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IT so happens that I am feeling quiet nostalgic, I had had a few shorts so you can well imagine, it all started cause we decided to go out for a drink yesterday. So we all got together, I dont like writing names so it was me with 3 other guys and 2 girls. It is weird way here we eat food first and then go for drinks , unlike india where we drink ,get sozzled and then eat.. So met up outside Jimmy spices on Broad Street, first time i was there and I must say WOW.. Anyone visiting Uk-Birmingham needs to go there its got so many food dishes Buffet, I love the chicken and meat preparations so I had a ball of a time ..

Had our fill of food the bill came, I HATE THIS PART.. each one is calculating how much each owes.. Oh he had a Guniness so thats 2.98 extra , she had a bottle of corona so thats only £2.. It disgusts me thinking of all this makes me remember when we use to go out for an evening back home. We did not drink that much so it was like once in two weeks or so.. The favourite place was Ghazal in sector 17 or Aroma in 22 or Mehfil.

Money was never a issue even when my dad had me on a tight leash, we someone managed to have enough, if not enough then our mothers were tremendous cooks, so we did not have to worry much about food because food was always available. The point I wanted to make was that even though we use to share the money out then also it was not like this , we use to put Rs100 or 200 each , order and one of us paid, irrespective of who had what, and then also it was not you had to put in the money, If you did not have then all you had to say was sorry, others did not mind at all.

I remember since my dad was quiet strict he would never give me enough (I know you can never have enough of it), I could not contribute as others, but it was never a issue, there have been so many occasions when Sukhi or vikram or sunil or barinder or anyone has paid for the drinks and the food for me, because when I had money they didnot I paid.

I have never been able to digust this sort of calculations when the bill comes, I have some lovely friends here who have slowly got to know the indian way. I had to laugh One of my mates Dave got married last year, he had invited me but i joked with him saying I am not gonna come , because I dont like going to the pub for your party and paying for my own drinks. This is normal trend, you get the first drink paid for after that you pay for your own. So I remember reaching the venue, it was in a remote country side.. Dave came over introduced me to his wife, took me to the bar , told the barman all drinks that I have are on him.

So now when I go to parties especially white guys, this is what I get, so i guess i am slowly converting them to the indian punjabi style he he he