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Memories – part 1

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yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shauhrat bhi le ,
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani
magar mujhko lauta do BACHPAN ke saathi ,
woh kagaz ki kishti woh barish ka paani

mmmmmm Good old days.. remembering them makes u smile. No wonder its called the golden age.

Oh Man I miss my bachpan days… I being the only male child in my family was pampered a lot.. so it was all the more better for me…

School days, today i am going to talk about prior to 4th – 5th class..

I still remember a lot of that time .. My friends and Teachers, God knows where they are now, what they are doing. I know its been long , we parted our ways ages ago , went our own ways but I still remember them all.

I remember the days when I and my best friend at that time would go on our cycles roaming around aimlessly Not a worry in the world dance to the songs of dharamveer and sholay ..

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge ” and “Saat ajoobe is duniya main.. aathvin apni jodi” dreaming that we will be together ever

Nostalgic times when I remember it all

I wonder sometimes do the people I think of remember me .. or am i lost in the mist somewhere.

Did i mean something to them THEN as they meant to me.

Would we recognise each other if we met up,

Would we still have the same chemistry as we had then.

Would we still play the games we played then.

Where are all those guys/girls.

What are they doing in life.

What did they do after we parted ways.

I remember one of my friend had his birthday party which was to begin in evening , by the afternoon it had started raining cats and dogs.. so much so that the roads were flooded, how i asked my dad to give me his raincoat, put it on and walked to his house to be there and THE SMILE and Glee he had on his face seeing me , since no one had turned up by then.. it was priceless… then as the rain subsided, it was 7 or 8pm at night a few others turned up, how my friend told the others “Bikram was here first”, how i got a extra chocolate. WOW

Then on Sundays we got together,went to the park, where there were Two JAMUN trees, when the Jamuns were ripe we would climb to eat them all, how the MAALI would come running after us with his DANDA.

Play cricket in the ground, fight over whether the ball dropped out of boundary or inside the boundary, After all it was a matter of LIFE and DEATH TWO runs.
Off course the LBW’s, No one had a clue what it was but the moment the ball hit the leg, It had to be LBW and then it was like world war III … KATI kar doonga … fir agle din ABBA. (by the way I still haven’t understood the rule, How the umpires decide if it is a LBW )

Weird things, a smile comes to face when u think of those words. LOTS and LOTS OF MEMORIES……. How I wish I could rewind the clock back…. Bunny , Hitesh , Rajit , Navdeep, Harjit, Laadi, Chaudhary where are you all guys … Hope we meet up sometime …