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Wherever I see, I find my friends everywhere. Visibly or indirectly, I see them all around me

The last few days a lot has happened and the recent things that happened in my personal life have made me ask myself a few questions

2. Do we respect our FRIENDSHIP/ FRIENDS ?.

How do you show respect towards your friend, Or see if they respect you ?

Is SAYING That I RESPECT you same as SHOWING respect ?

To me a friend is who would stand by you, no matter what, right or wrong is something to think about after the need has got over.. A friend in need is a friend indeed that’s how we respect our friendship, Good friends stand by you Right or wrong.. That is not the criteria here at the moment.. The moment is that your friend needs you and You are there.. THAT TO ME IS FRIENDSHIP…

I feel that you respect it when you can Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel directly, rather than assuming… Respect is shown when you See the whole world walk out and a few Walk IN FOR YOU.

Friends are someone who accept you the way you are, who know all your good-bad things but still are with you, They are the people who would rather be with you then be somewhere else..

Pride should not come between friends it doesn’t matter who says sorry. I know friendships change, people change , priorities change.. No matter what you do there will be tiffs, there will be people who wont want to be friends to you, OR who would for a matter be just polite to you , take you for granted. The toughest job in this world is changing somebody’s mindset.

How Easy it is to break away and spoil a friendship. The friendship that can cease has never been real is what I think, All these years of my life I have thought that all I have earned is friends, since working my arse off hasn’t made me a millionaire yet, so yeah I am being selfish 🙂 since no money so lets change the topic and go to Friendship Cause that’s what I have earned so far in my life.

There can never be a GOOD reason for Breaking a Friendship.. NEVER

I am proud and can honestly say I got friends almost all over the world now , which is GOOD cause I don’t have to stay in Hotels anymore and Spend the money THAT I HAVE NOT EARNED YET or should I say Saved yet. I have been to Chicago, vancouver, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, California , Virginia, Mumbai loads and loads of place and guess what yeah FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD (and psssttt Drink tooo yayyyy) … ha ha ha I am not sure if the people whom I stayed with , did actually think I was being a CHEAPSKATE… Anyway I am sure they will read this blog so You dare say I overstayed 🙂

Anyway the reason for writing this blog was that I have been very distressed lately cause of a few things, I know I am stupid and Not THAT great a person (ab cant say i am good myself can I :).. wink wink hint hint ), and its been hurting me every since. How people change in a moment, how they suddenly just go off at the press of a switch. Do they even think what effect they are having by being the way they are or does it even matter to them.

Now I have been wondering maybe I was wrong.

Was it that when they first talked to me it was for the sake of it ?

Was it that when they laughed with me at first it was for formality sake ?

This really pisses me off about people , like the famous dialogue of a movie ,


Why are they like that, Why are people so selfish. OR AM I TOO NAIVE.. and STUPID and SILLY still thinking of them. It really pains me cause for me a relation is a relation.

There are these very nice words I heard somewhere

Dosti karo to Jam ke karo
Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karo
magar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho
to Sharamindgi na ho….

FRIENDS are those who know all about you and STILL LIKE YOU..
FRIENDS are people Who Matter in your life, there are a lot of people we will meet Who NEVER DID, Who always Will and Who wont matter anymore, So don’t worry about people from PAST.. there is a REASON they didn’t make to your future… But the people who are with you all this time are FRIENDS.