Spoken Words

Posted: July 2, 2010 in My Thoughts., People, Soch, Thinking, Village

Recently been hearing and talking to friends .. Have had this feeling that SPOKEN words can mean so much different in situations , that’s is why our forefathers or elders always told us to speak carefully. Its sometimes the way the words are said which can hurt or have a different result then what we expect.

I was always taught to speak gently, pause take your time , don’t rush into saying things.. As one of the elders said If you sow Two trees in the Same soil, water them the same , feed them the same ..

Next to one tree speak gently, nicely , good things ..
With the other use derogatory words , speak harshly ..

You will definitely notice difference in the way the tree grows , the flower it produces and the Fruit will taste differently. Though this has got nothing to do with science and many may have other reasons But this is very much possible.. Love and Affection takes one a long way.

Sometimes if we use or say something a lot , it does happen that way .. Life is funny .. You are perfectly fine person but if you keep on saying “OH GOD”, “OH MAN”, “I AM RUINED”, “I DON’T THIS – THAT “ etc etc it does turn out to be like that . That is why elders used GOOD words when they spoke ,

I remember when we use to be in our village.. Electricity had not come then we had Diva-Diya’s for light at night before going to sleep , Nana ji would say “Diva Wada Kar diyo”, we knew what he meant .. someone would go and give it a puff.

But it confused us why would they say that, why wont they say “Diva Band or Bujha diyo” cause as they explained BAND or BUJHA were not good words to speak , they were negative words, and generally used in situations where it was for a longer period to do so.

That’s why when someone Dies we hardly say “Woh insaam MAR gaya “, we try to say “Woh insaan Swarg-waas ho gaya”, or we would say “Oh insaan Rab kol chala gaya“.. cause of the same reasons MAR was not a good word to be used.

Another example is shopkeepers when the time comes to put the shutters down for the night they would generally say “Dukan WADHA diyo”,  if you ask a shopkeeper “Kadon Bandkarni hai”, they sometimes frown , for to them the word Band means to close it for ever, they are not doing that ..

Just a few thoughts.. dont know if they make sense or not , I just thought i share it with all..

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Very well said, Bikram. Spoken words have a profound meaning. They say that a word that fell on a good ground may produce an abundant fruit. If the evil one has contributed to the word, it loses its power.I remember my grandparents also using the words that you have mentioned. I can add one more… One should always say, "Main wapas aa raha hoon" rather than "Main ja raha hoon"!!Cheers 🙂


  2. Phoenxiritu says:

    Words and thoughts are things … they are as solid as wood or brick. I was taught that … and yes we never say "Jaa rahi hoon", we always say "Main Hunhi Wapas awangi, ek ghante wich", that has been the way at my home.I agree with what you say


  3. RGB says:

    True…the spoken word can never be taken back. So it makes absolute sense to think before you speak, just like you look before you leap!


  4. BK Chowla, says:

    Very true,spoken words can really go a long way.One has to careful before one opens ones mouth.I know, even in other Indian languages, only positive words are said.In Gujarati, they say"awujo" and in Tamil"Povet Varian"


  5. CutePriya says:

    Well said Mann Sahib…This reminds me of something a bengali friend told me…She said that while going out we don't greet saying ami jayechi (i am going), instead we say, ami aschi (will be back)…Thanks for spreading the word about being hopeful and positive always.Have a very nice and relaxing weekend.Ciao,Priyanka Kapoorhttp://very-me-priya.blogspot.com/


  6. good observation and advice Bikramjit. true, almost everywhere in India "main aati hoon" style prevails instead of "main jaati hoon". even in copywriting (advertising), we refrain from using words like no, don't, never… People like when it sounds "You must buy it today" instead of "Won't you buy it today"


  7. Punam says:

    Dukaan wadhay, and diyo wado kar,.. we use that a lot as well. Are you speaking Punjabi or Sindhi?As for words, my mom says, it is your words that can place you on a king's throne, or bring you at his feet. Definitely, words when spoken with care, can be comfort-givers and when used recklessly, can be hatred harbingers.


  8. rohini says:

    I m impressed by ur observation and the thought of sharing with us all…it surely makes a lot of sense….our words can make or hurt sm1s feelings…i being a sensitve women…get hurt easily….especially when one targets on me…but coz of my elders teachings i rarely look out for the time to go for tit for tat attitude…i alws think b4 speaking…and i m happy that atleast coz of me no one gets hurt…and if anytime i speak ill unconsiciencely then i curse myself for my outspoken attitude


  9. It does make sense!Moreover if we speak harsh words to closer people ,reminding it we even feel bad !!


  10. Harman says:

    yep..thats how it is…words r like arrows…kind one soothe and help you..sharp ones bleed you ..depending on the person and upbringing!nice post..


  11. Words speak a thousand emotions…great post Bikram!


  12. Madhu says:

    wow bik! U know? i wrote a post which said "when u say nothing at all" what do i with that when u are saying that words are all u need..:(


  13. Insignia says:

    Words…words…Yeah they have a propounding effect. I get reminded of a story. 2 parrots, siblings they were, one grew up with the priest and the other with the butcher in the same village. A visitor visited these 2 places, the parrot with the priest spoke nice gentle words, whereas the parrot with the butcher spoke words like "kill, cut" and other cuss words. Thats the effect, words can make or break!!


  14. That's a wise observation.


  15. @Shilpa:- Seen you first time here, Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment please do visit again. Oh yes thats another thing, thats why they say "See you soon" , rather then BYE.. Thank you so much.@Ritu:- Oh yeah true words adn thougs are Solid.. thanks for agreeing with me .. 🙂 thank you so much for the lovley comment.@RGB:- yep. they cant be taken back and when they hurt they hurt so much.. yeah think we shud before we speak especially when we are angry cause at that moment when we dont know what we are saying and have this red mist … thank you os much.@Chowla sir:- I did not know you knew gujarati and tamil too Oh I would love ot learn a few indian languages other then hindi and punjabi… and Yeah in todays Politicla correct world we do need to think what we say. thank you sir ji.


  16. @CutePriya (Priyanka) :- Biba ji I wish i knew bengali i would habve repliedi n that . Oh yes we do need to be hopeful and positive..You also have a fantabulous weekend.. oh yes i am looking for one .. nothing planned just sleep and eat 🙂 thanks for the comment.@Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli:- Thank you o much. I just hope and wish we are more hopeful and positive so we give out positive vibes and everyone gets involved. @Punam;- nahin ji this is punjabi-hindi, i dont know sindhi.. Oh yes Mum dear says so right words can place us on a kings pedestel whereas wrong ones can get us down or killed 🙂 if the king is silly he he heh . Yeah words can be soothing and comforting and on other side Hurtful, evil.. thanks for the comment and the visit.


  17. sangeeta says:

    Good thought..Great post…but sometimes it gets on my nerves, when my neighbour (a full-time homemaker) looks at me getting out of the elevator, a bag or 2 in each hand, fumbling for my keys asks in her sweet voice, "aap aa gaye?" and i feel like replying, in an equally sweet voice, "Nahi toh, mai ab tak school me hoon, yeh toh mera bhoot hai." aaaaaaaaaaaargh!


  18. @Rohini:- hmm well You need to spend some time in punajb I tell you .. you will get aggressive he he heeh I know what u mean but then there are some situation where you have to be bad.. Sensitive is good but in todays day and age i dont know, I am myself very sensitive and emotional little things hurt me a lot and I know what you feel .. But there is no place for people like us i tell u … thanks for the lovely comment … @Raj (Sandeeeep) 🙂 :- oh yes they do hurt when we have something wrong to someone near to us .. cause when they are sad we are sad tooo… Well said … @Harman:- oooh yes like arrows and they go deep inside and sometimes you keep remembering it again and again and it hurts the same as they did when u heard it the first time. Thank you harman.@A new Beginning :- Thank You and truly said words tell and say a thousand emotions good bad evil all.. funny sometimes the same word cam mean bad and good tooo 🙂


  19. Deepak says:

    hello paaji. really liking ur thoughts. now following u 🙂


  20. Sandhya says:

    Nice observation, Bikram! When we go to smobody's place on ordinary days, we should say 'bye' (in Kannada 'hogi barththeve' and in Tamil 'poyittu varom' not 'we are going' but 'we will go and come back') but when we go to a house where some body is dead, we should not say bye at all, in any way. We should not even look back, it seems.


  21. @Madhu:- ooops sorry .. pehle batana that I would have not put mine up or waited till you did .. hmm chalo ab aap wait karo 🙂 Thank you so much @Insignia:- nice story.. yeah true what you say words mean a lot and it also depends where you pick them from too, and what you do with them … words can definitely make or break.. so we have to be careful what we say to who 🙂 Thank you so much.@The holy lama:- thanks for appreciating and thinking it that way …


  22. @Sangeeta :- thank you Thank you.. he hehe maybe next time when you see him , you can ask him to pick your stuff and take it to your room.. before you say to him "NAhin main office main hoon abhi…"… or reply back "Nahin aa nahin rahi hoon.. JA rahi hoon.. AI to main subah thi "… he hehehe @Deepak:- Thanks a lot for liking it.. you also write beautiful.. and thanks for followign me i hope now you will visit more often he he he heh 🙂 @Sandhya:- thanks you a lot .. YEah i know what you mean. One of my very good friends use to always fight with me cause i use to say BYE and they said SEE YA.. and always said to me to say SEE YA before we leave .. 🙂 thank you for the visit.


  23. Hi Bikramjit, first timer here. Saw you on my blog. Yes to be politically correct we have added so many more words to our already overflowing dictionaries. Like a blind person is 'visually challenged', a physically handicapped one is 'differently abled'. In many regions in India, they never say that " i am going" while departing, instead they say, "Aami aschee" in bengali or "aoo jo" in gujraati and simple, 'OK fir milengey'


  24. sharmila says:

    it definately has scientific explanation as well … when one uses negetive words … negetive energy is produce which have negetive effect on us n enviorment … simple – but very true !! we too in bengali say … "coming" rather than saying … "i m going"


  25. Aparna says:

    think twice before you leapthink for infinite times before you speakwords are powerful…they can make or break lives


  26. @Balvinder:- thanks for the visit. please do come again. yeah you are so right… thanks for the lovely comment.@Sharmila:- hmmm well maybe maybe not about the scientific reason.. But since you say it I will belive you 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog .. Please do come again … @Aparna:- ooh yes definitely think twice before you do anything .. right so very right.. yeah word can break a life for sure ..Thanks for visiting me .. please do come again


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