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Phatte: So, the monsoons are finally here huh? Don’t you just love the feel of the rains? The beautiful breeze that flows and how everything is green in Mumbai?

Vijay: You mean of what little green is left in the city? I’m not really enjoying the rains. My house is getting more unstable day by day. Imagine what a day of continuous rain will do to it.

Phatte: But didn’t your MLA start off some initiative to rebuild houses in the chawl? I noticed the posters plastered all over the place.

Vijay: Yes he did. Just like he promised electricity, subsidized food tickets for the needy and a school exclusively for the chawl kids. Somehow those “schemes” are yet to be started and it’s been couple of years already since the last elections.

Phatte: Well, I think you should talk to your MLA about this.

Vijay: That will take at least a few years. What to do about my house till then?

Phatte: Why a few years?

Vijay: Well, the MLA comes only a month before the elections and then leaves a month after. And even during the rallies and pre-election chaos, he only visits some chawls, picks up the weakest looking kids and talks to the women. We just wave at him from a distance.

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College – Part 1

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was reading a article by one of my blogger friends, reading her article made me think of my times ..

College .. The word itself is so nostalgic.. we have so many memories attached with it .. I sometimes think of the time and seem to get lost in the huge ocean of memories , makes we want to go back in time to those days, Its been ages since I have left college but the stuff we did , the memories, the history we made .. each time I remember one such episode it lightens me up.. I have that twinkle in the eye, that energy , rush of blood which goes missing otherwise in the normal day to day routine that we call LIFE.

We have left college in search of new adventures, new roads, new ambitions.. but i for one still remember those days.. the 5 year of my life that I spent in college. The friends I made , the way we became friends , the silly things we did , the attitude, The no nonsense way , giving two hoots to life as if we were unbeatable.. nothing could touch us .. Not even KARNAIL SINGH the SHO of sector 11 police station.. 🙂
Or the taunts and abusive language of RAJ KUMAR the new SHO of sector 11 police station.. Going back the very next day to college and almost beating up the same guy because of whom we were taken to police station, Onkar singh a friend shouting Abuse to Karnail singh and then dashing into the college lecture theaters , so as he is not found..

Parents almost going nuts coming to know.. My dad almost threw me out of the house, when he found we had been rounded up and locked up, My grandfather I admire him so much, he stood by me and gave my bail.

The last night looking at the books for next days exams, having your friends stand outside the window to help you with answers and Ravjote singh my Friend standing in the exam hall asking the teacher to Allow me to Cheat.. 🙂

Not attending any classes then having to run after teachers to get the lectures sorted.. MR AGGARWAL my physics teacher swearing No matter what he will not sort them.. then the scheming of stopping the postman on way to college to get the roll numbers .. trying to Patao the clerk to get the roll number.

Come diwali the burning of crackers in Mr GAUBA’s class.. Attaching it to a slow burning thing and 15-20 minutes into the lecture DHAAAAAAMMMMMM and Mr GAUBA (my chemistry professor) .. God bless him.. trying to be phylosophical about it trying psychology on us, saying its the bad spirits or demons who are doing this.. and we students are so good ..

Sitting for hours in canteen, asking the guy to get tea and if ask for money throw a cup , and his saying ok ok leave it give it next month , then when he came next month , taking his book of accounts , slashing the days which had most money “IS DIN TO HUM COLLEGE AYE HI NAHIN”… (we did not come to college this day) a bill of 200 Rs slashed to 100 then give him rs 50 “BAAKI AGLE MAHINE MAIN ADJUST” (rest adjust next month)… and when it came to get NO dues signed he trying to be funny, cause it was his time then..

Petrol in bikes gets finished , going to teachers car park with a pipe and polythene bag, sucking the petrol out .. filling our bikes .. the uphill trips we made …

Standing at the gates, any girl passing she is mine.. blah blah trying to find ways to impress girls.. sometimes end up picking a fight.. beating up a guy thinking it would impress girls .. NO LUCK.. 😦

Sitting in canteen and someone coming running “PANGA HO GAYA”.. without asking what , just running for it, shouting “BABBAR” , “CHERRY” ,  “RAVI”,  “BEDI”, “HANDLE”  come on and they in turn coming folding there shirt arms up to elbows..

I am going to write about stuff in parts, those were the good old days , beautiful days..

Tag Time Again :)

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Questions, Tags

Ritu tagged me, and as I promised her to take it up this week , Here I am attempting to do it..

I’m supposed to answer these questions, then make up my own ten questions for you and pass on the tag and then Tell them they have been tagged.

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?

Ans: A nice little house by the beach…

2. You’re driving. It’s great weather. Attractive member of opposite sex in expensive car looks at you and half-smiles. You’re in a relationship. Do you return the look and half-smile back?

Ans: No.. why the half smile, I stop my car.. ask them to come into mine or go into there’s .. who knows where it might lead..

3. Can’t smell or can’t taste? For six months, and if you had to chose, would you rather lose your sense of smell or not be able to taste anything?

Ans: I am a food junkie.. So to me taste obviously.. what are we working our arse off .. if we cant enjoy what we eat… yummy the tikkas, kebabs, saag, Scotch.. Beer… So many things to Taste.

4. Pick a situation

a. You’re 42. Would you rather go without sex for three years and win a lottery after that, enabling you to never have to work again? Or
b. Get twice the lottery money now (at 42) but have your partner sleep with your boss?

Ans: Hmmm Tricky situation I must say he he he but I would go for the First one.. As such they say life begins at 40 so got lot of time for sex.. plus lots more money will bring a lot more ______…

5. What’s a quicker turn off, bad pronunciation or maroon lipstick?

Ans: Bad pronunciation!.. Maroon lipstick (don’t wear the white shirt, or have a change in the car boot) 🙂

6. Would you rather your kid turn out to be a nymphomaniac or gay?(For my amusement, please answer in the format: I would rather my kid be —)

Ans:I would rather my kid be a nymphomanic.. one of the girls might have good Mother… see dooor ki sochta hoon main ha ha ha :)..
On serious note I hope i let my kids do what they want to be.. and as Ritu pointed out in her answer “God give me forbearance and the will power to not butt in if such a thing happens”.

7. For which one thing have you not forgiven your mother?

Ans: One thing? There is a chapter, a book and entire season worth of a list. Sigh! Closure is not that easy to achieve!

OOOPS cut copy past gone wrong here… sorry sorry
my reply.. its been ages my mum coming up with all these girls to see for marriage… when i told her I dont want yet.. she still pestered me .. 🙂 but its old story now ..

8. Would you rather go bald or lose your front tooth?

Ans: Bald is in fashion.. less hair.. less to maintain.. why give the barber 15pounds for a haircut… SAVINGSsssssssssss

9. Your sibling is sleeping with your married close friend. Who do you go to first, sibling or married close friend?

Ans: Well if that happens then they are not a close friend.. So they get to be shot FIRST… and sibling my blood maybe give them another chance.. FRIENDS DONT DO SUCH THINGSSSSSSS END OF…

10. When was the last time you cried that wasn’t while watching a movie?

Ans: When my dad passed away


Now the Questions that I want answered… 🙂 Some are same some new…

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?

2. If You were a character in a movie that you’ve seen who would I be and why?

3. If You could do one thing for Someone, no matter what it was, what would it be for Who?

4. You’re driving. It’s great weather. Attractive member of opposite sex in expensive car looks at you and half-smiles. You’re in a relationship. Do you return the look and half-smile back?

5.Pick a situation
a. You’re 42. Would you rather go without sex for three years and win a lottery after that, enabling you to never have to work again? Or
b. Get twice the lottery money now (at 42) but have your partner sleep with your boss?

6. What has been the craziest thing u have ever done?

7. God gave u chance to alter any one event in the past, present or future. What wud that event be?

8. Would you rather go bald or lose your front tooth?

9. Your sibling is sleeping with your married close friend. Who do you go to first, sibling or married close friend?

10. Would you rather your kid turn out to be a nymphomaniac or gay?(For my amusement, please answer in the format: I would rather my kid be —)

I tag:

1. Insignia

2. Sangeeta

3. Gaurav

4. Harman

4. Shahid

5. Raj

7. Kavita

8. Karthik

9. The Holy Lama

10. Gayathri Vishwanathan

Please people take it up and carry the tag on ….

PS. I know I have not taken up some of the award tags.. SO please dont mind .. Next week Award TAG weeek , promise will take up all of them together… I got loads to take up..

My Father…

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Dad, papa, Soch

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”

This is in response to Blogadda’ s Tribute to Dad! .

The role of a father is always taken for granted, But we forget that this bread-winner is as emotional as a mother is, and yet we so easily wipe him off any outwardly show of gratitude. It is so easy these days in our crazy busy life to remember or think or focus on the things that our parents did not do for us , we have become so selfish in life we think only the negative.. we forget there is so much good that parents have done for us..

Fathers are believed to be tough, strict and all that.. but they are humans too, I am not saying my My father was perfect, no one is but I know for sure that he did his best to raise us And Thanks to him We are where we are.

Today I would like to share with you a few things about my father, It is my personal recollection of time spent with my father, I was never very close to my father, I don’t remember any reason why it should have been like that, since he and my sister were so close to each other. Maybe because I spent most of my time in hostel.

He invested so much time in me , when i was studying in Chandigarh, He would come from office and sit with me for an hour or so for my homework from school, I did not feel very happy about it , But on hindsight I think it was so good, I am where I am because of that.

My father was a proud man, he never said it to me but I know when others tell me, his best friends tell me what he talked about , what he thought of us. He was proud of our achievements. He cared so much for everyone , I distinctively remember sometimes him and my mother arguing over the fact that its holidays and he has asked someone to visit us, rather than us going out together for holidays. Most of my cousins stayed with us to study in city at one time we were 7 or 8 kids in the house, He catered for all of us without batting a eyelid.

Everyone in the family for any help would come to him, he did not say no to anyone, I have seen so many people who have stopped visiting us now, or calling us , but they did.

Summer holidays in school would see him making plans where to take us , manali, mumbai, Gujarat… he loved to travel.. see new places Thanks to him I have seen a lot of India, though at that time it felt weird why am i going with my mum-dad when my friends are going together, But now I know , I cherish those visits which most of my friends did not have. I did the time spent with my father was the best.

I still remember that day when I got the early morning call, my mama ji said hello and immediately i knew something was wrong, very wrong, he just said Come to India straightaway, Papa had passed away.. I did not know what to do .. I remember the shock, the horror, the disbelief, the fear, the complete sense of hopelessness and helplessness brought on, Suddenly, life seemed so finite. All those times we had flashed by in front of me, I remember the horrible time it took to reach Delhi then drive to Chandigarh..

All through the time so many things were going through my mind, I still stop and remember the times.. The times when I use to think what have i done wrong , Why is my father so strict, Why does he stop me doing this, Why wont he get me what i want, Why does he say No always .. So many questions .. But as I grew up I somehow started to understand all he was doing for me.

There are a few things that comes to my mind immediately when I think of my father , the first one was 1996 the year my dad retired from work, We were all invited by his office people for a small party in the evening, where they gave him some presents and all.. After it got over we were walking towards our car when we saw a few people beating up a man, on enquiry we got to know this guy also had retired the same day , but during his work time he had made life hell for his colleagues so now that he retired he got a beating as send of.. It made me feel proud of my dad at that time.

The other thing that comes to mind is the incident where I had gone to a place called patiala for Inter college debate representing my college, at night there was a terrorist attack where so many students were killed in middle of night, My father got to know about this and he was there at patiala in his night suit.. Searching for me in the hospital and when he saw me all covered in blood from carrying the injured he almost cried.. but in his way he told me “I had told you not to come , Now lets go home”, and when I said to him he will have to wait till all of my friends are found and donating blood, he just sat there waiting..

I always thought that he was very strict to me , but I am so wrong, I remember the little events that took place in my life.. I remember when I wanted to buy a scooter , he would say no and told me he went on a bicycle 4 -5 miles to study, why cant I go a few miles on my bicycle. Also I had this scare about flunking my exams and I was thinking today he is going to beat me up, but he said nothing rather just said to me to work harder next time, luckily I had not flunked.

People often forget to say “I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME” I did too all this time, I miss telling him how much he meant to me, How much I love – care for him. I am what I am now cause of his pains, that he took, sacrificing his ideas sometimes to make sure I got what I wanted or threw a tantrum over. I regret not telling him all this when I had the chance, will regret all my life.

THANK YOU PAPA for everything and making me the person I am, tears still swell up and my heart aches Because He was my Daddy and I miss him all the time, I want to take this opportunity now to tell him that

. I remember the hurt in your eyes when i could not get through the IMA so many times , each time you asked me to hold my head high, try again.

. The sadness when I planned to come to UK, You did not stop me.

. The proud moment when I rung you to tell you I have bought a house , My first car..

. The day you came to visit me here. I am sorry for not spending more time with you..

. The day I got sworn in for the forces here.

I remember them all wish you were here to see your son happy. It was all because of you Papa Thank you So much. I hope I am an ounce like my father, If I am then I would do justice to my kids too. I hope and prey you are looking out for me as you always did.

Here we go again… Around 125 kg of gold, costing nearly Rs 23.75 crore (as per the current market rate) will be required for the ambitious project.

This is what we need as devotee Sikhs, to go to Gurudwara sahib and walk around the walls made of gold.. that’s what Sikhism means, thats what over the years speaking about the religion, studying the religion, the caretakers of the religion have realised.

For them loosing the culture, heritage is of no value, Working for the uplift of the poor or the needy is NOT what our Gurus taught us…

For them the Glitter is of more value then saving our basic Human values, which was held esteem by our Gurus.

but then what do I know, I am just a common man trying to think or make some rationale out of such decisions made by some.. maybe I am wrong OR AM I….

According to the piece of news “Bangla Sahib was built in 1783 and is associated with the Eighth Sikh Master, Guru Har Krishan. Originally a bungalow stood at the site, hence the name “Bangla Sahib.“.. So not only have we lost the heritage building associated with the eighth Guru sahib.. we are now wasting all this money .. which can be used for a lot of good.

This is not the only place where this has happened, At Fatehgarh sahib I distinctively remember when I had gone in 1985 , I could see the Wall where the Two Sahibzada’s,  Sahibzada Fateh Singh and his elder brother, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh were martyred .

Sahibzada  Fateh Singh is probably the youngest recorded martyr in history who knowingly laid down his life at the very tender age of 6 years, I would rather let my kids and the next generation know and See the historic place then the marble, how so ever costly or beautiful it may be.. In summers its So hot you can hardly walk on it.  Yet we have spoilt our heritage, the Sikh heritage .. When I went in 2001, It has been DECORATED with marble and you can hardly see it.

All over the world when every other religion is trying and doing there best to conserve there heritage we on other side are not ashamed of spoiling it.

I would have preferred to see the money spent on the restoration of the place instead  see gold plated walls, What are we trying to portray how rich the Sikh religion is.. No wonder all the officer bearers are no one but the politicians.

There are umpteen issues that can be solved with all that money if spent properly Hospitals, schools, refuge centres, Old age homes. What is worst is the so called leaders hue and cry when the court case comes about the 1984 riot victims , Should this money not be spent on the rehabilitation of such people.

If it was the Government in power doing this the same leaders would say Govt. is not looking after the interests of Sikhs , Yet we ourself don’t care.

Sikhism is the youngest of the religions yet ours is the only religion which is full of so many bad people, Bad influences, bad ideas..

Education in punjab is at lowest, A school in Gurdaspur district has earned the dubious distinction of having the lowest pass percentage in Class X examination conducted by the Punjab State Education Board (PSEB) as only one of its 139 candidates managed to pass. Should we not think about that ? 
If the govt is not doing anything then why can’t the Gurudwara committees think about it , after all most of the Sikh population is in Punjab.

Water scarcity in the state, Why cant we spend this money in helping get water to the needy?

Electricity scarcity in the state, Why cant we spend this money in helping generate more electricity which will help millions ?

Farmers are committing suicides, Why cant we help them ?

Or do our leaders think with so much heartaches, depressions and every other bad feeling, we should come to Gurudwara sahibs , feel proud to see gold plated walls, feel elated touching it. It is indeed a shame that the people who we have chosen to be our representatives take such silly decisions.

It is quiet strange that we get so emotional , angry when someone talks against sikhism yet we are the same people who do nothing or have done nothing for our next generation, it indeed is a pity.. All the teachings told by our gurus have indeed fallen on deaf ears.. because we definitely have not followed them at all.

I am afraid that the youngest religion is running downhill….

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Last Sunday, there was this meeting in the jungle to elect the next national animal for India. It was held in a quiet clearing, deep in the forest. It started with quite a fanfare… Each animal came to the centre and introduced themselves. The irony of it all was so funny that it took all my self control not to let a roar of laughter out. , though my roar was somewhat at lower decibels. I cleared my throat, something was wrong. Ah well, the water at the pond was getting contaminated. The once clear bottom seemed somewhat slimy. Oh jeez, I’ll have to find another water hole even further away. What has the world come to? A tiger can’t find a decent clean water hole these days without suspecting Man to have dirtied it, washed his laundry in it or worse, poisoned it!!

It reminded me of a song that the humans love so much

Kar chale hum fida jaan aur tan Saathiyo
Ab Tuhmare hawale yeh vatan Saathiyo

When the famous singer Lata Mangeshkar sang this song the whole country was crying, though I doubt if anyone will shed a tear as I sing it to you today, my fellow animals. But soon the next national animal will understand … too late for me though!

Kar chale hum fida jaan aur tan Saathiyo
Ab Tuhmare hawale yeh jungle Saathiyo

All good things come to an end, no regrets there. The era of tigers came and is soon going to end. We had a good time, we were magnificent, we were impressive and we carved a niche for ourselves in the memory of all living creatures. The humans even have tales, fables, and portraits of us.

Yes, we had a good time while it lasted. But it all changed in the end. It was not pleasant sight to see my mum and dad butchered. I had to flee as I was hunted all night long in the high grass on my homeland… But by some miracle I survived, just to go back and see the rotting remains of my dead parents… Bare skin, bones, claws It was heart aching. But I am a survivor, I took courage and walked

All who saw me admired my majestic walk. The other juicy animals would run wild trying to hide if they just smelt me… but this puny fur-less animal called MAN did not, he would smirk, he would smile when he found a pugmark. He would follow me like a dog. Trying to get hold of me… But my parents had taught me well, I managed to survive…

Oh so many men made merry when we were in numbers. We were the bread and butter for these men, yet they did not show us any respect. They came in numbers and killed us one by one, never having the guts to fight us like warriors, mano e mano… No my friends no one dared to have a Manly/Tigerly fight with us. None or them dared to challenge us one on one.

I know for a fact that if we went into their lair, we would have defeated them and been Kings of their abode too. We chose to remain in our world, but that did not stop them. They came into our abode in huge numbers and destroyed us. They killed us, captured us, trapped us and maimed us. Truly said, in numbers we have strength.

I ask the people who earned their living by killing us, what will they do now? How are they going to feed their kids once I, the last Tiger have gone.

Why is it that there is a MAN called Tiger woods, he makes millions and I, the real tiger am attacked, hunted and my race finished? It is funny Tiger and Woods…

When we killed an innocent man (who is not all that innocent as he is trespassing our land), we are branded man-eaters, and MAN takes this as a license to kill us….. And yet, when they killed us without any reason they were hailed heroes…

I looked around my lair. It seemed the same as yesterday. The cave walls bore the art I did with my talons whenever I got bored which is pretty often these days. Off course if you were the last tiger on Earth with half of the human population chasing you, you’d try to stay indoors as much as possible too wouldn’t you? I miss Leila, my sweet adorable tigress of 8 years. We had such fun together, going hunting, playing at the water hole with our cubs, watching the sunset. She died a few months ago. The head of the vultures who is a good friend of mine, told me it was an accident. Apparently, she was mauled by the buffalo herd. No buffalo could have killed my magnificent Leila. His words couldn’t fool me. It had murder written all over it. The damn poachers!! Why couldn’t they let us live in peace?

So Last Sunday the meeting did not yield any result as None other wanted the responsibility to be chosen as the next National animal of India. Look what happened to the one they had, I am on verge of extinction. Last One standing …. Don’t know when I will say my good byes to this world.. But mark my word

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Kisi ka saath diya kisi ne saath chhora
Aetraazon ke lafzon ne mujhe upahasaka kaha

Shayad woh theek kehte hain
Dost hum jo hain unhike
Sangat ka asar hi kehlo
Lagne lagay hain kuchh jo unhi se

Kabhi prashansa, kabhi hausla afzai
Kabhi dur se muskurate hain
Aaj ye din bhi aaya hai

Woh apni soch humein pe lagate hain

55- er

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Hi My first ever attempt to write one .. Hope its  goood enough.. please do tell me 🙂

The Day came, surprisingly sun rose pretty early, birds chirping, singing
People around him just not moving fast enough.
He was in a rush to leave- to reach
Time was ticking
The day when he will lose all freedom, chained, locked

He laughed “SHAHEED hone ja raha hoon”
Sat on GHODI with friends dancing around

Sajna nu milan de cha ch
Dil which lai ke kinne saare armaan
                       Gharon aseen ture si

(going to meet my other half.. with tons of wishes in my heart , I left my house)

Ki pata si Kisse di , BURI nazar naal lai ke
Ki pata si kisde MAADE bol naa lai ke
                        Gharon aseen ture si

(did not know that someone bad intentions or bad thoughts were with me when , I left my house)

Changa hun rab rakha keh ke
Pata nahin si AJ RAB ne Nahin si suni Ardaas
Shayad aj de dihade Rab si mere naal Naraaj
Shayad aj de dihade Kita hoya koi mada karam si Mere naal

 (did not know today god was busy , did not hear my words , or was angry with me for some reason.. maybe i did something wrong today .. thats the reason god was not listening )

Dil which Cha te  bahut saare armaan laike apne naal
                                                Gharon aseen ture si

(I was going to meet my other half with tons of hope and feeling , when i left my house)

some words that came to my mind when I saw the pics and heard the news … thanks for reading ..