Friendships – Do we respect Friendship / Friends.. yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha kahin zahir kahin chupa dekha..

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Angry, Dosti, Experiences, Friends, FriendShip

Wherever I see, I find my friends everywhere. Visibly or indirectly, I see them all around me

The last few days a lot has happened and the recent things that happened in my personal life have made me ask myself a few questions

2. Do we respect our FRIENDSHIP/ FRIENDS ?.

How do you show respect towards your friend, Or see if they respect you ?

Is SAYING That I RESPECT you same as SHOWING respect ?

To me a friend is who would stand by you, no matter what, right or wrong is something to think about after the need has got over.. A friend in need is a friend indeed that’s how we respect our friendship, Good friends stand by you Right or wrong.. That is not the criteria here at the moment.. The moment is that your friend needs you and You are there.. THAT TO ME IS FRIENDSHIP…

I feel that you respect it when you can Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel directly, rather than assuming… Respect is shown when you See the whole world walk out and a few Walk IN FOR YOU.

Friends are someone who accept you the way you are, who know all your good-bad things but still are with you, They are the people who would rather be with you then be somewhere else..

Pride should not come between friends it doesn’t matter who says sorry. I know friendships change, people change , priorities change.. No matter what you do there will be tiffs, there will be people who wont want to be friends to you, OR who would for a matter be just polite to you , take you for granted. The toughest job in this world is changing somebody’s mindset.

How Easy it is to break away and spoil a friendship. The friendship that can cease has never been real is what I think, All these years of my life I have thought that all I have earned is friends, since working my arse off hasn’t made me a millionaire yet, so yeah I am being selfish 🙂 since no money so lets change the topic and go to Friendship Cause that’s what I have earned so far in my life.

There can never be a GOOD reason for Breaking a Friendship.. NEVER

I am proud and can honestly say I got friends almost all over the world now , which is GOOD cause I don’t have to stay in Hotels anymore and Spend the money THAT I HAVE NOT EARNED YET or should I say Saved yet. I have been to Chicago, vancouver, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, California , Virginia, Mumbai loads and loads of place and guess what yeah FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD (and psssttt Drink tooo yayyyy) … ha ha ha I am not sure if the people whom I stayed with , did actually think I was being a CHEAPSKATE… Anyway I am sure they will read this blog so You dare say I overstayed 🙂

Anyway the reason for writing this blog was that I have been very distressed lately cause of a few things, I know I am stupid and Not THAT great a person (ab cant say i am good myself can I :).. wink wink hint hint ), and its been hurting me every since. How people change in a moment, how they suddenly just go off at the press of a switch. Do they even think what effect they are having by being the way they are or does it even matter to them.

Now I have been wondering maybe I was wrong.

Was it that when they first talked to me it was for the sake of it ?

Was it that when they laughed with me at first it was for formality sake ?

This really pisses me off about people , like the famous dialogue of a movie ,


Why are they like that, Why are people so selfish. OR AM I TOO NAIVE.. and STUPID and SILLY still thinking of them. It really pains me cause for me a relation is a relation.

There are these very nice words I heard somewhere

Dosti karo to Jam ke karo
Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karo
magar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho
to Sharamindgi na ho….

FRIENDS are those who know all about you and STILL LIKE YOU..
FRIENDS are people Who Matter in your life, there are a lot of people we will meet Who NEVER DID, Who always Will and Who wont matter anymore, So don’t worry about people from PAST.. there is a REASON they didn’t make to your future… But the people who are with you all this time are FRIENDS.

  1. Harman says:

    Wah Wah .. Gr8 post….really like it.. Words speak reality..Good goin.. social investments are MUST ..MUSTlove these lines….Dosti karo to Jam ke karo"Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karomagar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho to Sharamindgi na ho…. "


  2. Gaurav says:

    nice post…A true friend is the one who can understand you better and stay with you in difficult times. Well said.PS: I have one post of friendship pending in draft. I'll post that soon.


  3. very nice… friends are a very vital part of life. i had written a post on them too. its at this link. have a look.


  4. Bikram says:

    @Harman:- thank you so much, and very true what you said. You have actually read these lines earlier too on one of my articles and you did like them then also 🙂


  5. Bikram says:

    @Gaurav:- I will go and read your artcle for sure.. I am very passionate about FRIENDSHIP.. really and very very emotional in this department… For as in the article thats all i have t oshow for in all these years of my life so far.. my friends and mates ….


  6. Bikram says:

    @Dr. Chandana Shekar:- Yes you are very right Friends are a very vital part, they are the ones who makes us and most of the time in life we are known because of who we are with… And regard friendship very much important… I will definitely read your artcle … Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂


  7. ajay says:

    Very well said .. Friendship is something that we make.. we are not born with it .. its the people we choose to be with.. So it is OURS.. and yes like you said a friend in need is a friend in deep .. Friends are those who know when they are needed and are there for there mates… its really a pity that in todays day and age its so hard to make or have good friends … everything has become to materialistic.. you dont know who is who.. god bless you Bikram and I am thankful to god that i have a friend like you on whom i can depend all the time every time .. for anything … thank you is what i should say …


  8. BK Chowla, says:

    Any friendship based on trust is a long term affair.


  9. Insignia says:

    You've said it all…Friends..vital part. Some wise man said "Show me your friend and I will tell who you are" Such is friendship 🙂


  10. Dhiman says:

    That was a very heart warming post… left me longing… There can never be a GOOD reason for Breaking a Friendship.. NEVERmost people don't realize this….


  11. Madhu says:

    Friends are the ones who guide u…they speak ur weakness ion front of u and ur strength behind u..:)


  12. Shas says:

    Good one. Lucky you, you are blessed. Life is worth living when one is surrounded n blessed with true friends rather than be surrounded by the gold biscuits, diamonds n sapphires.


  13. Bikram says:

    @Ajay:- stop being SENTY.. 🙂 and its not me.. its all of us.. and God bless you and i am thank ful to have a friend like you …


  14. Bikram says:

    @Chowla Sir:- Yes very true .. Trust is a must.. a BIg must…


  15. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- YEsss .. like you say its the company we keep that shows who or how we are most of the time.. we are knows sometimes for our friends… Thanks


  16. Bikram says:

    @Dhiman:- Yeah pity they dont realise.. by the time realisation hits its tooo late… Thanks for the visit.. please keep doing so 🙂


  17. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- Thank you.. exactly.. so very true.. SO what do you got to say on my back ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 kidding…


  18. Bikram says:

    @Shas:- Thank you. yes i feel blessed with so many people who care for me.. and i thank god for that and all my friends … But hey gold biscuits yaan kuch sapphires a bit would also be goood he he he he 🙂


  19. Smitzy says:

    Hmmm… I am probably the last person to write about friendship, but friends are needed at every walk of life. They may be good or bad, but you need them always.and very true that there can NEVER be a good enough reason for breaking a friendship. I hope you keep all of your friends :)take care!


  20. Ashwin says:

    Wow! It truly was a brilliant post! It kind of gave me answers to some of the questions I have had in my head! So, thank you!And PS: As far as your mood is concerned – well, there isn't any point in worrying about things that are beyond your sphere of influence!


  21. sujata says:

    of all the relationships..friendship is the most there usually is no expectation apart from the shared companionship!!


  22. YAY we are friends 🙂


  23. Bikram says:

    @smitzy:- thanks for the comment .. yeah there can never be a reason .. I have this habit to keep all my friends or at least till i can possibly do .. baaki god knows best …


  24. Bikram says:

    @Sujata:- YEssssss very true.. its the most pure .. thanks @Raj:- yayyyyyyyyyy remmeber when i come to India you asked me to TELL YOU he he heheh will hold you to it 🙂 :0… ha ha


  25. wat a man how do u manage all thisincredible man i ve started cherishing ur frndship so sweetly written well done manall the while i was on the phone talking to old junior buddy bobbi mandi crux of the matter is i m pretty identical to you in all this.I for that matter respond to the wormth shown towards me by double the warmth.I Like your dosti karo but over the years i have stopped making enemies.but when i make one i wud like him to stay away,and thats it.very well writen i adore u 4 this


  26. Bikram says:

    Is that Butter you were talking to .. HE is a gem of a person .. How do i manage this well.. I have this habit of writing stuff.. so as i and when i get time I do it .. Aven Random stuff… 🙂


  27. Right Brar Sahab…!!! God knows from where Mann sahab is getting all this out….!!! inna j mann sahab ne college ch dimaag laya hunda tan…???????


  28. Bikram says:

    @Cherry. chal koi na .. us wele nahin chaliya hun taan chal riha hai na 🙂 yaar beli 🙂


  29. Dimpy Nain says:

    Beautiful and sensitive piece of writing bikram…and i agree that friendship is unconditional…cheers to friends and friendship


  30. Vicky Walia says:

    paaji kedi sight use karde ho aa sab article leyi,sanu bhi daso sare iksaath lake kam khatam kariye


  31. That was a nice post Bikram. I have seen such friends too. I feel if a person wants to break friendship with you, it really means that they were never really a true friend of ours.


  32. kavita says:

    Just few weeks back i met a group of my very old friends at another friend's wedding…we had a rocking time together.We really talked silly and laughed a lot.At that moment i realized how busy we all are in our lives that we have stopped having fun…careful all the time,playing different roles for different people but with friends we can be ourselves.Dost zo bhi kare wo kare…humein to apni dosti nibhani hai..yehi zazba zinda rahe !


  33. sm says:

    thoughtful postlike the narrationyes once a friend is a friend forever ,


  34. Bikram says:

    @Dimpy mam : thank you.. madam ji tusin hi sikhaya hai sab .. you were the teacher so good or bad .. he he he


  35. Bikram says:

    Vicky paaji.. eh dil di awaaj hai 🙂 ha hah aha haha No site .. site is the profile MINE 🙂 I write a blog been writing for a year or so now …


  36. Bikram says:

    @evanescentthoughts:- thanks for liking the post.. yeah very true they were not true to you from the start .. thanks for visiting 🙂


  37. Bikram says:

    @kavita : yesssss thats more like it , I bet you had fun and enjoyed yeah we have got busy and forgotten or lost touch with the people who meant something sometimes ago.. we should make an effort 🙂 and I LOVED THIS :- Dost zo bhi kare wo kare…humein to apni dosti nibhani hai..yehi zazba zinda rahe !WOWOWOW


  38. Bikram says:

    @sm – Thanks SM.. for me it has been but there have been occasions when it has not worked but what i feel then is THERE LOSS 🙂 I do what is right in my eyes , what they do is different ..or upto them


  39. how much have you earned guess they pay u for it


  40. Bikram says:

    @Swarnjeet Brar :- I dont earn anything .. Its for me .. By me , so its ok


  41. no dont get me wrong buddy i also like and adore writing started a blog these guys say if u have these many hits was pissed not bcause i dont like money but i thaught was not that good no harm in earning ur buck ur write up amazes me it sort f gives u a kick beleive u like another female like u buddy from school it started from kites film song go on nothing bad in earning a living ur too good at it believe me


  42. Simmy Chatha says:

    And I bet this is just d PREFACE!


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