Laughter the best medicine

Posted: March 20, 2010 in funnies, Funny Life, Laugh it off, Laughter

I have been wondering over various things that go by in life .. and always found that anything that makes you smile is the best thing to happen. here are a few things that i have heard or read somewhere that have made me smile .. hopefully or maybe they might put a smile on somebody who reads this …

1. Two fishes swimming at there leisure, bang into a wall .. one says to the other “DAM” 🙂

2. What do u call a fish without a eye… u call it

Fsh … Fsh … Fsh

3. I always been curious and thought about it that isn’t it strange that when you say the same word in different places it means different and takes a Entirely different meaning .. well think about it that is you say

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA in a library they look at you and think What the heck,, what is this person doing …

But .. BUT if you do the same in a plane guess what happens


4. A man is like a deck of cards you need a HEART to love him.. A DIAMOND to marry him.. A CLUB to hit him and a SPADE to bury him….

Also do you peole read ads that come out in local newspapers , Because Ads in the local newspaper tell a lot about the local area and the people staying now imagine reading a ad..

1. For sale a double pine bed, includes mattress and sheets.. Contains STAIN

dirty people 🙂 he he he he

2. 12 pairs of mens trousers size 36.. GENUINE reason for Sale .. Now someone tell me WHAT genuine reason could there be for selling all the trousers…

3. I saw this ad it said

Fishing REEL Cover for sale.. FITS most fishing Reels

and under it was written 50 pence.. NO Time WASTERS

I will find it difficult to waste this guys time any more efficiently as much as he is doing for himself, Don’t you think so ….

  1. Madhu says:

    LOL…U made me laugh!! Whres ur answer to my post?


  2. Insignia says:

    hahahahaha good ones. Made me laugh.


  3. Bikram says:

    @madhu- thanks and its WIP.. work in progress…@insignia:- I am glad it made you laugh..


  4. BK Chowla, says:

    A genuine widower wanting nice and well balanced wife,short hair will do.This was an Ad in a local paper in the matrimonial col.


  5. Neha says:

    hahahahahahaha…hilarious post..kinda refreshing after working the whole Sunday :)))


  6. The pack of cards one was the best. Loved all of them. And thanks for the laughter medicine.


  7. Anonymous says:

    🙂 nice one brother… made me smile


  8. Sandhya says:

    No.4, pack of cards is the best! Nice happy post, thank you.


  9. Shas says:

    LOLzz….that was indeed funny 😀


  10. very funny list.thanks for sharing 🙂


  11. A S says:

    hiiihahah! fish sorry! fsh! wala was good!


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