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Life can change in a Second

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First of All :- Sorry for not being in touch and not having visited any of the blogs for the last 10 days, THANKS A TON for those emails and SMS Messages and the Phone calls..
sorry I did not revert back to most of them because of some problems, I am back and hopefully regular, This blog has been the best thing to have happened being in touch with all the people and so many well wishers THANKS A LOT ONCE AGAIN for all the wishes GOD bless you all…

I had written this note earlier putting it up again ..

A very funny thing happened, I had a hospital appointment for a simple procedure to be done on me.

I Was advised it is a simple procedure Which will be carried under Local Anesthetic..

7:30 Am was the appointment , Twiddling my hands I reached there , Parked my car at a side road .. walked to the 2nd floor .. as my luck would have the escalators were not working … Called in .. The pretty little nurse comes in to get me changed..

Well after changing Dr Mitchell comes to have word with me , telling me what will happen , how it is all going to take place. Everyone is so confident its a simple procedure.. syringe in.. to get the fluid out Simple.. the brochure says its about 15-20 Minutes Long.

Ah Well at about 10:30 I am asked to follow into the Op theater.. where the First Fun part happened, just before the OP room there was small room where i was wheeled . a nurse came put some sticky things on my chest , arms etc.. To do a ECG.. WHAT FOR I WAS WONDERING …

Dr Mitchell comes on intercom “We are Ready in here “, The nurse replies We are not , we are waiting for the Anesthetic guy to come.

5 to 10 minutes went by.. Intercom goes buzzz .” How long will it take ” the nurse replies still waiting.. Dr Mitchell walks in , sees me strapped .. What are you doing Juliet.. Waiting for the Dr. to come and Administer.. NO NO NO this is Local Anaesthetic.. Not General ..

WOW I AM AWAKE AND THINKING .. WTF I was just about to be put to sleep, wow.. Ah well after this first mis-communication , I asked Dr if he knew what we are doing, What procedure we were doing , Are we not ..

“Yes Mr Mann, Stop being funny, I have the needle in hand”… ooops

Well I am laying down.. while the Dr tells the other present what is going on , I am guessing they are student doctors Great Now I am a DUMMY to be worked on :).. it gets better and better, about 4 in the room, One gave me an injection …

I felt a needle go in.. the doctor is asking How I am .. I said fine , the nurse at my head says just before the needle “this is the hard part, think of your next holiday “.. My eye went to the monitor She showed me my heart beat , it was about 100 I think cause she said Its just cause you are nervous.. NO I AM Not…

next moment I have this Fainty feeling, Head goes buzzz.. I am sweating .. the Dr asked How are you doing , I say not good.. the Heart rate went to 80 then 57 further down.. Bloody hell suddenly it was chaos.. 4 or 5 personnel appear , I am quickly given two injections of something in my hand … and a Drip put up… everyone looking at me .. the heartbeat or blood pressure whatever it was went to 46..

The student Dr’s are asked to step back.. the seniors took charge .. to me this happened so fast .. but apparently it was almost 1PM when they finished , so a normal routine thing of 20 minutes took more than two hours… I am wheeled out and Now under Observation.. A Pretty Nurse is sitting right in front of me , watching me breath he he he .. Every 15 to 20 minutes she is coming to me Getting my blood pressure..she is a indian I think.. trying to tell me that all is fine, I am doing ok.. in the middle she speaks in Hindi, I bet she thinks I am uneducated or something.. Anyway I am letting her have her FUN.. bad of me .. she seems really concerned… asking me stuff.. telling me “Kabhi kabhi ho jata hai.. fikar ki baat nahin hai”

YES I KNOW.. when can I go Home…

I was told oops We had a incident in the theater…they did not tell me what was the incident.. I am just wondering what it could be .. Tomorrow I have this appointment with my doc, So i will make sure to ask what was this Incident about … I loved what the lady doctor said to me “Its just one of those things ” ..


Life does change in a Jiffy .. It would have IF .. Anyway .. Does it not ….