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Hey people . My last post wow that went well. I did not think I would be getting so many comments , so many log on to the blog to read the article .. BUT i am sad 😦 , did not read it all properly, I gave a few hints too ha ha ha ha … and Hey this post has NO HIDDEN lines .. phewww you can all say …

First of all I am sorry for being like this or pulling every ones leg, but Listen to me .. the post on the little girl in mumbai was quite strong , so i had to lighten up and for the life of me I could not think of anything to write, hence the stunt…

Now all who read this , go back to the Old article and , press read more , then select the WHOLE TEXT, It has some HIDDEN text in between the lines.. Which a reader Gaurav did write about too.

So this post the 101st is dedicated to all my Dearest bloggers, all the lovely beautiful people who read my post and GOT MADE… MU HA HA HA HA AHA HA HA ooooops SORRY…. no seriously LOVE you all, each and everyone and thanks a ton for the lovely wishes for the 100th post .. So I thought instead of reacting to the comments on there, I shall write a post and reply to all as a Post… (plus i will have one more post to add to the tally, I am clever you see..)

Sangeeta :- Thank you so much, for that lovely Comment and being FIRST tooo.. But we know the secret now dont we.. 🙂 wink wink if you know what I mean. Yeah I am glad I re-hooked you to blog hopping its a good habit isn’t it, now dont be speechless and comment back 🙂

Chandrika S Saini :- I noticed you changed the name now.. it use to come up as Chandrika Shubham.. I am sure you will find words now , after reading what I have done.. Thank you thank you and NOT quiting and Yayyyyy you got it right a JOKE and the next post is telling you just that… Hope you can find plenty of words now …..

Rohini :- Thanks for coming to my blog and the comment. and there you go .. 101st post hope its soon enough 🙂

Insignia:- Well I must point out here, I thought you would ask me not to quit, but i guess you are the only one happy to see me go.. BUT HEY TOUGH you not getting rid of me so soon… 🙂 and yeah the ggggrrrrrrr was in the last post, hope you saw it ..

Kavita:- Thanks for the wishes. YES you are very right.. Chodh ke jana bahut mushkil hai, especially after meeting , I mean know such beautiful people as yourself. and yeah the kind of response has been a BIG eye opener , even though I would have still not gone, I am a bit thick skinned ha ha ha. Yeah hence the AD..

For everything you got master card..

MAIN NAHI JA RIHA :- he hehe Beleive me I am much happier knowing that so many people out there.. Plus I got to pull the JOKE tooo yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tulika:- Hey, Yeah We had some nice little association in the last few days. and I AM so privileged and appreciative when you commented on the previous articles.. really believe me … Oh yes 100 and STILL YOUNG you can say in the comment to this article ha ha ha 🙂 , Now at least I know you will comment on this, CLEVER ME… and yeah random thoughts never stop and I AM ALREADY HERE…

Neha.. Got you, you always caught me when i cheated or did something .. How come you did not get this one.. I win .. I win.. yayyyy .. Thanks for wishes see this is a happier one.. I know i did not need to read between the line.. But wish you did.. no on second thoughts good othewise you would have caught me again… 🙂

Gaurav:- Only you got it, seems .. thanks for the comment and the wishes. he he Glad you did read between the lines..

Nethra 😦 sad I am not … so NO good bye.. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment toooo…

Raj:- Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha ha ha , I am glad you like the joke .. Thank you.

SG:- Thank you, Thank you. Na dont be sorry, not stopping you will HAVE to bear with the rants always.. MUUU HA HA HA HA HA.. what do you mean someday , I have changed right now .. And yeah we did not have to wait to meet again..

We meet now ..
HELLO.. how do do..
Myself Bikram 🙂

Quest Your prize is on way .. WOWOWO yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my blog is not mediocre ,
my blog is not mediocre ,
my blog is not mediocre

YOU said it, I will hold you to it alwayssssssss….. People who say my blog is not goot .. Please please revert to this comment ..

Yeah people are busy.. but not many got it 🙂

KNK.. thanks my friend.

Sana Hashmi (A new Beginning):- I know the name now. Thanks for lovely Comment. Oh yes I got loads to share, you watch you gonna get bored with it ….. Thanks for the wishes and yeah hopefully god willing the count would not stop, you got a lot more to endure of my silly random thoughts..

Chowla Sir:- Sorry to have pulled this stunt. Thank you for the wishes, and not to worry you wont have to miss my posts 🙂

The Holy Lama:- Hey, NO I am not old.. And abhi to shuru hua hai.. Life and fun starts at 100 I guess..

Madhu Awwwwwwwwww I liked the comment.. Damn It I will be in touch , promise he he he he.. And you will keep getting silly comments on your blog always .. till the day you say Bikram STOP IT…

Hary:- Thanks my friend. Well I guess it just shows I got more free time then you he he he he.. You the busy one..

Harman Your blog was one of the First ones I started to visit, when i started blogging.. Thank you so much for the wishes.

Sandhya Oh ho.. you missed the fun then.. Never mind always another on on 200th POST ha ha ha .. THank you so much. I am already back..

Thank you so much everyone.. I am so happy and Top of the world at the moment that I got so many blogger buddies… If ever I have said anything wrong or hurt anyone, then I am really very sorry for it all. But please do keep visiting and

hey hey hey hey

Comment also sometimes… 🙂 ha ha ha ha