You and your Sat NAV…(TAG- Funny ONE)

Posted: July 4, 2010 in funnies, Laugh it off, Laughter, Sat Nav, Tags

Hi all I am going to make this as a tag,

What do you think are highly unlikely things you can hear from your satellite navigation system ?

Here are Some that I have compiled funny ones.. so please add yours too what you think

1. Bear to left , On the  right corner is a Rabbit

2. Did you check the gas, Did you turn it off , Did you lock the door…
    Did you
    Did you

   I think we should turn back turn back to see


4. At next set of light a  cyclist is going to turn up and give u a dirty look.. thinking he is better then you.. when the lights get green lets seee how his balance his MUUUHA HA HAAHA HAH

5. I will tell you what darling how about You getting out of the car AND
let your HUSBAND PARK the car

6. Turn right..

         WRONG .. I did not say SAT NAV SAYS

7.  Hold on I got the map upside down

8. Where the HELL are WE…

I am going to tag Chandrika shubham , Gaurav , Madhu , Harman , Sandeep (RAJ), Dr Chandana Shekar, Insignia  ,Neha , Rohini , Meghzzy, Karthik, Deepsss, Vibhzy, Deepak, Ritu, Sangeeta AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO I HAVE MISSED 🙂

Please everyone pick it up.. its funny as you make it …You dont have to forward it to anyone if you dont want to .. but just pick it up or put your answers on my comments lets see what funny things we come out with … 🙂

  1. Insignia says:

    Well, I have had weird experiences with the SAT NAV. Let me share it with you.1. This happened when approaching downtown LA on I-5. As instructed, look a loop on a flyover and took the exit as mentioned, instead we had to loop and loop. Busy junction it was, we nearly lost in not once, but thrice. We finally managed to reach downtown.2. On my way to the Niagara, lost a mini-exit near Philadelphia and had to traverse back 30 miles3. While going to Big Basin State Park in Santa Cruz, the SAT NAV got confused and it was suggesting routes and roads that never existed. I hit a dead-end and later somehow managed to get the route right!Phew!! talk about believing them, they can drop you like a spouse anytime!! 😀


  2. magiceye says:

    *Am in the wrong car!


  3. A says:

    Somehow, I want GPS to say "Do you want me to shut up if the driver takes a different route?"I 'hate' love stories and GPS systems….hahah


  4. Thanks for tagging me. 🙂 It is interesting! :)I liked the point 7 the most. 🙂


  5. Madhu says:

    Lol..that was funny.ill do it aaram se.My grey cells are sleeping!


  6. Ria says:

    Interesting tag!! 🙂


  7. kavita says:

    Lolz !Funny and interesting.


  8. Neha says:

    satellite nav system – i have never ever used it 😦 sorry, can't take up this tag at all re..very nice answers btw 🙂


  9. sm says:



  10. Madhu says:

    Funny…nice imagination though


  11. Anonymous says:

    2 points.ok. Why don't you ask for breakup before next round? 2 is too close.


  12. have never used one … so … but i liked point 4 a lot !


  13. Neena Sharma says:

    You've got a very fertile imagination.


  14. Smitha says:

    LOL! That was funny! 'Bear to left , On the right corner is a Rabbit' – That was too good 🙂 'Can you please just follow my instructions', is sure what my Sat Nav must be dying to tell me 🙂


  15. lolz.. funny. i shall take it up soon 🙂 past midnight now. brain cells sleepin!!


  16. rohini says:

    thnx for the tag and for the intresting anss….but never used SAT NAV….No idea…:(


  17. Harman says:

    interesting ….thanks for tagging me!


  18. @insignia:- he hehe i liked your experience wth the SAT NAV.. we get a call now and then for help with huge truck beign taken to some remote roads and no where to turn around so they need help.. its funny… Yeah they can drop you like a girl friend .. spouce nahin comeon… 🙂 @Magiceye:- he he he thats a nice one AM in the wrong car… @A:-he he ehe I was thinking of that .. A hadn comes out and says I TOLD YOU RIGHT… thaad he heh ehe or or Dont you understand me .. or FOR GOD SAKE TURN RIGHT… @Chandrika Shubham:- thank you thank you , waiting to see what you coome out with 🙂


  19. @Madhu:- haanji take your time .. as adn when you want to .. grey cells ko bhi rest deni chahiye kabhi kabhi.. 🙂 @Ria:- Thanks .. do take it up if you like it .. what do you think the GPS would say 🙂 GO ON @Kavita :- thank you thank you… @Neha:- ooops .. well i am sure you can make out something… 🙂 if you imagine thanks for the visit and the comment 🙂 @Sm:- thanks for liking it. @Madhu:- Thanks a lot.. and welcome to my blog .. do keep visiting ..


  20. @Dr. chandana shekar:- yes please do take it up as and when you can .. anything for a laugh and I am sure you will agree too that laughter is the best medicine:)@Rohini:- change of pic.. hmm nice 🙂 aree jsut imagine .. thanks for visiting @HArman:- thanks for liking this


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