Being a MAN

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Age, Experiences, Mankind, My Thoughts., Thinking

This phrase is often heard especially amongst MEN..

It is not that one is strong physically that is considered Manly enough, I have seen a lot of big Strong men become chicken and run away …

Sometimes it makes me wonder was I man enough when I was growing up or am I still man enough… Yeah i know stupid thought but the times i was growing up were different, different in a sense for example if we had a fight the maximum we used were hockey sticks or clubs .. these days kids go armed with knifes or even firearms… I mean a 12 year old going equipped with a knife .. thats the ugly truth of today ….

I remember some funny incidents, funny in a sense I find them funny now .. but when they happened it was not so.. in punjabi we have this word “AUKHA HAIN”.. basically if you want to pick up a fight you go upto someone and say it ..and in punjab you got a fight on your hands 🙂 , usually the other side answers “NO” or “LEAVE IT ” etc etc

We were a big group in my college, and there was this guy with whom we had a problem, I dont know what it was now.. But we had .. One day me and my mates were in sector 17 chandigarh.. saw this guy with his mates.. I am a very straightforward, I thought this is the chance 🙂 so I went upto him and I said “AUKHA HAIN“.. I was not expecting the reply that i got.. a Tall Sardar , Big bloke on the side says

HANN HAIGAAN“.. (meaning yes i am) …

for a second I was taken aback, since I did not expect this reply , lucky for me my friend Babbar who is MAD MAN.. 🙂 stepped in and for some reason it all fizzeled away, suddenly we were all shaking hands ..

The reason for the above is that I felt this new friend was A MAN.. he stood for his friend, did not ask the reasons or anything but just stood up for his mate, incidentally after this little scenario we became very good friends…

I really cant understand what sort of people are those who dont have the GUTS to stand up, Or at least stand up for what they say .. What sort of MAN are they … Especially the ones who hide behind the anonymous tags… I mean if you have something to say then you should say it in the open and at someones face.

So what does it make to be a MAN..


I am not saying that I am always right , But when I am wrong, I put up my hand and accept it .. No harm in saying sorry.. Only the brave can say sorry .. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry .. as they say thats what makes a MAN out of a boy…

I read this article the other day on Apologies, I really loved reading it .. I do beleive that there is no shame in accepting one’s fault .. it makes one a better person and if you are a male definitely a MAN… By accepting the fault it gives us a chance to not do it again..


Another thing that I connect with being a man is that I strongly beleive that one should not accept wrong being done, constantly heard the phrase IGNORE IT .. its fair enough but WHY should we ignore it … Why cant I just find the person who has said something derogatory or done something wrong , Beat the crap out of them or at least publicly humiliate them ..

I mean how long can one ignore it .. and because of someones stupidity why should I change the way I live or change the way I think.. That would be letting into. Whats so manly about it … I really dont understand this..


The above are just a few thoughts randomly jumping around in my head , I have no clue what it means or what it is …

  1. HaRy!! says:

    talk abt guts! :)! man.. yu are indeed a blog factory!!!.. wish i ud write and write.. but all i'll do is blabber! 🙂


  2. Bikramjit says:

    @HaRy:-Thankyou mate.its one thing to be factory and snother to actually write something useful. You have aways visited me and commented its really been heartening reading the comments though some woud say otherwise. Thanks a lot i am the blabber mate i write too much.


  3. ya right , agree with HaRy!! "man.. yu are indeed a blog factory!!! "


  4. Jaspreet says:

    Rightly said but I think that it true holds for a woman too,not just a man…I mean why should we ignore anything? I find those people really irritating who just can't stand up against wrong and who just choose to be mere spectators.


  5. keshavnarla says:

    I agree with the MAN! But don't be a moron.In college, I would jump at the chance of a fight.It was stupid!I've grown saner over the years.But don't ignore the wrong. One time, 3 of us, went to pick a fight with 10(12). They challenged us, but when I turned to my friends, they didn't move.So we went anyway, just 3, we fought, we came back! (I think we won)


  6. Rajlakshmi says:

    now thats what actually makes a man Man 🙂 very well put…


  7. Very well said!I say sorry! I donot say let it!! if some one makes a mistake I face them and ask who ever they are!!


  8. Oye, Mann put his mann in writing about manliness. And yes ji, chadd yaar sometimes becomes meaningless.Sometimes ignoring a snide remark is the best way to show that you are an intelligent man. We need not react to all barking dogs. And standing for a friend with a good cause is really becoming the man.


  9. magiceye says:

    well expressed! standing up to what one believes is proof of character but ignoring something to prevent unnecessary heartburn is also character!a fine balance between heart and mind!


  10. Madhu says:

    well ignoring sometimes pays..Not that we should not fight against crap..but sometimes keeping quiet settles the situation..


  11. Chatterbox says:

    Wonderfully put post :)Be a man, not necessary with muscles but with character.Stand by your beliefs and values and protect the rights again by wishful thinking and a strong character not by indulging in duel on every prompt.Keep writing :)Cheers!!


  12. RGB says:

    I think what's more important is being "human" instead of behaving like "animals"!


  13. wise donkey says:

    I agree especially with the first friend incident. instead of taking it in the literal sense i think it would apply for everyone not just men…and though it might seem silly, thought giving birth and raising child is a big challenge and task..on the sorry, earlier i would have agreed with you, but now i honestly don't accept all my mistakes immediately. since i have found that there are people who don't admit their mistakes and if you admit yours sincerely all the time, they sterotype and don't take you seriously. the equivalent being a batsman not walking out on his debut or when he is on a bad patch:D(due to my compulsiveness, i admit my mistakes to someone else or the person later:D) but there is no doubt that it takes courage to say i was wrong.emotionally its easier to say i was wrong than hold the burden of the knowledge..I always thought the Raymond's man was a nice Man. PS : i think its scary when kids go around with knives to prove their manhood..and though it might not seem serious kids driving cars or bikes without license is stupid not manly..


  14. Gourav Agrawal:- thanks for the visit. @Jaspreet:- yeah it hold true for the women too, wel lnoted. YEah one shud stand up against wrong, this is the reason our country is in the state it is in.. no one is interersted or botherd. Thank you os much for coming here. Please keep visiting.@Keshavnarla:- Oh yes the problem is there are not enough MEN , but tons of morons.. Yeah good growing up is good and college times are different with no worries. Thats the spirit, it does not matter who won or lost the POINT is you stood up and took it head on .. you win some you loose some thats life.. but how many tuck there tails and run .. Nice one…@RajLakshmi:- thanks a lot for the visit and the comment. keep visiting please. @RAj:- yeah one shud accept the mistake it makes them a bigger man for sure , another thing is If you accept your mistake then you can rectify it too but if you dont then you CANT.


  15. @The holy lama:- I agree with you , that sometimes it may be wise to ignore, but as long as we dont make a habit out of it.I always try to stand by my friends, right or wrong, thats what friend to though if they are wrong I will tell them afterwards but stand i will. Thank you.@magiceye:- deepak ji thanks for pointing this out and i do agree with you too.. but as i mentioned not making a habit of ignoring. Thought i accept that sometimes it does help.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Very recently, even I had thought of these words for someone.. "For once in your life, be a man." It's very simple, Bikram.. the 'man' I came across recently, has an impressive profile: He coolly shirks his responsibility (marriage), he takes decisions and blames others for having forced him to take those decisions, he just runs away like a coward never to come back. Impressive, right? Evrything that a real man should not be. 🙂 Aise bhi log hote hain duniya mein.


  17. Deepak says:

    I liked the punjabi words u used in this post.bahot vadiya paaji 🙂


  18. R. Ramesh says:

    ya well ssaid boss..and as chatterbox says, one should be a man, not necessary with muscles but with character.enjoyed reading, blog factory..:)


  19. R. Ramesh says:

    blog factory bosss…enjoyed reading this post chatterbox says, one has to be a man, not necessary with muscles but with character.


  20. Ananya says:

    I agree with you, one should always stand up for him/herself.'aukha' means 'tough'right? 😛


  21. BK Chowla, says:

    True if one believes in some thing one must stand up to it and be a man


  22. Man or Woman, one must have the guts to stand by what he/she believes in. I personally hate men who do the 'kurta-phaadke' I-am-the-real-man thing. A real man, I think is one who doesn't have to shout to be heard.


  23. Why man? Even a woman should stand for the truth, should be brave enough to say sorry and not to ignore something wrong occurring. Just like Holy Lama said: if its just a stupid remark ignore it. But yes if there is something such as a girl being harassed or a senior citizen facing trouble then ignoring would be a shame…i would call it cowardice 🙂


  24. sharmila says:

    sometime it's good to ignore …. but when the sutiation gets too much one shouldn't stand it anymore … i personally hate fights and not even with hockey sticks – a big NO !!p.s. u had a typical indian college years 🙂


  25. Bikramjit says:

    @Madhu:- yeha it does pay sometimes But if we know its crap then might as well give it a try then. Thank you so much for the visit @Chatterbox:- Thank you.. Oh yes so very true its not the muscels I have seen some very good Muscled men, squeak like a rat.. and run with tail tucked.. its got nothing to do with muscles the power is in the brain. ANd as you say true.. stand by our beleifs and values… thanks for the visit.@RGB:- Thank you so much. And yeah beign HUMAN is the priority and one shud be a HUMAN always … rathe then a animal/…..@Wise donkey:- THank you. I understand what you mean. if you accept too many times you become a stero type i guess.. and yeah it does take courage to admit to a mistake. Raymonds man who was that .. I dont know 🙂 Yes it is scary veyr scary kids with knives, see it everyday in my business…


  26. Bikramjit says:

    @anonymous:- Hmmm yeah true aise bhi log hote hain duniya main.. and t otell you frankly tis people like those who are more successful in today days and age for some reason.all the best with this friend of yours .. hope he sees sense and does what is required of a man to do … Thanks a lot for visiting me though i dont know who you are.. so please leave you name next time so i can address you… @Deepak:- Thanks deepak.. tusin aye mere blog te bahut wadhiya lagiya … @Ramesh:- cant understand why this is a blog factory there are people who write almost everyday one article 🙂 thanks for the visit .. yeah i agree with that you say its not the muscles … @Ananya:- yes aukha means tough:) thanks for visiting me again and the lovely comment please d keep visitng … @Chowla sir:- thats you for the visit. and yes if you beleive in something then you must stand up for it … thats what men do


  27. Bikramjit says:

    @Gayathri:- Thanks you so much. I said man because i wrote the article though i muse say .. it hold true for both men and women….it depends how stupid the remark is. YEah i agree with you that if a someone is being harassed and you can help and dont do anything then it is a SAD situation.. and yes it would be cowardice. I hope and prey i dont have to do it anytime or i ignore such a situation… @Sharmila:- THanks for the visit.. and the lovely comment. Am i how do you know I am a typical indian college student he he he he he Yes i have had fun time at college and i enjoyed and God has been great who gave me such good friends that we could have all this fun.Thank you so much.


  28. pallavi says:

    Totally agree with you… and kudos to you for holding ground 🙂 Not many people can do that!!


  29. radha says:

    Agree with you. And there are days, something , nothing specific can just trigger off thoughts like these.


  30. rohini says:

    Oh so here is Man with a Blog Factory…..:)and we, the consumers get so many interesting valuable products to consume….nice…:)Being a man…for me is man who has a good character…alws fighting arguing dominating (are the characteristics commonly found in man)are a big NO…he who does this is nt a man for me…one who alws boast that his words are right..are useless creatures…jyada ho gaya kya..hihi…anyways..what u wrote is right…thnx for laying the values of Being a man…:)


  31. @Pallavi:- Thank you for the visit please keep visitng. thank you so much.@Radha:- oh yes anything can trigger off something.. I agree with you on that. thanks for visiting me @Rohini:- thank you. I am glad you find the blog interesting , its because of beautiful people like you that this blog is interesting. Otherwise i will be just one of those again. I agree with you too.. about the man you like. i hope and prey you have one of those 🙂 thank you for the lovely comment.


  32. Harman says:

    nice..I really go with the thought of apology..yes..very few accept the fault and then improve themselves… again..has very positive message behind it!


  33. Anonymous says:

    Bikram, sadly, he is not my friend, he happens to be my husband 😦 .. and.. you know me.


  34. Bikramjit says:

    @harman:- yeah apology is good. thanks for liking the post .. @Anonymous :- I know you wowo now you got me curious email me .. i dont seem to recall sorry about that my bad … Please do email


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