the Indians who have gone miles ahead they will have to STOP , wait for the others to come along, even need be take a step backwards or two.. Only then will we be successful else we are doomed …

We have become so mean and selfish , we hardly give a damn about what other might fell, even if we know that we may hurt the other we still carry on with our antics, where are those family values, the Cultural values , the rich heritage we had, We have indeed lost all of them .. to each his own as I have heard so many times.. What will it take or how much hard it is for us to bring a smile on someone …

Will it bring us down if we go slightly out of our way to see a smile on someone…

I guess as i have mentioned a lot many times I am but a emotional fool without any sense, who cares what i say …..

So to all those INDIANS … I am better off being from the BHARAT that I am from all the best to you all .. God bless

To be Continued:-


Well  dialoguewithyou has a contest going on, finishing tomorrow 15th september, called  Finish it to win it contest, Where she has started a story and asked for all of us to complete with our interpretation  of whats going on , or how it would end.. along with a suitable title..

I have also sent my entry for the contest.. Please do visit the blog have a read of the stories and which ever you like do give your VOTE for it …

All the best to all those who have sent the entry…


PS:- Also TRY to Figure out which one is MY entry … 🙂 But keep it to yourself , just in case it becomes cheating he he he he … or email me at

Recently There is new thing that has started on called  indivine, where you can submit your posts and readers vote for you.

As far as my knowledge says or what i can gather, its upto the readers to read the article and then Vote or Not vote for it. I am a member of this site, I also post my articles for this.

What is irritating now is all these emails that i am getting from people to come and vote for them.

Hello Why should I vote ? I will read the article and Then VOTE if I like the article.

Its becoming like politicians in Indian politics , the moment we post a article start sending emails to ask for Vote, I dont mind getting a email from people introducing there article or blog to me, But Yeah I do mind being asked for Votes.

If your article is good it will get Votes.

Another Thing I will mention is when you come to my blog , and go to comment Please make sure you read the article, So you can comment on that whatever it is good or bad, I dont mind.. but Please dont ask for my Vote as a comment on my article.

I find it rude that you want my vote when you dont have the decency of saying anything about what I have written.

Is there again a RAT RACE to see who has most votes , irrespective of wether its a good article or a crap one.

I thought I was the only one greedy about comments etc but my god. I dont think i have emailed anyone for votes , and if they have not voted you ask them again to vote for you, I got a few emails for the same, NO PROBLEM, But then today I got three emails within 2-3 hours telling me I havenot voted.. Well the Reason why i have not voted is quiet simple.. I did not like your article do you get the message..

To top it up if I have said I will vote then I WILL, give me a chance before you email again saying you cant see the vote. I know you get 2 points for my vote, But please I will vote after reading the article not for the sake of it.  If you dont have my Vote then it means I did not like your article SIMPLE. No hard feelings you can come and put a comment on my articles saying you dont like them, I dont mind.

PS:- Update :- Hi all I am not against Promoting your ARTICLe , yes please do , send a email to me that you have written a article, I will VISIT it and read it and If i like I will VOTE.. DONT PRESSURISE ME TO VOTE FOR YOU.. I will just vote if thats what you want carry on asking then…

Send emails to everyone, paste it on facebook, put posters around , do anything I dont care BUT ONLY to say you have written a article its at this page THATS IT.. Rest leave to the reader to vote or not to VOTE .. Thats all i ask

Iqbal Khan September 8 at 9:07am Hindustan times:- Iqbal Khan (Rudra of Sanjog se Bani Sangini): I’d like to talk not about one but many teachers who influenced me during my growing years. Mr & Mrs Solomon, Mrs Samiksha, Mr Bickram ; Mr Mohit Khanna who are all from different fields in the two schools I studied in Himachal Pradesh – LAWRENCE SCHOOL , PINEGROVE SCHOOL in Sanawar. Mr Bickram & Mohit were my fitness teachers. Mohit is now a cop in Australia and he’s my hero. I attended Mr & Mrs Solomon marriage  they’re like family to me. Samiksha & I share our birthdays on the same day  she would always get a huge cake to school with only ‘ Happy Birthday Iqbal’ written on it. I call her maa bahen as she’s just 15 years older than me but would look after me like a mother. She recently helped me shoot my short film at Pinegrove School. I love them all. Happy Teacher’s Day to all!

I know its wordless but Indeed this is wordless WHAT DOES ONE SAY … Indeed wordless … God bless all Good people and Iqbal was the best student I ever had .. isssh this is wordless so wil ltalk about it later sometime 🙂

This one comes form Shas its the Beautiful Blogger Award, Thank you so much.


This Week for the first time probably I won Something Yayyyyyy it was the caption contest that lazypineapple holds on Wednesdays and Lucky me I was that last entry and i won too… How lucky can one be WOWOWOW .. If you dont believe check this out… caption contest.
Tain tain tainnn.. clappps drum rollls and everything cumm onnn
I have been Inundated with so many awards by Someone Is Special and here they are all of them
The above came with some rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.

Thank you Someone Is Special.. Seven things about me Well please click on the link to see them (saves on cut and past 🙂 )  7 Things about me.


Next Tag comes from Deepak  I’ve to disclose 3 things in each of the sections mentioned in the tag. So, here goes my take on it.
3 places I would pack my travel bag for:
– India
– Africa
– Australia (walkabout)

3 on screen characters I love to watch:
This is a tough one

-Robert Di Nero
-Al Pacino
-Sunny Deol

3 moods that describe me the best:
– Quiet
– Emotional fool
– Angry
3 things I always think of doing on a weekend but never did:

– Solo Jump from 18000 ft.
– Taking my car to 150MPH +
– Practise for the London marathon :O … (no harm in thinking)

3 things from my childhood that I can’t forget:

– Cricket (tennis racket and ball, Hockey Goal post as the Wickets) in the School fields
– Volleyball with the Tennis ball
– Lawn tennis with hand and tennis ball, in the hostel corridor
3 things I would never say no to:

– Having a pint with a friend.
– Go to a movie with friends
– Friendship

3 things I can’t live without:
– Family
– Friends
– Money


Then come some Friendship Awards.. I am really grateful to have gained another friend via blogging , as most of the people reading this would know , I am sucker for friendship and I bestow it the highest place in my life. To me life is nothing without Friends… I have written a lot about friendship.. So Thank you so much for these awards…

These Awards I want to pass on to few people and some who I have met over blog, who stood by me listening to my RANTS , and whines , my tantrums , my bad moments , sad moments .. They might have stopped thinking of me as a friend , Stopped visting me , Stopped talking to me for whatever reason (maybe I have hurt them, Maybe I no longer deserve there friendship, Or maybe they have found better people in there life then I have been)  but they and each one of you will always be there in my heart and my wishes , my best wishes for you all always .. God bless you all, If I have hurt you then I am sorry I hope you can forgive me.
You all are beautiful human beings and have a heart of gold never ever change anything about yourself.. I am thankful to god the almighty to have given me this blessing of having Known you . I love you all, always will, If ever a time comes that I can do something for you guys and Gals 🙂 .. I would think of that as my luck and I hope I don’t disappoint you all.
I pass these to
Anupinder(My school friend, the one with whom i grew up with, May you rest in peace ) 
Sukhvir (my darling , who was always there ready to take on anyone who wanted to beat me up)
Ravjote(my friend , he is in states, but as he says in his words his heart beats in Birmingham Uk, SO DOES MINE)
Cherry(We had our ups and downs, did not meet eye to eye sometimes, but always there when it came ot the crunch, the lovely days spent in NCC camps)
Handle(Bhupinder)(I dont remember lot of things, but remember he and his Kawasaki Bike, all the way to Patiala to beat some guys .. )
Chander(Our friend, he is no more with us , But he and his Enfield bike, wow, Crazy,Hyper,Enthusiastic ALL THE TIME, ready to use his fists anytime, if someone took a panga with us, May you rest in peace)
Vikram(The times we spent in front of your shop, almost every Evening of my life)
Ajay(The darling.. my younger brother, the Orion days, Kasauli nights, the Mr. SHARMA Days)
Sunil Sood, Parveen Singla, Jas, Munish, Dugalla, Onkar, Vikky Walia, Ashwani, Sandy,
Simmy(The chandigarh visit the Uphill trip, Luckhnow camp ncc, Amritsar ) ,
My blogger friends
Insignia ( I can never forget how much patience she has, listening to my tantrums, rants. I have fought with her so many times, but never has she retaliated. Thank you , I am a better human being because of you. )
Neha (She has listened to my rants and sometimes also advised me over a few things,  doesn’t visit my blog and i pester her to leave a comment 🙂 , sorry about that  he he he )
Ritu (Thank you, for everything , for supporting and helping me with everything the BPL days )
Megz ( I am giving her because she will fight with me otherwise , why i did not give it to her HA HA HA ha… just kidding, and finding mistakes with my vocabulary , spellings 🙂 )UPDATE:- she found a mistake in this also ahhhhhh

Sandhya , Deepak , Gaurav , A (who promised to meet me when he is flying around uk), Shahid  (for treating me like a brother) , Deepak (MagicEye) , Sangeeta , Harman (For the respect she has shown towards me everytime and laughing at my stupid jokes) ,Raj , Kavita , The Holy Lama (for saying my blog was good and reading me always Thanks you), Gayathri Vishwanathan (For accepting all my silly little jokes ) , Madhu (for always visitng me and appreciating what ever i write and als oshe was the first one to award me ever.. and laughing at my silly jokes ) , Rohini Ji , Shas , Wise Donkey (Who writes wonderful satires and I have learnt the art of writing from WD for sure , Thanks for the lovely comments you leave telling me right or wrong THANKS) , Chandrika Shubham ,Pallavi , Nu , The New Beginning , Ria , Punam (for sharing and boosting my ego), UmaS , SM , NRI Girl , Shilpa , HaRy (for understanding my stupid jokes), RGB , Suruchi (for thinking i am super cool ha. ), Dr. Chandana Shekar (For sharing views with me) , BK Chowla sir (always appreciating and boosting my ego with lovely comments), Jeet , Ananya, Vibhzz (She asked me write for her blog and the help I got for the BPL, amazing ) and to Manna (the beautiful sketches she made for BPL, and found so many spelling mistakes etc helping me every time )  and last but not the least Karthik (I use to think he is quite old but i found he is a kid , he writes so beautifully, the stories he has come out with .. )

Each One of you has effected me in some way or the other , I have learnt a lot from everyone of you , the jokes the argument or discussions we have had , each has made me a better person. I have met some new people in the last few weeks, Thanks to all of you .. Please accept these awards as my token of appreciation Thank you all
I hope and Pray I have not missed anyone out, This is the reason why i don’t forward the awards cause I don’t want to leave out anyone, Everyone who has visited my blog has been so Kind to me , You all deserve to be awarded, and I will always be deeply indebted to you all, If I have not mentioned you Please Please let me know …

Thank you all for making this world a better place to live in and bearing with me Everytime.

Please accept the friendship awards Because you all are Amazing Friends, and all my wishes for you, For being my friend and a BIG HUG for all…