Tips – A Question…

Posted: May 16, 2010 in My Thoughts., Soch, Thinking

We had gone to a dinner at a place a few friends , when the bill came there was a chat on how much to tip the person who had been waiting our table, Well my input to the chat was “Nothing”, why do we need to tip her…

and they all looked at me as if i had said something really cruel or bad, I mean Why should we..

If we think for a second.. What is it that these people have done so great that we need to tip them, we have paid for the food we ate, the Chef is getting a salary to cook the food , the waiter themselves is getting some sort of salary for doing the work. So why do we have to tip them..

I go to work for which i am paid, I do something good no one tips me …

Anyone reading this We don’t tip a Doctor or a nurse or a policeman..

I mean do you go after a surgery to the surgeon.. “Thanks job well done .. here’s a Fiver for your effort ” …
Or if you visit a doctor.. he gives you a thorough check out and prescribes you something .. when the bill comes do you say Oh that’s your fee Plus fiver as tip .. After all the doctor might have saved your life ?

Just a thought… so whats this about Tipping a waiter ..
maybe i am weird …. OK people i can see a lot of heads nodding now 🙂

  1. Shahid says:

    It is something like a show of status nothing else,…Shahid


  2. BK Chowla, says:

    In my opinion, we must not be expected to tip. It must be left to personal choice. I have had this argument with my family and ,on expected lines, I have lost it always.Situation now has become worst. Most of the restaurants have started adding 10% service charge on the bill.I think it is unfair.I intend taking this subject on twitter.


  3. Tulika says:

    Yeah.. Actually. I completely buy your point.I do not see a reason on why should we give a tip.


  4. well i think..we should not at all give tip…y should we…their employers are already paying them for their work…nywayhey log on r surely gonna love it!!!


  5. R. Ramesh says:

    haha a tricky question ya..shucks i am confused…totally confused:)


  6. Harman says:

    TIP Must..most of the time its added in the bill as per hospitality industry…..ten to fifteen percent of the bill…..and if you don't give ..I don't know abt UK..but US..they ask for it ..its..COMPULSORY..otherwise its an embarrassment…one of my friends didn't give..they came after her ..asked her to pay the parking lot…


  7. smitzy says:

    I agree with Shahid. Tipping is synonymous to showing off. You got money, u flaunt it. Those mindful of their expenditures wont tip i guess. We never tip when we go out, because we are students and not earning ourselves.hope this made some sense :)btw, congrats on your first award 🙂


  8. Insignia says:

    Now a days many restaurants quote service charge and they dont even mention it. So if you are going to tip extra on that, voila!! its double gain for them.Yeah tipping is a personal choice. I have witnessed waiters making their faces and frowning when they didnt get the money they expected!! And few never returned the change, they assumed that to be a tip. In few states in US, tipping is mandatory. But otherwise too, if you dont tip, you are made to feel embarrassed by their body language and expression. I mean, why only the hospitality industry? My organization never ever tips me!!!! 😀


  9. Sandhya says:

    I was told by a bearer that they do not get much in the form of salary because it is assumed that they get more money in the form of tips. If it is so, then I feel sorry for them. But if the hotel is charging 10% as service charges, we are not fools to pay more as tips, but do the bearers get the 10%? It is the normal practice to pay 10% as tips in the US, I was told, is it so?


  10. Madhu says:

    Tips are those given to people who earn meagre income..its just an additional.Nothing wrong.A doc would never take it!


  11. Gaurav says:

    I would go with Madhu. Indian waiters earn a meagre income, so then need some extra money.I should be a personal choice though.


  12. ajay says:

    it is about choice if we want to give.. but yeah you are right we dont offer tips to people who ACTUALLY DESERVE it …


  13. Bikramjit says:

    @shahid:- thats what I think exactly @Chowla sir:- YEs it is personal choice. moreover i dont feel the waiters do such a commendable job. @Tulika:- YEah see i do make sense sometimes if not all the times he he heeh 🙂


  14. Bikramjit says:

    @Tripat "Prerna":- yesss thats my point, they are paid for work they do .. I will go to the blog u mentioned.. @Ramesh:- dont be too confused kahin poora wallet hi de do Tip main… come on shake it off ..@Harman:- How can it be compulasory is my point, it is ridiculos and for embarassing ur friend thats really bad… @Smitzy:- thanks for the visit. Thanks for the wish.. its not about money or flaunting it .. the question is WHY ..


  15. Bikramjit says:

    @insignia:- yeah if they have service tax FOR WHAT i dont know.. as such we are paying for food and all.. i need those tips each time my program works .. i will be rich then hopefully… @Sandhya:- Well if they dont get good salary then they shud work harder.. we dont pay tip to a richkshawala.. he works equally hard maybe Much more .. and yeah in US as from reading Harman's comment it seems to be compulsory…


  16. Bikramjit says:

    @Madhu:- got your point.. but wud u give tip …@Gaurav:- it is a personal choice but a lot of indian workers earn a meagre income .. @ajay:- it is of choice.. thats my point we dont pay to people who DESERVE.. thanks


  17. Maybe ur righht its just a sign of ur status that u want to show off


  18. Jerrie Singh says:

    No, no….i have seen people after surgery,getting hospitalised…. doing more than this……….. give heavy tip, infact they give everything to nurses…i have an example….tip is infact carrying no defination….its ur wish and desire…wether u want to or dont want to


  19. Some people take this "Tip Giving" episode as a status symbol…some think that these waiters or cab drivers are not paid we help them by "Tipping"…Doctors & nurses cannot be compared with Waiters…AND my dear fren Policemen CANNOT be tipped…they demand for tip, otherwise ….U know..?? he he he


  20. But u cant beat pb police////thell take all u carring as tip///punjab police is no 1 in this


  21. well, acc to me its really a showoff nthng else, you are right they are getting paid what they are doing, and we also so y we dnt get, are they really so poor, we pity on them….if this is the case then for the tip there are shoe maker, rickshaw puller, do we give them extra money….. no we dnt, rather we fight for the right fare…..:) , so gng … See Morein a gud restrau and giving a tip is only what we see in the waiter's eyes, his/her expresiions are like— i ll get for sure, and we can say at that time they look like saying us……..i will be thankfull, i have taken care of u……:)


  22. Bindu says:

    Interesting, I like to tip, and simply because another human has by nature of his occupation, decided to serve you, another human being. And this seems like the least I can do.That said, it was only yesterday that I wondered why I do not tip a chai tea stall near office or a man who gives me a glass of sugarcane.And no, you ain't weird 🙂


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