And they say THIS– Disgusting

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Angry, Decison, India, Politics, Wake up

Shocked , Disturbed , Angry , WTF.. are a few words that come to mind.. After hearing and then reading the news about that Maoist attack on our Security men , how they were lured into a place, trapped and killed..

Well But what is more shocking is WHAT THE HELL IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING.. I have always said and believed that IF Govt wants it can control the situation.. the question is IF.. the problem in our country is every single individual person who can do something about it , has some sort of Hidden agenda behind every Thought or decision they make.

More disturbing is the comments they come out with and the passing the buck starts.. the Home Minister P Chidambaram “I told him (Bhattacharjee) the buck stops with you and he must ensure that the buck stops with the SP or the officer in-charge”.. I am sure the CM will say its state govt.. and so on and so forth THIS will carry on.. Till the next incident.. and Then another Dialogue of our HOME MINISTER “Naxals are cowards. Why are they hiding in forests?” ..

They are not cowards , they are doing the best they can in there situations, they are in forest cause they are SAFE there.. What the hell is our Home-Minister talking about, he expects these people to come out in open ground , maybe have a Loudspeaker or something “We are Naxal, we are here, we are 10 men, we have this, this and this as weapons, we will be here for a couple of hours , having a picnic”… WILL THIS INFO BE GOOD ENOUGH

When will we Learn from our mistakes and actually do something.. ?
A lot of questions need answering but Now its time for action, Our Leaders are as I mentioned earlier mere idiots, who have no reason to solve the problems.. Otherwise How can this happen. We are hypocrite people who still go ga ga over the thought that we won the war again Pakistan , we did this BUT If we stop , think for a moment DID WE WIN … DID WE ?

“If this is war, we will fight back”.. said our home minister.. WHEN .. TOMORROW.. the tomorrow which never comes ..

WHAT are they waiting for?

The so called security agencies say one thing, while the HM says another..

Where is the coordination here.. ? DISGUSTING it is .. SOLDIERS have died Mr. Home minister.. SOLDIERS… and to top it he says that results will be expected in 3 to 4 years ..

The security forces look so vulnerable even after the set up of jungle warfare school and equipped with modern weaponry, Still the Maoist seem to have a upper hand, they are more flexible, agile and Intelligent, Obviously there strategists are better then our’s.

The Govt has to take a stand, if it is WAR which it IS.. and which our home minister also thinks, (Blimey who told him that), casualties are inevitable. Security forces will kill or get killed, Which is understandable but whats troublesome is that despite having more resources, better technology and far superior fire power and training, that is so baffling.

And then saying the men did a mistake going or getting themselves into a trap, but more than the men those who gave the orders appear responsible for the tragedy. It’s time, therefore, for some bureaucratic heads to roll. Because their complete lack of accountability is what seems to be dragging the operation down.

  1. HaRy!! says:

    we all are abt blame game are'nt we… we blame the government, for whom we have voted! and the gov in turn… and then in turn!! wats the end!


  2. Insignia says:

    Our honorable Home Minister Mr P.Chidambaram said on January 1st 2010 that "we were lucky" that there were no terrorist attacks in the year 2009 After hearing to this, its best to keep our mouth shut!!!


  3. Gaurav says:

    Idiots are running our nation.I wonder why they don't launch a straight attack on the naxals and wipe them out. The govt says that our army is third largest. What is the use of having such a large army when the govt don't want to use them against maoists.


  4. kavita says:

    We as a nation are very lenient in responding to such attacks be it a foreign or an inside attack.Look at Kasab case. It hurts to see these gruesome killings and what hurts even more is the laxity on behalf of our government.Wiping them out is the only solution i can agree with.


  5. The whole area where Naxals rule has had a bad deal from govt. And the poor jawans are just reppresentatives against whom they vent their anger. Over exploited over years, rebellion seems the only option and of recent tribals had enough of rebelling too. Now te fight has taken a different political hue. Hope the govt. wakes to the needs and aspirations of the people.


  6. Neha says:

    its a chakravyuh of passing the buck..there is no end..the problem will go on and on..we wil shout, protest and vote the same people again!


  7. Tulika says:

    What obnoxiousness! its so tragic!And worst is the blame game. Bureaucracy is corroding the nation.


  8. smitzy says:

    It is outrageous alright. They have made the security forces something of sitting ducks! Our soldiers are sent into hostile teritory without so much of a plan to launch a possible offensive. The bloody politicians just sit and talk and nod their heads soberly "hmmm, we are saddened by this attack." Being SADDENED doesn't CUT IT!You know Gaurav, just being the third largest army doesn't make a GOD DAMN difference, because every offensive by rebels is the state's headache. The Centre can only sit from afar and send additional forces IF the state has such requirements. So yeah it is upto the STATE govt to understand and launch the offensive. I bet Indian Army won't step back to help.Sri Lanka with its limited force strenght vanquished the LTTE. The Naxals are also concentrated in some specific parts of the country only. What really is the use of learning jungle warfare methods if they are not put into use. I'm EQUALLY ANGRY to have heard about the tragic incident.


  9. Madhu says:

    we only talk.Never execute..


  10. Sandhya says:

    I feel the soldiers are not given proper training. Their superiors too for that matter. How can they make such a blunder. Those Maoists are just terrorists. They have got so much training. With so much facilities, our soldiers are not given proper training and they become the scape goats.Our Army people who are in the superior posts never visit the place of action, it seems. They just sit in the A/C rooms and direct. But the Maoist leaders go to the place personally and give directions about their plans.On the whole, we are capable of just discussing things.


  11. sangeeta says:

    and we say……new post?


  12. Bikram says:

    @Hary:- the end is when we stand up and take responsibility.. Hope one day it happens.. and we take ACTION and not say the WORDS … @Insignia:- yeah i know what you mean.. BUt what to do , this incident is a disgrace.. @Gaurav:- yes idiots are running the country but WE AS VOTERS are bigger idiots cause we ELECTED THEM … so the joke is on US my friend…


  13. Bikram says:

    @Kavita:- leniency is good, but upto a limit , now we look COWARDS.. yeah it hurts to see what is happening , any other country things would be different.. @THe holy Lama:-I understand what you are saying, I am not against maoists or anyone.. there are two stories always.. if we hear theres we will side with them.. I am just mentioning over the passing the buck, and what should happen.. To some the maoists are terrorists , to some they are Martyrs .. Its the plotics which is bad.. Our politicians are WRONG..


  14. Bikram says:

    @Neha:- yeah it sure seems like a chakarvyuh.. and oh yes come elections we will vote the same people in@Tuliks:- yes tragedy it is .. thanks for the comment.@Smitzy:- Thanks for the lovely comment.. we are all angry and yeah its sad the govt has wasted the lives of so many soldiers and YET DONE NOTHING.. its that i am angry at.. not taking any sides .. @Madhu:- You are so right.. Execute if we do then out own cupboards will open and lots of skeletons will fall out.. so this is best COMMITTE has been established .. 🙂


  15. Bikram says:

    @Sandhya:- Like i said maoists are terrorists for some, martyrs for others.. eahc has there own story.. the govt has played the role in it a lot.. As i mentioned earlier my rant is over NOT DOING ANYTHING.. and saying lets wait WHY … @Sangeeta:- new post is on there 🙂


  16. Anonymous says:

    Cherry Saluja Bik…dont talk about the government…it is full of big b….trds.. IFF and only IFF..the Politicians want..these Moists could be finished within 48 hrs…BUT..they wont…they feed them… innocent are killed… What happened with Veerrappan..?? Politicians said they cant trace him…on the other hand TV media were interviwing him…THEN one fine… See More day politicians never wanted Veerappan anymore…HE WAS TRACED & KILLED WITHIN 24 HRS..????.. How Then..??? Why not Before..??? Lot of Q's. but no one to ans…Cherry Saluja.


  17. Bikram says:

    YEah .. they have there own agenda as and when it suits them.. as i said in the note IF the GOVT wants it can be handled but then I and F are a big word when combined together ….


  18. Anonymous says:

    Kps Shante:- Veerappan was different. A gangster propped by politicians and media. Has anyone thought who's labelled the tribals as maoists..?!!? Their lifestyle, home and resources are being plundered and the least we can do is try to understand their view. Can anyone delve a bit into Spanish massacres in South America and wiping out of indigenous … See MoreAmericans in North America or Aboriginals in Australia or numerous other such events worldwide?!!The security forces, as well as the tribals are merely pawns and victims of faulty vision of consumerist frankensteins in league with power-mad, greedy politicians and tail-wagging media puppies in hyena skins. Am not taking sides, but merely TRYING to UNDERSTAND in a BALANCED, ACADEMIC way..!!!It's ultimately HARD economic reality and RULE of FORCE..!!! And everyone tries to survive…!!!Prof. KPS Shante.


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