Memories – part 1

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shauhrat bhi le ,
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani
magar mujhko lauta do BACHPAN ke saathi ,
woh kagaz ki kishti woh barish ka paani

mmmmmm Good old days.. remembering them makes u smile. No wonder its called the golden age.

Oh Man I miss my bachpan days… I being the only male child in my family was pampered a lot.. so it was all the more better for me…

School days, today i am going to talk about prior to 4th – 5th class..

I still remember a lot of that time .. My friends and Teachers, God knows where they are now, what they are doing. I know its been long , we parted our ways ages ago , went our own ways but I still remember them all.

I remember the days when I and my best friend at that time would go on our cycles roaming around aimlessly Not a worry in the world dance to the songs of dharamveer and sholay ..

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge ” and “Saat ajoobe is duniya main.. aathvin apni jodi” dreaming that we will be together ever

Nostalgic times when I remember it all

I wonder sometimes do the people I think of remember me .. or am i lost in the mist somewhere.

Did i mean something to them THEN as they meant to me.

Would we recognise each other if we met up,

Would we still have the same chemistry as we had then.

Would we still play the games we played then.

Where are all those guys/girls.

What are they doing in life.

What did they do after we parted ways.

I remember one of my friend had his birthday party which was to begin in evening , by the afternoon it had started raining cats and dogs.. so much so that the roads were flooded, how i asked my dad to give me his raincoat, put it on and walked to his house to be there and THE SMILE and Glee he had on his face seeing me , since no one had turned up by then.. it was priceless… then as the rain subsided, it was 7 or 8pm at night a few others turned up, how my friend told the others “Bikram was here first”, how i got a extra chocolate. WOW

Then on Sundays we got together,went to the park, where there were Two JAMUN trees, when the Jamuns were ripe we would climb to eat them all, how the MAALI would come running after us with his DANDA.

Play cricket in the ground, fight over whether the ball dropped out of boundary or inside the boundary, After all it was a matter of LIFE and DEATH TWO runs.
Off course the LBW’s, No one had a clue what it was but the moment the ball hit the leg, It had to be LBW and then it was like world war III … KATI kar doonga … fir agle din ABBA. (by the way I still haven’t understood the rule, How the umpires decide if it is a LBW )

Weird things, a smile comes to face when u think of those words. LOTS and LOTS OF MEMORIES……. How I wish I could rewind the clock back…. Bunny , Hitesh , Rajit , Navdeep, Harjit, Laadi, Chaudhary where are you all guys … Hope we meet up sometime …

  1. Jaspreet says:

    you reminded me of those wonderful days!!…seriously that was the best time.No worries,no fear of failure was there..I sometimes wonder if we would be able to relive those moments ever again.


  2. Deepak says:

    hope you meet your friends soon.amen!!


  3. wooaaah,memories of the guzra hua zamana! :(surely those times were the most precious, we only realise their value now when we cant go back n fetch those lovely pleasures..*sigh*Kher hai, i wish Bunny , Hitesh , Rajit , Navdeep, Harjit, Laadi, Chaudhary contact you soon! N u guys meet up and have loads of fun! 😀


  4. @Jaspreet:- yeah the good days they were , yes i wonder too but alas life is such that the days gone by will never come back NEVER.. which is the sad part of life. thats why i hope the days we are going though now we make the most of them …


  5. @Deepak:- Amen my friend AMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I hope so toooo.@shaguftaabbas:- Thanks for the visit please do come again Soon:) yeah memories of the good old days.. jo ab Guzra hua zamana ho gaye hain. yeah so true we realise so late and thanks for the wish I hope so too to meet them 🙂 somehow somewhere … sometime …


  6. yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shauhrat bhi le , bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani magar mujhko lauta do BACHPAN ke saathi , woh kagaz ki kishti woh barish ka paanikya gaana hain…wah! love this song. And the post too…bachpan yaad aa gayi 😛


  7. Nice post :)Good Olden day memories!!


  8. Madhu says:

    how sweet bick..brought back so many old old memories…:)i have to contact my friends..:)hugs!madz!


  9. Hey those are some beautiful memories…childhood is just amazing 🙂


  10. sharmila says:

    till class 4th i was in pakistan … had tons of fun with the bulding campus friend – but the school was terrible … so i don't really want them back in my life again n still have connect with some of my friends … some have change some are still like that !! weird – but childhood memories doesn't realy fascinate me that much … but as usual loved reading ur post 🙂


  11. Travelled with you to the times, films and jamuns.Bas yaadein, yaadein yaadein reh jaati hainKuch chhoti chhoti baten reh jaati hain.Hope you meet up some of your friends. It's easy if you live in same locality.


  12. UmaS says:

    Childhood is always nostalgic…Loved the bday party attendance by you !!! 🙂 So sweet…


  13. Insignia says:

    Memories and memories. Its all that remains. Nice to go down the memory lane


  14. wise donkey says:

    i tried facebook twitter and batchmates, not a single one! where do they disappear!Yeah the golden age is the best, but at that time, one hardly realises it, or does it make it better..


  15. wise donkey says:

    lbw was so funny..(i used to be the umpire most of the time but wasnt accurate all the time)


  16. Phoenixritu says:

    People change you know. I have changed so much that I can't relate to most of the people I loved so long ago. They find me strange too


  17. Ria says:

    oh this post made me nostalgic!! Loved it.


  18. akash says:

    Mann yaar, wd determination one can get GOD, so don't feel sad. COme to India, u will surely meet ur frnds,whom u wanna meeting


  19. RGB says:

    Those were the days my friend, I wish they'd never end…so goes the song (Lucinda Williams) in my mind, as I read your post. The little things we did then, however trivial it may sound today (since we're all grown-ups and all!) were things that really mattered and still mattersto us (or else, we wouldn't have remembered any of them!). Hope you find your friends and catch-up with them SOON!


  20. Bikramjit says:

    @Gayathri :- Yeah kya gana hai.. thanks for liking hte post .. @Raj:- yeah definitely the golden days they were .. @Madhu:- Bik se BICK kar diya 🙂 ab next time BRICK na ho jaye he he he … Thanks a ton Madhu thank you so much… @A new beginning:- YEah child hood is indeed amazing. Thank you for the lovely comment.@Sharmila:- thank you for liking my post and the lovely comment…


  21. Bikramjit says:

    @The holy lama:- oh yes but its those chothi chothi batein which make us wanna go back to that place and time … yeah its easy if you live in same locality but I am too far from the locality i lived … @UmaS:- thanks for the visit. yeah i was greedy and ate a lot so all the more for me 🙂 @Insignia:- yep they are just memories. thanks.@Wise donkey:- yeah the thing is you dont find everyone on facebook etc, a few are not into computers it was a long time back. I did try too. you were the umpire to what is this LBW i still cant understand it more of Luck i guess he he he


  22. Bikramjit says:

    @Ritu :- hmmm i agree to your point too but i dont htink I have changed much I am still the same old idiot, the only thing changed is me 6ft and angry thats it Rest is still the same. @Ria:- thanks for the visit and followwing me now.. hope to see you around more often please do. @Akash:- yaar i know what you mean, It does not say if you are Akash Ghai I am assuming its you.. else no one wud write this .. SO thank you .. I can still remmeber the day we cooked chicken in babbars house and the argument over how much ingredients to put.. do you remember. Next time we will surly meet up.


  23. Swaram says:

    Would we still have the same chemistry as we had then – Oh! I wonder too? But ya, I miss them I really do 😦


  24. pallavi says:

    Oh I loooooooooooooved this post…. esp the foll. line'roaming around aimlessly Not a worry in the world'You put it so simply and easily, Bikram. Childhood and adolescence was so beautiful, because we didn't have to worry about anything like finances/responsibilities/duty/future… we just lived day to day and it was so beautiful!!Sigh!!!


  25. Nu says:

    old days? they do make us nostalgic ! And we so want to go back to those days every time we think of them !Just one question: What did you mean by 'me being the only male child in the family was pampered a lot' !!did you mean since other children were females ? or you were the only child in the house at that time ?


  26. Harman says:

    very nice post bikram…. memories..of bachpan…made me smile too…so very true to words…sorry I am late in posting the comment was soo bsy at work.


  27. kavisionz says:

    Good old days indeed!! Such a lovely read!! Was fun to relive mine as well.. :)Thanks for sharing, Bikram…


  28. @RGB:- YEs they were. Grown up do you think we are.. cause I am sure we have a child in us all. Oh yes they mattered a lot in a wya its made us the way we are now. Have a read at this Click to read more The lyrics in the end .. I am sure you will enjoy… @Swaram:- Well dont know about chemistry.. But i have met some old mates earlier and we clicked .. fingers crossed but the first thing is to catch up with them .. @Pallavi:- THanks so much for the visit, please do keep visiting. and thanks for the lovely comment tooo. Yeah chidlhood was great and indeed beautiful it was


  29. @Nu:- thanks for the visit please keep coming… I am greedy about comments good or bad both he hehe .. good old days as they are called do make us nostalgic.. the answer to your question is .. In our joint family i was the only MALE child .. at that time aunts and uncles had daughters.. so i was pampered. @Harman:- Was missing your comment on this post 🙂 thanks and not to worry about late.. work comes first and being busy is good in today economic crisis.. 🙂 Thanks so much.@Kavisionz :- Thank you and i am glad it made you relive those moments .. thanks for visiting 🙂


  30. Nu says:

    hmmm I'm coming back to your blog..see..and commenting too 🙂 I'm as greedy for comments as one normal blogger could be ;)Oh that's not fair na ?? being pampered only because you were male child then ??


  31. BK Chowla, says:

    Memories all that will be left but we must continue to remind ourselves of those wonderful days which were without any worries


  32. Uma says:

    nice post!.. golden days made me smile too.. like jagjit singh's song..


  33. @Nu:- yes you are and thank you so much for that.. i guiess we both are greedy then 🙂 Ab I could not do anything in this if i was the only male.. BLAME my parents and other couples in the house 🙂 at that time he hehe@Chowla sir:- yes indeed they are and sometimes when you are sad and down, just remembering those days makes you smile and stand up and face the problems… @Uma:- yeah i am a fan of jagjit singh… golden days they are indeed … thank you for visiting me please do keep coming


  34. Tanvi Nimkar says:

    Well you brought all those memories back. But sometimes people change, the ones who were our best buddies once, now don't even say hi!Hope you meet your buddies soon.Wonderful post!


  35. HaRy!! says:

    o i remember those days now Bikram!well at least we have FB to get in touch!! thanks to the social networking sites!


  36. @Tanvi Nimkar:- Thanks for the visit please do keep coming. yeah what you say is true too.. but i beleive those who have gone out of ur life were never meant to be .. so its ok .. @HaRy:- yeah fb is good .. but have u heard how unsafe it is .. you heard the news about the little boy.. BADDDDDDD things happen on FB


  37. ajay says:

    Wah ji wah.. so i guess you were this stupid before you met us .. thank god now they cant blame us for changing you.. Goood Nice good old days


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