World is full of so called Friends– RUBBISH ARTICLE

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

This World well at least the world i am living in , I have realised one thing in my experiences is so full of hypocrite people, who say they are your friends and then they are the first ones to stab you in your back…. Or worst in your heart…

They have this great way of using words , wish I was skillful enough to use such vocabulary and use the magic of words to make a fool.

I have had this experience for a few days now, one of my FRIENDS (supposedly) tell me how bad I am .. To me When a friend is sad or helpless or in trouble that’s the time when you should be supporting them, It does not matter who is right or wrong.. Stand by them at that time, later on you may go and tell them they were wrong.

Friend is someone who knows what you are going through and accepts you as you are with all the Good things and the bad things … But then that’s me I forgot in today’s materialistic life , people change in a second, If it will help them they will change there own mothers or fathers for a quick profit, so who the hell is a FRIEND.

Its amazing how when all the time you had gone out of your way to help this friend, been there when there so called best mates left them to hang dry, when there was no one to tell them they are OK , things will change, how at that time you were like god to them, then at the next instant you were the worst thing to have happened to them…

I hate such people and a part of me wishes them bad, a Part of me wishes to see them fall down on there face and suffer, a part of me wishes that I should leave them alone and they can go to hell.

Why do such people come in one’s life, why don’t they meet there own kind have a group of them and live there life with themselves … How easy it is for them to go out fun and frolicking .. while you sit there thinking , what did you do wrong…

Sometimes I feel , I think this way , it could be that
I am the one who is wrong ,
I am the one who should change
I am the one who is actually wrong
I am the hypocrite one ..

So many questions but not many answers, wish someone could be a FRIEND to me and tell me the truth…


again the useless rants of a useless person … sorry to have wasted your time people …..

  1. Insignia says:

    There are good and bad people. Chill!!! just ignore


  2. Good friends are less. But still there are some who are really good friends.


  3. Meenu says:

    World is full of Bad people bik, dont worry forget them They are not worth the hassel.. Tell me who has done this to you .. We can take care of it together .. I am with you … God will give them equivalent punishment.. and much more then they deserve.. My wishes are with you… first time I have come to your blog.. Its nice what you write .. will visit again …


  4. Meenu says:

    Nice picture by the way


  5. Madhu says:

    i relate to u in this.,rem our last talk?? We end up loving those who show us their middle finger.We never learn dude..never!


  6. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- ignore karte karte .. i will have to ignore almost everyone ha ha haha .. Just kidding yeah i know @chandrika:- Yes and i am glad I got a few who are real friends. @Meenu:- ahmm Welcome to my blog.. and yeah do visit all the times .. @MAdhu:- Yes i know about that talk.. But hey Suckers R WE NOT ha ha ha .. But god will punish them for sure …


  7. Hari says:

    "True Friends Stab you in the front" – Oscar Wilde.


  8. sangeeta says:

    Yeah..I so hate those backstabbers too…


  9. Bikram says:

    @Hari:- Well said .. thats why these people are not your friends and can't be trusted .. But sooner or later they will meet there own kind … @Sangeeta :- I hate them too.. the back stabbers .. Wish can stab them BACK… Wish something happens that will AT least make them realise how bad they have been and maybe how sorry they are anyway .. Thanks for the comments


  10. ajay says:

    HEy Nice article.. I got one thing to say about such people and its not going ot be good as its a abuse .. i will say F$£$ Them.. why even bother of suck people .. they will get what they desetve sooner or later ..Plus why bother about them when you got others who care for you .. And knowing you and Knowing your mates you do have a long list of people who care for you… So why even bother thnkging of such arseholes … chilllllllll as Neha said … and ignore these


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