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Posted: April 30, 2010 in Me

I have been wondering about myself.. You know we go to some sites they ask us to create our profiles etc , and then write something about ourself .. The dating sites.. Blogging sites.. etc etc (yeah before everyone raises there eyebrows.. I am talking general.. I dont visit dating sites OK OK not that OFTEN he he he )

So what do we write in there, do we know about ourselves so much as we think, or is it people around us who know us better.

Here is an attempt of what I think of myself Loads of people who read will differ because many of you have not met me.. or know me as a person.. But still I am assuming quiet a few would have a inkling of HOW I am.. “Liar, Honest, Pathetic, dependable etc etc .. “

I think of myself as a Normal, common man having same aspirations as millions have, nothing out of blue.. I just want to me a millionaire, have tons of girl friends he he he .. no jokes apart..

Really I never had very high aspirations, I never had a thought of coming abroad, Not even till my final year in college. I was a normal kid, not good in studies but ok in sports.. Always wanted to be in the indian army..

Sat for the IMA exams 4 times cleared Each time, but for some reason SSB interview I was not good enough and for some odd reason I come abroad and am a officer here.. Not going through the SSB interview was one thing that hurt me, cause had not thought of any other thing, always was so sure I will get through the army.. Even joined a coaching place , talked to a few officers , my uncle was a brigadier , he was like There is no way I WILL NOT get through, it was on the BOARD.. anyway it happened and it HURT…

I am very emotional I must say, I have tears coming sometimes when I am alone thinking of stuff just random stuff.. dont know if that is Pathetic or what…

I have made some wrong decisions and I accept them thats what makes us what we are Today I think. Its all these silly, stupid things we have all done while growing up that we Now KNOW are silly and stupid. If we had not then We would not know.

Back home in india I use to love going to movies or chilling with mates, We had such a big group, did some naughty things together, brings a smile on my face now.. HAve had a pretty decent life so far. I will one day sit down and Write about some of the things we did .. am sure will bring out a smile on all who read.

I miss people a lot, I remember almost everything that has happened so far, I can fairly remember the faces of all the people I know and there Names too.. And Yeah something weird I remember most of the Phone numbers. I also miss my home.

I hate people who are two faced, to me IF you have said something or you have promised something then its a MAN’s word why should you step back from it.

I am of the beleif that you should stand by your friends right or wrong, thats what friends are for, no matter what, I rarerly have made enemies but I am positive of one thing that if I cut off with someone then that person has no chance of being back in my good books 🙂

The only thing I hate about myself is that

Why am I so emotional

Why am I such a idiot

Why am I like this

Why does it matter to me if the world is collapsing, or the neighbours house is being burgled. Why do I have to stop when I see a guy following a girl and trying to pinch her purse or harass her, Who the hell is she or he to me .. WHY do I do that..

Why did I need to interfere when the guy who was drunk fell down on the pavement and Two other guys were going through his pockets and His mates who he had come with, were standing there being a spectator and Laughing over the stupidness of there friend.

These questions are constantly disturbing me, I constantly think of ways to change myself but I fail miserably …

Great I did say its difficult to write about ourselves .. don’t know what else to write anyway this was something about me… Now all who read know a bit more about me 🙂

  1. HaRy!! says:

    yu sound like me! :)… join de club.. btw how long hav yu been here… and intend to settle?


  2. Bikram says:

    @HAry:- I was still writing .. NOW you got to go back and READ THe article again.. 🙂 and reply also to some of the things ha haha GOTCHA… Have been here for a LONG Timeee now and yes Settle here for GOOD….


  3. Interesting way to tell something about ur self. :)When we live away from home we really miss our family.


  4. Neha says:

    ok tell me, who will say – I am an abnormal, weird and most difficult guy/girl to be with?for each of us, we are simple, normal people :Pquite a few facts about you here..wrong decisions – well don't we all make them? but have you noticed one thing? all the wrong decisions are in the past..so forget the past and move on :))


  5. Bikram says:

    @Chandrika Shubham:- yeah i miss my home. thanks for the comment.


  6. Bikram says:

    @Neha:- I know what you mean.. ok I am abnormal 🙂 It is about facts about me and what i think of ME.. yeah past is gone as YOU KNOW.. and moving on yayyyyy 🙂 THank you for the lovely comment…


  7. Gaurav says:

    that was interesting.You are a good human being.


  8. sm says:

    interestingthanks for sharing


  9. Insignia says:

    Hmmmmm Self realization!! Its fine to make wrong choices, lest we make them again. How else will you learn!! You are sweet, sensitive and a great person. And about other things that you have mentioned…well who knows better than you!! 🙂


  10. sujata says:

    whats the fun in being right or normal? Thats boring!! everybody is a unique self, only if they manage to live their heart's desire, and I see nothing wrong in being that till the point you are not destroying property or creating havoc to kids lives..so be what you are and enjoy being what you are..thats your gift to the rest of the world!!


  11. Wonderful!!Superb way to say about yourself..


  12. Madhu says:

    Is u or me..i dont forget people and names too..:)and hey i loved ur pic..like one of those hot shot NRI!


  13. amazing way to express views 🙂


  14. Dharmjit says:

    hi…that is really a nice way to speak about yourself.hey i dont think that u can handle tons of girlfriends yeah but i can help u…haha


  15. how can 'liar and honest' go together?


  16. Bikram says:

    @gaurav :- Thanks for the confidence Mate.. 🙂 @Sm:- you are always welcome 🙂


  17. Bikram says:

    @gaurav :- Thanks for the confidence Mate.. 🙂 @Sm:- you are always welcome 🙂


  18. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- Yeah very true, I hope i dont make a habit of things and I learn quickly. OH MY .. I did not know I was this GREAT hmmm WOWO.. thanks for the confidence … I know what you mean who will know better then me .. but sometimes its good if someone near does let you know this is right-that is wrong- Do it this way : )


  19. Bikram says:

    @Sujata:- he he he Yeah good one.. its exciting to be WRONG and Abnormal .. always in the limelight then he he heeh .. Yes you r right We are all unique.. thanks for such a lovely comment.. I really loved reading this .. I will try my best to be good and not create havoc.. thought i think ONce in a while CHALTA hai .. is it 🙂


  20. Bikram says:

    @Raj:- Thanks for reading and feeling its wonderful tooo… 🙂 @Tripat:- thank you dear for reading this.


  21. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- Yes U or Me .. he he he .. Its good you dont forget people and names .. Now i know One person who will remember me and Not forget me yayyyyyyyy WHAT hmmm thank you thank you.. batting my eyelids.. wink wink.. a bit shy too .. ha ha ha ha ha Me a hot shot NRI ahmm ahmm .. You havenot seen my other pictures yet then 🙂 ha ha ha ha ha ha THankyou so much .. now this has really made my day-week-month-year-lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wooooooo hooooooooooooo


  22. Bikram says:

    @Dharamjit:- where have you been mate, what do you mean i cant handle tons of girlfriends.. bring them on ha ha ha ha .. yeah true i cant at least not at the same time .. but one at One point of TIme I can handle and as such you can help me you said so Bring it on 🙂 waiting now


  23. Bikram says:

    @Dr. Sahib ji:- you can be a HONEST LIAR.. he hehe he Plus it was more of a qustion to people who know me .. :)thanks for the comment .. How are you doing ?


  24. ajay says:

    First of all tell me what dating sites you been visiting.. and also tell me why do you say this about yourself.. you are what you are AND THATS what MAKES YOU BIKRAM. if you were not like this maybe you would not have so many friends. and I ma proud to have you as my friend. and being emotional is not bad and you are definitely not a idiot.. Well put it this way if you could not get through SSB its there loss.. you have done better then that .. you are working for a better force and doing better then WHAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE you have grown up with are doing …. So chillax and have fun yaaar


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