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100th Post and Good bye’s

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I started blogging in October 2009, the first blog I wrote was on making a Life is All about ASS.. Making a ASS of oneself.. Which i am sure I have made of myself a lot many times.. this all started quiet exciting, but as time went on I have got bored with it.

I wont say blogging happend for me, It did not , Someone introduced me to it .. To them I am very thankful.. Over Time I made a lot of friends.. some very dear ones.. and Some over the time have stopped being friends. I love you all and I always prey God Blesses each one of you. (ha ha ha Has anyone got it so far.. What is going on.. )

I did not think I would be stopping, I got so much stuff in my drafts.. But this being the 100th post, makes it perfect to stop .. they say you should stop when on top.. so what better time then the 100th post .. I have been sitting here since day before thinking what to write and for the life of me .. I could not think of anything, hence the thought that Time to leave.. (I am sure at this moment, i am definite of one person who is Grrrrrrrrr’ing)
That TODAY! Sorry for dropping this announcement out of the blue

Mine has always been a mediocre blog, so hopefully not everyone will be sad at Bikram’s Blog passing. (Please someone Type it is not Mediocre)

I’ve enjoyed my short stint at blogging. It was a wonderful experience. It was good while it lasted. It’s been wonderful getting to know you all. It’s time say goodbye though. I wish you all Good Luck with your ventures! Adieu! .. Dont get mad when you find out ..

Afterwords- I hope you all read between the lines and try to understand ‘why’ I am doing all this and forgive me. April fools is still going on I am sure. Dont get MAd..

Some Golden Moments- I love every post that I wrote, some of my favourites. joke on you
1. Life is all about ass
(My first post)
2. Religion A Thought
3.Phone call what it can do
4.Punjab Mera Punjab
5.Of letters emails-scraps

and Loads more.. (I mentioned these cause they did not get many comments, So manybe you can read them and Comment ha ha hah .. shameless adveritising I KNOW)

UPDATE:- This is getting really sentimental.. here .. reading the comments PEOPLE, Read between the lines … GOD… (right I thought someone will get it .. But it has not.. )
Selecting the TXT is Good idea ………..

Update 2:- Friends, My dearest Bloggers..Listen… Gaurav has a comment 🙂 (Please dearies Select the TXT and See the NOTE.. Sorry If i am laughing and you all are Grrrriiiinggggg, but hey 100th post, so had to make it special)