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LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT … Take my example its in front of you ALL OF IT.. Life is about CHOICES.. right and wrong are just perceptions of what it turns out to be.. So nothing is right or wrong.. its the result which decides that …

I have always wondered what it would be, Or how it would be if I had chosen the other answer, But that is life one will never know how it will be if we choose the other side, all we can think is WHAT IF

We prey to god hoping for best, But then if we think hard all these decisions are already decided for us , someone up there has already written the script, all we can hope is that when he was writing the script he was in a good mood, But then god loves everyone the same, so it should be good for us.

The question is what are these choices , what is wrong or right.. Sometimes in life It’s Difficult to Decide what’s Wrong… A Lie that draws a smile on our face Or the Truth that brings tears in our eyes… Reality is always the same. Cold, correct and static.

So if we go by the above then no decision is WRONG decision, it is wrong if it goes wrong only then and right otherwise. Every decision is correct decision. While we are all aware that life is full of tough decisions that need to be made, we may not realize that hasty decisions may not always be the right one.

I had posted a article a few weeks ago on Decision Making , Now I understand more, a few things about, why life treats me the way it does. Perhaps I’ve been the child on the disused track, suffering at the hands of so-called “Well- intentioned”, illogical people ramming me with trains because of callous people like the kids on the used track.

We cannot change our fate, whatever has to happen will happen ,it is bound to happen, we can do our best to make sure minimum loss is made. And take responsibilities on the decisions we take, right or wrong .. Cause every decision we make has some sort of effect on us , on the people around us , on the people around those people around us. Its like the domino effect every decision has some sort of effect.

Sometimes we take a decision which we may realise later on in life that it was wrong, we cant go back on it but it is tough or its a man thing to accept it and the person who accepts that they made a Wrong decision is a much bigger man/woman.

I am not sure what I am trying to say in this note but all I wanted to say is that all who read this , think about your decisions , whatever you have decided THINK AGAIN.. Not asking you to not take any but hey if you think you have made a wrong one then accept it, no harm in that, it wont make one a smaller person.

anyway enough of my ramblingsssssssssssssssssssss….

(A few of the statements have been taken from others but they were just the right words for me, so I am sorry to have done that.I could not have found better words to put them in)