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Mahatma Gandhi as we know was the best politician the world has ever had. Politics is the art of gaining what you want even when you are weak… But why call Gandhi as mahatma I have not understood that, Because as far as I know or as history tells us neither his actions nor his character were impeccable. He did have a few skeletons in his cupboard too.. The Book Anyway I was going to write on who to blame about the situation Our India is in..

I have been reading a lot of news about how people have made or its become a tradition to blame Mr. Gandhi for it all.. Rubbishing Gandhi has become an unofficial national pastime, with each change in political scenario in the country these facts and slogans and Tamasha changes.. according to the will and wimp of the political parties ideology.. But whatever I have learned or did, Gandhi has to be blamed for some of his ways, He was not perfect.. he did make quiet a few mistakes, who doesn’t, So whats wrong in blaming him, after all don’t we hear it that we Should be responsible for our actions.

Gandhi no doubt was a very good manipulator, a Politician par excellence.. I don’t deny that, But what I am against is giving a man so much importance when there are others who are equally deserving or MORE. So if they don’t get what they deserve then why is one man singled out for all this respect, If he said that youth like Sardar Bhagat Singh are damaging the image of the nation, then So did he.

March 23 came and went it was the 69th anniversary of the martyrdom of Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh. The reason I am mentioning him is that in those turbulent times.. It was him who was as popular as Gandhi, I will say More then him, that is why the conspiracy theory that Gandhi did not do his best to save him from the gallows.

I myself feel that it has become a mockery with the way history has been changed, manipulated on what Bhagat Singh and many others did and How it helped the bringing of Independence. It is not correct to compare the paths of Bhagat Singh and Gandhi, even when the goal was same.. It is so very wrong to think that it was the Non-cooperative movement was the only reason which made British to Leave India, the movement started by Gandhi. I think it was the both the Revolt to take arms, the anger plus the movements of Gandhi that made the British understand that the time was ripe to vacate the Asian subcontinent for good

The likes of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Rajguru ,Udham Singh and Plenty more whom history has forgotten who embraced death in their early age They were all Jewels of the country conveniently forgotten by History Manipulators.

As I mentioned earlier because of political changes history has been so badly manipulated that we still think that it was only the indiscipline and non-cooperation movements started by Gandhi only helped in Independence, and this is religiously followed in all walks of life in India even to this day. WE forget that Today the same Congress , the KHADI wearing people , The so called people who are following Gandhi principles are the worst enemies we have… and These are the people the young fire brand freedom fighters cautioned us about..

Update:- the spelling in the title are worng I kno .. WHAT Independence!!!!