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Spoken Words

Posted: July 2, 2010 in My Thoughts., People, Soch, Thinking, Village

Recently been hearing and talking to friends .. Have had this feeling that SPOKEN words can mean so much different in situations , that’s is why our forefathers or elders always told us to speak carefully. Its sometimes the way the words are said which can hurt or have a different result then what we expect.

I was always taught to speak gently, pause take your time , don’t rush into saying things.. As one of the elders said If you sow Two trees in the Same soil, water them the same , feed them the same ..

Next to one tree speak gently, nicely , good things ..
With the other use derogatory words , speak harshly ..

You will definitely notice difference in the way the tree grows , the flower it produces and the Fruit will taste differently. Though this has got nothing to do with science and many may have other reasons But this is very much possible.. Love and Affection takes one a long way.

Sometimes if we use or say something a lot , it does happen that way .. Life is funny .. You are perfectly fine person but if you keep on saying “OH GOD”, “OH MAN”, “I AM RUINED”, “I DON’T THIS – THAT “ etc etc it does turn out to be like that . That is why elders used GOOD words when they spoke ,

I remember when we use to be in our village.. Electricity had not come then we had Diva-Diya’s for light at night before going to sleep , Nana ji would say “Diva Wada Kar diyo”, we knew what he meant .. someone would go and give it a puff.

But it confused us why would they say that, why wont they say “Diva Band or Bujha diyo” cause as they explained BAND or BUJHA were not good words to speak , they were negative words, and generally used in situations where it was for a longer period to do so.

That’s why when someone Dies we hardly say “Woh insaam MAR gaya “, we try to say “Woh insaan Swarg-waas ho gaya”, or we would say “Oh insaan Rab kol chala gaya“.. cause of the same reasons MAR was not a good word to be used.

Another example is shopkeepers when the time comes to put the shutters down for the night they would generally say “Dukan WADHA diyo”,  if you ask a shopkeeper “Kadon Bandkarni hai”, they sometimes frown , for to them the word Band means to close it for ever, they are not doing that ..

Just a few thoughts.. dont know if they make sense or not , I just thought i share it with all..