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Nameless award (Another one)

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Awards, Tags

Well lucky me getting all these tagged on .. Thanks to  Gayathri (i should write Gayathri JI) she will know why .. and Insignia  .. for giving me this award .. I am sure as all the readers and followers and all who visit my blog have known by now I am greedy so awards are always welcome.. I hardly get he he he he he

Ok What I have to do is

1. List 7 things about myself that nobody knows.
2. Pass this award on to 7 other people.
3. Comment on their blog and notify them that they have been tagged.

Right first off , I am sure everyone knows everything about me , but anyway let me see if i can find some antique traits about myself , which no one knows

1. I am a software programmer , most know about it But this was not what I wanted to be, it came as a fluke to me … so the point which i am making that others don’t know is that it was a fluke, my first choice always was Indian army, but for some reason they did not want me .. I came to UK and got into the forces, how weird is this, not good for own country but good enough everywhere else.

2. I have this weird-bad habit of watching each minute detail of movies , I have got a list of so many mishaps that people have not noticed in major blockbusters.. Movies like Matrix or gladiator .. For example there is a guy walking in Blue JEANS in a scene of Gladiator..

3. I Know how to fly a plane, did a lot of flying when I was in Chandigarh.

4. I am very outgoing.. for me indoors doesn’t work, I am very impatient.. don’t have any patience and I get angry very very very fast…

5.  I won a gold in All India roller skating competitions, And I was Second in Skeet Shooting competition, Also had a few awards in dramatics… (not many people know this.. This tag is going to get a lot of my mates really angry with me ) . I am very competetive and hate loosing …

6. My first job in India was as a teacher, and in UK was that of a security guard.

7. I was bullied bad for 3 -4 years when in school, Yes a lot of friends will have there mouth open reading this, they did not know this.. Sorry guys it was my secret.. So much so that I once ran away from a school trip.. and then the teachers had a gala time beating the crap out of me when i was located.. happened in Srinagar.. (I know all the whereabouts of the guys who did it , Never went back for revenge, Don’t know why.. even though In college .. as a few of my friends are going to react to this 🙂  .. I could have gone and taken my revenge). I don’t forget my enemies, I remember each and every details of what happened , what date and what time ..

Lai bas seven points finish I was on a roll here 🙂  Now I would like to know which of these did you guys know about me .. I mean the people who know me  🙂

ok now I have to tag people …  I have tried to tag those who have not had this one before.. a few of my blogger friends have had this tag before.. But if you are tagged again then I am sorry .. Do pick it up please .. Secrets are always good to share …

1. Neha
2. Sandhaya
3. Harman
4. Shahid
5. Raj
6. Gaurav
7. Kavita

I would tag all who are reading this .. Cum on take it up… get those secrets out 🙂