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I have been lazy and bad for not taking up some of the awards that have been given to me .. So I am going to take all of them now

Thank you Harman for this one .. She has awarded me with a award and I need to answer the following questions ..

1)what do u wanna be in next life…ugly n rich or good looking but poor…. why? Same as I am now, I am happy with what i got. any richer I might has a big head and loose the people i have now, any poorer I may not be this happy , I am just right..

2)how strongly do u believe in his power..? why? :- Hmm now sure I am not very reglious, but as everyone does I am selfish so when the need comes I do remember him 🙂 … anyway on serious note I do believe in God, Why-Well a few things have happened in my life in the last few months/ years that has made me believe in Him.

3)If u win a 500 million lotto..what will be the first thing in your agenda?why? .. WOW Please prey this Friday, today its 25million  Jackpot.. and I have taken the ticket.. What will i do .. I will do everything I have in my bucket list, Leave UK and go settle in India and live on the interest he he he as a king. I will still have a job maybe part-time..I will also give some money to each of my near ones to help them come out of any problems they are in.

4)whom do u consider most beautiful person on this earth alive? n why….?? My mother-father, I am here cause of them.. no one can be more beautiful then them.

5)describe yourself in three words….. Emotional Foolish Man

6)India….in next ten yrs….where would it be? With Current breed of politicians and leader SAME PLACE or maybe a step backwards.. though we have the capability of doing wonders..

7)do u believe in mayan theory …that world will end in 2012? why? NO i don’t, they said the same for 2000

8)if the country faces trouble….would u be ready to give up ur life….for your country(u r the only child of ur parents and ur parents doesn’t permit this !since its not mandatory…would u still go ?) Oh yes I would, Its been an ambition to serve in the indian army, unlucky me never made through in the SSB, But I would do it ..
I can hear 2 or 3 people out there reading this smiling, cause they are nodding (to them oye u remember the letter to the president of …. ) he he hehe

Thank you to Dr. Chandana Shekar, she has awarded me so many awards

B) FREAKING FABULOUS BLOG AWARD, Rules for the award :List five current obsessions.

My five current obsessions at the moment are
1. Get my bike sorted , so I can start to use it , I am spending a lot of free time on it.
2. My Health, Trying to reduce weigh :O oooohh yeah
3. Mangoes :- where ever i find them going cheap I have to buy then and eat.
4. Bar-B-Que :- bought a new BBQ, so each evening trying something new …
5. My Blog.

C) Cherry on top award .  Read this about three good things about me .

D) Circle of Friends Award:- Thank you Chandana to consider me in your circle of friends.

I would like to forward this Award to all my friends , EACH and every one who comes to my blog is my friend, I respect your thoughts and comments. And Thank you for visiting my blog. I am not going to name anyone here, because all of you deserve this, for being there in my hour of need and listening to my rants and READING them too and ALSO as it will fill up all the space :). Guys you know yourself whom I would give this award. So as a TEST I would like to see who all Read these articles and Actually consider me a friend and take this up too.  now don’t break my heart 😥

E) The next award has come from Dr. Chandana Shekar and  Shahid its the


Thank you so much for this award.

I am indeed very thankful to Both of you .. rarely get these awards… I am over the moon with all that had been going on in the past week or so the ups and downs of life This surly has uplifted my mood and brought a smile. I wish all friends were so good to me 🙂 … he he he

Thank you so much for the lovely awards .. I have a few others to take.. Next week  Pakka the rest of them..

Honourable Cong legislator Kumari Jyoti on a rampage outside the Assembly . The assembly which is supposed to be where our leaders decide our fate 🙂  ( sorry too many words)


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11110 Visitors (26th july 2010  13:01 Hrs UK Time) to the site

One more to make it a nelson a big one 11111

The number 111 is sometimes called “a Nelson” or “Nelson’s” after Admiral Nelson, who allegedly only had “One Eye, One Arm, One Leg” near the end of his life. (This is sometimes bowdlerised to say that he lost “One Eye, One Arm, One Life” during his naval career

Friends or Enemies

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Update 24-july-2010:- After reading a few comments that have come up, let me make one thing clear please, This article was not written to target anyone particular, or to RANT or anything , This article is a QUESTION who is better and the reasons I have given or I have to say that a ENEMY is far better then FRIENDS who are there just for the sake of it and otherwise dont give a F*&% . The example i have given are my personal experiences and my thoughts on the issue. I am sorry if it has offended anyone. MY FRIENDS KNOW WHO I AM , WHAT I AM. if not then they really need to consider WHAT They know about me. This is my take on who is better and why.


Lately I have been having weird thoughts running around in my stupid mind, and a statement that hit my brains was Why do they say?

“Keep your friends close but keep your Enemies Closer”

I think there was logic behind that, which according to me is

Trust: – Can we trust our friends so much… that they will be there when we need them, an enemy we can trust will be there to hurt us for sure when the time comes.

Hurt: – Friends hurt us more than our enemies, you see Enemies we know will hurt us so we are prepared for it, but what friends do is bad because we are not prepared, we don’t expect they will do such a thing Hence it hurts more.

So who is better Friend or Enemy?

Don’t you think an enemy always knows
               What we are doing ?
               What we are going through, because they keep their eyes on?

It works in their favour if they know us better… But Friends on other hand take us for granted, sometimes
they are not there when we need them most, they don’t know what we are going through or what we are doing.

Friends don’t know us that much as an enemy would…

When a friend strikes we have no idea but at least since we know who the enemy is we know they will strike some-time, some-day.

Hate-Love: – We know our enemies hate us, so we don’t expect to be liked by them But friends now that are different because We expect them to care and love us, but how many friends do we have who actually do that, these days everyone is so busy in their own life that they forget to even ask you on a regular basis how you are, how you are doing, whats going on,

How you feeling…

Whereas a Enemy will always know the answers to all these questions somehow or the other as they will be
keeping a close eye on you.

Sometimes our friends become our enemies now that is a worst case scenario cause they might know our secrets but when an enemy becomes our friend they will always remain trustworthy to you. It is a FACT.

I hear people say your friends could betray you, but you never know what you can expect with your enemies.  Enemies are more lethal, because they are always scheming against but hey isn’t that a good thing
BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY ARE whereas when a friend betrays us we are helpless and get shattered.

Then there are friends who dont get tired saying how they are your best mates, how they miss you, how you are the first person they have come to talk, how they need you, and YET is you are DEAD or DYING they wont even have the thought of thinking about you.. a ENEMY would because they would be pleased you are Dead.

To top it all up there are FRIENDS who use you, when they need you or need something from you, you become there best friend but as and when its done , again its back to square one.. a ENEMY would never do that or you wont let them do this to you…

Have you heard a dialogue that the reason one of your Friends (so called) did not add you to there list of friends on facebook or gtalk or anywhere cause they did not want to mess up friendship, I mean what sort of reason is that.. and What with this crap BFF (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER) does it exist .. the only thing that exists is the BEST ENEMIES FOREVER.. not friends…

Then the Classic a million dollar line.. if you meet this friend or talk to them after long , the typical Oh i tried to get in touch, and the excuses they come out with

1. Did not have phone number
2. Did not have your email
3. There was no Cafe nearby
4. There was no light

What sort of PATHETIC excuses are those at least these  you will never have to hear from a enemy, because they will do anything to SPAM your inbox, get hold of you number to abuse you, and no cafe will be far for them to get hold of you.

So who is better a friend or an enemy?

PS:- So to all those hypocrite so called FRIENDS… stop this hypocracy and go and make a fool of someone else .. I for one am better off with my ENEMIES .. because they are far better then you and always will be …

Memories – part 1

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yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shauhrat bhi le ,
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani
magar mujhko lauta do BACHPAN ke saathi ,
woh kagaz ki kishti woh barish ka paani

mmmmmm Good old days.. remembering them makes u smile. No wonder its called the golden age.

Oh Man I miss my bachpan days… I being the only male child in my family was pampered a lot.. so it was all the more better for me…

School days, today i am going to talk about prior to 4th – 5th class..

I still remember a lot of that time .. My friends and Teachers, God knows where they are now, what they are doing. I know its been long , we parted our ways ages ago , went our own ways but I still remember them all.

I remember the days when I and my best friend at that time would go on our cycles roaming around aimlessly Not a worry in the world dance to the songs of dharamveer and sholay ..

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge ” and “Saat ajoobe is duniya main.. aathvin apni jodi” dreaming that we will be together ever

Nostalgic times when I remember it all

I wonder sometimes do the people I think of remember me .. or am i lost in the mist somewhere.

Did i mean something to them THEN as they meant to me.

Would we recognise each other if we met up,

Would we still have the same chemistry as we had then.

Would we still play the games we played then.

Where are all those guys/girls.

What are they doing in life.

What did they do after we parted ways.

I remember one of my friend had his birthday party which was to begin in evening , by the afternoon it had started raining cats and dogs.. so much so that the roads were flooded, how i asked my dad to give me his raincoat, put it on and walked to his house to be there and THE SMILE and Glee he had on his face seeing me , since no one had turned up by then.. it was priceless… then as the rain subsided, it was 7 or 8pm at night a few others turned up, how my friend told the others “Bikram was here first”, how i got a extra chocolate. WOW

Then on Sundays we got together,went to the park, where there were Two JAMUN trees, when the Jamuns were ripe we would climb to eat them all, how the MAALI would come running after us with his DANDA.

Play cricket in the ground, fight over whether the ball dropped out of boundary or inside the boundary, After all it was a matter of LIFE and DEATH TWO runs.
Off course the LBW’s, No one had a clue what it was but the moment the ball hit the leg, It had to be LBW and then it was like world war III … KATI kar doonga … fir agle din ABBA. (by the way I still haven’t understood the rule, How the umpires decide if it is a LBW )

Weird things, a smile comes to face when u think of those words. LOTS and LOTS OF MEMORIES……. How I wish I could rewind the clock back…. Bunny , Hitesh , Rajit , Navdeep, Harjit, Laadi, Chaudhary where are you all guys … Hope we meet up sometime …

Being a MAN

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This phrase is often heard especially amongst MEN..

It is not that one is strong physically that is considered Manly enough, I have seen a lot of big Strong men become chicken and run away …

Sometimes it makes me wonder was I man enough when I was growing up or am I still man enough… Yeah i know stupid thought but the times i was growing up were different, different in a sense for example if we had a fight the maximum we used were hockey sticks or clubs .. these days kids go armed with knifes or even firearms… I mean a 12 year old going equipped with a knife .. thats the ugly truth of today ….

I remember some funny incidents, funny in a sense I find them funny now .. but when they happened it was not so.. in punjabi we have this word “AUKHA HAIN”.. basically if you want to pick up a fight you go upto someone and say it ..and in punjab you got a fight on your hands 🙂 , usually the other side answers “NO” or “LEAVE IT ” etc etc

We were a big group in my college, and there was this guy with whom we had a problem, I dont know what it was now.. But we had .. One day me and my mates were in sector 17 chandigarh.. saw this guy with his mates.. I am a very straightforward, I thought this is the chance 🙂 so I went upto him and I said “AUKHA HAIN“.. I was not expecting the reply that i got.. a Tall Sardar , Big bloke on the side says

HANN HAIGAAN“.. (meaning yes i am) …

for a second I was taken aback, since I did not expect this reply , lucky for me my friend Babbar who is MAD MAN.. 🙂 stepped in and for some reason it all fizzeled away, suddenly we were all shaking hands ..

The reason for the above is that I felt this new friend was A MAN.. he stood for his friend, did not ask the reasons or anything but just stood up for his mate, incidentally after this little scenario we became very good friends…

I really cant understand what sort of people are those who dont have the GUTS to stand up, Or at least stand up for what they say .. What sort of MAN are they … Especially the ones who hide behind the anonymous tags… I mean if you have something to say then you should say it in the open and at someones face.

So what does it make to be a MAN..


I am not saying that I am always right , But when I am wrong, I put up my hand and accept it .. No harm in saying sorry.. Only the brave can say sorry .. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry .. as they say thats what makes a MAN out of a boy…

I read this article the other day on Apologies, I really loved reading it .. I do beleive that there is no shame in accepting one’s fault .. it makes one a better person and if you are a male definitely a MAN… By accepting the fault it gives us a chance to not do it again..


Another thing that I connect with being a man is that I strongly beleive that one should not accept wrong being done, constantly heard the phrase IGNORE IT .. its fair enough but WHY should we ignore it … Why cant I just find the person who has said something derogatory or done something wrong , Beat the crap out of them or at least publicly humiliate them ..

I mean how long can one ignore it .. and because of someones stupidity why should I change the way I live or change the way I think.. That would be letting into. Whats so manly about it … I really dont understand this..


The above are just a few thoughts randomly jumping around in my head , I have no clue what it means or what it is …

Moment of Madness

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This is in response to Blogadda’ s Moments of Madness! .

I have had a very adventurous life and have done a lot of stupid things in life and here they are.

1. Around 1992 or sometime then, One of my friends was getting married in a Punjab and around that time terrorism was still little bit left, Pillion riding was banned, so we went on our own bikes, reached the venue it was a late night wedding, enjoyed a lot had lots to drink, were all tipsy, someone decided lets go back.. So off we went. On way back there was a roundabout on a GT road, usually you go around left, for some reason it was decided we go around the right side. As we did that OH MY GOD

God knows from where these Punjab Police Commandoes came, we could hear the click click of the rifles getting cocked… Get down… On the floor… It was scary… DAMN… We became sober in a second.

Thank god we were not shot, we had to plead the officer, show him our flying I-Cards to convince we were just playing around. They made us sit there for an hour before letting us go.

2. Final year exams, one of my friends decided to steal a empty answer sheet, so it could be used for cheating in the exam, I and Ravi my best friend went to the examination hall sat on the very first desks, next to the door… as the invigilator placed the answer sheet on first desk, Ravi got up, ran clutching the sheets, I ran after him, the teacher behind us shouting catch catch.. I was running after Ravi to make sure no one comes near because if caught this is a criminal offence and could be rusticated from university.

3. On a nice Sunday morning four of us decided to go for a walk in the jungle behind sukhna lake in Chandigarh, No one knew the way, obviously we got lost, whatever food, water we had finished, tired in middle of the afternoon we reached a lake, for some odd reason it was decided to swim through it rather than go around it, Sunil a friend was asked if he knew how to swim, he said yes..

There we go, took our clothes off put them in a carrier bag, In we went…we were half way in when there was a big splash, Sunil had run and jumped inside.. He went in, then his head popped up… and again down… OMG he had lied to us… we dashed towards him, Now Sunil is a 6ft 3 inches tall Big guy, Power lifting is his hobby I mean he is HUGE, I got hold of him he grabbed me , almost dragged me in with him, I got free.. The other two had come, I swam out, used our turbans tied them together, threw it inside and pulled him out of water.

He would have died that day. Later we met a villager he told us “Sahib Woh to das haathi Dob hai”. Meaning it’s as deep as ten elephants standing on top of each other.

4. Second year in college, we thought we were the bosses of college by then, One day instead of going straight to college I went to my friend Babar’s house to go together with him, another mate Pummy was already there, as I entered they were pleased “oh good bikram you are here, we have a fight in university”, silly me didn’t even ask what it was, We went to our college to get hold of rest of the people.

I and one friend planned to go to uni to have a recce, to see what was going on, as we entered uni, next to the Gandhi Bhavan we saw a Big MOB, 100+, tall Strong, Sikh men standing. I looked like a kid in front of them, we did not take any notice.

One of the guys in them was my Chachu’s(uncle)  best friend, I stopped to say hello to him, as we talked I asked him what are they doing as they studied in Punjabi university Patiala, his words were some idiots have threatened and challenged us to meet up here for a fight, OH MY GOD..

Then I realised they were the guys with whom Pummy had picked a fight. We were only at most 8 or 10 guys they were it seemed 100+. Never felt so alone in life, I quickly told him it’s us people who they were waiting for, I made up a story that I had asked my chachu to come too, so his friend said why, what’s the need since I was the nephew no need to fight, a compromise was reached. It was decided to get Pummy so he can shake hands on it, This guy got his car asked us to sit to drop us at our college gate, Believe me when I sat in the back seat I could see BATONS, SWORDS, HOCKEY STICKS, various other stuff.

I thanked god I saw this guy otherwise we would have got beaten black and blue that day.

5. A funny moment of madness, GT ROAD, Punjab, NCC Vayu sainik Camp held in Patiala, middle of the night someone decided we should run away from camp go for a walk, many of us got together, eloped into the night.

On to the road ANOTHER BRILLIANT idea struck someone lets walk naked on the main highway… Now imagine a group of boys, Naked, walking on the Grand Truck with cars blaring horns… the truck drivers using their dippers to full effect… We did that for a laugh but now it seems to be a moment of madness.

Pins N Ashes   ,  Sandhya  ,    Ritu  and Insignia  and Meghzzy  too tagged me on this tag called

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes.

The Rules are

If you are a woman

Have you ever wanted something that is considered ‘manly’ ? Like a basketball, a cell phone, a dog, a camera or a new laptop? A new car or motor bike? Ever wanted to be a pilot? A doctor or not a nurse? And the manliest want of them all – The remote! As a kid did you enjoy playing with a bat and a ball?
There was a time when books were considered ‘manly’, women authors had to pretend to be men – would you say books are still rather manly – women should want to embroider and crochet?

If you are a man,

Have you ever wanted something that only women are supposed to want – like bags, shoes, clothes, creams, perfumes, babies, flowers? A peaceful home and a happy family? Have you ever been afraid of the dark or of insects?As a kid did you ever want to play ‘teacher-teacher’, cooking or did you like playing with a doll? Have you ever enjoyed cooking? Bought something in pink? Loved chocolates?

I have NO idea what to write but will try it out

1. I have played some of the girly games, and I have a perfect reason for that :), I had two sisters staying with me while they were studying in the city , younger then me so I had to play some games with them .. I dont remember the names of the games but it was like Stapoo ( a square with boxes , you throw a dice from 1 to 8 and with one leg jump across the boxes and stuff )

2. I love chocolates , I still do …

3. I love cooking, and weekends I do the cooking at home..

4. I do love to collect perfumes , I did not know it was a girly thing.. but since it is mentioned in the rules I take it …

5. I have a pink shirt.. But hold on before you have a smile .. I am sure a lot of buys wear them too, thats why someone made it and put it in the shop.. STOP THAT SMILE ….

6. My dad took a lot of decisions for me , he decided and I just did it …

7. I was darpok insaan when in school, Darpok in a sense I would hardly standup for myself, had been kept in a cotton wool by family I would usualy cry if a a teacher hit me or someone else did , I got a bullyed a lot in school. dont know if it falls in girly but definitely doesnot fall for MANLY.

8. The first cycle i learnt to ride was the ladies cycle with no handle bar. and I actually used it a lot …

9. I remmber well its on video my massi’s wedding and when her doli went i was crying like a baby 🙂

10. I did love the movie DDLJ and MPK .. oh yes well at least I am accepting it .. a lot of men wont 🙂 ha ha ha

11. I am so afraid of the syringe…

I guess thats enough point and now that all know about these things I am sure to get stick from all my male friends and the girls are definitely going ot take the micky out of me .. BUT PEOPLE I AM NOT THAT ANYMORE … MUHA HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH 🙂

Who do i tag .. Well since i have come after this break , I have seen a lot of people have been tagged on this so i will tag a few who have not been ..

Deepak (from Blue ink society)

Hi all I am going to make this as a tag,

What do you think are highly unlikely things you can hear from your satellite navigation system ?

Here are Some that I have compiled funny ones.. so please add yours too what you think

1. Bear to left , On the  right corner is a Rabbit

2. Did you check the gas, Did you turn it off , Did you lock the door…
    Did you
    Did you

   I think we should turn back turn back to see


4. At next set of light a  cyclist is going to turn up and give u a dirty look.. thinking he is better then you.. when the lights get green lets seee how his balance his MUUUHA HA HAAHA HAH

5. I will tell you what darling how about You getting out of the car AND
let your HUSBAND PARK the car

6. Turn right..

         WRONG .. I did not say SAT NAV SAYS

7.  Hold on I got the map upside down

8. Where the HELL are WE…

I am going to tag Chandrika shubham , Gaurav , Madhu , Harman , Sandeep (RAJ), Dr Chandana Shekar, Insignia  ,Neha , Rohini , Meghzzy, Karthik, Deepsss, Vibhzy, Deepak, Ritu, Sangeeta AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO I HAVE MISSED 🙂

Please everyone pick it up.. its funny as you make it …You dont have to forward it to anyone if you dont want to .. but just pick it up or put your answers on my comments lets see what funny things we come out with … 🙂