Ik Baba Nanak Si :- Sorry another RANT (religion again)…

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Dhongi.., Rant, Soch

My brother came from India, and brought with him a lot of cd’s, mp3’s etc etc, well that one thing I get every time someone turns up from India. SO I heard this song, a new song from a singer Babbu Mann. I had heard of a song sung by a singer telling about the greatness of our Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the bad practices followed by the baba’s these days. I must say here I was mighty impressed with the song…

He sang the truth, Guru ji walked all over the places whereas the new breed of baba’s (well I am ashamed to call them baba’s , because they are not, they are just excellent spokesmen, very good politicians that’s all, they know what to say at what time, what place.. and they are getting the reward for it )..

Check out at you tube the whole plethora of videos, songs, presentations on this new song, everyone has made comments on it, but end of the day It is our fault, the followers especially the Sikh women. Who have gone mad over these so called baba’s, what is the need to touch the feet of one. I know when I write this I will be slagged off by tons of people, But tell me, just answer one question WHAT IS THE NEED.

Sikhism teaches us that there is ONE GURU for SIKHS which is GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI.

Sikhism teaches us not to do Idol worship.

Sikhism teaches us not to go after dhongi, false baba’s.

Then going by just the above rule, it makes the action ANTI SIKH, if we go to a baba, and think of him/her as the guru. The story ends here, END OF… there is nothing to discuss cause right here we failed miserable being a SIKH the moment we think of a HUMAN to be a GURU.

On a bigger picture it is true all these baba’s are so rich, where they getting the money from, even if the followers are giving so much Why is that money not being spent on something worthwhile, rather than make a building for a Gurudwara Sahib, and buying themselves Merc and BMW’s, why don’t they spend the money for the welfare of people. That’s what Sikhism teaches us or does it not. Why not open hospitals, schools for free.

How come the baba travels in a Luxury Merc, I have been working my arse off for years I can’t afford a Merc and I WORK HARD, then he has a troupe an entourage follow him, why does he need that. It’s because of the bad they have done they need protection. If they are so good then I am sure GOD WILL PROTECT THEM, what are they to fear for if GOD IS WITH THEM.

Is it Not this that they teach.. That they are men of GOD.. So why do they need protection .. God Has sent them , God will protect them …

I am disgusted at the ways these DHONGI’s baba’s have come up.. I have this idea , in 10 years time when everyone back in india has forgotten me , I should go back and say BIKRAM BABA JI UK WAALE… I bet i could have a decent fan following.. SO all the people who read this How about supporting me … You can all come to the party, we can earn enough to go a long way .. All you have to do is Start preaching that a Baba has come from UK.. he knows it all…

What say Anyone Party….

  1. Neha says:

    LOL…you wanna be baba Bikram Dhonginath :Pbut i agree with you..I have seen so many such dhongi babas..they make so much of jhols all the time and people worship them! there are females who have applied 10 layers of makeup and promoting themselves to be Radhe Guru Ma…google her name; you will get to see her picture..really really sad re..and good luck..many people will bash you now..and if they read my comment, then I will be abandon too 😀


  2. ajay says:

    🙂 MANN SAHIB BABA ji.. antaryami ne.. he can tell everything.. Just needs a bullet proof MErc, 50 Body gaurds to GIVE there LIFE at any second for him… and all the lovely ladies as followers … Chakk de fatte Baba ji UK Waale 🙂 I will be the treasurer.. please please …


  3. Insignia says:

    Waah Bik, you chose an alternative profession already. hahahaha..But thats true. Such false Godman have cropped up everywhere.


  4. Jai ho bikram baba jai ho!Very true, you know people play with emotions!They get huge money they enjoy merc cars moreover there is a recent scandal came out too on of the so called baba!We people should throw stones at those Bas*****.


  5. Madhu says:

    Bikram Baba ki jai ho! Well i dont really get into all this.It just works without it as well..:) Like i have only believed in a supreme power.IS that GOD? May be May be not..u can find that in people around u too..:) Only have to look around and acknowledge!


  6. Gaurav says:

    The baba profession is going good these days.Fools come and touch their legs, drop money, take foolish advice and go away. Baba becomes rich.All dhongi babas should be kicked hard in the a$$.


  7. Gaurav says:

    I have one experience regarding babas.My aunt believes in such things. I once went to that baba with her. I asked him, "Babaji, will I get a laptop from my parents next month"He took out one plate with a string tied to it. Rotated the plate hanged to that string, and when the plate rested in a particular direction, he murmured something and told me that I will surely get a laptop next month.Six months have passed. No laptop for me. Duh! Babas s**k.


  8. UK wale Bikram Baba ki jai ho. :)Babu Mann is a great singer. Its nice to hear that ur brother brought CDs. 🙂


  9. Harman says:

    heh heh..Bikram Baba..I totally agree with u and mch against these babas..nice !


  10. BK Chowla, says:

    Not being a Sikh, I still follow Sikhi and I am dead against the Baba brigade.But, I think it we who are to be blamed for the situation today.Religion is something very personal but such Babas must be exposed.


  11. Bikram says:

    Neha:- yes no no not Dhonginath .. lai i will do the right thing.. I will only make money na .. not any sermons or anything .. 🙂 why will people bash me .. thats why i ask all my friends to help me.. aap sab help karoge to it will become easier … all i need is not to shave and let my hair grow 🙂 wear expensive glasses and silk clothings .. thats all 🙂


  12. Bikram says:

    Aju:- yaar 50 body guard u said .. now when you are giving lady followers dont do kanjoosi he he eheh 🙂 ok you be the treasurer … no problems .. keep it all in family ha hahaha .. how is goa and other stuff going on 🙂


  13. Bikram says:

    @insignia:- zor se bolo Bikram baba ki JAi.. This alternative profession is much better.. no interviews .. no nothing .. and lots of money and followers 🙂 what say


  14. Bikram says:

    @Raj:- yes bacha jeete raho.. khushiyaan mano.. aish karo or Review main dher sara paisa mille ha ha haha ZOR se bolo :)yeah throw stones But now on Bikram Baba .. cause Bikram baba is APNA baba 🙂


  15. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- thank you .. JAI HO yeah truly said … @Garauv:- bikram baba ki jai bologe to Exams main FIRST auge or ek nahin DO laptop millenge Try karke Dekho .. yeah us ke pehle thoda chanda and paisa … ha ha haha @Chandrika shubham:- Yesss UK wale baba ki jai.. make sure you spread the word.. UK wale baba will come any day.. yeah he is a good singer for sure 🙂


  16. Bikram says:

    @harman:- thank you yeah these baba other than UK WAALE BIKRAM need to be shot @Chowla Sir: yeah its sad, its all our fault, we make them leaders and they turn out like this .. They should be exposed for sure and they are getting exposed for sure all the time


  17. sangeeta says:

    Good idea..send me a saffron sari..I can play the part of the sexy sanya(sin)


  18. Bikram says:

    @sangeeta:- yes that would do good too.. and then MEN can become followers too.. More people – More money 🙂


  19. sangeeta says:

    Hahaha!!! anyway i need a break from my oh-so boring life!


  20. Bikram says:

    @Sangeeta– Yay.. plus imagine all the money..


  21. Anonymous says:

    Dimpy Nain :-great idea 🙂 the way u r going about writing long notes about issues u do have a baba chhupea hoya somewhere within u :D…baaki taan pataa nahin with my meagre salary i cannot even dream about a MERC so now atleast i can start dreaming of taking a ride in baba bikram ji UK vale… Mrs. Dimpy nain


  22. baba j ki jai ho,janab………tusi ayo tae sahi………i BOOKED place near rishikesh…where baba kae ASH…ARAM ….(near sand dunes ) banae gae……JAI HO


  23. Bikram says:

    Dimpy MaM I too can afford a MERC but BIKRAM BABA UK WALE might be able to afford it .. Might nahin I am sure he will be able ot afford.. So JAI HO


  24. Bikram says:

    @Digvijay:- Noble yaar.. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY aaa gaya paaji.. bahut zaroortaaan ne AISH-ARAAM lai.. sab da dhyan rakhiyo… 🙂


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