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Being a MAN

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Age, Experiences, Mankind, My Thoughts., Thinking

This phrase is often heard especially amongst MEN..

It is not that one is strong physically that is considered Manly enough, I have seen a lot of big Strong men become chicken and run away …

Sometimes it makes me wonder was I man enough when I was growing up or am I still man enough… Yeah i know stupid thought but the times i was growing up were different, different in a sense for example if we had a fight the maximum we used were hockey sticks or clubs .. these days kids go armed with knifes or even firearms… I mean a 12 year old going equipped with a knife .. thats the ugly truth of today ….

I remember some funny incidents, funny in a sense I find them funny now .. but when they happened it was not so.. in punjabi we have this word “AUKHA HAIN”.. basically if you want to pick up a fight you go upto someone and say it ..and in punjab you got a fight on your hands 🙂 , usually the other side answers “NO” or “LEAVE IT ” etc etc

We were a big group in my college, and there was this guy with whom we had a problem, I dont know what it was now.. But we had .. One day me and my mates were in sector 17 chandigarh.. saw this guy with his mates.. I am a very straightforward, I thought this is the chance 🙂 so I went upto him and I said “AUKHA HAIN“.. I was not expecting the reply that i got.. a Tall Sardar , Big bloke on the side says

HANN HAIGAAN“.. (meaning yes i am) …

for a second I was taken aback, since I did not expect this reply , lucky for me my friend Babbar who is MAD MAN.. 🙂 stepped in and for some reason it all fizzeled away, suddenly we were all shaking hands ..

The reason for the above is that I felt this new friend was A MAN.. he stood for his friend, did not ask the reasons or anything but just stood up for his mate, incidentally after this little scenario we became very good friends…

I really cant understand what sort of people are those who dont have the GUTS to stand up, Or at least stand up for what they say .. What sort of MAN are they … Especially the ones who hide behind the anonymous tags… I mean if you have something to say then you should say it in the open and at someones face.

So what does it make to be a MAN..


I am not saying that I am always right , But when I am wrong, I put up my hand and accept it .. No harm in saying sorry.. Only the brave can say sorry .. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry .. as they say thats what makes a MAN out of a boy…

I read this article the other day on Apologies, I really loved reading it .. I do beleive that there is no shame in accepting one’s fault .. it makes one a better person and if you are a male definitely a MAN… By accepting the fault it gives us a chance to not do it again..


Another thing that I connect with being a man is that I strongly beleive that one should not accept wrong being done, constantly heard the phrase IGNORE IT .. its fair enough but WHY should we ignore it … Why cant I just find the person who has said something derogatory or done something wrong , Beat the crap out of them or at least publicly humiliate them ..

I mean how long can one ignore it .. and because of someones stupidity why should I change the way I live or change the way I think.. That would be letting into. Whats so manly about it … I really dont understand this..


The above are just a few thoughts randomly jumping around in my head , I have no clue what it means or what it is …