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I have two incidents to discuss , that happened with me last week

First One :- What have our parents – teachers -elders taught us, have we forgotten all our basic traditions. It seems so. I say this because first time in my living here i felt embarrassed of being a INDIAN. I do talk a lot about our values etc.

This is how the story unfolds, a few weeks back My Mother tells me that another woman who lives near our hometown has been getting in contact with her about her Son who have come to UK on some sort of visa, He is in some sort of trouble, I am supposed to find the guy who lives somewhere on Smethwick High street, near the Gurudwara sahib.  Oh yes I have this power that when I walk on that road I will immediately recognise Manjit Singh to find out the problem he is in.

I was later given a phone number on which I left at least 3 or 4 voicemails, a couple of sms messages, no result this went on, My mum asked the same question about have I done something, In the end I asked Mum to pass my Phone Number to the person, ask him to get in touch.. Anyway i got the call , the guy came over to my house we discussed the problems he had, GUESS WHAT.. the problem was he had sent his passport for extension of visa , since he did not know English he needed someone to ring the home office to enquire. . This is what the problem was ANYWAY this is not the story that i was about to tell you.

Last Thursday I got a call from this Manjit person , he had been assaulted beaten black and blue because he owed some money to someone , since he was not returning the guy had sent a few guys over who caught hold of him beat him, took him to the bank, used his card to withdraw the money and left him alone.

This is still not the story ….  🙂

Now it begins , Manjit singh informed the police who came , took his statement, (now it gets interesting), The house where he was living was shared with a Indian Sikh family, whose son was with him when he was beaten up, so he was a witness.. the police came to the house for statements and that’s when all hell broke loose …

First of all the boy denied being a witness , he denied he was there, on telling him it is on CCTV, he says he did not see anything, well the police could not do anything they had to go back to check others information when the police went , this family got so upset that police had come to the house they asked Manjit to vacate the house there and then … Something to do with how the IJJAT OF THE FAMILY was shattered .. WTF It was not as if he had done something wrong, informed the police who were doing the job, so what if police came they did not come to arrest anyone , they came to get the statments to help nab the culprits.

I was not informed about all this .. next day I got another phone call from Manjit telling me he wants to meet up, I met him where he told me how he spent the night out on the road and all this happened, (as some of you will know me, I was ANGRY) ..

He cannot be asked to leave without notice, I told him his rights and asked him to ring this person or the landlord we rung the landlord first .. he answered the phone I introduced myself , he was polite told him the situation he had no idea  agreed with me and asked Manjit to return back.

As I was talking to him we kept getting calls from the Family elder with whom the house was shared , I handed the phone to Manjit but on speaker.. some of the Word i heard, I was hearing for the first time , I mean i had been in college and lived in punjab and can use choicest of punjabi words but Oh boy he had a vocabulary of his own.

I could not take any more , I got the phone asked him to be quiet and then I introduced myself telling him my name and where i lived.. hearing my voice he did calm down a bit.. I asked him what was his problem.. BELIEVE me I was polite (my parents have taught me to respect the elders no matter what , to talk calmly not to be abusive towards elders), That’s exactly what i did

I got the following

1. Who the F___ am I ?
2. Why am I talking for him?
3. If I am so concerned I should take him home ?
4. They will break my legs if we go near the house.
5. Will inform the police if we go near the house.
6. Furthur he also adds that since I am a Indian and belong to Punjab I should know how he knows the SSP Police in amritsar, How he knows the Minister of some dept in Punjab

I listened to this guy patiently when he was done, I just said “Thank you, and Sat Sri Akal Will come to meet you and also to meet the SSP and the Minister”.. and put the phone down.. I was raging

I did go to this person’s house , he was not home don’t know what would have happened if he was there, this was about 8pm at night I went to work came home and slept.

Next day (saturday) there was this knock on door a Sikh gentleman with a big Beard along with a young guy was standing at the door, I opened the usual Sat Sri akal, he asked my name , I said “Bikramjit Singh Mann”.. bloody hell he almost fell to my feet, mumbling something I was taken aback didn’t know what to do.. I was embarrassed..

This was the guy who had said all these awful things to me, somehow during the night he got to know from Manjit who i was , what i did , Who my dad was .. so this brought all the change ..

I am not writing this BLOG to showoff or anything but coming back to the start of this article and the article i wrote on spoken words ..

Should we not talk politely with everyone

Should we not respect what other is saying

Should we not at least hear out what someone else is saying

Should we be so Rude on phone

What the hell is that SSP in amritsar or that Minister going to do to me .. They cant help there own and they will come to teach me something here in UK.

What sort of mentality is that, Was this guy trying to frighten me ..

This gentleman is supposedly a Granthi , the man who follows god, preaches love, humanity, is suppsed to preach to live in harmony BLAH BLAH BLAH..

Is this what he has learnt  ? 

Is this what he is teaching to people who come for advice to him in the Gurudwara sahib. What honour is left in him falling at my feet as if I am some sort of God father or something.

The other reason is also that he is Illegally staying in the UK and his son too is Illegal that was the reason why he would not be a witness, I can understand that but to treat a fellow Indian like that , throw him out of the house at night .. What sort of way is that.  They were afraid I might report them and you know what I WILL. I am so angry at this person. I mean did he not have any shame , all his life he probably has worked hard and to come to this level…

Now the boy Manjit can stay in the house for as long as he can, which again I feel is not good what sort of relation will they have , wont the boy threaten to spill the beans now that he knows i might support him.

No wonder our elders told us to be patient, Think what we are saying, Know what we are saying .. To WHO we are saying … I have learnt a lesson from this that you never know who is on the other side of the phone line so to be polite wont harm.

and Also the saying Never hit a person who is lying down cause when he stands up he maybe Taller then you…

Please do give me your views

What would you have done and Also If I could or Should have done something different .. Or was I a coward or something or just Shameless Human being…

do you talk like this ?
Have you had a experience like this ?

PS:- I will aks these same questions when i end up putting the second article cause that also seems to be on same theme..