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Friends or Enemies

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Update 24-july-2010:- After reading a few comments that have come up, let me make one thing clear please, This article was not written to target anyone particular, or to RANT or anything , This article is a QUESTION who is better and the reasons I have given or I have to say that a ENEMY is far better then FRIENDS who are there just for the sake of it and otherwise dont give a F*&% . The example i have given are my personal experiences and my thoughts on the issue. I am sorry if it has offended anyone. MY FRIENDS KNOW WHO I AM , WHAT I AM. if not then they really need to consider WHAT They know about me. This is my take on who is better and why.


Lately I have been having weird thoughts running around in my stupid mind, and a statement that hit my brains was Why do they say?

“Keep your friends close but keep your Enemies Closer”

I think there was logic behind that, which according to me is

Trust: – Can we trust our friends so much… that they will be there when we need them, an enemy we can trust will be there to hurt us for sure when the time comes.

Hurt: – Friends hurt us more than our enemies, you see Enemies we know will hurt us so we are prepared for it, but what friends do is bad because we are not prepared, we don’t expect they will do such a thing Hence it hurts more.

So who is better Friend or Enemy?

Don’t you think an enemy always knows
               What we are doing ?
               What we are going through, because they keep their eyes on?

It works in their favour if they know us better… But Friends on other hand take us for granted, sometimes
they are not there when we need them most, they don’t know what we are going through or what we are doing.

Friends don’t know us that much as an enemy would…

When a friend strikes we have no idea but at least since we know who the enemy is we know they will strike some-time, some-day.

Hate-Love: – We know our enemies hate us, so we don’t expect to be liked by them But friends now that are different because We expect them to care and love us, but how many friends do we have who actually do that, these days everyone is so busy in their own life that they forget to even ask you on a regular basis how you are, how you are doing, whats going on,

How you feeling…

Whereas a Enemy will always know the answers to all these questions somehow or the other as they will be
keeping a close eye on you.

Sometimes our friends become our enemies now that is a worst case scenario cause they might know our secrets but when an enemy becomes our friend they will always remain trustworthy to you. It is a FACT.

I hear people say your friends could betray you, but you never know what you can expect with your enemies.  Enemies are more lethal, because they are always scheming against but hey isn’t that a good thing
BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY ARE whereas when a friend betrays us we are helpless and get shattered.

Then there are friends who dont get tired saying how they are your best mates, how they miss you, how you are the first person they have come to talk, how they need you, and YET is you are DEAD or DYING they wont even have the thought of thinking about you.. a ENEMY would because they would be pleased you are Dead.

To top it all up there are FRIENDS who use you, when they need you or need something from you, you become there best friend but as and when its done , again its back to square one.. a ENEMY would never do that or you wont let them do this to you…

Have you heard a dialogue that the reason one of your Friends (so called) did not add you to there list of friends on facebook or gtalk or anywhere cause they did not want to mess up friendship, I mean what sort of reason is that.. and What with this crap BFF (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER) does it exist .. the only thing that exists is the BEST ENEMIES FOREVER.. not friends…

Then the Classic a million dollar line.. if you meet this friend or talk to them after long , the typical Oh i tried to get in touch, and the excuses they come out with

1. Did not have phone number
2. Did not have your email
3. There was no Cafe nearby
4. There was no light

What sort of PATHETIC excuses are those at least these  you will never have to hear from a enemy, because they will do anything to SPAM your inbox, get hold of you number to abuse you, and no cafe will be far for them to get hold of you.

So who is better a friend or an enemy?

PS:- So to all those hypocrite so called FRIENDS… stop this hypocracy and go and make a fool of someone else .. I for one am better off with my ENEMIES .. because they are far better then you and always will be …