Nameless award (Another one)

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Awards, Tags

Well lucky me getting all these tagged on .. Thanks to  Gayathri (i should write Gayathri JI) she will know why .. and Insignia  .. for giving me this award .. I am sure as all the readers and followers and all who visit my blog have known by now I am greedy so awards are always welcome.. I hardly get he he he he he

Ok What I have to do is

1. List 7 things about myself that nobody knows.
2. Pass this award on to 7 other people.
3. Comment on their blog and notify them that they have been tagged.

Right first off , I am sure everyone knows everything about me , but anyway let me see if i can find some antique traits about myself , which no one knows

1. I am a software programmer , most know about it But this was not what I wanted to be, it came as a fluke to me … so the point which i am making that others don’t know is that it was a fluke, my first choice always was Indian army, but for some reason they did not want me .. I came to UK and got into the forces, how weird is this, not good for own country but good enough everywhere else.

2. I have this weird-bad habit of watching each minute detail of movies , I have got a list of so many mishaps that people have not noticed in major blockbusters.. Movies like Matrix or gladiator .. For example there is a guy walking in Blue JEANS in a scene of Gladiator..

3. I Know how to fly a plane, did a lot of flying when I was in Chandigarh.

4. I am very outgoing.. for me indoors doesn’t work, I am very impatient.. don’t have any patience and I get angry very very very fast…

5.  I won a gold in All India roller skating competitions, And I was Second in Skeet Shooting competition, Also had a few awards in dramatics… (not many people know this.. This tag is going to get a lot of my mates really angry with me ) . I am very competetive and hate loosing …

6. My first job in India was as a teacher, and in UK was that of a security guard.

7. I was bullied bad for 3 -4 years when in school, Yes a lot of friends will have there mouth open reading this, they did not know this.. Sorry guys it was my secret.. So much so that I once ran away from a school trip.. and then the teachers had a gala time beating the crap out of me when i was located.. happened in Srinagar.. (I know all the whereabouts of the guys who did it , Never went back for revenge, Don’t know why.. even though In college .. as a few of my friends are going to react to this 🙂  .. I could have gone and taken my revenge). I don’t forget my enemies, I remember each and every details of what happened , what date and what time ..

Lai bas seven points finish I was on a roll here 🙂  Now I would like to know which of these did you guys know about me .. I mean the people who know me  🙂

ok now I have to tag people …  I have tried to tag those who have not had this one before.. a few of my blogger friends have had this tag before.. But if you are tagged again then I am sorry .. Do pick it up please .. Secrets are always good to share …

1. Neha
2. Sandhaya
3. Harman
4. Shahid
5. Raj
6. Gaurav
7. Kavita

I would tag all who are reading this .. Cum on take it up… get those secrets out 🙂

  1. Guria says:

    I didn't know a single thing!! You are an intriguing character really! o_0 ^_^


  2. Neha says:

    I knew only a couple of things..interesting..thanks for the it's you, Insignia and Gayathri who have tagged me for this..will take it up soon 🙂


  3. Insignia says:

    Thanks for taking the tag Bik..I knew just points 1 and 4!! Wow!! flying a plane? shooting and skating!! awesome!!Remember your enemies!! Hmm all ya Bik's enemies, mind it!! 🙂


  4. Great info!Now you have tagged me twice.I will put them tonight!Was not very well to read all the blogs , hmmm,,accident hurts.


  5. *Harman* says:

    I had nice time reading personal stuff again..have many talents good to know..u wud have been a gr8 Army officer with all the qualities u have ..but its their bad luck… .and whts up man…punjabis nu aine awards ..good luck ..keep up the country s name…thanks Bikram for taggin me..its an honor!!


  6. Shahid says:

    hmmmm….thanks for tagging me…I will do it when I am sane..I am a little high right now…sorry


  7. BK Chowla, says:

    I think I knew you, but I know only two amongst these.


  8. rohini says:

    Wow….look at that Pt. No 5…grt…congrts on that…Pt No 1…There is a famous saying .ghar ki murgi….daal barabar…sry smtimes ppl dnt understnd the others potential…Pt no 2…seriousbly jeans in Galdiator….hihihi….some upkeeping designer of those times…It was really nice to kn u more:-)


  9. You know how to fly a plane? Well, what might have gone wrong with the plane at Mangalore airport?


  10. wow bikramjiiiiiiiii….thanks for taking up this tag…even I had this iccha of joining indian army…but i am so lazy that I did not want to prepare for the exams. Good to know so many nice things about you…


  11. Iqbal Khan says:

    all well?they messed with the wrong guy,wait till they meet me.ek to im a muslim,doosra my name is mohammed iqbal khan,teesra im from kashmir,oopar se im an actor, ahhahah i have no way out…


  12. Ananya says:

    Okay, I did not even imagine that you could be doing all those things! 😀


  13. Gaurav says:

    Roller skating! I once got a silver medal at a district level competition.Thank you for the award.


  14. OMG!!1 that's hell a lot abt u to know… nice readin this 🙂


  15. A says:

    Cool Bikram. I like your write up and the content…good life you have.


  16. Deepak says:

    good one. and nice blog. me punjabi too :-)Deepak


  17. wise donkey says:

    err u don't mean everyone who read this is tagged do you?what struck me most was not taking revenge on bullying part..i was bullied but i do wonder what i would do if i met those mean people again..and minute details in now i have to watch gladiator and see if i can pick the jeans guy:)really interesting read:)


  18. blunt edges says:

    that's some interesting stuff about u :)n even i have this habit of catching the minute details in movies that i like!flying a plane would be really cool na!


  19. Madhu says:

    u can fly a palne..DAMN!


  20. Bikramjit says:

    @Guria:- ahhhha nice you did not know .. at least my article did what it was supposed to do 🙂 tell soemthing no one knows.. Thanks you so much .. do visit again 🙂 @Neha :- YESsssssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSs yesssssssssssssss yessssssssssssss yesssssssssssss For once you did not have this on your email he hehehe otherwise usually you have already read it earlier 🙂 yes yes please take it up.. i would love to know a few secrets 🙂 @Inisgnia:- You are always welcome .. You tagged me so I had to do it 🙂 and phewwwww thank god you did not know much or many poitns


  21. Bikramjit says:

    @Raj :- yes i ahve hope you take it up.. Are you ok now i hope 🙂 @HArman :- yes i know i would have been good in army.. I was dieing ot get into it .. Aho punjabi nu aine award … Lucky I guess he he he .. i was good at sports .. studies which OUTSTANDING.. which meant always standing OUt of class ha he he 🙂 @Shahid :- ahmm ahmm high as in WITH WHAT .. alone alone when am i invited 🙂 @Chowla sir :- now you know 7 he he hehe thanks for the comment@Rohini :- he he heeh Badi mushkil se mauka mila to show off.. so i thought why let it go .. so show off a bit ha ha haha 🙂 yeah I am going to write a post on all this mis-shapps in movies I got loads…


  22. Bikramjit says:

    @The holy lama:- Well if i had the black box I would tell you what went wrong.. I am guess Pilot error 🙂 @Gayatri JIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :- cum on you got to stop this Cum on… arrre just give it a go they are not that difficult .. if i can pass the exams a lot can 🙂 @IQuuuuuuu :- ha hah aha I loved this .. Yaar YAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy THATS MY FRIENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AAA jao saare ke SAAAREEE. dekh lenge .. yayyyyyyyyy


  23. Bikramjit says:

    @Ananya :- Thats the idea of telling somethings that is not much known 🙂 Thanks … you coming regularly now thank you so much .. i am jsut greedy he heh ehe @Gaurav :- Et tu .. wowowow Now that you have the award take it and TELL those secrets 🙂 @Dr. Sahib ji :- thanks for reading and commenting tooo … Thank you … @A:- dont know about good life but yeah i am enjoying as much as i can and god willing God is looking at me It seems .. thanks for the visit Please do keep visiting … @Deepak :- Kidaan paaji theek thaak hon.. bahut wadhiya lagiya tusin aye .. main v aunga tuhade blog te Thanks @Wise donkey :- Yes i do all who read.. know weveryones secret would be good 🙂 he he he yes watch gladiator its a scene where russel crowe comes and they show a horse and the the angle is between the horse head and the Bridle.. you will see a man walking backwards in blue jeans … I would advice if you can AND if you want to then give them a wallop.. feels good I did not but I walloped someone else so i know 🙂 @Blunt edges:- thanks for visiting .. and reading my stuff.. Hey we cud share some notes on the movies details he hehe .. It will be cool especially if i am on way to india and the pilot has a problem .. over the ocean he he hhe yeh to movie ka PLOt ban gaya 🙂 @MAdhu :- Yes I can so next time you are on same flight as me .. you are DOUBLE SAFE .. there you go he he hehe 🙂


  24. bikram tell me the guys who bullied in school hehe newer heard u getting bullied u were solid gyani in school i remember may be u were in ur shorts then u know wat i mean one thing i must say it was these bullies that made us wat we are we bashed up quite a few of our seniors in first few oldy dinners till now i feel bad about u were … See Moregood at writing too in school especially in english u were good quite good in studies very well behaved guy I cant believe wat made u short tempered u shud not must mellow down u played hockey too


  25. Well' I knew about ur pushpaks and NCC and shooting. As for the others, well, thats interesting and Good to see you writing so well. I have a perfectionist streak for minute observation, too and u might be aware of it. And my criticism is always intended constructively with an altruistic touch..!!!Perhaps an inadvertent mistake, but lots of people miss spell LOSING as LOOSING. Lose and Loose are obviously different…!!:-) he he he he he 🙂


  26. ajay says:

    WTF.. who was it that bullied you.. I dont believe this and you never mentioned.. Was it in YPS.. I remember coming to you with the problem in college and your gang coming to sort it out.. why did you not go to bash these people .. Crazy..Plane- I know thatour profession :- I knowAwards :- I know Job :- I know I know most of them … 🙂


  27. Jas Sekhon says:

    And what are all other things that you hidden from us.. I feel like returning home from here after reading this … Delayed 3 hours … Would like ot know who those guys were invite them .. get them there together then sort them out .. what say… and yeah a surprise coming Tomorrow 🙂


  28. radha says:

    I am not sure if my comment was posted earlier, the screen just went blank. Thanks for dropping by, and am here the first time. Thanks to this post, I did get to know a little more about you. Will be back.


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  30. Rang says:

    Man! you are a champ. 🙂


  31. […] I am to write 7 things about myself .. which I have written here .. so please click […]


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