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There were the best of times and then there were the worst of times.
And all the while, it was because of the love.

Love is such a confusing emotion. At one point of time, it exhilarates us, makes us experience joy, happiness, passion. Yet at another point in time, it is the source of all the misery and bitterness in our life. Still, it’s the feeling of being loved, of being wanted that pulls us on.

Every relationship follows a same pattern from the beginning till the end. It starts with the nervous butterflies flapping away in the depths of the stomach, some coy glances, flirting and talking for hours together on the telephone. Those initial days of young budding love are probably the best. The two are just starting to discover each other. They find delight in interests they share and for the ones they don’t share, they talk about it. The whirlpool of young love sweeps away everyone off their feet.

Love makes us do so many things. It makes us care, makes us concerned about the person in our life. We put the needs of that special someone before our own. We try to help them overcome their sadness and depressions. We share their joys and happiness. We try to inspire and encourage them to do even better in life. It makes us anxious when we don’t get a call or a text from them for long. Hearing about their illness makes us want to rush to the hospital to be with them just holding their hand. Watching other couples walking around in the mall makes us miss our special someone.

Then, why does it all end? The beautiful serene picture one creates of a future with the special person of their dreams, why does that picture fade away? As the relationship matures, either things work out or they don’t. Either understanding seeps in or impatience does. And so the two make it or they break it. And then comes the feeling of depression. The abject loneliness drives us crazy. The weaker at heart try to indulge in self-harm as a way of coping. The more possessive types hatch plans to garner revenge. The egoists scoff off the relation as a bad phase and are ready to move on immediately.

But at the end of day, when they go to bed, they think of the person they were once in a relationship with and they think of all the beautiful moments that they had spent with them. Whether they would like to admit it or not, end of the day they would always love their special someone.

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Nameless award (Another one)

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Awards, Tags

Well lucky me getting all these tagged on .. Thanks to  Gayathri (i should write Gayathri JI) she will know why .. and Insignia  .. for giving me this award .. I am sure as all the readers and followers and all who visit my blog have known by now I am greedy so awards are always welcome.. I hardly get he he he he he

Ok What I have to do is

1. List 7 things about myself that nobody knows.
2. Pass this award on to 7 other people.
3. Comment on their blog and notify them that they have been tagged.

Right first off , I am sure everyone knows everything about me , but anyway let me see if i can find some antique traits about myself , which no one knows

1. I am a software programmer , most know about it But this was not what I wanted to be, it came as a fluke to me … so the point which i am making that others don’t know is that it was a fluke, my first choice always was Indian army, but for some reason they did not want me .. I came to UK and got into the forces, how weird is this, not good for own country but good enough everywhere else.

2. I have this weird-bad habit of watching each minute detail of movies , I have got a list of so many mishaps that people have not noticed in major blockbusters.. Movies like Matrix or gladiator .. For example there is a guy walking in Blue JEANS in a scene of Gladiator..

3. I Know how to fly a plane, did a lot of flying when I was in Chandigarh.

4. I am very outgoing.. for me indoors doesn’t work, I am very impatient.. don’t have any patience and I get angry very very very fast…

5.  I won a gold in All India roller skating competitions, And I was Second in Skeet Shooting competition, Also had a few awards in dramatics… (not many people know this.. This tag is going to get a lot of my mates really angry with me ) . I am very competetive and hate loosing …

6. My first job in India was as a teacher, and in UK was that of a security guard.

7. I was bullied bad for 3 -4 years when in school, Yes a lot of friends will have there mouth open reading this, they did not know this.. Sorry guys it was my secret.. So much so that I once ran away from a school trip.. and then the teachers had a gala time beating the crap out of me when i was located.. happened in Srinagar.. (I know all the whereabouts of the guys who did it , Never went back for revenge, Don’t know why.. even though In college .. as a few of my friends are going to react to this 🙂  .. I could have gone and taken my revenge). I don’t forget my enemies, I remember each and every details of what happened , what date and what time ..

Lai bas seven points finish I was on a roll here 🙂  Now I would like to know which of these did you guys know about me .. I mean the people who know me  🙂

ok now I have to tag people …  I have tried to tag those who have not had this one before.. a few of my blogger friends have had this tag before.. But if you are tagged again then I am sorry .. Do pick it up please .. Secrets are always good to share …

1. Neha
2. Sandhaya
3. Harman
4. Shahid
5. Raj
6. Gaurav
7. Kavita

I would tag all who are reading this .. Cum on take it up… get those secrets out 🙂

Sometimes things happen in life over which you dont have any control.. but still it makes you curse and regret the decisions you might have done or taken .. I am not saying the decision was wrong but situations and things happening in life make you doubt …

Today I was woken up at about 7am in morning because its been hot here…. and I noticed my phone blinking a few txt messages and a couple of missed calls on my phone… on checking the message I found a very bad news my best mates in india had been trying to get hold of me ..

One of my best friend Ashwani lost his wife yesterday at 7pm india time … I was shocked and did not know what to do .. What can one do in such a situation , I cursed myself for being in United kingdom.. My hand was shaking in anger .. I dialled ashwani’s number but did not have the guts let it ring… I cut the phone .. I called my friend who had sent me the txt, they were there together trying to do something and here was I unable to do anything … just worthlesss

My bhabhi had been crushed under a roadways bus as they were driving to amritsar , what a drastic way to go .. Unbelievable .. I remember the last time I was in india we had a small get together and she was there and Ashwani was not there because of some work. she had apologised and was trying her level best to be a good host … All my friends have beautiful wifes and I have a very good repo with them ..

I called ashwani then But what do I say to him. WHAT CAN ONE SAY IN such a situation .. It was the worst phone call I ever made .. I did not know anything that I could say All I could say was “Ashwani , Mann here ” .. and nothing .. I could hear that pain in his words when he said “Mann raje , alls lost “.. I did not know what to say , I could not say anything.

WHAT CAN A PERSON SAY OR DO when such things happens … Recently things have not been going very good this side .. so many mishaps .. Why dont people drive properly on the roads …
Why does this have the happen .. She was just in 30’s , two kids I mean is this it .. What are the kids going to do .. they had gone to states for summer hoplidays .. how are they going to react.. when they come back to India all the time they are travelling .. What THE HECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I dont know what I am gonna do .. But since recently I have been writing on speeding and driving .. I thought I will write about this .. PLEASE PEOPLE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Think of the people your are putting in danger by driving rashley.. Better be late then never … It hurts people .. IT HURTS A LOTTTTTT beleive me .. I am moaning about my hurt but imagine the hurt my friend is going through at this time .. Imagine the hurt the kids are going through .. Just because ONE IDIOT made a rash decision…

I hope and wish my friend if ok.. he is not picking his phone and the rest of my friends are with him … PLEASE GODDDDDDD

PLEASE why does it have to happen .. why cant people just get old and Die .. rather then like this … I am disgusted and I dont know Why i am writing this here … I have tried to do various things over the day , but everything leads to this …  Hence the start when i said WHY AM I HERE .. Why am I not there with my mate in his hour of need and look at this …

he said to me on phone “Don’t come running..Nothing you can do.. … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tag Time – Award Time

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Awards, Tags
Well where do i start. first of all I had never had this clue that I would be tagged by someone.. anyway But BUT as it happens It has happened … Insignia Has tagged me .. and awarded me too with a Award which i will definitely SHOW off as such i don’t get awards . so Got to show off the ones I do get…
Thank you Insignia ..

Now for the Tag.. Three Things about me GOOD Things about me .. well well what do i say .. I got plenty of good things about me .. why only three .. My Mother use to say he heh eh ehe he .. i bet half have already stopped reading… 🙂

1. I am a good friend .. I believe in friendship… I would go out of my way to help anyone , good or bad whatever it is .. I would do it …

Pheww one gone .. you know this is really difficult .. i did not think it would be .. But it is turning out to be a nightmare and i have just done point one …

2. I am courteous.. Oh yes I am , have been told off a lot of times , especially shopping in India.. cause according to my mates the shopkeepers immediately knows I am a firangi when i open my mouth .. So have been told by almost everyone to keep my mouth shut when I go shopping.

Two gone One to go …..

3. I am very Impulsive.. now you would ask why is it good.. Well the reason is I got to do a lot of things which I might not have done if given a second thought.. Jumping in the ocean with sharks … Or jumping from 14000Ft off a plane.. So being impulsive has its good point tooo…

Done dana dan phewwwwwwww difficult job this is … I can write hundred of bad things in me in a minute .. but this took a long time …

I am going to tag a few people Some have already been tagged .. Whom I would like to have the award ..


Please people take this up and all the best …

If you go for a dinner somewhere especially at a restaurant or even to someones house .. After you finish your meal .. Traditionally it is asked would you like to have something sweet , I must say I never say NO to that .. bring it on…

OR would u like a coffee after food.. 

My question is that isn’t this the Same drink they are referring to that most of us use to get us out of bed in the mornings .. ?

A dose of High caffeine that fuels our system for the rest of the day … 🙂

So why have it after dinner, so that we can remain awake for the rest of the NIGHT…. Seems a bit stupid to me .. But then my thoughts .. What do you think……….

Life is so worthless, it holds no meanings sometimes .. anyone and anything can take it away in a jiffy… 
What do we make of it .. What is Life .. do we know whats gonna happen in the next moment.. or DO WE EVEN REALISE WHAT EFFECT The PAST minute will have on the NEXT minute..

Harsh world out there..

God we say god protects those who are true or are good .. Then why do things happen like this ..

What is the meaning of all this ….

A car is going at high speed , when the idiot of the driver thinks he is Schumacher or something driving at a high speed on a single carriageway with a speed limit of 30MPH .. Which seems to be a SLOW for this driver so he decided to overtake and that results in loosing control for what ever reason…

The same time a 15 year old  male kid, who is a Jehovah witness , is standing on the Pavement , minding his own business OR maybe talking about GOD , he has no idea whats going to happen, His past minute was maybe sharing a joke with a friend, Talking to a friend.. ANYTHING it could be ..

The car smashes into this Boy, hits him around abdomen , takes him along as it smashes into the front wall of a shop behind the boy…

I cant imagine what would have gone through this Boy.. who had his whole life in front of him.. THE WHOLE BLOODY LIFE.. someone might have called ambulance.. ..

The boy had to be airlifted to a hospital more suited for such accidents there is a hospital just one mile down the road.. Helicopter medics took him to hospital about 7-8 miles away..

Then there was another problem , since he is a Jehovah witness , he refused to receive blood its against the religion.. news says the doctors pleaded for him to take it but he was adamant and his family supported his decision.. Resulting in his death…

The driver was arrested and later bailed ..

So WHAT THE HELL is this … do we stand a chance… we say bad things happen to bad people, what possible wrong thing could this 15 year old boy be doing.. Why did he have to end up like this.. and die in such horror.. while the driver had nothing… WHY

I have been really upset over this, people reading this you may call me a WUSS or a chicken or WHATEVER , I am not ashamed that i shed a tear when i heard this .. or i feel anger against God or the driver.. For taking away such a precious life…

And Anger against the parents who supported the boys decision not to take blood.. DAMN the religion.. All religion does is make people FIGHT.. Look what is happening in the world in the NAME OF RELIGION.

Please lets get together and prey for the departed soul hope he rests in peace away from this CRUEL-BAD-DIRTY world… and Also prey the people with cars know how to drive, learn patience on road.. and respect traffic rules , they are there for a REASON.

And yes HANG THE DRIVER…. its not a accident its a MURDER….  because A mother has lost her son, and Joshua had a brother. He has lost his brother, he was there in the morning and then gone by the afternoon. How do you explain , or how do we put this in perspective..

The doctors need to have a automatic right to override parental wishes or that of a minor for a LIFE.

We had gone to a dinner at a place a few friends , when the bill came there was a chat on how much to tip the person who had been waiting our table, Well my input to the chat was “Nothing”, why do we need to tip her…

and they all looked at me as if i had said something really cruel or bad, I mean Why should we..

If we think for a second.. What is it that these people have done so great that we need to tip them, we have paid for the food we ate, the Chef is getting a salary to cook the food , the waiter themselves is getting some sort of salary for doing the work. So why do we have to tip them..

I go to work for which i am paid, I do something good no one tips me …

Anyone reading this We don’t tip a Doctor or a nurse or a policeman..

I mean do you go after a surgery to the surgeon.. “Thanks job well done .. here’s a Fiver for your effort ” …
Or if you visit a doctor.. he gives you a thorough check out and prescribes you something .. when the bill comes do you say Oh that’s your fee Plus fiver as tip .. After all the doctor might have saved your life ?

Just a thought… so whats this about Tipping a waiter ..
maybe i am weird …. OK people i can see a lot of heads nodding now 🙂

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder – AAADD

I guess we all reach a stage where we all have some sort of disorder in us , sometimes there are so many that we loose count off, But i am sure they probably have a name for all the disorders or symptoms ..

The alarm went off at 9:20 AM , I woke up, switched off the alarm.. lay in bed relaxing … got up a few minutes later and did the curtains to notice Sun was out and it was clear blue sky .. Warm day .. the whole week has been cold.. so thankfully the weather man got it right …

Well Weekend was here and since they predicted to be a hot-warm day on Saturday i though yayyyyy nice one. I went downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee.. Poured it in my super Big Glass.. I make my coffee with Milk only serves two purposes wakes me up and the milk is good for health..

I was about to take the first sip when I noticed outside and thought lets get the garden sorted since winters have gone and it needs a revamp.. make it ready for the summers I decide to do that.. Left the glass to cool down a bit and

Walked out to the garden thought of watering the plants since the soil looked dry.. As I turn on the hose, I noticed that my car in the driveway needed some attention, hasn’t been washed for quiet a long time,

So i decide lets wash it, I headed with the hose towards the car..

Now to reach the car I got to get past the porch.. as I am walking I notice the post is there that the postman had delivered earlier..

So I decide to go through it .. I picked the post and started going through it, most of it was junk mail, pamphlets and off course the Bills.. they all seem to come together and exactly at the point when you think this month i might actually have some saving…

I put my car keys on the table and decide to put the junk mail in the recycling box under the table, As I looked in the bos I noticed that the recycling box is full, So I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the recycling first.

Now since the Recycling place is right next to the post office, So my brilliant mind works that since i will be near it might as well pay the bills tooo .. I decide to do that ..  I left everything in the porch to go inside to get my cheque book, where i notice the coffee glass i had left earlier.

I thought of moving the glass so as i don’t accidentaly knock it off , as I picked the glass I noticed its cold .. Ah well let me make another cup as I walk toward the kitchen with the cold coffee, a vase of flowers on the worktop catches my eye – the flowers need water.

I put the coffee on the worktop and discover my reading glasses that I’ve been searching for last night.

So I decide I better put them back on my desk, but first I’m going to water the flowers..

I put the glasses back down on the worktop, fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote control. Which I may have left on the kitchen table while having dinner. Since tonight Britain’s got talent is coming I thought I should put the remote next to the Tv so I decide to put it back where it belongs, but first I’ll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers, but quite a bit of it spills on the floor.

So, I put the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:

The car isn’t washed

The bills aren’t paid

There is a cold cup of coffee sitting on the kitchen work-surface

The flowers don’t have enough water,

There is still only 1 cheque in my cheque book,

I can’t find the remote,

I can’t find my glasses,

And I don’t remember what I did with the car keys.

Then, when I try to figure out why nothing got done today, I’m really baffled because I know I was busy all bloody day and I’m really tired.

I realise this is a serious problem, and I’ll try to get some help for it, but first I’ll write it down and post it .. just in case I forget everything and i have nothing new to post…. 🙂

Would you not love to be a child , back to the child hood when no tension nothing.. there should be this button in us, press kiya and roll back so many years..

The days when we all lived together, my grandparents, my chacha, aunt before they all left for United states, married and all.. the time when the clock went just past 5pm .. everyone running helter skelter cause Grandpa was to return home after work.. and I would keep doing what I am cause hey I was the pampered one … I would get all the attention, Daddy (grand pa), his driver , the gun man everyone would pamper me .. And then the Going for the tours of his.. to different villages and towns in punjab..

The school times the fighting over the silly erasers, especially the ones that were perfumed.. throwing a tantrum to get the pencil with rainbow colours and a eraser on the back or those curly ones .. and to get that particular pencil box with superman on it or spider man.. the sharpners especially the big plastic ones, in which you put the pencil and it hand a small handle to rotate , which sharpened the pencil.. and then to test the nib of pencil on your cheek to see if it was sharp enough as if we had to go to war…

Holidays were special too, cause you got to go different places, Dad use to get that travel expense thing (dont know whats it called), so different places to visit, I remember Papa taking us to Mumbai, Hajoor sahib, Gujarat, Manali and all over india.. the beautiful places we went and met so many people…

All those games we played.. the Langdi tang.. the tippy tippy tap.. The Oopar neeche.. the pithu garams.. Does anyone remember all that games.. The Chain chain something..

The above all came to mind when i heard this song.. Please everyone STOP EVERYTHING and listen to this .. close your eyes and let yourself be lost in the childhood, in the open fieldssss GIVE it a try ..

Give a little time for the child within you,

Give a little time for the child within you,
don’t be afraid to be young and free.
Undo the locks and throw away the keys
and take off your shoes and socks, and run you.
La, la, la…

Run through the meadow and scare up the milking cows
Run down the beach kicking clouds of sand
Walk a windy weather day, feel your face blow away
Stop and listen: Love you.

Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down
Waltzing Matilda, Carey loves a kinkatchoo
Joey catch a kangaroo, hug you.

Dandylion, milkweed, silky on a sunny sky
Reach out and hitch a ride and float on by
Balloons down below catching colors of the rainbow
red, blue and yellow-green: I love you.

Bicycles, tricycles, ice cream candy
Lollypops, popsicles, licorice sticks
Solomon Grundy, Raggedy Andy
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, home free

Cowboys and Indians, puppydogs and sandpails
Beachballs and baseballs and basketballs, too.
I love forget-me-nots, fluffernutters, sugarpops
I’ll hug you and kiss you and love you
La, la, la… Love you.

I walked into my office yesterday, the lady at the reception was sitting.

“Good morning Liz”…
“Good morning Bikraaaaam”. (This is how they pronounce my name)…

As I walked past her, she called me back, “Bik, I have something for you,” she had a blue envelope in her hands, passed it on to me … it was one of AIRMAIL Aerogramme that we had in India to post abroad.

OH MY GOD… I was like in shock… it’s the last thing I was expecting… A Letter for me … I mean we are in 21st century… Letters are not heard of I mean the Hand-Written ones , Now is the time of Blogs, Emails, Scraps, and SMS… Tweets etc… Off liners… Chats… Facebook…

Believe me it was nostalgic moment, I opened the letter carefully, cause the gum is bad and you have to tear off the corners to open it, I did not want to spoil anything. The letter was from my youngest MAASI. All this time I had forgotten her Birthday was same as mine 11th November, and she wrote a letter to me. SHAME ON ME…

It was such a great feeling, I have so many handwritten letters from lots of people, When I had come to UK, I had made sure I brought all those with me, I am a sucker for such nostalgic stuff. I reached home and opened my box of Emotions-Memories-Warmth-Love, even when some of these have got torn and faded the memories they evoke are rich and resonant. So many memories came flooding back, not all Emails, SMS messages, Scraps invoke such emotions.

Oh all those lovely memories, I agree that world has changed and its time of technology, so many emails are sent every day, But imagine the Hand written letters, those carefully chosen words, written slowly, Imagine the thought going behind the words being written, then the time it took to reach, even though the news by that time was late yet it brought all that JOY, HAPINESS, WARMTH, TEAR, SORROW, everything with it and then you sat down to REPLY to it.

I remember I use to have a girl in my class, she later started to tie rakhi to me, immigrated to Australia after my 10th class, she use to write letters to me, every other week I use to get a letter, which I have till today all saved up, the fun things written in them, how she was finding living in Oz, what she was doing, the new people she was meeting, I knew her friends as she knew them there. I replied back to her telling her what is going on my side, my college days, what i was doing…

I also remember a few of my friends writing to me, The best are the letters that my dad wrote to me when I was in hostel , though they were basically STUDY HARD, STUDY and STUDY… yet thinking of them and seeing them brings back memories. My mother use to write to me in Punjabi, some of the words she used in the letters are sort of lost from the vocabulary now, the warmth – the sweetness- the love affection in it all.

These days all you get is a 160 character SMS or an occasional card especially on Birthdays, that too with 4 or maximum 5 words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” “LOVE abcd”. I used to write long letters myself, I remember pestering people in the end of the letter why don’t they write more.

In School where I was studying SUNDAY use to be the Letter writing day, we were given the Blue inland letters , there use to be a special sitting, 10AM the bell would ring, all the students were to go to the dining hall, where the prefect would distribute the letter, while we wrote, then he would collect them and mark from his list who all have not given. It was compulsory to write, I remember I use to write 3 letters , To my parents , To my Grandparents Both sets.. Sometimes if I was in good mood write to other relatives, the letters were posted every Monday morning, so by the next week the wait started for the reply.

Lunch was at 1:30Pm, after lunch around 2pm all of us use to rush to the helper (BidhiChand was his name), he would have the letters that had come to us, he would distribute them, it was good moment if you got a letter , sad time if you did not, but nevertheless it was exciting.

Nowadays you start to write I am sure the hands start to ache, we are not used to write anymore. It gives a very warm feeling when I check a handwritten letter from a close friend even after couple of years, the personal touch is missing in most of the communiqués that we send and receive these days. The Intimacy between the person who is writing and the one who has received the letter, sometimes you wonder that will the person you have written read the words as you have written, Will they understand the true meaning, the emotion behind those words.
If they don’t , then you write more to explain it all :), Wrote with more sincerity since it took longer to write, the heart to heart conversation that was etched on the paper, And the best thing was the beautiful stamps that were used.

Not all the emails or sms have the same magic as of those handwritten letters.

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By Pritish Nandy