Archive for May 16, 2010

We had gone to a dinner at a place a few friends , when the bill came there was a chat on how much to tip the person who had been waiting our table, Well my input to the chat was “Nothing”, why do we need to tip her…

and they all looked at me as if i had said something really cruel or bad, I mean Why should we..

If we think for a second.. What is it that these people have done so great that we need to tip them, we have paid for the food we ate, the Chef is getting a salary to cook the food , the waiter themselves is getting some sort of salary for doing the work. So why do we have to tip them..

I go to work for which i am paid, I do something good no one tips me …

Anyone reading this We don’t tip a Doctor or a nurse or a policeman..

I mean do you go after a surgery to the surgeon.. “Thanks job well done .. here’s a Fiver for your effort ” …
Or if you visit a doctor.. he gives you a thorough check out and prescribes you something .. when the bill comes do you say Oh that’s your fee Plus fiver as tip .. After all the doctor might have saved your life ?

Just a thought… so whats this about Tipping a waiter ..
maybe i am weird …. OK people i can see a lot of heads nodding now 🙂