Whom They Failed

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Bloggers Premier League, Blue Ink Society, India, Politics, Satire
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Phatte: So, the monsoons are finally here huh? Don’t you just love the feel of the rains? The beautiful breeze that flows and how everything is green in Mumbai?

Vijay: You mean of what little green is left in the city? I’m not really enjoying the rains. My house is getting more unstable day by day. Imagine what a day of continuous rain will do to it.

Phatte: But didn’t your MLA start off some initiative to rebuild houses in the chawl? I noticed the posters plastered all over the place.

Vijay: Yes he did. Just like he promised electricity, subsidized food tickets for the needy and a school exclusively for the chawl kids. Somehow those “schemes” are yet to be started and it’s been couple of years already since the last elections.

Phatte: Well, I think you should talk to your MLA about this.

Vijay: That will take at least a few years. What to do about my house till then?

Phatte: Why a few years?

Vijay: Well, the MLA comes only a month before the elections and then leaves a month after. And even during the rallies and pre-election chaos, he only visits some chawls, picks up the weakest looking kids and talks to the women. We just wave at him from a distance.

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  1. sangeeta says:

    a sad but very true account on the state of affairs in India…well- written


  2. Insignia says:

    A sarcastic conversation. But I wonder how many people even converse like this?All most do is gossip!!


  3. BK Chowla, says:

    We can say what we want, but theseshameless netas are too thick skinned to carry this home.


  4. Madhav says:

    Well first of all Congrates as you are in Super 4 Round !!Kya likhte ho yaar mind blowing.


  5. Sarcasm at its best!On a serious note all these politicians( non loyal) should be hanged.


  6. A says:

    Facts + Sarcasm = Food for thoughts.Let me ask one question:- Who elects them in offices? As far as I know democracy is still alive in India


  7. thats such a sorry state of affairs, wish people would judt refuse to elect such people..but then its a choiceless choice….maybe its time to use "no vote"


  8. Madhu says:

    This is how it goes on in out great country…:( standing ovation anyone?


  9. @sangeeta:- Thanks a ton for the comment.. yeah it is true state of affairs of our country @Insignia:- lai balle balle this time so quick .. yayyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 I am sure they do converse but dont do anything about it .. Like Vijay and Phatte they are off to watch kambli and probably will forget everything they discussed … till next time .. @Rohini:- thanks a lot @Chowla sir:- so very true.. koi farak nahin padne wala inko.. nothing is ever gone ashame them… @MAdhav:- thanks buddy .. thanks for the appreciation but to come up with all this a lot of people are involved so its a combined effort .. so thanks to everyone too 🙂


  10. Je Englaand aake banda tere varga ho jaanda hai…tan fer main pucca aa reha han…!!!! Even i want to be like u…Brrillliiaaannnnnttt…!!! yaar


  11. sm says:

    yes its sadbut good takewe need to write more and more


  12. smitzy says:

    very well written 🙂 all the best!


  13. Neena Sharma says:

    We have rant and rave all we like but the more things change the more they will remain the same…


  14. want to read more of your college episodes .. .waiting for them !


  15. R. Ramesh says:

    ya..if the blog was not there, i would not have come across good friends like u…cheers buddy…


  16. Smitha says:

    That is so the sad truth of what happens in India.. Politicians surface only during election time, and that too selectively.. All the best for the contest!


  17. Dear Cherry, count me in……


  18. Punam says:

    Politics is beyond my understanding, although I agree about the sorry state of affairs.. reminds me of another saying, "Everybody talks about the climate, but nobody does anything about it." maybe a similar case, but sadly, one voice is not enough to make a visible change. Thank you for visiting my blog and putting up those questions. In my story which is half-real and half-fiction, nobody was forced to get married. (It was arranged) He had a past, which he could not let go of. He ruined his present and his future, not to mention the bride's life as well. Some ppl see no reason. Regards, Punam


  19. Sandhya says:

    If you do this discussion, sitting in front of the neta also, nothing will happen. He will just listen to it and laugh along with you…they are shameless people, Bikram.All the best for the contest!


  20. @Raj:- Thank you so much for saying that .. and oh yes they shud be hanged without furthur delay 🙂 I second you on that thought … @A:- Thanks I am glad that you think that. YEah we select them thats what makes it more pathetic.. 🙂 @A new beginning:- yeah its true pathetic state of affairs we have. and i like the idea of NOT VOTING or have a option to NO ONE.. so that every politicians security is taken away and no one wins :)@MAdhu:- With you on that standing ovation yayyyyyyyyyyyy thanks.


  21. @Cherry:- aajaa tunn aa taan sahin england.. anytime brother ANYTIME… @SM:- Thanks buddy.. yeah we do hopefully many more will write @smitzy:- thanks.@Neena Sharma :- yes i guess we have got used to it now, so no one wants to do anything .. its become a NORM i guess @Deepa:- I will be writing on the colelge very soon , got the weekend free to write about it so hopefully soon 🙂 @RAmesh:- True and a good friend like YOU too.. cheers to you too @Smitha:- YEs true they surface only then or when they need support we never see them when common man needs them … sad truth But we dont understand this or learn from mistakes , and still vote for the same people .. thanks for the wishes and same ot you tooo.. @Bhupi:- thanks


  22. @Punam:- Politics is beyond everyones understanding , even the politicians dont know what they are doing. Yes true one voice is very less to make a difference but got to start somewhere.. and your story hmmm I understand , in my job here i see that happening so many times especially in our asian community indians a LOT… Thank you for the visit @Sandhya:- EGGJACTLY That what they are NO SHAME whatsoever… for a ticket or seat in politics they will do anything and LITERALLY anything … majority of our mps are idiots hardly educated and those who are soon BECOME UNEDUCATED… @Piashpiash:- THank you will take it up


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