Archive for April 6, 2010

I am again going to attempt the pointers on how life is/was going/went I am new to this so I will start from what went on ..

1. Went to do what I used to do , before I left on 28th February.. so a WOWOWOWWO for that , am sure a lot of people would have guessed it what that was, I can’t write it on Open space. The conditions of the Job.

2. Heating is back on . its gone cold again .. predicting snow tomorrow…

3. Not done anything worth mentioning the whole week

4. Haven’t seen any episode of Lost/24 and I love those programs.. 😦

5. Punjab XI the team I support is getting hammered left-right and centre, planning to desert them… Lets see what they do today..

6. Saurav Ganguly the cricketer I am a fan is not doing anything worthwhile.

7. Heard Mum’s knees are giving way 😦

8. Garden needs a overhaul after the winters mess.

9. I have made it worse by chopping off the big tree , its lying in the garden, rotting , rain.

10. Two fishes died yesterday, the pond needs a clean..

11. Have a intruder in the pond , two frogs have made home in there..

12. Daffodils , crocus have come out.. look lovely in the mess.. Need to take some more days off to sort it out..

13. Family has come over, for something that may happen at weekend .. so be ready

14. Vikram / Cherry my friends say they might come to see me WOWOWOWOW…

15. My car is BACK.. ,mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thats all I could think of BUT I managed 15 so WOWOW