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Posted: May 12, 2010 in emails, Love, Memories, random, Thinking

I walked into my office yesterday, the lady at the reception was sitting.

“Good morning Liz”…
“Good morning Bikraaaaam”. (This is how they pronounce my name)…

As I walked past her, she called me back, “Bik, I have something for you,” she had a blue envelope in her hands, passed it on to me … it was one of AIRMAIL Aerogramme that we had in India to post abroad.

OH MY GOD… I was like in shock… it’s the last thing I was expecting… A Letter for me … I mean we are in 21st century… Letters are not heard of I mean the Hand-Written ones , Now is the time of Blogs, Emails, Scraps, and SMS… Tweets etc… Off liners… Chats… Facebook…

Believe me it was nostalgic moment, I opened the letter carefully, cause the gum is bad and you have to tear off the corners to open it, I did not want to spoil anything. The letter was from my youngest MAASI. All this time I had forgotten her Birthday was same as mine 11th November, and she wrote a letter to me. SHAME ON ME…

It was such a great feeling, I have so many handwritten letters from lots of people, When I had come to UK, I had made sure I brought all those with me, I am a sucker for such nostalgic stuff. I reached home and opened my box of Emotions-Memories-Warmth-Love, even when some of these have got torn and faded the memories they evoke are rich and resonant. So many memories came flooding back, not all Emails, SMS messages, Scraps invoke such emotions.

Oh all those lovely memories, I agree that world has changed and its time of technology, so many emails are sent every day, But imagine the Hand written letters, those carefully chosen words, written slowly, Imagine the thought going behind the words being written, then the time it took to reach, even though the news by that time was late yet it brought all that JOY, HAPINESS, WARMTH, TEAR, SORROW, everything with it and then you sat down to REPLY to it.

I remember I use to have a girl in my class, she later started to tie rakhi to me, immigrated to Australia after my 10th class, she use to write letters to me, every other week I use to get a letter, which I have till today all saved up, the fun things written in them, how she was finding living in Oz, what she was doing, the new people she was meeting, I knew her friends as she knew them there. I replied back to her telling her what is going on my side, my college days, what i was doing…

I also remember a few of my friends writing to me, The best are the letters that my dad wrote to me when I was in hostel , though they were basically STUDY HARD, STUDY and STUDY… yet thinking of them and seeing them brings back memories. My mother use to write to me in Punjabi, some of the words she used in the letters are sort of lost from the vocabulary now, the warmth – the sweetness- the love affection in it all.

These days all you get is a 160 character SMS or an occasional card especially on Birthdays, that too with 4 or maximum 5 words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” “LOVE abcd”. I used to write long letters myself, I remember pestering people in the end of the letter why don’t they write more.

In School where I was studying SUNDAY use to be the Letter writing day, we were given the Blue inland letters , there use to be a special sitting, 10AM the bell would ring, all the students were to go to the dining hall, where the prefect would distribute the letter, while we wrote, then he would collect them and mark from his list who all have not given. It was compulsory to write, I remember I use to write 3 letters , To my parents , To my Grandparents Both sets.. Sometimes if I was in good mood write to other relatives, the letters were posted every Monday morning, so by the next week the wait started for the reply.

Lunch was at 1:30Pm, after lunch around 2pm all of us use to rush to the helper (BidhiChand was his name), he would have the letters that had come to us, he would distribute them, it was good moment if you got a letter , sad time if you did not, but nevertheless it was exciting.

Nowadays you start to write I am sure the hands start to ache, we are not used to write anymore. It gives a very warm feeling when I check a handwritten letter from a close friend even after couple of years, the personal touch is missing in most of the communiqués that we send and receive these days. The Intimacy between the person who is writing and the one who has received the letter, sometimes you wonder that will the person you have written read the words as you have written, Will they understand the true meaning, the emotion behind those words.
If they don’t , then you write more to explain it all :), Wrote with more sincerity since it took longer to write, the heart to heart conversation that was etched on the paper, And the best thing was the beautiful stamps that were used.

Not all the emails or sms have the same magic as of those handwritten letters.

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By Pritish Nandy

  1. What I would say , you have reminded me of all my olden days where I used to get letter from my friends and parent!!I do write big quotes for my best friends on their birthdays still!! I never know how they feel after reading it though!


  2. Bikram says:

    @raj Well .. Thanks for the comment.. I would not mind the LONG ones .. ever..


  3. amreekandesi says:

    Hand written letters have a very special charm that no sms/scrap/facebook message can replicate. Its the personal touch that a hand written letter brings which makes it so very special!Firs time here – nice post!


  4. Harman says:

    letters ..hand written ,,opening a mail box brings hope..joy and warmth ..from the person who has written ..a letter.. its.. forgotten and needs to be revived ..Nice post!!


  5. sunil says:

    "Not all the emails or sms have the same magic as of those handwritten letters".Very rightThe difference is similar to receiving a gift by courier or friend delivering it with a hug and smile.handwritten words carry the same warmth….


  6. Neha says:

    Hey Bikraaaaaaam,that was a very nice and nostalgic post…I have been on "writing long letters" side too; but never got long replies..by the time I was in college, e-mail was IN..You are so lucky to have preserved all those letters..I have a habit of saving personalised e-mails; let it be of one line like – hi, how are you?excellent narration :))


  7. Now the only mail postman brings is LIC reminders and Readers Digest Sweepstakes offer. Even cards are difficult to come by.Lucky you to get a letter from Maasi.


  8. smitzy says:

    Thats very true that the e-means of communiques aren't that effective. It's not just a thrill to receive such letters, it's also a pleasure to write them. I know it is for me. and I still prefer paper cards to e-cards. I find I'm more patient when it comes to finding a card in a card shop rather than one online.Excellent write up!


  9. aww…that was a really sweet post…loved reading it.And i must say your school had a very interesting session…writing letters..wow…! no wonder…you still love them coming…hope you get many more letters…which would have your day a better one!:)


  10. BK Chowla says:

    Receiving letters is a different feeling altogether.Letters smell good-happiness and give feeling of closeness.What is this all about email-sms.?


  11. Dharmjit says:

    i had never wrote a letter to anyone in my past life but then also i agree wid u that it was very good experience that u write a letter to someone and waiting for the reply eagerly and then when u recieved the letter the happiness that one gets cannot be described.but dont u think that in today world with lot of technoligies we had come closer even though that fun of waiting was not there


  12. Bikram says:

    @amreekandesi :- thanks a lot for the lovely comment@Sunil- Thank you for visiting@Neha- thanks for the visit and the lovely comment@the holy lama:- yeah true its either those of the BILLS that come regular as clock work. Thanks @Smitzy:- thank you for the visit. and the comment nice to hear you are patient when buying cards I have not got any so far … :)@Angel in disguise:- Yes school had this tradition, maybe that is the reason i have got hooked on to the idea of writing. Oh yes and letter do make my day lovely.@Chowla sir True what is this all about SMS-Email… Thanks @Dharamjit:- Yeah i understand what you are saying, but GOOD old days are GOLDEN days .. thank you all for the lovely comments do keep visiting.


  13. Gaurav says:

    Good Post!Bikraaaaam.


  14. Bikram says:

    Thanks Gaurav.. I see my names is gonna get stuck with Bikraaaaaam.. 🙂


  15. Sandhya says:

    Nice nostalgic post, Bikram! Your school developed a good habit in their students…letter writing. It is an art by itself. As you said, we fill our feelings in the nib while writing by hand, i.e. emotions. I used to write 13-14 page letters to my son when he went abroad for studying. I thought he might be home-sick and wrote letters every week! I used to quote jokes from Reader's digest (tick them so that I would not repeat them!) on all the sides of the letters, weigh them and then post. I used to attach magazine clippings too. I don't know if he has preserved them. Now, just machanised emails.Felt good to read this post of yours, Bikraaaam!


  16. Ok…i'll too send u one "HAND WRITTEN"..aerogram…


  17. Bikram says:

    @Cherry – WAITING fOR IT .. my friend WAITING ….


  18. Vicky Walia says:

    nice way of telling your birthday date but we knew it as it is


  19. i can tell u who that girl was it was milan ,f am not mistaken .ur my types buddy same thing happened with me but some other girl' but i love to write and receive letters still, i used to write 1 daily milan was very cute she used to send cards lovely lady,i admire till day. f am right though bikram if wrong to get it wrong nice write up again keep sending me these love them buddy take care i care 4 u bro


  20. Bikram says:

    @vicky:- YEs nice way . you did forget last year .. chalo hope you remmeber This year he heheh .. So how was the uphill Trip


  21. Bikram says:

    @swaranjeet:- Yeah thanks for the lovely comment.


  22. bikram no thak you and sorry 4 me cheers got it we r bros mate


  23. Kps Shante says:

    Good to know there are other people realiizng the value of hand written letters.I was beginning to feel lonely and outcast in some of my beliefs..!!! I still have a large, cherished collection of aerogrammes, inland letters, postcards, assorted cards, and letters on exquisite writing- pads with lovely designs and hand writings.Good, Bikram..!!! Nice writing, too..!! Keep it up…!!!!And Thanks for restoring some of my self belief.


  24. Insignia says:

    Oops I am late!!This was such a sweet and nostalgic post. Yeah those blue inland letters, stamps…The feel of the letter….Wow!!I do have letters preserved of a friend from school. The happiness cant be expressed.


  25. sangeeta says:

    I still have the letters my father wrote to us…and the letters we wrote to him. Errm…What have you done to your template???


  26. smitzy says:

    u putting up old posts? anyway, I'm not complaining. I love them all 🙂 template change haan?


  27. R. Ramesh says:

    Give a little time for the child within you,don’t be afraid to be young and free.absolutely..as they say, it is great to be child like and stupid to be childish…cheers buddy:)


  28. @insignia :- thanks yeh , the happiness and the fond memories that come back ec time we read them Now also Is GREAT…


  29. @Sangeeta:- wowo thats great .. and why what wrong with template 🙂 just wanted a change .. it looks good


  30. @smitzy:- thanks .. yeah changed the template ..


  31. @R. Ramesh:- wrong article pe comment daal diya ha haha But thanks a lot Always a pleasure to have you read my articles 🙂


  32. Simmy Chatha says:

    How mean of u …… u never mentioned my name in d post. No wonder y i hv stopped dropping u words here nd there.


  33. @shante sir Thanks a lot .. And why do you feel lonely tuhade sikhaye bahut ne .. Thank you


  34. @Simmy bhen lai this was school time .. haale PICTURE BAAKI hai .. how can I not mention.. and this is not the reason y u stopped dropping words .. oh reason taan KUCH hor hi hai 🙂 Gussa nahin hona .. Gusse hon da time nahin haiga hun 🙂


  35. Jas Sekhon says:

    Meri chithiyaan saambh ke rakhiyaan ne yaan nahin… next time i see you will make sure to see .. congrats on the house …


  36. KPS Shante says:

    I meant lonely in terms of some of my beliefs. I'm very pragmatic, informal and futuristic in many ways, but am very traditional or conservative in many ways, too, especially when it comes to etiquette, value system, feelings, including nostalgia… blah, blah,blah……Anyways, Keep writing, smiling, having fun and enjoying life…!!!


  37. Always Happy says:

    Bikram, that is such a lovely post.


  38. aaradhnak says:

    Now even if I want to write something the moment I take the paper/pen the thought flow stops…. and strangely enough after blinking at the WINWORD for 5 min I get all my thoughts back 🙄 wonder how I wrote my exams in school/college days :PNostalgic post and those letters will always be special 🙂


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